Powerful Arms! Hook vs. Uppercut!
Name Information
Kanji: 強腕!フックvsアッパー!
Episode Information
Season: Season 1 - The Fighting!
Episode in Season: 14
Episode in Series: 14
Manga Chapters: Round 30 (p.2-19)
Round 31 (p.2-19)
Round 32 (p.2-19)
Arc: First Rounder Arc
Airdate: January 9, 2001
Debut: Characters:
Shinoda Tomoyuki
Episode Chronology
The Eastern Japan Rookie Championship Tournament Begins Test of Endurance
Powerful Arms! Hook vs. Uppercut! is the 14th episode of the first anime season of Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting!, and it was released in January 9, 2001.


The day of the match arrives, Ippo and Ozuma does their weight check, both boxers meet and have a friendly conversation, leaving the coach embarrassed. At home, he asks his mother if she will go to his match, she replies that she doesn't want to see him get hurt. After eatting, he successfully completes the hanging bar training for dodging hooks. The night of the match arrives, at Kourakuen Hall, both fighters enter the ring.

The bell rings, round one begins. Ippo and Ozuma both charge in and delivers a single blow before stepping back. Ippo begins throwing punches at Ozuma's guard until his guard is broken. After Ippo throws a big punch, Ozuma throws a right hook that Ippo dodges, Ippo attempts to counter, but Ozuma dodges it as well. Both boxers dodge each others punches until eventually Ozuma hits Ippo with a left hook that knocks him down. After eight seconds, Ippo is ready to fight, Ozuma rushes in ready to finish to match, he delivers body blows to Ippo, almost downing him again. Ozuma rushes towards Ippo again, they both hit each other at the same time. The gong rings, both boxers go back to their corners. Ippo apologizes for the down to the coach, who assures Ippo that it's fine and says to go to the second round with the same strategy. On the other corner, Ozuma's coach says to catch Ippo in a barrage.

The second round begins, the coach tells Ippo that if he gets punched, never let it show on his face. Ozuma rushes in and throws punches, Ippo dodges them. Ozuma throws a hook, Ippo dodges and throws an uppercut that misses, they both immediately try to hit each other, but they both landed at the same time, they both then repeatedly throw punches.


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