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Eiji Date (伊達 英二, Date Eiji) is the owner and coach of the Date gym and a retired featherweight professional boxer.

He was a JBC and OPBF featherweight champion and was frequently referred to as the second best featherweight boxer in the world by Ricardo Martinez, before his second loss against the latter, ending his career. He played the initial small time antagonist during the events of Ippo's first national championship road.


Early Career and First World Title Match

Date married Aiko Date, a daughter of a wealthy family. They met after Date's first JBC champion title match, noticing that Aiko had only been dragged along and was not initially interested in watching Date. Date was excited to impress Aiko, and sought the world championship to prove his strength to her.

Date losing to Ricardo.

He travelled to Mexico for his title match against Ricardo Martínez. He was, however, severely outclassed and was knocked out in the second round. It was during this fight that Date gained the scar across his nose. Upon arriving back to Japan, he discovered that Aiko, who had hidden news of her pregnancy, had suffered a miscarriage. With his boxing dreams shattered and guilty over not being there for his family, he retired from boxing. They would later have a son, Yūji Date.

Date throwing his trophies on the ground.

After his retirement, his brother found a job for him at his business company. It was made known that Date succeeded at his business career and was offered a promotion. However, he was plagued by his natural hunger for boxing. At one point, he had a dream where he won the champion title and was proudly holding his son that was never born in the air. Initially, he rejected these temptations and, in a rage, swept away his boxing trophies. Aiko was greatly upset by this gesture. She revealed that she had missed the man that Date was before leaving Mexico, and that she wanted their son to have a figure he could look up to. Chastised by this, Date gave up his business career and returned to the Nakadai gym.

Date reclaiming the Japanese title.

Date swiftly re-established himself in boxing, gaining the JBC featherweight title for the second time. During this time, he defended his title multiple times and was linked to a return to the world stage. At some point, he met Mamoru Takamura at a commissioner inauguration party.[1]


Part I

Rocky of Naniwa Arc

In the anime, Date attended the All Japan Rookie King Tournament match between Takeshi Sendō and Ippo Makunouchi in Osaka, where he sat in the audience and watched Ippo defeat Sendō.

Two Rookie Kings Arc

Date meets Ippo.

Arriving at the Kōrakuen Hall to be a TV commentator for the matches scheduled, Date went with Minoru Fujii to meet the tenth ranker in the JBC, Ippo. After commenting on how Ippo looked "cute", Mamoru Takamura informed him that Ippo's punches aren't so "cute", causing Date to request for Ippo to come to his gym to "play" after his right fist heals.

Date sparring with Ippo.

Later, Date sent a request to spar with Ippo to the Kamogawa Boxing Gym. Three days later, when Date came back to the Nakadai Boxing Gym from roadwork, he noticed Ippo waiting for him for the spar. The scheduled three round spar shortly began. After Date hit the overwhelmed Ippo in the face, Date began attacking Ippo's guard aggressively while also guarding Ippo's punches. Date was eventually hit in the face cleanly, and when Ippo was about to do a followup punch, the gong rang, ending the round. Before walking back to his corner, Date claimed that he may have to use his "Magic Punch". He and his trainer, Nakadai believed it to be time to test the "Magic Punch", as Ippo's fighting style was similar to Date's next opponent. When the second round began, Date was unable to use his planned Corkscrew Blow due to Ippo's weaving. Ippo's movements to prevent Date from using the Corkscrew Blow costed him to go into the corner unknowingly. With Ippo trapped at the corner, Date used the Corkscrew Blow on Ippo's heart. With his opponent immobilised, Date hit Ippo with a followup punch, knocking him down. As Date claimed the test was a success, Ippo got back up, wanting to continue. The spar then continued, ending to the third round's gong. With the spar finished, Date went to take a shower, unable to lift his hands due to the injuries from Ippo.

Date's finishing blow on Suzuki.

