Would You Like A Bronze Statue?
Name Information
Kanji: 銅像をどうぞ
Romaji: Douzou wo Douzo
Episode Information
Season: 2 - New Challenger
Episode in Season: 25
Episode in Series: 103
Manga Chapters: Round 397
Round 398
Round 415
Arc: Battle of Hawk
Airdate: June 23, 2009
Debut: Characters:
Itagaki Nanako, Itagaki's Father,

Itagaki's Mother
Itagaki Residence

Episode Chronology
The King The New Challenger

Would You Like a Bronze Statue? is Round 103 of the anime adaptation of Morikawa Jouji's Hajime no Ippo series. It is Round 25 of the New Challenger season.


Takamura won the WBC Jr. Middleweight Match, defeating Bryan Hawk double. He is now a world champion, and now he has enough money that he spend it on many things, like for example his clothes and the bronze Takamura statues. The next night we have Itagaki's Match, and when he wins, Itagaki tells him that he can visit his house and his family. Ippo thought it will be a good family, but turns down to be a bad humour one.


Manga and Anime Differences

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