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Alexander Volg Zangief (アレクサンドル・ヴォルグ・ザンギエフ, Arekusandoru Vuorugu Zangiefu) is a junior lightweight professional boxer and the IBF junior lightweight champion from Russia.

He trains under Dankichi Hama in the United States of America after being a featherweight boxer affiliated with the Otowa gym. When he was a featherweight boxer, he retired and went back from Japan to Russia with his mother after being let go from the Otowa gym. After his mother passed away, he made a comeback as a junior lightweight.


During his childhood, Volg lived in an area at the edge of Russia. There, he lived with his very sick mother whom he adored and cared for very much. Unfortunately, his mother's ill condition and Russia's cold climate kept her bedridden and extremely ill. Determined, Volg constantly found himself trekking to the nearest hospital. On one such occasion he found a wolf and lamented on his own weakness, expressing his want to become as strong as a wolf to protect his mother.

A young Volg training with Ramuda.

Some time later he was found by Ruslan Ramuda, who discovered the hidden boxing talent in Volg and strove to bring it out to its full potential. Eventually, grooming Volg into one of the finest and strongest fighters in boxing history, gaining many victories and no losses whatsoever, making Volg an esteemed amateur champion. Volg eventually took up professional boxing and moved to the Otowa Boxing Gym in Japan with a goal of becoming the world champion in professional boxing.


Part I

Speed Star Arc

At the Otowa Boxing Gym, the idol Kumiko Morita interviewed Volg, who revealed that he moved to Japan with the dream of becoming a world champion in professional boxing, using the JBC as his first step, claiming that he will take Eiji Date's belt.

Volg using the White Fang, defeating Suzuki.

As a third ranker, Volg signed up for the Class A Tournament, which caused three out of the seven participants to drop out by making excuses. Volg's first opponent was scheduled to be against the fourth ranker, Toshio Suzuki. While walking to the ring for his match, he passed by Ippo Makunouchi, who Volg thought was the loser due to him looking so beaten up and realised that he would be his next opponent after Suzuki. When Volg's match against Suzuki began, Volg appeared to have trouble against Suzuki when he was hit by a body blow. However, Volg began trading blows with Suzuki and quickly overwhelmed him. The referee, noticing that Suzuki was no longer able to defend himself properly, attempted to stop Volg, but the latter shook him off and kept attacking. Suzuki's trainer threw the towel and begged the match to be stopped, but before they could stop Volg, he delivered a powerful combination that knocked Suzuki out, making Volg the winner and progressing him to the tournament's finals against Ippo.

White Fang Arc

Volg talking with Ippo.

At the Otowa gym, Volg and Ramuda talked about Volg's chance of winning against Ippo, with Volg unable to come up with a prediction due to Ippo's power increasing after every match. While watching Ippo's matches, Volg was impressed with Ippo's expression of happiness after every match, looking like he was having fun boxing, while Volg felt completely different. Later, Volg watched Date's title defence match. After watching the match, Volg became troubled as he could not read the Kōrakuen Station's train map to go back home. Volg then met Ippo, who offered to help. Volg then requested to have a conversation before Ippo helps him. The two engaged in conversation about why either started boxing. After exchanging confident remarks on the outcome of their upcoming battle, Ippo and Volg part ways.

Ippo stopping Volg's right straight while unconscious.

Later, the finals for the Class A Tournament arrived. When round one began, Volg entered a Crouching Style and charged towards Ippo, who was in his Peek-a-Boo Style. In an in-fight, Volg and Ippo attacked each other with a rush of left jabs, not landing any hits for a long period of time until Volg landed an uppercut. Ippo began to block his face, however Volg landed another uppercut through his guard. Volg then landed a third uppercut, and attempted to throw another follow-up before Ippo dodged it and began to make an attempt to get away from the ropes. Volg stopped his attempt and delivered a series of blows that caused Ippo to become unconscious. Volg threw a right straight at the unconscious Ippo, however, Ippo, still unconscious, stopped the attack with a right and began throwing a combination of lefts and rights on Volg's guard. When Volg backed up to the middle of the ring, Ippo woke up, and they both go into another in-fight until the gong ending the first round sounded. In the corner, Volg believed it is possible to use out-boxing to take points, but it would be impossible to get into a rhythm as Ippo would keep advancing, realising he needs to stay in an in-fight.