After learning that his gym mate, Keigo Okita requested to challenge Ippo, Date asked Okita why he chose him, despite knowing how strong he is. Date was then surprised when Okita used a Corkscrew Blow on a sandbag. When the match between Ippo and Okita began, Date watched from afar while he waited for his own match. After Okita's loss, Date was told by him that he would start over, as he has a long way to go to reach Date. Date then thought how the match was between two different goals: those who try to reach him, and those who try to surpass him. Date's match against second ranker, Suzuki Toshio then began. After knocking Suzuki down twice in the first round, Date hit Suzuki with the Heart Break Shot. Date then hits Suzuki with a followup punch two times, causing a third down and ending the match. Upon winning the match, Date was asked in the victory interview whether or not he would relinquish the belt and go for the world. Date answered that he would not be relinquishing the belt, as he has things to take care of in Japan, glaring at Ippo, who then glared back.

Class A Tournament: Speed Star Arc

Date sparring against Saeki

Date had a sparring session against Saeki Takuma, who was going to be Ippo's opponent in the Class A Tournament. During the spar, Date could not land a single hit against Saeki. After the spar, Date claimed that he hates the "speedy types", which Saeki took as a compliment. Date figured that Saeki didn't give it his all, realising that Saeki was not an opponent Ippo could defeat with only a couple plans. He later watched the Class A Tournament matches where Ippo and Alexander Volg Zangief won their matches, commenting how having those two coming after his neck gave him chills.

Class A Tournament: White Fang Arc

Date winning against Satō.

Date won his title defence match against Satō Takashi on the seventh round. In his waiting room, he was visited by Ippo who came to congratulate him. Date and Ippo then struck a pose for the reporters and Date told him that his other challenger candidate, Volg, was watching his match and warned Ippo that while he does not know who will advance, he would not pull any punches for whomever he faces.

Later, the finals for the Class A Tournament began. With Date and Takamra as guests for commentary, Date bet on Volg while Takamura bet on Ippo. After seeing Ippo win against Volg, he quietly left the commentary desk and walked out of the Kōrakuen Hall. As he walked, Date believed Ippo to be the ultimate challenger, and planned to not give up his belt to him.

Challenge for the Throne Arc

Date talks about a champion's special power.

Date came back to the gym after roadwork and began sparring with a lightweight and a junior welterweight boxer. Later In the Nakadai gym, Nakadai remarked on how cold Japan was at the moment, causing Date to remember how they left Japan in the winter to go to Mexico where it was like summer. Due to the cold, the scar on Date's nose throbbed, forcing him to remember a memory of the day he lost everything due to losing to the WBA featherweight champion Ricardo Martinez. In his house, Date mentioned to his wife, Aiko Date how Nakadai told him to think about the training camp for his match against Ippo. He was initially going to reject the idea until Aiko reminded him how their son, Yūji was growing up fine and that she was well. Date then decided to go to the Ōarai Golf Course, the same training camp he used to go against Ricardo. While Takamura was going to the ring to fight in the Champion Carnival, Date, who came to see Takamura off, met Ippo at the hall. Date, who came to see Takamura off. Date comments how the match will be difficult even for Takamura, however when Ippo informed Date how Takamura told him that champions have a special power, Date determined that Takamura would win then. Date believed Takamura's punches would be heavy for the fight. He then claimed that it will carry over their match as well, telling Ippo that his punches will be light.

Later, Date went to his doctor for a check-up, which, due to Date's results being like he was before his world title match, the doctor pitied Date's opponent. Date however, did not pity Ippo, as he still had youth, but Date planned to give him the fight of his life. In the waiting room on the day of the match, Date had retirement on his mind if he losst to Ippo as he would not have a future beyond Japan if could not defeat everyone there.

Date is hit with a liver blow at clinching range.

When the match began in the first round, Date noticed how Ippo was guarding his left side to eliminate his Corkscrew Blow. Date began to test Ippo by throwing jabs and saw that Ippo had grown from their spar. Date and Ippo threw punches at each other with no punches landing cleanly until Date left his left side open after missing an uppercut. Seeing no way to block it in time, Date decided to take the hit and was hit by a liver blow. Date was waiting for the moment for him to attack to leave himself open and hit Ippo with a left straight. Ippo rushed towards Date, who backed up to the ropes. Date hit Ippo under the ear with a right hook under the ear. Date continued to show the difference in experience and threw a Corkscrew Blow after landing a counter, however Ippo blocked it and pushed Date to the ropes. Date noticed that Ippo was planning to hit him from a clinch distance, but deduced that Ippo could not land a good hit from that distance. He was then surprised when Ippo landed a liver blow, making Date's body buckle over. Ippo continued pushing Date back with a barrage to his guard. The round then ended when Ippo pushed Date to the ropes again, ending the round with a draw in points. In the corner, Date claimed that he knew that Ippo would improve, but not that much and titled Ippo as his greatest challenger.

