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Genji Kamogawa (鴨川源二, Kamogawa Genji) is a tritagonist character in Hajime no Ippo.

He is a long old retired prizefighter who founded the Kamogawa gym years later after retiring. He acts as the main trainer of both students of his, Takamura Mamoru and Makunouchi Ippo, as well as a second for the boxers under Shinoda.


Post-War Arc

Kamogawa and Nekota fighting.

Kamogawa worked as a prizefighter in Japan shortly after the end of World War II. He has had multiple boxing matches with former prizefighter Nekota Ginpachi, two of which he lost, two of which he won, and another that ended a draw. He was also friends with fellow prizefighter and future trainer Hama Dankichi. During the American occupation of Japan, Kamogawa harboured strong feelings of national pride, refusing to accept food handouts.

Kamogawa witnessed American sergeant Ralph Anderson, with Miguel Zale as his cornerman, easily defeat Dankichi in an exhibition match. After Dankichi's loss, Anderson terrorised the population and chased Yuki into the alleys. Here, Kamogawa experienced the power of American boxing first-hand as he and Nekota were beaten up by Anderson while protecting Yuki. After seeing Anderson's clinical jabs and being hit by a Cross Counter, Kamogawa acknowledged that American boxing was at least a hundred years ahead of Japanese prizefighting.

During this time, Yuki and Nekota moved into Kamogawa's makeshift home. Yuki looked after the pair while they trained, inspired by their commitment to rebuilding the country through their fighting spirit. However, Kamogawa discovered that Yuki was a survivor from Hiroshima, who was dying from radiation poisoning.

Although Kamogawa's pride was hurt, he was aware of the gap between Japanese prizefighting and American boxing, and declined to challenge Anderson on the basis that true boxers fight against their own weight division, and as a bantamweight, Kamogawa was no match for Anderson. However, Nekota secretly arranged a fight with Anderson. Kamogawa furiously rushed to the match after realising Nekota had been brain-damaged after their last fight together. Despite Nekota's superior speed, he was crippled by an illegal Rabbit Punch and was severely beaten before Kamogawa interfered and stopped the match.

Kamogawa defeating Anderson.

Swearing to avenge Nekota, Kamogawa trained by punching a log into an embankment, honing his fists into a deadly weapon. In the match against Anderson, Kamogawa was outclassed and unable to land a clean hit. Through the strength of his spirit and Nekota's desperate encouragement, Kamogawa absorbed Anderson's Chopping Right and defeated him by landing two deadly body blows, breaking his ribs and puncturing his internal organs. In the process of defeating Anderson, Kamogawa broke both his fists, which ended his career thereafter. With Nekota retreating to his mountain home to recover, Kamogawa put aside the feelings between himself and Yuki and dedicated his life to passing on his passion for boxing.

Sometime later, Kamogawa opened his own boxing gym, where he trained the future manager of the gym, Yagi Haruhiko, Miyata Senior, who was the OPBF featherweight champion. After the OPBF champion lost to Randy Boy Senior and was forced into retirement, his son, Miyata Ichirō came to the gym and asked to be taught how to use counters. Kamogawa accepted the boy into his gym, seeing how he has picked up his father's burden all on his own.[1] As Kamogawa was walking on the streets one night, he had a chance encounter with Takamura Mamoru, who was beating on a man. Kamogawa stopped Takamura and convinced him to enter the world of boxing under his tutorship.


Part I

Early Days Arc

Kamogawa helping Ippo during his spar.

One day, Takamura Mamoru brought over a newcomer named Makunouchi Ippo. Kamogawa was sceptical about the idea of Ippo becoming a professional, due to his appearance and attitude. In order to conclude what his chances were, he decided to have him spar against boxing prodigy Miyata Ichirō. During the spar, Ippo went down several times and was unable to land a single hit on Miyata before losing via knockout. However, his durability, stamina and determination, earned Kamogawa's respect and a membership to his gym.

Kamogawa decided to supervise Ippo's training personally (which he did for no one other than Takamura) and announced that he would have a rematch against Miyata. During the months leading up to the rematch, Kamogawa taught Ippo how to perform an uppercut, and put him through intensive training in order to directly face the counter instead of avoiding it. In an attempt to have both aspiring boxers motivated, he instigated a rivalry between them, by constantly making comments about Ippo's growth. Kamogawa is Ippo's second on his second spar with Miyata. After Ippo won, Kamogawa had to hide his excitement. Kamogawa is impressed after receiving a picture of Ippo hitting the tip of Miyata's jaw from Fujii Minoru.

As Ippo "lost his goal" after sparring with Miyata, he no longer showed his punching power while mitt training with Kamogawa, seeing this, Kamogawa ordered him to train with Takamura in order to understand the hardships of the sport. Kamogawa is Takamura's second in his match against Hirano Kazuhiko, where Takamura wins and gets ranked first in Japan. Kamogawa announces that Ippo's opponent for his pro debut is Oda Yūsuke. In the match against Oda, Kamogawa avoided a doctor stoppage by applying ice and lotion to Ippo's cut allowing him to continue the fight which he ultimately won via knockout. After Ippo won, Kamogawa silently walked away and left Ippo and the others money to celebrate.

Kamogawa during Ippo's match with Fujiwara.

Kamogawa began to teach Ippo the Peek-a-Boo style in order to heighten his defence. Kamogawa announced Ippo's second opponent as Fujiwara Yoshio and told him even with a one win and one loss record, anything can happen in boxing. Before the match began, Kamogawa told Ippo to do as practice and there will be no problem. After Ippo's win, Kamogawa congratulated him on his victory, and then laughed at Ippo's bump on his head.

First Rounder Arc

Kamogawa and Yagi learning about Ozuma sending his sparring partner to the hospital.

