The Dempsey Roll Destroyed
Name Information
Kanji: デンプシーロール破り
Romaji: Denpushī Rōru Yaburi
Episode Information
Season: Season 3 - Rising
Episode in Season: 2
Episode in Series: 106
Manga Chapters: Chapter 431, Chapter 432, Chapter 433, Chapter 434, Chapter 435, Chapter 436, Chapter 437, Chapter 438, Chapter 439
Arc: Submarine Wars Arc
Airdate: October 12, 2013
Episode Chronology
The Strongest Challenger A Woman's Battle
The Dempsey Roll Destroyed is the 2nd episode of Hajime No Ippo: Rising series, and it was released on October 12th 2013.

Ippo continues his epic battle with Iwao who was mersecily beating Ippo until Ippo finally uses the dempsey roll on him, Iwao retaliates with brute force but Ippo eventually wins the dual exchange.  


The epic submarine fight continues! In the episode, Iwao starts to throw stronger and faster punches than before until Ippo gets knocked out, at the same time the bell rung and Ippo was saved by his brutal punches. Iwao is talking with his second that he will finish him in the next round. While Ippo is almost unconscious he gets back to the corner.

Kamogawa is worried what will happen next, so he tells Ippo important things, and to use the Dempsey Roll. The sixth round starts with great exchange, and ippo has more mood, but iwao stops it. At the same time Ippo starts waving and using the Dempsey Roll. Iwao throws many counters until it stops but Ippo cannot stop and still continues it. Then while fighting, Ippo didn't notice that it wasn't a normal hook, and Ippo fells down on his knees. 

Iwao defeated the Dempsey Roll, after a bit, Iwao's face started turning Cyanosis, meaning he didn't have enough oxygen. Then the bell rings and the sixth round ends. While in the corner, Coach tells ippo to breathe deep for the next round, the bell rungs but while in the other corner Iwao stands up telling his coach he will catch a big one next round. The round starts and Ippo's friends get worried, that this is a crisis. After Ippo throwed the weak punch, Iwao starts to get in guard and starts to throw punches and then the Gazelle Punch. Ippo almost blocked it, and then again Gazelle Punch but Ippo uses Double-Arm Block, and gets away from the ropes.

Ippo throws light punches to Iwao and while he did that, he throws a light punch that almost got him and then starts the Dempsey Roll again, Iwao throws again the counters to Ippo, but both are hurting. Then they almost fell down but Iwao couldnt get up because of his legs, and Ippo had the time to finish him off. When the fight finished Takamura said this is not at the ocean, it's on the ring. Both tough boxers shake hands for the epic battle and the episode ends.



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Manga and Anime Differences

  • In the anime, Shimabukuro's speech to Ippo occurs right after the match, when they are still at the ring. In the manga, it occurs much later, before Shimabukuro prepares to leave.
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