Volg using the White Fang on Ippo.

Round two began, and Volg and Ippo commenced another in-fight. As Volg attacked Ippo, he wished to bring Ippo down early, as he does not want to break him. When Volg missed an attack, he was hit by a Gazelle Punch, getting knocked down. Volg's reflexes made him guard the Gazelle Punch with his left hand, weakening the blow. When Volg got up, he began dodging Ippo's attacks. Volg blocked a Gazelle Punch and began throwing a combination of punches at Ippo. Volg used the White Fang on Ippo, who blocked the first hit from below, then got struck from the second hit from above, getting knocked down. Ippo got up and the second round ended. In the corner, Ramuda told Volg that his down was due to his carelessness, with Volg replying that he was going to finish Ippo off after the White Fang, but even as Ippo fell, he threw a left at him, realising that Ippo will not stop attacking until he loses consciousness. Remembering his mother, Volg chose to defeat Ippo and destroy his consciousness and will to fight.

As round three began, Volg, knowing that Ippo has not fully recovered, advanced towards Ippo. Volg hit Ippo repeatedly with a combination of punches on the ropes until the referee got between them, giving Ippo a standing down. After the referee let the match continue, Volg quickly downed Ippo with an uppercut. Ippo stood up and the match continued. Volg became shocked as Ippo began attacking again, with both fighters trading hits multiple times until the third round ended. At the corner, Volg wondered why Ippo is still standing. He was then instructed to use body blows to stop Ippo's knees that are absorbing the damage.

Volg getting hit by a Low Gazelle Punch.

Round four then began with Volg doing as instructed, hitting Ippo with body blows. After delivering a blow to the liver, Volg unleashed attacks on Ippo's guard. After breaking Ippo's guard, Volg and Ippo began exchanging punches. Volg soon felt like his body was getting heavy, missing an attack. Unable to dodge due to low stamina, Volg began to get hit multiple times. Seeing Ippo get ready to throw a Gazelle Punch, Volg threw a big punch that missed as a feint. As Volg stepped back to counter the incoming Gazelle Punch, Ippo widened his stance, and Volg was hit with a Low Gazelle Punch and then hit two times, causing him to go down. Volg got back up, remembering that he took up boxing to become strong like a wolf. Volg guarded against Ippo's attacks at the ropes until Volg clinched. When the clinch broke, the two exchanged hits until the gong sounded ending the fourth round.

Volg getting defeated by a Gazelle Punch.

When round five began, Volg and Ippo widen their stance and commenced an in-fight battle. When Volg saw a chance, he went for his White Fang, however, Ippo dodged both hits. Unable to breath anymore, Volg gasped for air, and was hit by a Gazelle Punch, causing him to go down. Volg began to get up, feeling like he had taken a liking to boxing, and took a fighting pose, but he shortly falls, leaning on the referee. With Volg unable to continue, Volg loses the Class A Tournament. Before leaving the ring, Volg told Ippo that he is strong as they both shook hands.

Challenge for the Throne Arc

Volg and Sendō meet each other.

Volg visited Ippo at the Kawai Hospital, only to bump into the latter's mother. Apologising profusely, Volg was given encouragement and a new goal from Hiroko, who reminded him of his own mother. He then left the hospital with a new goal. Volg later watched Ippo's match against Date for the JBC featherweight title. After Ippo lost, Volg met a frustrated Takeshi Sendō. The two glared at each other before Volg walked away.

Road Back Arc

Volg and Sendō standing in the ring before their match.

After Date defeated Ippo and relinquished the JBC featherweight belt, Volg and Sendō would be fighting for the vacant title in two months. Two months later, Volg and Sendō entered the ring and the match began. In the first round, Volg and Sendō threw punches that barely missed each other until Volg hit Sendō. Volg launched a series of attacks that hit Sendō. When Sendō was pushed to the ropes, he threw a Smash. Sendō then landed more punches along with another Smash. With Sendō surprised that Volg could still stand, Volg hit Sendō with the White Fang. With both boxers still standing after taking each other's unique techniques, the first round ended. In the corner, Volg believed Sendō's punching power may be higher than Ippo's and was worried about falling to them, but was determined to win.

Volg downs Sendō during round six.

