The Turtle Strategy is Round 2 of Morikawa Jouji's Hajime no Ippo manga series.



The owner and trainer of Kamogawa Boxing Gym, Kamogawa Genji is discussing with manager Yagi Haruhiko about how his gym has yet to raise a world champion since its inception 20 years ago but states that Takamura will be the next "big timer", after which Yagi informs him that Takamura will be bringing a new recruit. Kamogawa is instantly disappointed at the sight of Ippo, whom he states has no attitude and drive to become a pro-boxer.

To prove Ippo's potential Takamura accepts the coach's challenge of putting Ippo against genius out-boxer type technician Miyata Ichirō whose boxing skills can put him at the level of many pro-boxers because he has been trained since he was a kid by his father who is a former pro-boxer, but is only held back by his age. Takamura explains to Ippo the three knockdown base rule, but noticing that he is too nervous to follow instructions, he asks if he has been training his abdomen, to which Ippo answers that he has. Takamura then instructs to only guard no matter what during the first round, a plan which he calls "operation turtle".

As the match starts, Ippo's low skill level causes him to stand rooted in place out of nervousness. As he blocks his face from quick jabs, a confident Miyata assaults his abdomen causing Ippo to lower his guard and receive a punch to the face which quickly knocks him down. Against all belief that he has lost Ippo stands and readies his guard, surprised that someone his own age could so good at boxing. Miyata, repeats his fighting pattern and gives Ippo his second down, prompting Takamura to yell at Ippo for letting his own guard drop. Struggling to get up a second time, a disoriented Ippo hears Takamura encouraging him and with new found determination he stands. Seeing him being outclassed, Takamura then yells at Ippo to use his legs, and the latter runs frantically to the other end of the ring. Takamura's hope of Miyata not using his right hand is soon crushed when the other gym members star laughing at Miyata for failing to bring Ippo down quickly. Irked by this, Miyata delivers an immensely powerful body blow to Ippo's stomach, confident that it would end the match. However, Ippo does not fall and once again runs to the other side of the ring in pain surprising everyone.

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