Date using the Neck Spin.

When the second round began, Date attempted to beat Ippo at his best range in an in-fight, which caused Date trouble as he got hit and barely able to keep his guard up. Date noticed Ippo was about to use the liver blow and blockws his right side, however it turned out to be a feint. Ippo then landed a barrage of punches to Date's face, as his neck swings from every blow until the second round ended. Okita suggested to Date to keep his distance and recover as staying in Ippo's best range is suicide, however Date told Okita that that is also his boxing.

The third round began and Date rushed towards Ippo looking for another in-fight. Date was only able to land some light punches as Ippo attacked Date's guard. Ippo landed a body blow and began hitting Date's face again, however Date spun his neck to roll the punches, negating the damage. Date then hit Ippo with a left jab, causing him to go down. After Ippo got back up, Ippo went for body blows, but the punches were unable to do damage due to Date moving his guard along with Ippo's punches at the moment of impact. Ippo attempted to throw a big punch, however Date countered it and hit Ippo with a combination of attacks until the gong sounded ending the round.

In the fourth round, Date quickly began to hit Ippo with clean punches. After Date used the Neck Spin to neutralise an attack, he was hit by a left right after Date put his head in the normal position. Date was then hit by a liver blow and a Gazelle Punch, however, Date still stood. Date then showed Ippo the weight of a champion's fist as he unleashed a full powered right, going through Ippo's guard and hitting him. Date then landed multiple hits until he attacked with a punch from above. Date was then hit by a clean uppercut. Damaged from the attack, Date barely dodged Ippo's incoming attack, with the round ending shortly after.

The decisive Heart Break Shot.

In round five, Date's Corkscrew Blows were only hitting Ippo's block. Date and Ippo had a battle of exchanges, with Ippo eventually leaning on Date and attacking him. When Date got far enough away from Ippo, Ippo fell from his own weight, resulting in himself getting downed. As Ippo slowly got up, Date noticed Ippo looking for him. When Ippo found Date, Ippo walked up to him, and, after a quick exchange, readied a liver blow. Seeing this, Date stepped back and landed the Heart Break Shot on Ippo.


Just as Date was about to land another hit on the frozen Ippo, the referee stopped the match as Genji Kamogawa had thrown the towel into the ring while Ippo fell down, resulting in Date winning, and making Ippo lose for the first time in his career. Date was thankful to Ippo for recovering past feelings, as they shook hands. Date relinquished the title belt after this match.

Road Back Arc

Date meeting Ippo after Miyata's match.

After Date watched Ichirō Miyata's match against Li Chon Pir, he met Ippo and commented on Miyata's match. He then revealed to Ippo that he would be fighting an American who is ranked fifth in the WBA, and if he wins he would be going after the world title. Date warned Ippo before leaving to not idle around too long by having no matches while everyone else is progressing, or he will be forgotten.

Mountain Training Arc

Date defeating Brooks.

Beginning his path for a rematch against WBA featherweight champion Ricardo, Date challenged an American named Jeff Brooks who was ranked fifth in the WBA rankings. When the match began, Date took Brooks into the ninth round where he stopped Brooks with his Heart Break Shot. After a follow-up punch, Brooks went down and the referee ended the fight, resulting in Date as the winner and becoming ranked fifth in the WBA. In his waiting room after the match, he was met by Ippo and Takamura. Date commented that he is looking forward to Ippo's match against Sendō as a boxing fan. He then expressed his interest on Ippo's Dempsey Roll, noting that if he used that on him, he would be in trouble. However, before leaving, Date claimed that Ippo was not used to the Dempsey Roll, using Sendō's tactic of never stopping pushing forward as an example, deeming his Dempsey Roll not complete.

