Debut is Round 19 of Morikawa Jouji's Hajime no Ippo manga series.



Ippo's gym mates cheer loudly as he steps into the ring extremely nervous. The announcer introduces Oda, who sees Mikami Reiko in the crowd and tells her to watch. When Ippo is introduced, he responds by politely bowing, which amuses the crowd. Aoki and Kimura yell for him to stay tough while Takamura loudly reminds Ippo that his penis is of the Heavyweight class, embarrassing Ippo completely in public, and causing the crowd to laugh.

As round one begins, Oda (remembering that if he loses the fight, he loses boxing and Reiko), immediately rushes for Ippo. He tries a left but Ippo dodges, only for Oda to catch up and start throwing more punches as Ippo keeps his guard. A member of Oda's gym worries his stamina might run out soon, but Reiko believes there's no worry for that. Ippo can't get a hit in against Oda's speed, but is able to block one of Oda's punches and dodges another and fires a successful right straight. Oda is knocked against the ropes amazed at how good Ippo's body is despite his light weight. Ippo goes for another punch, but Oda swings at him and gets away from the ropes only to be followed by Ippo again.


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