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4Chimera 4Chimera 19 March 2020

Non-Wiki related.

Stay safe out there! The world will get through this. But I have a feeling this isn't a coincidence.

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4Chimera 4Chimera 12 September 2019

New Image Galleries

I turned on new image galleries for the main article pages of characters. To the characters that have gallery pages will not be with the new style for now, only their main page.

How is it, I personally liked it. But in the gallery pages it is the old gallery.

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4Chimera 4Chimera 15 June 2019

VA Pages

I think they were a mistake to exist here as pages since we can just link them to their animelist immediatelly...

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4Chimera 4Chimera 7 April 2019

Sections in Character Pages

So right to it.

  • We have "Background" section, a little bit of story before he/she appeared, what we know of them as a background.
  • Next is "History" section but now we put either "Part I", "Part II" or "Part III", with the arcs each part, just section name changes. And then the match history last of the section.
  • Then we have "Appearance", a long images of the entire character and information about him or she. In the boxers we include information also on his ring appearance!
  • After it is "Personality" section, which doesn't need explaining.
  • For boxers we have the section "Boxing Abilities", which has below it, Techniques and Weaknesses.
  • Then it is "Gallery", we put the best images from their gallery page onto the main page of the character.
  • Then las…
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4Chimera 4Chimera 22 March 2019

Character names in articles

So, if you check the articles and see their character links, sometimes it's their name and other times their surname, or even full name link to their page.

  • Mashiba for Mashiba Ryō ... but
  • Kumi for Mashiba Kumi

Doesn't it look wrong? I was thinking we should use their entire name in articles instead of either Kumi or Mashiba etc, but again I thought it would look weird, should it stay like this as it is only a small detail? Should it change in some way?

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HajimenoAoki HajimenoAoki 20 March 2019

Name suggestions for "Post-Taihei Arc"

What should the name be? Usually we go by the title of the match poster, but Execution Arc already exists... Unless we name that one "Japanese Junior Lightweight Title Match Execution Arc" and the current one "OPBF Lightweight Title Match Execution Arc".

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4Chimera 4Chimera 19 March 2019

Character Template Infobox Images

I was thinking we should put them with a boxing pose (the boxers) like I did with Alfredo Gonzales and Makunouchi Ippo, the same pose in all 3, anime, manga and game (in the game only if it has same pose as anime and manga). What you guys think? Instead of random images showing etc. The other non-boxer characters will have the same in anime and manga as well.

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4Chimera 4Chimera 17 March 2019

Matches Scroll Box

To clear out a bit, the Matches Scroll Box will be used in characters who have at least 20 matches. Makunouchi Ippo, Takamura Mamoru, Aoki Masaru, Kimura Tatsuya, Date Eiji, Sendō Takeshi, Mashiba Ryō and Miyata Ichirō.

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Josemendozabadboyz8 Josemendozabadboyz8 1 December 2018

Is this series going to end

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4Chimera 4Chimera 25 November 2018

Summaries for Arcs, Characters, Chapters & Episodes

Here's help for writing the summaries.

  • So starting off, in the arc pages, a fast summary of the said chapters of the arc, avoiding a few details like what they said, only very few. Mostly putting the events of what's happening.
  • On the character summaries there will be details of the character themselves from the individual arcs, what they said, what they did.
  • On the chapters and episodes summary, the details will be everything, of that episode or chapter.

Check Round 1013 or other chapter summaries, GO TO THE WORLD! and Alfredo Gonzales to see what I wrote. (Still writing)

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4Chimera 4Chimera 1 November 2018

Wiki Day Count Achievements Names

So I thought of names for the wiki days counting achievements.

Key to the Wiki! - Debut

Two Weeks on the Wiki - Rookie King

Devoted - Class A Contender

Dedicated - National Champion

Addicted - Continental Champion

Wiki Life - World Ranker

Wiki Hero! - World Champion

More interesting now!

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Kevo411 Kevo411 24 October 2014

Ippo vs Volg Rematch?