Revenge Arc

Date defeating Miyata.

As Date became ranked first in the WBA, Date decided to challenge Ricardo Martínez a second time as Ricardo's 18th title defence opponent. In order to prepare himself, Date sparred with the OPBF featherweight champion Miyata Ichirō, who he outperforms and wins against despite Miyata being in his best condition without weight control, thanking Miyata for the spar.

Date and Ricardo face off at the press conference.

At the press conference between Date and Ricardo, the former thanked the super champion for bringing the belt from Mexico to Japan for him, while Ricardo told the reporters to not expect much from the challenger. The two then shook hands after a tense face off. Date later saw Ippo and Takamura while doing roadwork. Date discussed to them about the press conference and the upcoming title match, expressing how thankful he was for Ricardo staying at the top of the world as Date's eternal rival after seven years, being able to box because of him and that they both have changed since then. Date returned home and told his wife to bring their son to the ring after his match so he can hold him high as the world champion. Date deemed Ricardo both a demon that took everything away from him and a god that lights his soul on fire as a boxer, wishing to fight and defeat Ricardo in order to become himself.

Date's opening punch.

When it was time for his title match, Date arrived to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan. Before the match began. Date called for Ippo to go in his changing room. When he arrived, Date told Ippo that he would be waiting for him at the top of the world. When Date entered the ring for the match, Nakadai instructed Date to not rush and to watch the champion closely, however, Date planned on giving a "loud greeting" to Ricardo after seven years. When the match began, Date immediately threw a left that knocked Ricardo's guard away and a second left that cleanly hit Ricardo's face. Before Ricardo could get into his rhythm, Date rushed him into the ropes with a barrage of punches on his guard until Ricardo escaped. Date rolled an incoming left by spinning his neck with the punch and began an exchange of lefts with Ricardo, with both unable to hit each other until they land a hit at the same time just as the first round ended. In the corner, Date wished to erase the shadow from seven years ago by surviving the second round where he lost.

Date dodging Ricardo's first right of the match.

Date in the second round became surprised when Ricardo threw his first right of the match even though it missed. Date began succumbing to the pressure and feints, stepping back into the ropes. Date escaped the ropes, but was then led into a corner as Ricardo had predicted his escape path and began to get hit with left body blows. Date realised that Ricardo wanted him to lower his guard in order to attack him so Ricardo could attack his face. Date lowered his guard to bait Ricardo, preparing a counter, however, Date was countered with a body blow. With Ricardo shocked that Date remained standing, Date hit him with a one-two. Date was then repeatedly hit with powerful combinations until the second round ended. Date was then pleased that he survived the second round where he previously fell.

Date's face after eight rounds of fighting Ricardo.

Date's strong spirit awakened Ricardo's true boxing style in the third round. Date was completely unprepared by the raw aggression shown by Ricardo. He had no opportunity to attack and was beaten to a pulp up to the end of the eighth round. Covered in blood, Date accumulated significant damage, including three broken ribs and a broken jaw. In the ninth round, since Date was only aiming for punches at Ricardo's head, making him focus on guarding his head the whole match, he feinted a Corkscrew Blow to the head, forcing Martinez to guard high, but redirected his punch to the Heart Break Shot. Ricardo reacted to this with an Elbow Block, breaking Date's right fist. Date was then attacked until the ninth round ended. In the corner, Date began losing hope and Nakadai wanted to end it before being stopped by Aiko's presence. When Aiko vowed to Date that she would watch until the end, it fuelled Date's desire to continue.

Date getting knocked out by a Corkscrew Blow.

In the tenth round, Date continued to fight only using his left. Thinking back to how he wanted to impress Aiko, Date was filled with a second wind and fought with powerful right blows despite his broken hand. Date then lured Ricardo into a perfectly timed Heart Break Shot. However, the damage to his hand prevented him from using enough power to stun Ricardo. Date's followup punch missed, and Date was then hit with a Corkscrew Blow, making Date go down. The referee quickly ended the match, resulting in Date's loss.

Date passing the baton to Ippo.

