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Billy McCallum (ビリー・マッカラム, Birī Makkaramu) is a featherweight professional boxer and a former WBC featherweight champion.


Upon becoming a boxer, McCallum became an undefeated WBC featherweight champion. After his third WBC title defence, a chance to face the WBA featherweight champion, Ricardo Martinez arose. However, despite McCallum wanting to face Ricardo as the WBC champion, the WBC organisation refused to let him do so, wanting McCallum to instead fight in his mandatory title defence. McCallum decided that a fight with Ricardo was worth more than his belt, and relinquished it.[3]


Part III

Ippo in Mexico Arc

When McCallum's WBA featherweight title match against Ricardo Martinez arrived, McCallum went from the United States of America to the Arena México in Mexico. When McCallum and Ricardo arrived to the ring, McCallum wished to prove that he is the strongest after not being called the strongest in the world despite being the WBC champion due to Ricardo's presence in the WBA.

McCallum fighting Ricardo.

When the gong sounded, McCallum charged at Ricardo and met him in the centre of the ring, stopping in his tracks to start his rhythm in his Philly Shell. Ricardo threw the first punch with a left jab, which hits McCallum's Philly Shell block. McCallum blocked multiple left jabs until Ricardo threw his right. McCallum dodged the right and threw a left counter, which Ricardo also dodged. After McCallum blocked more left jabs, Ricardo sent out a one-two. McCallum saw the one-two coming and threw a counter after the last hit, but Ricardo blocked it. McCallum threw left Flicker Jabs, and, after they only landed on Ricardo's block, McCallum threw a right before stopping himself as he saw Ricardo preparing a counter. McCallum tightened his Philly Shell guard as he backed himself to the ropes as his guard was hit by Ricardo's left jabs. McCallum noticed how Ricardo pauses for a second after throwing three quick lefts and tried to attack, however, he stopped himself when he realised that Ricardo was about to set up a counter. As his left arm began to have throbbing pain by Ricardo's left jabs, McCallum threw a left.

McCallum being defeated by Ricardo.

McCallum's left was caught by Ricardo, and McCallum proceeded to guard Ricardo's left jabs once more. Due to the throbbing pain on his left arm from guarding against Ricardo's punches, McCallum became unable to lift his left L-shaped block, leaving himself open. As McCallum's attempt to block left him in pain again, he tried to throw a right before getting hit repeatedly in the face with lefts until he goes down. The referee saw McCallum unable to continue, causing the match to end in McCallum's loss.

Match History

Match History
# Result Record Date Opponent Location Time Type Notes
24 LOSS 22-1-1 2000-01 Mexico.png Ricardo Martinez Mexico City, Mexico 1(12) TKO WBA Featherweight Title Match
N/A WIN ?-0-? N/A Unknown America ?(12) N/A WBC Featherweight Title Match


McCallum is a dark skinned man with a muscular build. He has black coloured eyes, light coloured eyebrows and hair that is shaved with widows peak. His attire in the ring consists of boxing trunks that are dark coloured on top and light coloured on the bottom along with boxing shoes that are light in colour. He has an American flag on the top left of his boxing trunks.


McCallum is a calm and serious individual who is confident in his abilities. He strives to prove to others that he is the strongest featherweight around. When he was not called "the strongest" when he was a WBC featherweight champion, he decided to relinquish his belt to fight Ricardo Martinez, as he saw that Ricardo being around was the reason he was not called the strongest, wanting to fight Ricardo to prove he is the strongest.

Boxing Abilities

McCallum using the Philly Shell style.

Being a former WBC featherweight champion who had three title defences, and being undefeated before fighting the undefeated WBA featherweight champion Ricardo Martinez[4] indicates that McCallum is a highly skilful boxer. Ricardo had high expectations in McCallum's ability[5] to bring out his inner strength and utmost limits.[6]

Physical Strength

His punches are razor sharp, something that can be quickly noticed by onlookers when he shadowboxes.[7]


He uses the Philly Shell, able to attack and defend with his left L-shaped block with the stance. With the Philly Shell, McCallum is able to dodge and block the super champion Ricardo's left motionless jabs that are aimed at his head and body. He is able to throw left Flicker Jabs and counters from his Philly Shell stance.


Being able to use the Flicker Jab, McCallum has quick hand speed. McCallum also has fast reflexes, being able to move his hand positions in his Philly Shell to block Ricardo's motionless left jabs.


McCallum is observant, being able to tell when his opponent is about to throw a counter from looking at just a slight hand movement and discovering a moment to strike back by the timing of his opponent's punches.


Due to relying on the Philly Shell's block, his opponent is able to keep hitting his left arm that is being used for the L-shaped block until McCallum is unable to lift it from the throbbing pain, leaving himself open for attacks.[8]


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