Hey, I'm kind of new here, so I don't exactly know how blog posts work, or even if people can respond. But I figured I'd give this a shot. I've been re-watching the series and was wondering what would have happened if Volg had been awarded the points victory against Sendo. He would have immediately fought Shigeta, but I think Volg probably would have been able to handle him. The bigger question here is how his fight with Ippo would have gone. Personally I don't think Ippo would have been able to win at that time. Volg had clearly been working on his durability, so his weakness from the first fight would have been neutralized. Also, Ippo doesn't do so well against quick boxers, so he wouldn't be able to land the same hits that he could agai…

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Iloveflash Iloveflash 25 September 2014

New Boxer template parameter (September 2014)

Quick update here. The parameter "gender" has been added to the boxer and non-boxer templates. Absolutely no idea why it took that long to add them. My thanks to the French wiki Ippo for reminding me.

Fill 'em in when you can! That is all.

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4Chimera 4Chimera 5 September 2014

Manga Original Images

Hey I've found sites that have original first pages of the manga, from the first volume until the current one with great quality. Enough with the mangastream images, we can do what other popular manga wikis do, put original raw first page image in each chapter page. And not translated image, what do you think? To me it sounds better.

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Iloveflash Iloveflash 10 April 2014

New Boxer Template Parameters (April 2014)

Great to see Cemanga and Unknown50 stirring things up around the wiki. This blog is a simple announcement about two (really just one) new parameters to template:Boxer: manga_final and anime_final.

These two parameters should indicate the character's final appearance in the manga or anime, and are intended to complement the "first appearance" parameters, which are now named manga debut and anime debut (though their parameter names are the same). The purpose of this should be obvious - to point out the last place a character appeared in the series. Update the info at your leisure; the template hides those fields if they're empty.

Two notes:

  • Characters who appear frequently in the story (like Ippo) should have in this field Recurring. It's pointl…
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4Chimera 4Chimera 7 April 2014

Makunouchi Ippo page - images of each of his matches

Thought 1: Hey, i just thought of having all of Ippo's matches until now, as images in Ippo page. I already uploaded in the "New files of this wiki", Sendou vs Ippo 1, but i didn't posted it at Ippo page because we first need to discuss it right? So this is what i was thinking. I think it will look pretty good to post each fight in the "History" heading/line.

I've seen other wikis posting on each arc or characters images left and right and it looked pretty good. I don't know if it will look good cause of the around of each image if it is a thumb is gray. Can we change the color from gray to..for example red? Also the name of the editor who posted the image there is not visible. This is only for the page of Makunouchi Ippo, no need for the o…

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Cemanga Cemanga 24 March 2014

New Sections; Latest Episode and Latest Chapter at the Main Page

Hi again everybody,

This time I tried to do something like "This Week on Hajime no Ippo" using Latest Episode and Latest Chapter titles on Main Page. From now on anyone can add/edit this week's episode/chapter.

With this new section Main Page looks more awsome, I guess. I hope everybody tries to help by editing this section every week.

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Cemanga Cemanga 23 March 2014

PSD File of the Main Page Character's Images

Hi everybody, I wanted to share the PSD file of the character's images. This is the template that I use, with this you can add any character you want to main page without making it ugly :P

Hope it works for everyone.

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Iloveflash Iloveflash 16 March 2014

Character Gallery

For the past few months I've been struggling with installing a portrait gallery on the front page (something similar to this) with no success. So today I had the brilliant idea to allow people to insert their own images via a gallery. This would not only simplify and democratize the process, but increase user interaction with the wiki.

Please read the new guidelines before adding your own images. Rule 4 applies to galleries.

Unfortunately this means the front page is no longer reserved only for admins to edit. Regular users can now sign up and edit it. This isn't entirely a bad thing since these users have to be registered, but I've known some trolls to go to such lengths. Still, I like this idea, so I'm hoping we can make it work.