Date was sent from the ring to the General Hospital in a stretcher. While being watched over by his family, Ippo entered the room. Date called for Ippo to take his hand. Date placed his hand onto Ippo's as a baton pass. Date then retired after the loss.

Soon after retiring, Date became a coach at his own gym.

Battle of Hawk Arc

Date backing Takamura in his match against Hawk.

Along with many other of Takamura's friends and Japanese rankers, Date went to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan to watch Takamura's WBC junior middleweight title match against Bryan Hawk. Before the match began, as Date knew that Takamura's reason was for picking the same venue where he fell against Ricardo was so he could stop regretting what happened, Date told Ippo to thank Takamura for him. Date then pleaded to Takamura on behalf of all Japanese boxers, to defeat Hawk as he is the only one who can do it, mentioning how Japanese boxers felt as if they have been made into a laughing stock by Hawk. Date then watched the match, where Takamura won and became the new world champion.

Part II

Dragon Slayer Arc

Date telling Sendō and Miyata to get along.

Date went to the Kōrakuen Hall to watch Ippo's match against Ryūhei Sawamura. Before the match began, Date met Miyata and Sendō, who were not getting along, causing Date to tell them to get along. After the three gave their thoughts about the match, they watched the match, which ended in Ippo's victory.

A Passing Point Arc

One of Date and Okita's boxers had a match in the early matches of Takamura's WBC middleweight title match against David Eagle. In the end, their four-rounder boxer was defeated. Afterwards, Date met Ippo and commented how it would've been easier if he just been fighting himself. Minutes before Takamura's world title match, Date visited his locker room to wish him luck. Date was surprised to see Takamura nervous, but when Takamura got pumped up thinking about facing Eagle, Date instructed for him to go to the match like that, as Eagle would be intimidated by it, which helped calmed Takamura's nerves. Date proceeded to watch Takamura his match with Ippo and Miyata when round four began. Date watched as Takamura won his match against Eagle, becoming the WBC middleweight champion.

Father's Back Arc

Date telling Ippo and Itagaki that the opponent he didn't want to fight was Take.

When the All Japan Rookie King Tournament arrived, Date went to the Kōrakuen Hall to be the second of one of his boxers that he believed would the his gym's first ranker. After his boxer lost by knockout, Date came across Ippo and Manabu Itagaki as he was getting ready to leave. He asked Itagaki to transfer to his gym since the Kamogawa gym already has Ippo and Takamura. After Ippo told him not to scout at the Kōrakuen Hall, Date believed that it was a waste for Itagaki to fight while at the Kamogawa gym since he had the boxing sense to give Ippo trouble, and unless Ippo lost, he can't try for the belt. Date mentioned a rumour he heard that Ippo's next match was his last title defence, and he planned on challenging for the OPBF title or higher. He warned Ippo that there was nothing wrong with looking up, but he should not forget to check below too. Date explained to Ippo and Itagaki during the time when he first took the JBC title, there was a challenger he did not want to fight since he was a genius at finding weaknesses. He didn't think he would lose against him, but he wasn't confident he would win either. He commented that he wasn't sure why the opponent cancelled his challenge, but they never fought, which he thought was lucky. He told them the opponent was the first ranker at the time, Keīchi Take, which was Ippo's next opponent. After Itagaki was surprised that Take became ranked first again, Date noted that that was the tenacity he did not want to face. Date warned Ippo to watch out and look below him to make sure he doesn't trip on anything before leaving.

Blind Step Arc

Date and Okita meeting Sendō, Saeki, and Mashiba outside Ryōgoku Kokugikan.

Okita and Date arrived to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan to watch Ippo fight in his eighth JBC featherweight title defence match against Hisato Kojima, who talked trash about his opponents, including Okita. Outside the venue, Okita and Date came across Takuma Saeki, Takeshi Sendō, and Ryō Mashiba. The five got into an argument until they were stopped by Kumi Mashiba, who screamed at them to stop. Okita sat with Saeki, Date, and Sendō as they cheered for ippo as he entered the ring. When Ippo met Kojima at the centre of the ring, Date thought something was different, since Ippo had his eyes on the ground since he entered the ring. thinking that Ippo was too tense. He watched the match, which ended in Ippo winning by a one punch knockout in the first round. When the match ended, Date was impressed by how Ippo always has a different approach in every match despite his one-note strategy and praised his coach, Genji Kamogawa's coaching skills to make Ippo pull it off. As the main event began, Date watched and jeered at Takamura in his fourth WBC middleweight title defence match against Peter Rabbitson, where it ended in Takamura winning by a one punch knock out in the final twelfth round.

