Shoryu is Round 1220 of Morikawa Jouji's Hajime no Ippo manga series.

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Kobashi in the audience is wondering why Hayami still boxing given his situation. When they both thought they should stop, Kobashi stayed retired but Hayami started it up again and held onto the ring like no one else. He wonders how Hayami recover his fighting spirit to box again, when he notices Ippo and realize that his desire to win is right in front of him.

Hayami continues to land punches on the opponent, where the match looks one sided. Aoki notes that it doesn't take much to turn things around since Hayami's taking a lot of risks. (High Risk, High Rewards.) Ippo sees that Hayami wants to win by KO. The opponent doesn't think Hayami's punch are that powerful, yet they still hurt a lot. His goal is just to land a punch on Hayami, and continues to swing like crazy hoping something lands.

Hayami start remembering past fights (with Kobashi and Ippo) and wonders where things went wrong. Hayami believe if he starts over from scratch, everything will return back to normal for him. The opponent is throw a large swing, and Hayami counters with the Shoryu (Rising Dragon) which drills the opponents face.

Right as the opponent start to go down, he throws a punch and Hayami falls down instead. The Ref start counting, but Hayami tells him that it was a slip and he is okay, where he doesn't need to count. Itagaki think Hayami got hit by a light punch that grazed his chin. Hayami gets ready to continue to attack the opponent, while thinking the only thing that matter is not to make mistakes.


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