Some other…

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Iloveflash Iloveflash 14 January 2014

Support your admin

Hey all, your trusty admin here. Wanted to let you all know I'm currently publishing a story called Metal Shadow, an action-packed epic fantasy/sci-fi serial. This is the main reason I'm no longer as busy as I used to be around the wiki; that and, of course, my day and night job. I'm writing this to ask anyone whose interested in fantasy stories to give Metal Shadow a read sometime, or pass it along to a friend you think would like it.

Also, I've started a new wiki for people to share their own writing and get feedback. Running two wikis while publishing a story is not as fun as it sounds. -.- In any case, check that out as well if you've got a story you want to share with a community of awesome writers.

Finally, if anyone here is on the Dyn…

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Iloveflash Iloveflash 31 December 2013

Almost 100,000 views

This is crazy. I know this may not be a big deal to some of you, but it is to me. Right now, the Hajime no Ippo wiki is enjoying close to 100,000 pageviews a week. That's almost half a million views a month.

To put that in perspective, when I first started moderating the wiki in 2012, it was averaging 40-50k pageviews a week, or 200,000 pageviews a month. If I remember correctly, we had 400 pages and somewhere around 350 images. (conservative estimate) Those pages were also much smaller than they now are.

What's causing all this growth? Well, the spike started after Rising was announced; we instantly jumped to about 80,000 pageviews a week, which is a near 100% increase for you mathematicians out there. But I'm certain our growth is just as …

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Cruiserweight Znack Cruiserweight Znack 6 November 2013


I'm just going to use my blog space as to what i've edited and changed. (might not update this so often though.

  • List of Episode
  • Hajime no Ippo: Rising
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Sunrokai. Sunrokai. 6 October 2013

Hajime no Ippo: Rising out now!!!

Today the third season is being aired on lots of websites, and some of the websites are airing it for free (No joke). So get out there and start watching this great anime for free. You may have notice the new pictures and images of Shimabukuro on his character article.

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Iloveflash Iloveflash 7 August 2013

Ippo Wiki on Mobile

Wikia sent out a newsletter some time ago informing us that the mobile market is growing really fast, and that communities should start making the effort to remodel their wikis for better viewing on mobile devices.

For the most part Wiki Ippo looks the same on my smartphone. The adjustments made on the mobile site to things like the front page and table of contents are welcome and maintain a smooth flow for the reader. The only issue I can see is that the character infoboxes take up the entire top of the page, so you have to scroll down quite a bit to get to the opening summary of the character. To remedy this I've started moving the infoboxes below the opening synopsis. This means that when you load the page on a mobile device, the first thing…

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Iloveflash Iloveflash 27 July 2013

Ippo Season 3

If you haven't heard by now, the third season of the Hajime no Ippo anime will finally air this September.


Here's the source:

And here's something from the mangastream blog on the topic:

Yes, I just learned about Utsumi's passing just the other day and updated the page on the wiki. Sad news indeed... But let's not get bogged down in it. The series Utsumi lent his talents to is getting a 3rd season!

So the new season should cover up to the David Eagle match, which means we'll get to see Ippo vs. Shimabukuro Iwao and Ippo vs. Sawamura. Since the latter is one of my top 5 favorite fights in the series, I am stoked as F

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Iloveflash Iloveflash 8 May 2013

Wikia WAM!

Wikia WAM (wiki activity monitor) just went live. Check it out.

WAM displays wikis based not just on pageviews, but the number of edits on the wiki. This allows visitors to discover the most active communities.

If anyone out there's still hesitating to start editing, there's your incentive. The more you edit, the higher this wiki's WAM score, and the more people will join the community!

Here it is again.

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Iloveflash Iloveflash 1 May 2013


After 60 days of non-stop editing, I've finally earned the Dedicated badge on this wiki, which I consider to be the only real one worth getting. There's the Addicted badge after it for contributing for 100 days, all the way up to some super elite badge for contributing for 365 days, but I'm good. I've left my mark. I'm officially the most dedicated person on Wiki Ippo.

