Hit the Ground! is Round 1227 of Morikawa Jouji's Hajime no Ippo manga series.



Ippo, declaring that what the delinquents are doing is unforgivable, surprises himself as he remembers the time Takamura saved him. When the delinquents start getting afraid, Ippo believes it is because of him or the wrist weights, but he then notices that they are pointing at Wanpo. After he orders Wanpo to leave, Ippo slams his fists to the ground as he performs a Dogeza, exclaiming for the group to leave. This just angers the group as they start to attack Ippo. Before they land a kick, Taihei exclaims for the group to stop and to leave, as he suspects something off about Ippo. As Taihei leaves, he asks for Ippo's name.

Relieved that he got the delinquents to leave, Ippo asks the kid that was being picked on if he would like to try boxing, he declines and runs away as Ippo chases him.

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