Speed Zone Arc

Date ready to fight Takamura.

After watching Takamura and Ippo defeat Rabbitson and Kojima respectively, Date went to the Mayweather Bar with Sendō, Okita, Saeki, Mashiba, and Kumi to celebrate Takamura and Ippo's victory. When Sendō and Mashiba began to argue, Kumi and Saeki tried to calm them down as Date figured that the two are angry about Takamura's poor performance. As everyone agreed with Date, the group complained about Takamura for his performance and his panda outfit until they notice that Takamura was in the bar with them the entire time. Since Takamura heard everything they said, he acted like he was going to leave before proclaiming that he blocked the door so they couldn't leave. Date's further provocations sparked a bar fight between the group and Takamura, which ended in all five getting knocked out and Kumi having to put bandages on them.

Go to the World Arc

Date getting interviewed by Mari about Ippo's upcoming match against Alfredo.

Later, Date was invited by Mari Īmura to the Monthly Boxing Fan to be interviewed about Ippo's upcoming opponent, Alfredo González after Ippo relinquished his JBC featherweight title to move onto the world stage, and if he noticed any similarities between Alfredo and Ricardo. Date answered that Alfredo is the real deal, and that Alfredo seems to have the desire to surpass him rather than catch up to him with his hardened fists with a desire to win. Date mentioned how Alfredo may act like a gentleman and be a stylish boxer like Ricardo, however, he believes that he has a wild instinct side as well. Mari asked if he thinks Ippo will win, and Date deemed it a 60-40 in Ippo's favour, however, he pointed out that Ippo's boxing is too simple for the world level, making it possible for a decision loss. Date added that Ippo will be fine if he has gotten better and not weaker.

Date as a guest commentator.

Later, Date went to the Kōrakuen Hall for Itagaki and Imai's match for the vacant JBC featherweight title, along with Ippo's match against Alfredo, as he and Takamua were special guests at the commentary table. As Itagaki and Imai's match began, Date was asked about his predictions on the match by the announcer, which Date commented that Itagaki and Imai are polar opposites, thinking that it will come down to whether or not Imai can shut down Itagaki's footwork. The match ended in Imai's victory by knockout in the first round, making him the new JBC featherweight champion. As Ippo and Alfredo's match was about to begin, Date noted to the audience how Alfredo's left is similar to the one that Ricardo uses, and that Ippo's ability to cope with it will say a lot about the future. Date got angry towards Takamura after he told the audience how Date would know since he lost to Ricardo. Date watched as Alfredo won against Ippo by knockout in the seventh round. Afterwards, Date went to the empty ring, finding Takamura alone, offering him to have a drink with him. As Takamura didn't answer, Date walked away while mentioning to him that there are days like this in boxing, adding that it wasn't the Kamogawa gym's night and that the sun will rise again.

Seeking Heights Arc

Date and Okita talking about Takamura's upcoming title defence and Ippo's comeback match.

At the Date gym, Date was reading the latest Monthly Boxing Fan magazine, where it mentioned that Takamura would defend both the WBA and WBC middleweight titles, with the semi-finals being Ippo's return match. Date mentioned to Okita how it is always the same with Takamura, which Okita replied that he stands out so much that it makes the picture of Ippo below him look dull.

Part III

Importance of the Support Role Arc

Date explaining the fire needed to go back to boxing.

