Fighting Pose
Round 3
Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Chapter: 3
Japanese Title: ファイティング・ポーズ
Romanized Title: Faitingu Pōzu
Pages: 20
Arc: Early Days Arc
Anime Episodes: Round 3 (S1 - 03) (p.1-20)
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Fighting Pose is Round 3 of Morikawa Jouji's Hajime no Ippo manga series.



Ippo distances himself from Miyata in fear as everyone in the gym show shock and surprise at the fact that he is still standing. Miyata barrels forward and lands a devastating assault on Ippo who recovers and runs away yet again, surprising his peers to an even greater degree. The bell rings and the first round ends with Miyata's gloves just a few centimetres away from Ippo's face.

Miyata's father, tells him to simply focus on beating Ippo, but Miyata ponders the difficulty of the task with Takamura acting as Ippo's second. Takamura jokingly mentions that Ippo's toughness come from years of being physically bullied and congratulates him for surviving a full round with Miyata. Ippo then reflects on the pain felt from boxing and declares it different from the pain of being bullied because in the ring he feels as if he can keep going and fight back. Seeing Ippo's determination Takamura advises Ippo to focus on attacking in the second round using the jabs he had learned from catching the leaves.

As the round begins, Ippo works on his footwork while Miyata deduces his cautiousness and steps in for an attack. Ippo catches him off guard with a flurry of jabs which leaves everyone astonished. Despite this, Miyata dodges and blocks with ease but is trapped in the corner, Ippo is then told by Takamura to throw a right Straight, but he swings too wide, causing his own body to stumble forward. Ippo gets up with Takamura reminding him of the first time he hit a sandbag and he throws another flurry of jabs despite being painfully exhausted. Miyata, wondering about his opponents's stamina, loses his balance, giving Ippo the opportunity to throw a successful right that breaks right through Miyata's guard and leaves him petrified. Ippo prepares to throw another devastating right at the now unguarded Miyata.


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