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Alfredo González (アルフレド・ゴンザレス, Arufuredo Gonzaresu) is a retired featherweight professional boxer and the second person to defeat Ippo Makunouchi in a boxing ring. When he was an active boxer, people around Mexico thought that he would be the next world champion in the WBA division.


A young Alfredo looking up to the light.

Alfredo grew up in the slums of a dangerous neighbourhood in Mexico City where he got involved with street fights. Alfredo was invited to the Arena México, where the world champion Ricardo Martínez would invite the poor youth to watch his matches. Though, at first, Alfredo did not feel the same way when he sat when watching the champion, as in his mind he had the champion as this egotistical rich individual who had it all and was inviting them there just so he could show off.

At some point, he witnessed Ricardo fighting a strong challenger.[4] The victory was such an inspiration for him that before he knew it, he got up on his feet with both hands up in the air. Following up the moment that struck him the most though was what was said after the match by Ricardo. For the boys of the nation to not forget what true "Machismo" means. Alfredo at that very moment understood instantly Ricardo's intentions, and thus his everyday goal had begun, with the only place to meet him being the ring. Climbing the way up with courage and hard work, something which stayed in Alfredo's mind, words like that of an "Aztec God" would say. From looking at Ricardo's matches, he saw how Ricardo helped people after his matches by interacting with the crowd more than other boxers. Ricardo became the light that helped Alfredo become what he is now. Alfredo always looked up the sky searching for "the light" to guide him.

Alfredo's second loss against Ricardo.

He was introduced to boxing at a young age by his coach, who found him in the streets leading a gang of other children.[5] Alfredo was brought into the Olympics to box, however, his brutal fighting style led him to be expelled. He was then brought into the professional ring, where he earned the nickname, "Mextli" after his bloody victories. Eventually, he climbed through the world rankings quite fast and achieving his childhood dream to be in the same ring fighting against Ricardo. The first time he faced Ricardo he was so tense that it barely was a fight. The second time they fought was even worse, taking him the furthest since he reverted to using his original fighting style, forcing Ricardo to get serious and fight technically against Alfredo's rough and violent style, which in return after the match he had woken up in a hospital. He continued his career with the same goal in mind, staying in the world rankings for most of his career for a chance to come again in the future.


Part II

Go to the World Arc

Alfredo catching a young thief.

Moving forward with his goal to challenge WBA featherweight champion Ricardo a third time, Alfredo agreed to go to Japan to fight Ippo Makunouchi, with the winner to face Ricardo in the process as the preliminary world title challenge. As the match was decided, Alfredo spoke to the champion himself over the phone, to have him consider a second rematch with the condition being if he defeats Ippo, his challenge will be accepted. While Ricardo did not recall who that is, Alfredo implied that the match with Ippo is part of the process to become ranked first to get Ricardo to accept the request. Later, as Alfredo and his girlfriend Lisa go through a crowded market street to reach the park with a great view of the city, Alfredo grabbed a young boy who stole food and took him with him to apologise together. When they reach the park's viewpoint, Alfredo reflected with Lisa how he was once like that boy, stealing whenever he was capable to and with any disagreement, he would resort in violence as if it was a natural response. As Alfredo recalled his memories of Ricardo and Lisa tried to get him to not obsess over the WBA title, Alfredo claimed that he cannot back out as he must face the strongest in the world, as that is what "Machismo" means to him.

Alfredo arriving to Japan.

Immediately right after arriving to Japan, he was taken to the Otowa gym, where he sparred with ease the opponents he is given. As Alfredo shadow boxes in the ring, the gym's top boxer Kyōsuke Imai glared at him, which Alfredo noticed. Later that night at his hotel, Alfredo expressed his need to land a right, saying that all the sparring partners were weak with the exception of that man looking at him who looked very promising. Alfredo requested for his coach to let him spar with the man, but his coach replied to save it for now since all the stress and power will explode in the main match.

On the day of the weigh-in, Alfredo arrived to the Kōrakuen Hall, where he meets with Ippo. Alfredo gave his comment to the press, saying the same words of what he thinks Ricardo would have said, that he wouldn't expect too much from him, and that when the match begins, everyone will know what he means.

Alfredo and Ippo fighting.

