The Gazelle Punch (ガゼルパンチ, Gazeru Panchi) is a hook-related technique where the user lifts up from the ground slightly like a gazelle. It is from 1956, which Floyd Patterson used as a sure-kill blow.[1]


The user crouches slightly, making a 90° degree angle with their left arm, the user then springs upwards, using the momentum to perform a hook to the head, usually targeting the chin.

This technique requires strong legs, resilient like a gazelle's. By utilising lower-body strength, the user can often knock down an opponent or, at the very least, stun them. Boxers are also able to break through guards using the Gazelle Punch, however, a Cross Arm Block is able to negate the damage. Presumably, the Gazelle Punch best suits shorter boxers, whereas a taller boxer would not be able to get into the right position.



Floyd Patterson fights I

Floyd Patterson fights I


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