First order of business: take a break from editing. I think everything's relatively cleaner than when I first got here, so in the event I don't return to the wiki, any follow-up admins should be able to pick up where I left off. No need for me to keep plucking away, right? Right.

Spagetty taim.

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Iloveflash Iloveflash 8 April 2013

Plans for the Wiki

The list of chores keeps getting longer around here, so I've decided to list some of them in a blog.

  • The Wikia infoboxes take up a lot of space at the top of pages, which disallow certain sections from displaying properly. The main section I'm referring to is match history. If the character's history is too short, that section will have a huge white space underneath because the match history table is too wide to fit next to the infobox. Consequently you will see the table right under the infobox. The remedy: make match history a template that is aligned left and fits under the infobox. For this reason, I've been deleting "unknown" matches without notes next to them, leaving only matches that have happened on-page or on-screen or have been m…
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Iloveflash Iloveflash 1 April 2013

Four new templates

Four new templates have been added to the wiki (actually, 3 and one edit). They are:

  • Template:articlelink |
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Iloveflash Iloveflash 28 March 2013

"More Badges You Can Earn!"

I recently earned a new badge. Haven't gotten one in...forever!

This prompted me to start examining the badge list, the quickest way to get to which is through my own list of badges (since the "customize badges" link is right there for me; dunno if it is for you non-admins out there). I found that my badge list was indicating I could earn the second-highest badge in every single one of the custom categories for this wiki! :D

Check it:

Feeling pretty great right now. I mean, I'm about to become a man of the sea genius super champion with a license to kill. Srsly.

And just to reiterate, those are the second highest badges you could earn. Anyone wanna take a guess at what the names of the highest badges are?

Those images for the badges are coming, p…

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Iloveflash Iloveflash 18 February 2013

Images for Badges

The Wiki's badges will be getting pictures soon. If you're good at graphic design, feel free to contribute some of your own fan-made artwork. Can you guess which character each badge is referring to? Leave a post on my wall!

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Hapzy Hapzy 18 February 2013

my blog


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Cemanga Cemanga 17 February 2013

Immature Mistake From George Morikawa

A few days ago, on his Twitter account George Morikawa wrote that;

"I'm so depressed right now, because I have drawn wrong belt of WBA and IBF. I was frustrated."

If I understand correct the chapter he drawn gone to publication thats why he can not redone these page (even if he try, he may not complete in time), nobody is perfect, right?

Source: JCast

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Iloveflash Iloveflash 14 February 2013

Forgot to Mention an Update

Crud, I forgot to mention one key area in Template:Boxer that I changed; I've added a parameter for "stance" to describe how the boxer stands. I've found that there's been a bit of confusion between styles and stances, so now they're two seperate things.

Style = the boxer's style of fighting. This can be in fighting, out boxing, hybrid, or something radical like Pure Violence.

Stance = the position of the boxer's arms and legs. This can be orthodox, southpaw, brawling, hitman, detroit, anything. I've noticed Takamura's style has been listed as brawling and hybrid on occassion. This is inaccurate: his style is hybrid, his stance is the brawling stance (though he more than occasionally stands orthodox, so I'd list that primarily.) If there's any …

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Cemanga Cemanga 14 February 2013


Hi folks,

I wanted to say that I will edit existing and create non-existing Gyms with my knowlede and medias that I have, want to complete all Gyms, trainers and members on the Gyms category.

I hope it helps all fans of Ippo.

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Iloveflash Iloveflash 12 February 2013

Templates Updated, Front Page Updated

The look and feel of the wiki has improved. Boxer and Non-Boxer templates are now color-coded and a bit cleaner both code-wise and viewing-wise, though they are starting to take up space on articles. The front page has been updated with all code now stored there (not in templates), which means auto-updates. This will enable features in the future such as enabling users to click character links (newly added!) and add/change photos on the fly.

