Rematch Gong is Round 9 of Morikawa Jouji's Hajime no Ippo manga series.



Ippo's mother, figures out he has something to do at the gym from his actions and tells him to go on ahead and enjoy himself. She also tells him about how his father would often get into fights, and always pictured his opponent's with fish-heads, which helped him fight without fear. Ippo thanks her for the hilarious advice and heads for the gym.

Meanwhile, Fujii Minoru of Monthly Boxing Fan comments to his assistant on how Japan lacks world champions, as they stop at the Kamogawa Gym so he can check out Miyata. When he arrives, he notices Takamura in a referee outfit and is told about the spar. Yagi mentions that the match is between the gym's two most promising rookies. Fujii, interested in seeing who could be considered as good as Miyata, is disappointed when he sees Ippo, who in the ring, tries the fish tactic but is unable to view someone as "handsome" as Miyata as a fish. But when he sees Kamogawa he sees him as an octopus and is able to calm down.

The match begins and Ippo surprisingly rushes for Miyata. He throws several jabs but Miyata is able to dodge them. Ippo waits for Miyata to move, but when he does he goes a different direction Ippo was expecting. Ippo keeps watching Miyata's footwork and begins to be able to keep up with him. The gym members note that Miyata is using his legs in ways he never has before, causing Fujii to wonder how someone like Ippo could push Miyata like this. Miyata's father orders to attack, but Ippo dodges the punch and then hits Miyata with a one-two, knocking him down and shocking everyone (including Ippo himself).


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