The Coach's Scolding is Round 1176 of Morikawa Jouji's Hajime no Ippo manga series.



The coach, after seeing Ippo's new Dempsey Roll timing, scolds Ippo, telling him that the timing is slow and can be easily countered. The coach then says his strategy to defeat the southpaw. Aoki states that it was harsh, Ippo disagrees and states that he wants to be lectured more, as it feels like he's really boxing now.

That night, Aoki and Kimura had visited Takamura at his house, while he was under weight control. They told him about how Ippo wants to be lectured more, and as a response Takamura throws them out of his house.

The day after, Takamura spars until he knocks out all the sparring partners who had lost their will to fight after facing him. Ippo trains with Shinoda, the latter gets hit with too much force unexpectedly and has to stop. Shinoda points out that the angle of the new Dempsey Roll is much like the angle of the Frog Punch, but very different. Shinoda then talks about the amount of determination required for the coach to catch Ippo's punches, which makes it hard for him to lecture Ippo; Because of that, He points out that Ippo should show more gratitude towards the coach. Ippo agrees and is determined to fight with all of his might.

Afterwards, Takamura and Keith Lycaon are staring down each other at the signing ceremony hall, ready for the upcoming match.

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