The WIP section will have all the items in the Ippo Universe tab listed, though I'm unsure whether to use a tabber or plain buttons yet. The slider is also in limbo as to which contents it should have. Ideally we want to give newcomers to the wiki clear direction to get started. On the other hand the ta…

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Iloveflash Iloveflash 31 January 2013

Update to the Front Page

The front page has been updated with a new layout. It isn't finished yet, but the intended layout reads as follows:


Slider - Introduction link, then cycle: latest chapter link, Featured article/blog, f/media, f/user, News related to series

Welcome message

Navigation menu which features all the contents from the navigation menu (up top) listed with graphics


Tabber - One tab for Wiki Activity, another for community talk (blogs), maybe another in the future

Social buttons

User polls


Sister wikis

This layout is subject to change in the future as I experiment.

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Iloveflash Iloveflash 26 September 2012

Info About the Navigation Bar Update

Completely forgot to mention what I did with the navigation bar when I updated it.

The main thing that got added is the "Characters" tab. Here's how I laid it out:

  • 1 Kamogawa Crew
  • 2 Active Boxers
  • 3 Retired Boxers
  • 4 Other
  • 5 Gyms
  • 6 Trainers

Since these are the main characters, I gave them their own section. This menu marks the start of some very odd but perfect symmetry, which I'll talk about as I go through this. Basically, only 10 items can fit on any given menu. The Kamogawa Crew is exactly 10 members (if you include the Aokigumi, which I ommitted since they're not really part of the crew, but that choice is still up in the air).

The list is ordered from most important character/trainer group to least.

Again, there's exactly 10 Active Boxers that recur in …

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Iloveflash Iloveflash 25 July 2012


I've got a few ideas to neaten up articles on the wiki, and I think it will be benificial if we all work together to create one cohesive reading experience.

Firstly, a template for characters should be as followed:

  1. Synopsis
  2. History
  3. Match History and Successions (if applicable)
  4. Appearance
  5. Personality
  6. Boxing Style (i/a)
  7. Character Gallery
  8. Trivia

This list isn't made up; I created it based on extensive research on wikipedia's article layout. History is always at the top, and audiovisual information at the bottom.

Next, categories. I notice we have a lot of redundancy in the categories, namely the "Boxer" categories. My recommendation is that "In Fighter", "Out Boxer", etc., be subcategories of the "Boxer" category, and instead of listing every character …

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Iloveflash Iloveflash 24 July 2012

Small announcement to the wiki

Hey all,

Just pointing out that I'm only the temporary admin for this wiki. I'm looking for a suitable candidate to replace me. To qualify you must:

  1. be an Ippo fan
  1. have read every chapter and/or seen EVERY episode of the anime
  1. visit the wiki once a day (earn the "Devoted" badge as proof), or at the very least, once a week
  1. have at least rudimentary spelling and grammar
  1. make at least 100 edits on the wiki
  1. have the community's approval.

Those who find any of these criteria difficult or inconvenient need not apply.

Iloveflash (talk) 06:00, July 24, 2012 (UTC)

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RaidoZero RaidoZero 16 July 2012

Morikawa George or Jouji or Jyoji?

Just to make things easier for me when I write manga/anime articles. The series' author's name is spelt in a variety of ways. To keep the wiki consistent and organized, does anyone know the correct official english romanization or at least the wiki's main romanization? I've seen the following:

  • Morikawa George
  • Morikawa Jouji
  • Morikawa Jyoji

The wikipedia article states that his name is Joji 'George' Morikawa (森川 ジョージ, Morikawa Jōji)

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Always Learning Student Always Learning Student 27 April 2011


The wiki is full of some silly editing, various false characters, bad grammer, and much more. Worst part is that it's pretty much inactive, members coming on here and then. I'm trying my hardest to fix these problems.

Always Learning Student 22:51, April 27, 2011 (UTC)

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Did148 Did148 13 April 2010

boxing skill chart (hajime no ippo)

hi people i was wandoring if any1 know what chapter the skill charts show up on that the akio-gange makes plz help me ive been looking for it for about 3 weeks now

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