The next day, Alfredo returned to the Kōrakuen Hall for his match against Ippo. Alfredo left for the ring for his match with the determination to not let Ippo reach and face Ricardo. When the match began, Alfredo was able to keep Ippo away with his lefts for some time until Ippo closed in on him by using head slips while in his Peek-a-Boo Style. Alfredo had successful attempts to counter the strategy by using uppercuts, however, Ippo was able to dodge and throw a body blow which Alfredo blocked at the end of the round one. In the corner, Alfredo was told by his coach to not let his bad habits pop up since he successfully laid out the bait for Ippo. In the second round, Alfredo's lefts were dodged and, after blocking Ippo's body blows, he was put up against the ropes. As he was approached by Ippo, Alfredo throws a left that gets dodged, however, it was a bait for his right, which lands on Ippo's forehead. After another punch lands on Ippo's forehead, Alfredo was hit by a liver blow. After the liver blow, Alfredo and Ippo entered an exchange, with Alfredo landing the most punches until the second round ends. At the corner, as his coach becomes worried that Alfredo is falling into his bad habits, Alfredo reassures him that he is calm.

In the third round, Alfredo began out-boxing, attacking for afar with lefts. Alfredo was chased, and when he sends out his uppercut and one-twos when Ippo gets close, they get dodged. After sending out a barrage of lefts that get blocked and land occasionally, he was forced into a corner. Instead of sending out a one-two, Alfredo hit Ippo with a long left hook, sending him down. When Ippo got up, Alfredo stayed away as Ippo stood in place and punched wildly until the third round ended. In the corner, while his coach warned him that Ippo may recover well and come to Alfredo with a plan to show the way he got his world ranking, Alfredo planned to Ippo the meaning of world class.

Alfredo outclassing Ippo.

In the fourth round and to the end of the fifth round, Alfredo beat on Ippo while taking no hits. At the corner, Alfredo's coach gave him the permission to do whatever he wants for the rest of the match, making Alfredo excited. Ippo motioned the Dempsey Roll in front of Alfredo in round six. Alfredo tried to hit Ippo in the motion while Ippo was unable to land any clean hits. Just as Ippo tried to counter one of Alfredo's attacks with the Dempsey Roll, Alfredo pressed his body onto Ippo's, stopping the Dempsey Roll. A close ranged exchange followed and, after winning at first, Alfredo got hit with a glancing uppercut which rattled his brain, causing Alfredo to go down soon thereafter. After Alfredo got up and Alfredo blocked a liver blow, the sixth round ended. At the corner, Alfredo was ordered to keep using Metzli Mode and to remember that he has flown closest to Ricardo, the Quetzalcoatl.

Alfredo defeating Ippo.

In the seventh round, the boxers enter yet another exchange which Alfredo eventually lost. However, as Ippo went for the finishing blow, Alfredo landed a powerful right counter, sending Ippo to the canvas unconscious. When Ippo's seconds ran into the ring to help Ippo, the referee signalled the end to the match, resulting in Alfredo's victory. Alfredo became annoyed when he sees Ippo being able to walk on his own despite the amount of hits he gave him. As his coach offered his shoulder for him to lean on as they walk away from the ring, Alfredo wished to go back home to Mexico proudly.

After his match with Ippo, he sent countless challenge requests to Ricardo's side, however, they ignored every request since they believed that Ricardo should not be bothered to face someone he already defeated twice. That made Alfredo furious, as his match against Ippo was supposed to be having the winner earning the right to the challenge the world, meaning fighting Ricardo. Alfredo, feeling tricked by the Japanese, refused every match requested to him, including Takeshi Sendō's multiple requests.

Part III

Sendō in Mexico Arc

Sendō and Alfredo meet

When Alfredo learned that Ricardo was doing a public spar session and looking for sparring partners, he drove to the J.C. Gym with Lisa in order to force Ricardo to acknowledge him to make him accept his rematch request by using his fists, planning to cause a down to Ricardo, who has never been downed once in his career. Upon arrival to the gym, Alfredo was shocked as he saw that Ricardo has been downed by Sendō. Alfredo demanded Bill Stewart to explain what is happening. Ricardo announced to Alfredo that Sendō is the first man to down him. Alfredo wanted to go into the ring to fight Sendō when he was asked to enter the ring by him. Alfredo and Sendō were about to fight it out in the ring as a spar before they were stopped by Ricardo, who suggested for them to fight as a semi-final undercard to his WBA featherweight title defence in three months, promising for the winner to face him in his next title defence. Alfredo agreed to the terms. Driving away from the gym, Alfredo revealed to Lisa about how his next match is set for Ricardo after fighting against Sendō.

