The Man of the Junior Feathers is Round 290 of Morikawa Jouji's Hajime no Ippo manga series.



After receiving tickets from Kimura to attend Kobashi's match against Hayami for the newly vacated JBC Junior Featherweight title, Ippo attends the event.

As the fight reaches it's climax, Hayami appears to have the lead in the points, and he has the obvious support of the audience, which is mostly comprised of young women. When the round ends, Hayami states he will not get careless, as he learned that lesson the hard way in the past. On the other corner, Kobashi says he does not care about the points, and wants to have the feeling he first experienced against Ippo.

The next round starts and Hayami takes the initiative but Kobashi soon returns. They go back and forward with each of them critically hurting the other and remembering their matches against Ippo, but they soon stop dodging, and concentrate only on hurting each other. Kobashi suddenly lands a punch to the jaw, sending Hayami to the floor and causing his corner to throw in the towel while he is unconscious.

It is revealed that after facing Ippo, Hayami's weak point has been his jaw, and despite knowing this, he refused to back down. While Kobashi is crowned as the new champion of the division, Ippo notices Kumi was right beside him the entire time.

As they walk out, he wonders if things are normal between them again and intends to ask her out, but stops to help an elderly man up the stairs. The man gets angry and says he needs no help, but then recognizes who Ippo is and informs him that the reason the former champion of the junior featherweights relinquished the belt, was to fight Ippo and conquer his weight class. He then points out to a man standing on the stairs and introduces him as former champion Sanada; the man who will take Ippo's belt.

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