When the second round began, Volg dashed towards Sendō and successfully hit Sendō multiple times, pushing him into a corner. Sendō threw body blows, however it did not stop Volg's attack. Volg continued attacking Sendō in the corner until the end of the second round. Sendō continued to get beaten by Volg and had his face swollen up to round six. During round six, Volg downed Sendō with a right. As Volg walked to a neutral corner, he dragged his left foot, not knowing that Sendō witnessed it. When Sendō got up, Volg intended to finish the fight with a White Fang, however Sendō leaned on the ropes and dodged it. The sixth round then ended. In the corner, Ramuda praised Volg's ability to stay calm while the body blows were affecting him and the crowd's cheering being against him. As Volg left the corner, Ramuda warned him that boxers that ride on the cheering can help them during a pinch situation.

Sendō and Volg's match ending in a decision win for Sendō.

As round seven began, Sendō landed body blows until Volg launched a left hook that hit Sendō's face. Volg launched a barrage of punches on Sendō's guard until Volg got closer and was hit in the body. After an in-fight, Sendō threw a Smash, which Volg blocked, however due to his hurt foot, he lost his balance. Sendō switched to the southpaw stance and unleashed a Smash with his right hand, knocking Volg down. After realising that he may get sent back to Russia if he loses twice in a row due to being an import boxer, Volg got back up, wanting to fight Ippo again as he made him love boxing. As the match continued, Volg used a clinch to stop Sendō's incoming barrage until the seventh round ended. In rounds eight and nine the two boxers had an intense hitting match. In the final tenth round, the boxers respectfully touch gloves as the round began. With Volg in the lead in points, Volg continued having a hitting match. Volg soon lost his footing as he punched and fell with his knee on the canvas as Sendō missed his punch as well. The referee declared it as a down, with Volg and Ramuda trying to explain that Sendō's punch did not hit him as he clearly slipped. The referee did not listen however, and Volg got up to continue the match. Volg desperately attacked Sendō to get back the two points that were taken away from the false down until the tenth round ended, taking the match into a decision. The victor and the holder of the JBC featherweight belt went to Sendō, while Volg lost. Volg stopped Ramuda's attempt to challenge the referee's decision, believing Volg should have had a three point lead, disheartened with the fact that he made his boxer lose just because he is not in his home country. As Volg began to leave the ring, Sendō stopped him and claimed his rematch request would have the highest priority, as he did not feel like the winner looking at his condition. However, Volg turned around without saying anything, knowing that he would be sent back to Russia.

Volg giving Ippo his boxing gloves.

Soon after the match, the Otowa gym cut the contract of Volg's management, forcing Volg to move back to Russia. When Volg arrived to the Narita Terminal 1 for his flight, he was met by Ippo. Volg stated his beliefs that it is a world of results and his boxing did not work in the pro ring. Volg expressed his regrets as he brought his dreams to Japan, but could not do anything. He then thanked Ippo for teaching him the severity and fun in pro-boxing and will brag to his followers that he fought with a strong boxer named Ippo in Japan. Volg wished for Ippo to become champion, not just in Japan, but on a greater scale. Before Volg left, he gave Ippo his boxing gloves and spoke his last Japanese word to him: "Sayonara," He then returned to Russia to spend time with his mother and did not make enough money to pay for her healthcare.

Part II

Dragon Slayer Arc

Volg meets Ippo again.

Sometime later, Volg's mother finally succumbed to her illness and passed away. Volg decided to travel to the United States of America and continue his boxing career. On his way to America, he made a brief return to Japan in order to receive his boxing gloves he gave Ippo. He was invited in Ippo's residence and worked for the Makunouchi Fishing Boat to pay for expenses. Hiroko again reminded him of his own late mother.

Volg counters Ippo's Dempsey Roll.

During his stay, he trained at the Kamogawa gym to polish his long unused boxing skills. Concerned with using his Dempsey Roll in his upcoming match against Ryūhei Sawamura, Ippo wished to spar against Volg, but Volg declined, stating that he has long lost his conditioning from lack of training. Tatsuya Kimura, Masaru Aoki, and Manabu Itagaki, realising that Volg was the only one who has the skill and courage to face Ippo's Dempsey Roll in the ring, pleaded for him to prepare Ippo by using the countermeasure developed by Itagaki. He trained for the spar as if it were a real rematch. When the spar began, it was a an intense one where Volg and Ippo unleashed their signature punches and go all-out. Volg then faced Ippo's Dempsey Roll for the first time and realised its power. However, he followed Itagaki's instructions, stepping back to exposing the technique's weakness: increasing the field of vision to remove blind spots and see Ippo's hooks. He then accomplished what Kimura and Itagaki could not: facing the attack head-on, he landed a counter and instantly knocked Ippo out even though Volg held back.