Ippo in Mexico Arc

Alfredo fighting Sendō.

On the day of his weigh-in and press conference for his match against Sendō, Alfredo went to the Arena México, where he had a face off with Sendō, passes his weight check, and meets Ippo, who came to watch the match. The next day, Alfredo went to the Arena México for his match against Sendō. When the match began, instead of touching gloves first, Sendō threw a left, knocking Alfredo's arm away. As Alfredo was charged at, he stopped Sendō with precise lefts, rights, and counters, as Sendō failed to land a hit until the first round ended.

Alfredo reveals his true nature.

In the second round, after hitting Sendō repeatedly with lefts, Alfredo dodged his huge swings, however, Sendō also began to dodge Alfredo's counters as well. Alfredo's hand that was guarding over his face was hit, which sent him back. Alfredo guarded against Sendō's punches as he was pushed to a corner. During Sendō's barrage, Alfredo was able to hit him with an uppercut counter, knocking Sendō away from him. As he was being approached by Sendō Alfredo got into a fit of rage as he has entered the Metzli Mode, knocking Sendō back with a big swing to his guard. Alfredo proceeded to dodge Sendō's attacks and hit him with savage punches, including counters. As Sendō was forced into a corner, and Alfredo kept attacking his guard, Sendō dropped his guard, which caused Alfredo to pause as he figured Sendō gave up. Sendō's reason of dropping his guard was revealed to Alfredo as Sendō threw an uppercut that held Alfredo in the air for a moment before Alfredo flew back, sending him to the centre of the ring. When Sendō went to the centre of the ring, the two boxers commenced a close range exchange match. Alfredo hit Sendō with multiple punches while dodging his in the one-sided exchange that went until the second round ended. At his corner, Alfredo told his coach that he knows that the Japanese become troublesome during the third round.

In the third round, Alfredo and Sendō met in the centre of the ring to continue their close range exchange match. While Alfredo was dodging Sendō's punches, some were starting to graze him for the first time. The exchange continued to be one-sided in Alfredo's favour as Sendō is unable to land a clean hit in. However, that changed when Alfredo was hit by a Solar Plexus Blow just as the third round ended. At the corner, Alfredo realised that Sendō and him are the same beast. When his coach pointed out to Alfredo that he will be able to get his third shot against Ricardo and the WBA title, Alfredo forgot about it since he was having too much fun with the match he is having now.

Alfredo getting defeated.

When the fourth round began, Alfredo and Sendō enter a close range exchange match that turns into a slugfest as Sendō is also able to land punches now. Their exchange match ended when the referee stepped between them to pause the match due to Sendō's glove wrapping being loose. After Sendō's glove wrap got fixed, Alfredo and Sendō resume their dual exchange battle, with Alfredo landing more punches. When Sendō threw a Knuckle Drop, even though Alfredo saw the huge opening to counter it, he could not throw one due to being surprised by the power, so he dodged it instead. Sendō then threw a Smash, which, despite Alfredo's block, he still wobbled from the pain. Sendō followed up with a wide right swing, however, Alfredo made it hit his forehead, breaking several of Sendō's bones. Alfredo respected Sendō's courage and masculinity after the combination of punches. When Alfredo put up his fighting pose again, Alfredo and Sendō have three left dual exchanges, causing both to stop attacking for a moment as they feel their pain. Sendō recovered first, and the two hit each other with a right dual exchange. Sendō began to fall down before catching himself. He immediately threw a left uppercut that hits Alfredo's jaw, sending him up in the air, and then down to the canvas. The referee ended the match without a count, resulting in Alfredo's defeat.

