Dempsey Destruction is Round 418 of Morikawa Jouji's Hajime no Ippo manga series.



As Ippo is training his Dempsey Roll to be faster, Umezawa tells him dinner is ready. As they arrive, Umezawa points out a magazine that has the Ryūkyū Warrior from Okinawa, Shimabukuro Iwao, with the headline "I Will Destroy The Dempsey Roll!". Ippo now knows the time has come for someone to target his Dempsey Roll.

At an Okinawa beach, Fujii and Mari are shocked as they spot Shimabukuro jumping off a cliff into the water. They get worried, as it has been thirteen minutes, but his coach states that he always does this. Shimabukuro then comes back up with a large fish. When asked about the headline, Shimabukuro's coach states that it is hard to get noticed, so they decided to use an eye-catching headline. Shimabukuro then tells the reporters that he believes defeating the Dempsey Roll would be thought of defeating the champion. Shimabukuro explains that Sendō and Sanada rushed into Ippo to stop the Dempsey Roll, but still got defeated by it. He states that his strategy against the Dempsey Roll is to take it head-on, exchanging blows for a battle of endurance. Fujii believes that he wasn't talking about just stamina, but holding your breath and continuously attacking which can lead to oxygen deprivation.

Kamogawa notices how Shimabukuro is going to take on the Dempsey Roll, which he believes that if the move is defeated, the loss will be worse than when he lost to Date. Elsewhere, Ippo wishes to make the Dempsey Roll stronger and faster to make it undefeatable.

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