When the Date gym held a sparring tournament for boxers who haven't debuted yet, Date was the host of the tournament. Date invited Ippo in when he arrived with his students Kintarō Kaneda and Aoki Taihei. As the sparring tournament was finishing up, Fujii showed up and revealed to everyone that Sendō was able to down Ricardo Martínez in a spar, and that Sendō was going to fight Alfredo, with the winner earning the right to challenge Ricardo. Date was shocked by the news, and asked Ippo of his thoughts on Sendō facing Alfredo. When Ippo claimed that he thinks it will be a great match and hoped Sendō would have his match with Ricardo, Yūji confronted Ippo about Sendō stealing his chance at Ricardo. Date ordered his son to leave when asked when Ippo would be ready to fight Ricardo, apologising to Ippo for his son's misunderstanding. After Ippo left, Kobashi asked Date what it takes to make a comeback, to which Date answered that one needs a strong fire in one's heart.

Match History

Match History
# Result Record Date Opponent Location Time Type Notes
Retired 2nd Time
23 LOSS 21-2-0 1994-06-27 Mexico.png Ricardo Martínez[2] Ryōgoku Kokugikan, Tokyo, Japan 10(12), 2:14 TKO "REVENGE"
WBA Featherweight Title Match
Retires after Match
22 WIN 21-1-0 1993-6 USA.png Jeff Brooks[3] Tokyo, Japan 9(10) TKO World Stage Match
Becomes Ranked 5th in the WBA
21 WIN 20-1-0 1993-2 Japan.png Ippo Makunouchi[4] Tokyo, Japan 5(10), 2:32 TKO JBC Featherweight 4th Title Defence Match
(8th Defences in Total)
Relinquishes Title
20 WIN 19-1-0 1992-11 Japan.png Takashi Satō[5] Tokyo, Japan 7(10) TKO JBC Featherweight 3rd Title Defence Match
(7th Defences in Total)
19 WIN 18-1-0 1992-6-27 Japan.png Toshio Suzuki[6] Tokyo, Japan 1(10), 1:20[7]/3(10)[8] TKO JBC Featherweight 2nd Title Defence Match
(6th Defences in Total)
18 WIN 17-1-0 1992 Japan.png Isamu Sakaguchi[9] Tokyo, Japan 5(10) TKO JBC Featherweight 1st Title Defence Match
(5th Defences in Total)
17 WIN 16-1-0 1992 Japan.png Masa Uehara[10] Tokyo, Japan 7(10) KO JBC Featherweight Title Match
16 WIN 15-1-0 1991 Samuel Arrest


Tokyo, Japan 3(10) KO
15 WIN 14-1-0 1991 South Korea.png Choi Kezhe


Tokyo, Japan 7(10) TKO Comeback Match from Retirement
Retired - 3 Years
14 LOSS 13-1-0 1988-02-20 Mexico.png Ricardo Martínez[13] Aztec Stadium, Mexico City, Mexico[14] 2(12), 1:12 TKO WBA World Featherweight Title Match
13 WIN 13-0-0 1987 Cuyo Verdez


Tokyo, Japan 9(12) KO World Stage Match
12 WIN 12-0-0 1987 South Korea.png Jin Long Yun


Tokyo, Japan 3(12) TKO OPBF Featherweight 1st Title Defence Match
Relinquishes Title
11 WIN 11-0-0 1986 Thomson​ Peñalosa


Tokyo, Japan 12(12), 3:00 Decision OPBF Featherweight Title Match
10 WIN 10-0-0 1986 Japan.png Jirō Yamaguchi[18] Tokyo, Japan 1(10) KO JBC Featherweight 4th Title Defence Match
Relinquishes Title
9 WIN 9-0-0 1985 Japan.png Shōzō Arai[19] Tokyo, Japan 7(10) KO JBC Featherweight 3rd Title Defence Match
8 WIN 8-0-0 1985 Japan.png Satoru Imanishi[20] Tokyo, Japan 3(10) TKO JBC Featherweight 2nd Title Defence Match
7 WIN 7-0-0 1984 Japan.png Ken Furukawa[21] Tokyo, Japan 10(10), 3:00 Decision JBC Featherweight 1st Title Defence Match
6 WIN 6-0-0 1984 Japan.png Kōji Ōtomo[22] Tokyo, Japan 9(10) KO JBC Featherweight Title Match
5 WIN 5-0-0 1983 Alan Garcia