In the ring, Alfredo got up and congratulated Sendō by knocking right fists with each other, which felt painful for Sendō due to his right fist being broken. Before walking out of the ring, Alfredo announced to his seconds that "team Alf" is being disbanded, retiring from boxing as he is satisfied. After Ricardo defeated Billy McCallum, Alfredo believed that there will be two individuals won't let him be lonely.

Match History

Match History
# Result Record Date Opponent Location Time Type Notes
N/A LOSS 2X-3-0 2000 Japan.png Takeshi Sendō[6] Arena México, Mexico City, Mexico[7] 4(10) TKO "World Title Preliminary Match"
24 WIN 22-2-0 1998-03-21 Japan.png Ippo Makunouchi Kōrakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan 7(10), 1:17 TKO "GO TO THE WORLD!"
"World Title Preliminary Match"
? LOSS ?-2-0 199? Mexico.png Ricardo Martínez Mexico ?(12) KO WBA Featherweight Title Match
? LOSS ?-1-0 199? Mexico.png Ricardo Martínez Mexico ?(12) KO WBA Featherweight Title Match


Alfredo Gonzales Appearance.png

Alfredo is slim, pale-skinned, with sleek black hair. His forward bangs are parted on the left side. He has a long straight nose and sharp eyes, whose brows are always slightly furrowed.

As for his training look, he wears sharp-style sunglasses.


When he first arrived at the gym in Japan, he was polite to his sparring partners and also really calm. He even said that Japanese people are really polite and good, but it turned out that his politeness was masking an aggressive and ruthless personality.

By the 6th round during his match against Ippo, the look on his face changed completely to a highly aggressive look, about right after Ippo started using the Dempsey Roll. He has his hidden side famously called "Mextli" by others, consisting of a brutal nature in the ring and the bad habits of his, which also earned him the nicknames "Mexican Grim Reaper" and "Death God".

Boxing Abilities

Alfredo is a well-rounded hybrid boxer with an effective, long-range jab. His main strategy is to use his jab to both distances himself from his opponent and stay on offence via counter punching. When the situation calls for it he can in-fight effectively. With the experience he possesses from two world title matches, he is adept at outsmarting his opponents with world-class boxing strategies, such as using his jab and short upper to set up a one-two, to later execute a long hook (when the opponent is not expecting an attack from the side). It is said that his boxing is a mirror image of Ricardo's and that he would likely be the world champion already if Ricardo wasn't in sight.


Alfredo has "bad habits" which he forcefully seals away in his boxing matches. They are essentially a tendency to want to brawl. "Mextli" takes over when Alfredo is overcome with rage and anger from extreme exhaustion such as fighting very closed. According to his trainer, in this mode, Alfredo's offence is greatly increased, but his defence is lowered considerably, making him vulnerable to attacks. The problem with this style is that Alfredo is not a naturally tough boxer like other brawlers. Despite this, "Mextli" enabled Alfredo to push Ricardo in his rematch although it ended up sending him to the hospital, as Ricardo also has a vicious style which is his real form that is more controlled than Alfredo, which it's only used for worthy opponents.



Though Ippo never exploited any weaknesses in Alfredo, it is mentioned by Alfredo's coach that he is a fragile fighter.[8] For this reason, his all-out offensive bad habits are actually a "double-edged sword."


Alfredo's ring entrance outfit.

  • Alfredo's nickname "Mextli", is another name for Huītzilōpōchtli, which, in Aztec mythology, is the God of war, sun, human sacrifice, and the patron of the city of Tenochtitlan.
    • Mextli and "Quetzalcoatl", which is what Alfredo calls Ricardo, are brothers. His mother and father instructed him and Quetzalcoatl to bring order to the world. Together, Mextli and Quetzalcoatl created fire, the first male and female humans, the Earth, and the Sun.
  • His match against Ippo is the longest match in the Hajime no Ippo series, spanning 38 total chapters and 11 months (38+ Weeks) of releases.
  • In Round 1015, the scene shown looks like Alfredo watched Martinez VS. Date I match when young, where Martinez broke Date's nose leaving a scar, although it isn't due a different location.
  • For Alfredo's ring entrance for his match with Ippo, he was wearing a sombrero hat and poncho. Martinez wore the same thing during his first match with Date.
  • During his match with Ippo, Alfredo mentioned that he has previously fought in Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and America (besides Mexico.)[9]


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