First Seed is Round 38 of Morikawa Jouji's Hajime no Ippo manga series.



Fujii and the gym members watch the video, and learn Kobashi Kenta won a decision over Yoshida Mitsuo by using numerous clinches, small jabs, and messing up his rhythm. They later see the match of the charismatic first seed, Hayami Ryūichi. Aoki and Kimura, jealous of his fan girls, say that a pretty boy can't be too tough and root for his opponent, Iwakawa Seike. However, Hayami easily dodges Iwakawa's blows and defeats him in the first round with his Shotgun technique. Ippo's gym mates, discuss how Miyata and Hayami's "inevitable" match will go, right in front of Ippo. Ippo runs out of the room and Fujii apologises to Kamogawa for causing trouble, the latter however, sees it as something good.

Ippo goes running and reflects on the situation, when Aoki runs up and promises to help Ippo with the training all the way. That night at home, Ippo's mother tries to encourage him to go somewhere for summer break, but Ippo doesn't want to leave her alone with work. Ippo then gets a phone call from Takamura inviting him to training camp, and accepts.

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