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Eleki Battery (エレキ・バッテリー, Ereki Batterī) is a junior lightweight professional boxer from the Philippines. He is the Filipino junior lightweight national champion, who has fought against Kimura Tatsuya twice, both times resulting in a draw.


Part II

A Passing Point Arc

Eleki fighting Kimura.

Eleki went to his weigh-in at the Yokohama Arena for his match against Kimura Tatsuya. The next day, when it was time for their match, Eleki arrived to the ring. When the match began, Eleki charged out and attacked aggressively, while Kimura used his legs and tried to get away. Eleki used his speed to keep up with Kimura, and was able to land a counter one minute into the match that caused a down on Kimura. When Kimura got up, Eleki chased the escaping Kimura and attacked him up to the seventh round, where Eleki got barely hit with a body blow, making him kneel down from the pain, causing a down. Eleki was sent down again from a body blow, but he was able to continue fighting until the final tenth round. Both boxers made it to the end of the tenth round, and a draw was declared.

Chaos Arc

Eleki, still the Filipino junior lightweight national champion, had a rematch against Kimura scheduled as an opening match for Takamura Mamoru's main event against Richard Fox. Eleki had fixed his weakness from the last time he fought Kimura, strengthening his body. When Eleki's match against Kimura arrived, he went to the Yokohama Arena. When the match began, Eleki was attacked with body blows, however, they had no effect at first, until Eleki showed pain on his face. Eleki downed Kimura with a counter, and, when he got back up, Eleki chased him as Kimura ran away to recover. In the seventh round, Eleki saw through Kimura's attack pattern consisting of only left body blows, hitting him with a left hook counter after he blocks a body blow. When he blocked a left body blow and was getting ready to counter it, he was caught off-guard as he gets hit by the right overhand of Kimura's Dragonfish Blow, getting downed. After Eleki got up, the match continued until the end of the final tenth round, where the decision ended up being a draw.

Match History

Match History
# Result Record Date Opponent Location Time Type Notes
?? DRAW Unknown 1996-03 Japan.png Kimura Tatsuya Yokohama, Japan 10(10), 3:00 Decision Opening Matches
?? DRAW Unknown 1995-08 Japan.png Kimura Tatsuya Yokohama, Japan 10(10), 3:00 Decision "A PASSING POINT"
Opening Matches
?? WIN Unknown 199X Philippines.png Unknown Indonesia ?(10) N/A Filipino Junior Lightweight Title Match


Eleki is a dark-skinned man with a defining feature in his partially bald haircut, a lightning bolt shaved on the top his head, along with three horizontal stripes of hair around his head. He also has a large nose and no eyebrows. Eleki has the Plus sign (+) and Minus sign (-) on his trunks like the Positive and Negative currents of a battery.

Boxing Abilities

Eleki has a similar style to Kimura, being well-rounded. Kimura realised too late, that Eleki's weakness was his body. Before their second match, Eleki worked exclusively to strengthen his lower body and removing his only known weakness.


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