The Walk Home is Round 1206 of the Hajime no Ippo manga.



After the match, Takamura mentions it is better to wait a bit since his fans can be passionate about him. Aoki disagrees since they were throwing trash at him, while Ippo wants to know what he missed. Aoki Masaru and Kimura Tatsuya mention it was the arrival of the Devil. Takamura wants to disagree, but Kamogawa Genji chases after him and yells at him. In order to get away, Takamura pushes Aoki in front of a cab to get it stop.

Kamogawa is still angry at Takamura, and Ippo thinks he is in trouble since Takamura had an amazing KO. Itagaki Manabu offers to walk Ippo home, but Kamogawa tells him that he will do it. Along the way home, Kamogawa tells Ippo he fought well, which disappoints Ippo that he doesn't even get scolded anymore. Kamogawa realises they never talked that much about anything other than boxing. Along the way, Kamogawa keeps asking Ippo questions about his past opponents. When they arrive at his house, they can hear Wanpo barking.

Ippo tries to invite Kamogawa in for tea, but he turns it down. Before Kamogawa leaves, he asks if Ippo is glad that he started boxing. Ippo mentions he is. Makunouchi Hiroko comes out and see Kamogawa there. She offers tea, but Kamogawa turns her down to leave, and ask her to look after Ippo. She hits Ippo on the head for not warning her that the coach was with him. She tells Ippo to go to bed like the Coach wanted. Ippo is happy he got to talk with the Coach quite a bit, and thinks it might be the first time he has seen Kamogawa make a kind face, which hits Ippo hard. Ippo gets up and tells his mother he is home.


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