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Yanoaka's Gamble is Round 1301 of Morikawa Jouji's Hajime no Ippo manga series.


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As the audience stomp and cheer for Sendō and Alfredo, Sendō continues to get hit while being unable to land a punch on Alfredo. Alfredo knows from his experience of fighting Ippo that Japanese fighters are troublesome and needs to make Sendō lose consciousness to win. In the waiting room, Bill mentions to Ricardo how Sendō is an example of "machismo", a word Ricardo deeply appreciates. Ricardo asks for the gloves to warm up as he can not sit still while watching, which Bill assumed that Ricardo also felt the fight was going to end soon. As Sendō has trouble against Alfredo, Yanaoka tells Hoshi how Alfredo is clearly better than Sendō, as he only two losses were against Ricardo and he won against Ippo who defeated Sendō twice, adding that Alfredo would be champion if it wasn't for Ricardo. Hoshi questions Yanaoka on how he went with the match knowing there was no chance for winning, but Yanaoka prays for Sendō to get stronger during the match. Milo observes how Alfredo's face is changing despite Sendō missing his punches. Ippo notes that it is because Sendō is changing the speed and path of his punches, and the way he is throwing his punch sets him up for another, changing Alfredo's safe zones. Ippo notices how Sendō is slowly closing the gap and only sees Sendō doing his best. Sendō manages to hit Alfredo right a right Smash to the solar plexus. Recovering from the blow, Alfredo and Sendō bang their heads against each other as the third round ends.

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