In, Out, and... is Round 427 of Morikawa Jouji's Hajime no Ippo manga series.



Ippo questions himself about how to push into Shimabukuro's chest, as Shimabukuro is shorter than him. Ippo tries to decide what he dislikes happening to him when he is shorter than his opponent. When Shimabukuro gets closer to Ippo, Ippo realises that he has the reach advantage and hits him with a jab, as being kept out of range with jabs affects Ippo's rhythm, something he dislikes. Ippo continues to send out jabs, keeping Shimabukuro out of range until Shimabukuro steps into Ippo's chest and both boxers throw an exchange that misses. However, both of their right arms are crossed, with Shimabukuro lifting Ippo up off the ground by brute force, shocking everyone in Kōrakuen Hall, including Ippo himself. Shimabukuro, not wanting Ippo to continue out-boxing, waits for Ippo to rush in so they can duel as in-fighters.

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