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|chapter = 1289
|chapter = 1289
|jname = 龍魚?魚龍?
|jname = 龍魚?魚龍?
|rname =
|rname = Ryū Sakana? Sakana Ryū?
|page = 13
|page = 13
|arc = [[Post-Towards a Resolution Arc]]
|arc = [[Post-Towards a Resolution Arc]]

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Dragon Fish or Fish Dragon? is Round 1289 of Morikawa Jouji's Hajime no Ippo manga series.



As Junpei rushes toward Kimura, who is in disbelief that Shinoda doesn't remember the name of his technique. After Kimura is hit, he recalls the regrets at the time he fought Mashiba Ryō where he was off by three centimetres, swearing after that he would bury those regrets six feet under. He then realises it is his fault he failed his weight control, as he did not pay attention everyday. As Junpei guards his body to prepare a counter for the inevitable Dragonfish Blow, Kimura mistakenly throws the right overhand first, making Junpei guard his face. Kimura then hits Junpei with a left body blow and knocks him down. The referee ends the match, and Kimura is the winner. As Kimura is applauded by the audience, the ice that was put in his boxing trunks earlier begins to leak out. The referee has Ippo wipe the puddle off the mat before the next match begins. Ippo then comes to a realisation that Kamogawa, no matter what happened, supported and protected him to the end every time.

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