The Man Called Hayami Ryūichi is chapter 1219 of the Hajime no Ippo manga.

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Hayami is trying to put on a good show, since he knows Ippo is watching. Early on, Hayami is looking quite strong. The opponent is starting to get desperate and he charges toward Hayami to fight close range, but Hayami manages to hit him between his tight guard as the 1st Round ends.

Iimura Mari asks Ippo about what he would do that situation. Ippo starts explaining how he would handled it, before Mari comments Ippo is having fun talking about it. She wonders if watching the match of a past opponent, would stir up any feelings. Ippo doesn't answer, but asks Mari if she knows about Hayami. The 2nd Round begins and Hayami looks to be in top form by speeding things up.

Itagaki asks Aoki about Hayami's current ranking, but surprised to find out he isn't ranked. Aoki mention that Hayami's record is (21 matches, 10 wins, and 11 losses). When Ippo learns about it, he is surprised by it.

The opponent is starting to get more and more desperate by throwing big swings, which is what Hayami was wanting for with a chance to throw a counter.


  • In the Weekly Shonen Magazine version, Hayami's fight record was listed as 19 matches, 8 wins and 11 losses. In the tankōbon version, it was changed to 21 matches, 10 wins, and 11 losses.
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