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In This Fist is Round 1347 of Jōji Morikawa's Hajime no Ippo manga series.



As Dragon's left hook grazes Takamura's forehead, cutting a area of skin that was grazed off, Takamura hits him with a right overhand before Dragon could do anything. The attack sends Dragon to his knees and elbows. Takamura remembers making an offer at a shrine for Dragon to introduce him to his God, however, he sees no point to it anymore, acknowledging that the only thing that can bring victory is in his fist. The referee immediately ends the match, resulting in Takamura's victory and him becoming Japan's first super middleweight champion. Kamogawa went into the ring to congratulate and have him lean on him. Ippo's legs gives out causing him to fall as he is amazed by Takamura. Yagi and Shinoda goes in the ring with Takamura's previous world title belts and the new WBC super middleweight belt. Yagi mentions to Takamura how stunned by what the Gods were doing for Dragon, however, Takamura claims that it wasn't the Gods or luck, but Dragon's fists and techniques. As Dragon is helped out of the ring by his seconds, Shinoda wraps towel around Takamura's forehead where skin was torn and Takamura wears his new belt. Takamura raises his right fist as he and his seconds celebrate with the audience cheering, and Ippo noting how he changed history and how both Takamura and Kamogawa are proud and incredible.

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