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Daisuke Watanabe (渡部大介, Watanabe Daisuke) is a featherweight professional boxer affiliated with the Nabe gym.


Daisuke started boxing because he looked up to Makunouchi Ippo, always imagining what it would be like to fight him.[3]


Part III

Keith Dragon Arc

Daisuke defeating a Japanese ranker.

When Daisuke's match against a JBC ranker arrived, he went to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan. Before the match began, he met Ippo, and was surprised that he knew him. He felt honoured to fight as an undercard for Takamura Mamoru's WBC super middleweight title match against Keith Dragon, and was fired up knowing that Ippo will be watching. When the match began, Daisuke defeated the JBC ranker by knockout, cheering afterwards with his chief second, Oguchi.

Match History

Match History
# Result Record Date Opponent Location Time Type Notes
19 WIN 13-4-2 2000 Japan.pngUnknown Tokyo, Japan ?(?) TKO Opener
?? LOSS ?-4-? 2000 Japan.pngUnknown Tokyo, Japan ?(?) KO Ippo mentions that this last loss was by KO


Daisuke has fair skin and, being a boxer, has a muscular build. He has black unkempt hair and dark coloured eyes. His attire in the ring consists of boxing shorts of unknown colour with advertisements on the front, and a light coloured vertical stripe at the sides, along with boxing shoes that are light in colour at the bottom and darker at the top.


Daisuke is an outgoing individual with a sense of humour, calling his coach, Oguchi, his "Demon Sergeant" (鬼軍曹, Oni Gunsō) for example. While he has become highly ranked in the JBC, he is not overconfident in his power, as he believes that he lost a few too many times. He looks up to Ippo, having started boxing because of him, and wanted to fight him before the latter retired. Daisuke was thrilled to meet Ippo before his nineteenth match, and that Ippo knew about him and took an interest in him.

Boxing Abilities

Daisuke, being able to be ranked as high as second place in the JBC, implies that he is a skilled boxer. Makunouchi Ippo deemed Daisuke strong, and that he usually fights as the main event.[4]