Anticipating a Fierce Fight
Name Information
Kanji: 激戦の予感
Romaji: Gekisen no yokan
Episode Information
Season: Season 1 - The Fighting!
Episode in Season: 16
Episode in Series: 16
Manga Chapters: Round 36 (p.2-19)
Round 37 (p.2-19)
Round 38 (p.2-20)
Arc: First Rounder Arc
Airdate: January 23, 2001
Debut: Characters:
Kobashi Kenta
Hayami Ryūichi
Episode Chronology
Test of Endurance Ippo on the Beach
Anticipating a Fierce Fight is the 16th episode of the first anime season of Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting!, and it was released in January 23, 2001.


Makunouchi Ippo joins Takamura Mamoru at Kourakuen Hall, where they will see the fight of Miyata Ichirō. Once our two friends installed, Ippo sees the girl he had already spotted during his jogging and gloats, but Takamura quickly gives him back feet on the ground, the fight will begin. Miyata will face Takada Teruhiko as a boxer, just like Ippo. The fight begins! Miyata starts by provoking his opponent, he does not use his footwork.

He engaged a fight in hand-to-hand and led despite some blows received. Takada hangs Miyata but it pushes him back, he attacks more beautiful but Miyata hold on, his guard is solid, he takes advantage of an opportunity against and put his opponent to the mat. He has become even better than before. Back at the club, Ippo trains with Aoki and Kimura, and Fujii Minoru enters. He comes to take stock of the competition, all the favorites are gone, except Yoshida Mitsuo.

He was ousted by an unknown boxer: Kobashi Kenta, who will be Ippo's next opponent. Fuji is watching the tape of the game, everyone realizes that he is not a very good boxer and yet he will win points. The next fight on the tape is that of Hayami Ryūichi, it causes a general hysteria in the female, which particularly annoys our 3 accomplices. Hayami does not even stand guard and just dodge quickly.

Suddenly he takes out an impressive shot: the shotgun, who sprays his opponent on the spot. With that, Ippo goes back to train, a big wall stands in front of him. That same evening, he goes back to a bakery and sees the beautiful stranger working there. The 3 gymmates will tease Ippo about girls the next day, you'll learn a terrible secret at this time.

The episode ends on the preparation of the small team, without the old, for their departure in training camp.


Characters Introduced

Techniques Introduced

  • None.

Locations Introduced


Anime and Manga Differences

  • The anime skips the scene where Ippo takes off his bandages (from the Ozuma fight).
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