Tears of Joy
Round 4
Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Chapter: 4
Japanese Title: うれし涙
Romanized Title: Ureshi Namida
Pages: 20
Arc: Early Days Arc
Anime Episodes: Round 3 (p.2-20) (S1 - 03)
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Tears of Joy is Round 4 of Morikawa Jouji's Hajime no Ippo manga series.



Ippo's straight is stopped by the ring of the bell, saving Miyata, and ending the second round. All spectators present are impressed with Ippo, and Takamura advises him to use everything he has learned in the following round. As the other gym members discuss Ippo's raw power, Miyata finally decides to show his boxing talent.

As the bell rings Ippo starts on the offensive with jabs. Takamura realises that as good as Ippo is at strength and endurance, he has yet to land a proper hit on Miyata and believes that Miyata would never let it happen. A series of jabs from Miyata create an opening for a final punch on Ippo's jaw which knocks the latter down. Miyata is convinced the match is over, but Ippo gets up with immense fighting spirit, punching his own legs to force them into moving, to everyone's amazement. The fight resumes and Ippo is knocked down once again and informed that a third down will be his loss in the match. Using his balance, leg leverage, Ippo manages to remain standing. Annoyed, Miyata continues his barrage on Ippo who Ippo then attempts to throw a punch, but is stopped and ultimately downed by Miyata's trademark counter. Ippo claims even as he falls that he wants to continue on and become a pro boxer.

Takamura demands a bucket of water for an unconscious Ippo after the match, an order the other gym members are more than happy to fulfil out of admiration. Realising that Kamogawa had left before the match ended, Takamura angrily barges into his office asking for an explanation. Kamogawa then informs Takamura that he intends to keep Ippo and make him a real fighter before the pro exam. Meanwhile, Miyata is nursing his many bruises in the shower room, musing about how boxing had just gotten interesting to himself.

Back in the ring Ippo now conscious feels down due to his inability to land a single punch on Miyata, but with Takamura's news of Kamogawa's willingness and the other gym members' support Ippo comes to realise that he can still work towards his dream of becoming a pro-boxer. As Ippo introduces himself, he begins crying tears of joy next to his new found teammates who applaud him.


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