Volg immediately left for his flight after the spar, with Genji Kamogawa arranging a contact with his former rival, Dankichi Hama, to train Volg in America. With Ippo still recovering at the gym, Volg said goodbye to Hiroko and emotionally asked her wish him luck in Russian as her son, with his reply to her as his mother as Volg left to the airport with Masahiko Umezawa.

When he arrived to America, Volg began training under Dankichi and aimed for a world title as a junior lightweight.

Phantom Card Arc

As a sixth ranker in the IBF, Volg faced against the fourth ranker in the IBF, Eric Thompson in Las Vegas. The match ended in Volg's victory by knockout in the middle rounds.

In the Jungle Arc

Volg sparring against Wally.

At a gym in New York, Volg had a sparring match against the Indonesian featherweight champion Wally, before Wally's fight against Ippo. Volg dominated in the sparring match, trapping Wally in the corner, but then Wally used his reflexes and momentum on the ropes to escape from the corner and Volg was hit by a counter. Volg ended the match prematurely to avoid serious injuries before a big match. He later called and warned Ippo of Wally's boxing talent.

Later, Volg fought in matches that made him become ranked first in the WBA, WBC, and IBF junior lightweight divisions

Proud Wolf Arc

He was given a chance to challenge the reigning junior lightweight IBF champion, Mike Elliot, as a replacement for someone else. Volg accepted the invitation despite the fact that he didn't have proper time to build a fighting condition as the match was in one week. His reasons were because he considered this to be his only chance to ever reach the top of the world, and he wanted fight under the harshest conditions so that he could "shed this human facade [and] move on pure instinct. When his IBF junior lightweight title match arrived, Volg went to the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas to fight Elliot. Before the match began, Volg was advised by Dankichi to keep his wild side from coming out until he gets used to the match since he barely had time to get ready by using his left and find his range.

Volg's White Fang getting countered by Elliot.

When the match began, Volg charged out toward Elliot and use the White Fang immediately, however, Elliot successfully countered it by blocking the first hit and countering the second, causing Volg to go down. When Volg got up, both boxers had a middle range exchange of lefts, with both of them missing. The exchange ended when Volg was sent backwards with his back to the ropes when he blocked Elliot's one-two. Volg was approached at the ropes with his escape routes blocked. Volg decided to press in, causing the two to enter an in-fight exchange. After the two hit each other in a dual exchange, Volg was hurt the most, giving Elliot the advantage, resulting in Volg getting hit multiple times. In between Elliot's combinations, Volg saw a chance to use his White Fang, however, it was countered again, and Volg was hit multiple times after. As the referee was about to stop the match since Volg wasn't able to do anything against the barrage of punches, Volg surprised the referee and Elliot when he threw a left that tapped Elliot's head as the first round ended. At his corner, Volg told Dankichi that while Elliot's punches are strong, he already faced the sharpest spear and the most durable shield. He received a leg massage from Dankichi, who instructed him to find a way to avoid Elliot and attack at a distance until he has time to recuperate and get his sense for the ring back, adding that he is not alone.

Volg and Elliot in an exchange match.

In the second round, after failing to keep Elliot away at a distance with left jabs, Volg successfully hit Elliot with the multiple Hiens when he got close. Elliot was unable to get close to Volg for the rest of the second round. At his corner, Volg confirmed that he has his feel for the ring back. In the third round, after avoiding a direct hit from a reverse one-two, Volg tried to use the Hien, however, Elliot blocked it. Both boxers tried to hit each other for the rest of the third round, however, they could not, as they blocked and dodged every punch. At the corner, Volg told Dankichi that he sees himself losing. Volg was instructed by Dankichi to keep using the Hien even though Elliot figured out the motion, predicting that there is hope lying beyond Volg enduring his mind and body getting chipped away by Elliot. For the entire fourth round, Volg went into close range against Elliot and attempted to hit him with a left body blow while Elliot countered with a right to Volg's face, however, both boxers could only hit each others block, with Volg getting damaged through the block. By the end of the fourth round, Volg's face began to turn purple due to cyanosis. At his corner, Volg told Dankichi a phrase he learned and feels that best describes his favourite boxer, "Yamato-damashii",

Volg and Elliot's finishing dual exchange.

