Fujiwara Yoshio (藤原義男) is a featherweight boxer affiliated with the Maeda Boxing Gym.

Part I

Early Days Arc


Fujiwara vs Ippo

Fujiwara challenged Makunouchi Ippo as his third opponent in the pro ring. At the advice of his coach, he attempted to in-fight with Ippo, but after feeling the powerful blows, he realised he had no chance in a fair fight, so Fujiwara decided to use headbutts. Although the referee spots his foul play once he is still quite skilled at hiding it. This gave him a temporary advantage, however, Ippo was able to block the headbutting with one of his own and defeats him in the first round.

Match History

Match History
# Result Record Date Opponent Location Time Type Notes
3 LOSS 1-2-0 1991-2 JapanMakunouchi Ippo Tokyo, Japan 1(4), 2:50 KO N/A


Fujiwara has a well-built body with a rough Yakuza-like face. He has short dark brown hair with a prominent hairline, no eyebrows, a moustache, and a large nose.


Fujiwara cheats freely during his match with Ippo, suggesting he has no respect for the sport of boxing and wants only to win. Despite his fouls and overall unlikable demeanour, Ippo still seems to respect him just like all of his other opponents.


Fujiwara has basic infighter skills, being able to use Orthodox boxing techniques. He also uses headbutts at times.