The Corkscrew Blow (コークスクリューブロー, Kōkusukuryū Burō) is a right straight thrown with the rotation of the arm.

It is a technique popularised by central and south American boxers.[1]


The user twists their arm and body while throwing a punch as if they are drilling inwards, giving the punch more power and the ability to penetrate their opponent's guard. The technique is employed by Date Eiji, who uses the technique while aiming towards the opponent's heart.

Ranking up to the counter in terms of power,[2] the Corkscrew Blow is chambered inwardly to the body, making it easy to foresee yet hard to guard against. Due to the long motion of the technique, it can not be used in a high-speed or close-ranged fight, making the user have to step back to use it.


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