In the fifth round, Volg got into close range and, after blocking Elliot's left, Volg aimed higher by using the Hien. After Elliot blocked the Hien, Volg threw the last hit of the White Fang, however, Elliot dodged it. With Volg open for punches, he was hit by a liver blow, causing him to kneel over. While in the lowered position, Volg still threw punches at Elliot's block that is blocking his body while getting hit by multiple body blows. As Volg began to throw a punch at a higher trajectory, Elliot guarded his face. Volg threw a Tsubame Gaeshi that gets stopped by Elliot, however, Volg threw the second hit of his White Fang, which successfully landed on Elliot, causing him to go down. While waiting for the referee to count, Volg was shocked to see the referee help the unconscious Elliot up and having the match continue. Volg decided to let his wolf instincts take over and began only throwing White Fangs. They get blocked and countered at first, however, more began to land and he switched up with the Tsubame Gaeshi until they both hit each other in a dual exchange. Both boxers fell over, with Volg onto the ropes, and Elliot onto the canvas. Elliot's corner entered the ring, resulting in the match ending in Volg's victory and becoming the IBF junior lightweight champion.

In the ring, Volg thanked Dankichi and his two other seconds before wearing his new IBF junior lightweight belt. For his victory interview, Volg first thanked America for giving him a chance, his friends in Japan, and his late mother from Russia.

Part III

Grim Reaper to the World Arc

Volg meeting Wally at the Marvelous gym.

Since Wally is going to be fighting WBA featherweight world champion Ricardo Martínez, Volg was requested by Wally's side to spar with him. At the Marvelous Gym, Volg greeted Wally and Miguel as they arrived. He informed Wally that he will be defending his IBF title for the second time as the semi to his main event against Ricardo, and that they will be sharing a training camp. As Wally was welcomed to "Team White Fang", Volg gave him the team's shirt with a logo of a wolf on it for him to wear while training.

Alpha and Omega Arc

Volg and Wally talking about the latter wanting to repay Miguel.

During a spar at the Marvelous Gym, Volg and Wally had to be stopped by their trainers as they were having an argument about how Wally is irritated that Volg keeps telling him he can't do what he requests. Volg asked Wally's trainer, Miguel Zale what he teaches Wally, noting his various unique fouls. Frustrated that Volg called his attacks fouls, Wally ran out of the gym as Volg followed him. Volg was shocked to discover that Wally wants to be a zoologist. After Wally claimed that Miguel taught him many things outside of boxing, wanting to repay him by becoming the world champion, Volg thought that he has no chance of winning against Ricardo, however, the chances of him shaking off the darkness aren't zero.

Match History

Match History
# Result Record Date Opponent Location Time Type Notes
? N/A N/A 200X Unknown Mexico ?(12) N/A 2nd IBF Junior Lightweight Title Defence
? WIN N/A N/A Unknown Unknown ?(12) N/A 1st IBF Junior Lightweight Title Defence
Unknown Opponents
? WIN ?-2-0 1997-02 USA.png Mike Elliot Las Vegas, USA 5(12), 1:33 TKO IBF Junior Lightweight Title Match
? WIN ?-2-0 1996 USA.png Unknown Las Vegas, USA ?(12) KO Rose to 1st rank in the IBF
? WIN ?-2-0 1995-10 USA.png Eric Thompson Las Vegas, USA ?(10) TKO Rose to 4th rank in the IBF
Unknown Opponents
5 LOSS 3-2-0 1993-04 Japan.png Takeshi Sendō Osaka, Japan 10(10), 3:00 Decision JBC Featherweight Title Match
4 LOSS 3-1-0 1992-11 Japan.png Ippo Makunouchi Tokyo, Japan 5(8), 1:21 KO Class-A Tournament (Finals)
3 WIN 3-0-0 1992-07 Japan.png Toshio Suzuki Tokyo, Japan 1(6), 2:32 TKO Class-A Tournament (Semi Finals)
2 WIN 2-0-0 199X Unknown Unknown ?(?) KO/TKO
1 WIN 1-0-0 199X Unknown Unknown ?(4) KO/TKO Pro Debut Match

Amateur Matches

223-223-0-0 (223 KO)

  • VS Unknown 4R Win by TKO (Amateur World Champion)}}



Preceded by Title Succeeded by
Mike Elliot IBF Junior Lightweight World Championship
February, 1997 - Current
Unknown Amateur World Championship Unknown


Volg has a muscular build with unkempt burgundy red hair grown to a medium length, keeping it just long enough to touch the base of his neck with one or two thick tufts resting on his forehead. He has eyebrows of moderate thickness and his pupils are brown (blue in the anime).


