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The Best Final Tune-Up He Could Ask For is Round 1294 of Morikawa Jouji's Hajime no Ippo manga series.



Ippo and Sendō begin their masu boxing spar, with Ippo dodging Sendō's punches, quickly realising that Sendō is trying to hit him in the no-hit spar. After Ippo throws punches that he purposely did not connect, Sendō gets angry and pushes Ippo off balance. Sendō sends a Smash, which only hits Ippo's headgear, making it spin around on his head. Yanaoka arrives and stops the spar immediately, scolding Hoshi and Marascas for allowing them to spar. Sendō thanks Ippo for the spar, and Yanaoka mentions to Sendō how Ippo has evolved. Sendō remembers how Ippo was getting hit when he did not have to, even when he dodged the last time they sparred. Yanaoka notes the accumulated damage can destroy ones senses, but can alleviate after a break, with studying on boxing can also widen one's scope. Yanaoka adds one needs motivation to return to the ring without returning halfheartedly and get destroyed. Yanaoka thanks Ippo for sparring with Sendō, as he now expects that he will show something good for the match. On the next day, the match between Sendō and Alfredo is about to begin at the Arena México.

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