Tokyo, Japan 3(8) KO
4 WIN 4-0-0 1984 Roland Hiyas


Tokyo, Japan 3(8) KO
3 WIN 3-0-0 1983 South Korea.png Kim In-sik[25] Tokyo, Japan 8(8) Decision
2 WIN 2-0-0 1983 Japan.png Masahiro Gotō[26] Tokyo, Japan 6(6), 3:00 Decision
1 WIN 1-0-0 1983 Japan.png Akira Tomonaga[27] Tokyo, Japan 1(4) TKO Pro Debut


Preceded by Title Succeeded by
Masa Uehara JBC Featherweight Champion
Unknown - February, 1992
Takeshi Sendō
Thomson​ Peñalosa OPBF Featherweight Champion Unknown
(eventually Arnie Gregory)
Kōji Ōtomo JBC Featherweight Champion Unknown
(eventually Masa Uehara)


Date first appears to be the average middle-aged man with a tall, well built body and tanned complexion despite his previous retirement from boxing. His black hair is grown short and styled neatly save for a few stray strands sticking out in several places. Date's iconic scar on the bridge of his nose is present, along with his ever present stubble. His eyes are black in colour.

Prior to and during his second challenge against Ricardo Martinez, Date has messily grown his hair shoulder-length, his stubble having visibly thickened since last seen during his fight with Ippo. After his second retirement, however, Date is shown to have shortened his hair once again, recovering his original appearance.


Date shows the determination to go through great lengths to accomplish his goals and depicts the ideal image of a strong-willed man. However he is no where near stoic or serious, and has been shown to openly express his hearty and humorous spirit. He is good friends with Takamura and close to fellow featherweight Ippo, encouraging both to do well in their boxing careers after his second retirement.

In the ring, Date is shown to be serious, especially during his match against Ricardo Martinez. A flashback concludes that Date used to be naive and overconfident to a certain extent in the ring until his first defeat at the hands of Martinez. Though he states that his second match against Martinez had nothing to do with revenge Date is shown to be competitive and vindictive to a certain extent, determined to give Ricardo "one hell of a nostalgic greeting".

At home, he is a family man who cares for both his wife and son, who in turn supported him fully through his boxing career.

Fighting Style

At his peak, Date was far and away, the second best featherweight in the world only behind Ricardo Martinez. He is a very well rounded fighter, his speed and power are just above average but his durability and skill are some of the best in the sport. Utilising his high level of skill, Date is adept at turning his head at the moment of impact reducing the amount of damage taken, a move that he used effectively to hand Ippo his first pro defeat. His finisher is the Heart Break Shot, a powerful corkscrew blow aimed at the heart which momentarily stuns opponents and leaves them open to punches.

Date throwing his corkscrew blow.

Unofficially, there are two versions of Date. The version Ippo fought was a Date who had lost his confidence and had become cynical about taking on the world a second time. While he was able to deal with Ippo for most of the match in this mindset, it was only until he began looking at the match as a brawl in the later rounds that he won. This version of Date hearkens back to his younger days when he challenged the world. Though he does not brawl outright, he becomes almost entirely offence-oriented and focuses on overwhelming his opponent with combinations. This version of Date was able to easily defeat Miyata, the current OPBF champ, in a spar, and gave Ricardo Martinez trouble in the early rounds of their second championship bout.



Date shares the same weakness as other well-rounded boxers in the series: he has no particular strengths. Most of his opponents are stronger or faster than him, some even both. As a result he is forced to rely on the corkscrew blow often. This reliance led to his loss against Ricardo and subsequent retirement from boxing.


  • The author stated in an interview (included as a volume 61 extra) that Date was modelled after former real life boxer and OPBF Champion Ozaki Fujio.
  • Date has either attended, participated in, or provided commentary for matches involving the Kamogawa crew more than any other supporting character in the series, lagging behind only Mari Īmura and Minoru Fujii.
    • He has also been in attendance for all of Takamura's world championship bouts.
  • The second version of Date is sometimes referred to as "Jesus Date" by fans, due to his appearance resembling Jesus and the (probably accidental) notion that he was "resurrected" to fight "The Devil."


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