Volg is first seen in the ring and in an interview, showcasing his confidence by directly challenging Eiji Date for his Japanese belt. However, outside of the media Volg is shown to be kind and caring, genuinely worrying about his cold and sick mother back home in Russia. His knowledge of the Japanese language is weak, and Volg is often comically shown to speak expressively with his hands to convey meaning. He is also unable to read kanji.

Despite his demeanour outside of the media, it is also mentioned that Volg turns into a completely different person in the ring. He becomes brutal, possessing strength comparable to a wolf's and is shown to never relent until the referee halts him. When he does register a match's end however, Ippo makes a note that Volg shows no signs of happiness or relief, but sadness, hinting that Volg regrets hurting people in the ring, and that his wolf-like hunger is only controllable to minimal extent.

It is later revealed in a conversation between Volg and Ippo that he (Volg) hates boxing because he hates hurting people to get what he wants. However, amidst his fight against Ippo, Volg finally realises that he does love boxing, and wonders what his mother would think of him now that he has lost to Ippo. Upon receiving encouragement from Hiroko Makunouchi, Volg leaves Ippo's hospital bed with the new goal of "trying his best, at everything from now on".

Volg is an amazing technician with great talent. He has perfected most of the basic boxing punches and his trademark finishing move is the White Fang, a lightning fast combination of a quick, hard uppercut followed by a chopping right. Volg hesitates to use this punch because it attacks the brain from both above and below, and can easily end a boxer's career. Volg is currently the 1st seed for the WBA Junior Lightweight division and, as a former amateur world champion, Volg had an amazing record of : 223 wins, 223 KO victories and 0 losses with all his KO victories achieved before round 3.

Boxing Abilities

Volg is one of the most conditioned fighters seen in the series. His boxing talent, sense, strength, speed, and reflexes are all honed to a razor sharp point. Coach Kamogawa mentioned that his coaching rival Dankichi would get his most boring project as there was little needed to teach Volg.

His skill is high in out-boxing, but not as high with in-fighting.[2] It is mentioned by Coach Kamogawa that, had he fought in his natural out-boxing stance, Volg would've easily defeated Makunouchi Ippo, Sendō Takeshi, and even Date Eiji. In fact, Volg knocked out Ippo (who was then the Japanese champion and a world ranker) in a sparring match during his hiatus from pro boxing. Fighting as a hybrid boxer, Volg's signature move is White Fang, a quick powerful uppercut followed by an overhand that causes enough brain damage to end a boxer's career.



Because of Volg's extreme talent, he had never gone more than two rounds before his match with Ippo, and as a result he became tired much faster than Ippo. He seems to have repaired this weakness, however, since he was able to take Sendō to decision. In his fight with Mike Elliot, Ippo commented that Volg is not particularly durable, but despite that, he was able to hang on after taking many blows.


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  • Volg (Волг in Russian) sounds a lot like (Волк), which means wolf.
  • Volg is based off real life boxer Yuri Arbachakov and Drago from the movie Rocky IV.[3]
  • Volg is the subject of great controversy. It is said that Volg boxed as an in-fighter in Japan to gain a following and please the crowds. But according to Genji Kamogawa, Volg would've probably won against Ippo, Sendō, and even Eiji Date had he used out-boxing, which is supposedly his natural style.
  • Volg can speak Japanese, Russian, and English, making him the second-most multilingual character behind Mari Īmura, who can speak Japanese, English, Spanish, and Indonesian.
  • When crowned champion in Round 1007, Volg is shown wearing the WBA belt, but in Round 1008 this is corrected and he's shown wearing the IBF belt. (Note - This only happened in the releases for Weekly Shōnen Magazine, it was later fixed in the volume when published.)