After Jason Ozuma was revealed as Ippo's first opponent at the East Japan Rookie King Tournament and hearing about how he put his sparring partner in the hospital with a hook, Kamogawa decided to have Takamura train Ippo to dodge hooks. On the day of the match after round one, Kamogawa told Ippo that his punches are getting to Ozuma and to not show pain in his face. After Ippo's down in round two, Kamogawa helped him get up by yelling. Kamogawa noticed the training paid off as Ippo won his match.

As Kamogawa watched tapes of Kobashi Kenta and Hayami Ryūichi's matches, he concluded that Ippo now has two obstacles to pass to get to Miyata. Kamogawa sent Ippo, Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura to a one week training camp session. When the group came back, Yagi showed everyone the poster of Takamura match against the Japanese middleweight champion and Ippo's match against Kobashi. Ippo began sparring with Kimura as Kamogawa noted Ippo's feet and weight shift has gotten better. When Ippo explained that Kobashi was observing him and that he might have a secret weapon, Kamogawa suggested to not care about the opponent and to focus on bringing destruction into play.

When Ippo's match against Kobashi began, Kamogawa noticed how bad Ippo was sweating during the match and how they both fell into Kobashi's trap. However, after Ippo found a chance for a hit, he and Kamogawa won. Kamogawa then acted as Takamura's second during his Japanese middleweight champion title match. After Takamura's win and winning the JBC middleweight champion belt, Kamogawa and the others celebrated.

Finals Arc

Kamogawa and Ippo after winning the tournament.

Kamogawa shows Ippo a recording of Hayami's match, showing Ippo's original plan was not going to work. Kamogawa told Ippo that in order to defeat Hayami, let him use the Shotgun and then attack while he is exhausted, Kamogawa then put Ippo on defensive training. When Aoki had a match that was after Ippo's next opponent, Hayami Ryūichi, Kamogawa was one of his cornermen. The match ended with Aoki winning. After Ippo told Kamogawa he wanted to learn how to throw a counter when Hayami uses his uppercut, Kamogawa began training Ippo for counters. On the day of the match, before Ippo was about to fight, Kamogawa told him to use the counter only once. Ippo then won the match against Hayami.

After Ippo damaged his fist, Kamogawa told him not to use it for two weeks. Kamogawa explained Mashiba Ryō's weakness in his Hitman Style, which is his left guard always being down. On the day of the match, Kamogawa told Ippo to keep the match an in-fight in order to keep close to him. After Ippo won the match, Kamogawa was proud of Ippo winning the tournament.

All Japan Rookie King Tournament: Rocky of Naniwa Arc

Kamogawa meets Sendō.

Kamogawa entered the Kamogawa Boxing Gym and noticed someone, who he believed to be a newcomer, practising on a sandbag. Kamogawa began giving tips, but was stopped by Takamura. Kamogawa was informed that person is Sendō Takeshi, who stopped by wanting Ippo to fight him on the scheduled date. Kamogawa gave Sendō money, apologising that Ippo won't be able to fight due to his fist injuries. Kamogawa and Yagi leave the gym for Thailand in order to look for middleweights for Takamura.

When Kamogawa came back, he learned that Ippo was planning on drugging his fist. Yagi tried to stop Ippo from fighting before his fist has healed, but Kamogawa told him that he is too stubborn to listen. Kamogawa proceeded to show Ippo a video of Sendō fighting, showing that Sendō has skill about equal to Ippo with strong punching power. The video gave Ippo the opposite effect that Kamogawa attended, with Ippo impressed, wanting to fight. Kamogawa asked if Ippo wanted to shorten his already short boxing life further on his own accord. Kamogawa, after hearing that Ippo still wanted to fight Sendō, informed him that he can, depending on his ability to fight on the day of. Kamogawa took Ippo and Takamura out for stamina training, originally thought for Takamura as Thai boxers have high stamina.

Kamogawa celebrating Ippo's win against Sendō.

On the train to Osaka, Kamogawa reminded Ippo that he is headed towards enemy territory, but all that matters is taking the All Japan Rookie King title. Upon arrival to Osaka, Kamogawa and the others arrived to the Ishino Boxing Gym for Ippo to spar against lightweight class Komori. After the spar where Ippo could not hit with his right fist and after a mitt training session, Kamogawa decided to withdraw from the match. However, after Takamura's advice of winning his fourth match with one right punch, Kamogawa informed Ippo to cool his fist in order to be able to throw one punch with his right. On the day of the match, was Ippo's second, with Ippo winning the match and All Japan Rookie King title. Kamogawa, along with the rest of the Kamogawa Gym crew celebrated Ippo's win, with Kamogawa getting drunk. The party came to an end when Takamura knocked out Kamogawa, after Kamogawa hit Takamura with a counter.

Two Rookie Kings Arc

Kamogawa after Ippo's win against Okita.

When the gym got a wave of newcomers, Takamura decided to let all the newcomers do roadwork with him. Yagi became worried, however Kamogawa believed only the ones who want to continue would stay. Kamogawa was the second for Aoki, Kimura, and Takamura's matches, where all three won. Outside Kōrakuen Hall, Ippo mentioned how he has nine people between him and the JBC champion, Date Eiji. Kamogawa suggested to not make it sound so far, to instead get greedy. When Ippo's right fist became completely healed, Kamogawa was notified by Yagi that Nakadai from the Nakadai Boxing Gym requested for Ippo to spar against Date in three days. He then informed Ippo.

The day after Ippo's spar against Date, Yagi received a call from Nakadai requesting Ippo to fight against Okita Keigo. Yagi notified Kamogawa and told him the fight was in one month, as his previous opponent could not make it. Kamogawa accepted the request, as if Ippo wins, he would be ranked five. Yagi explained his worries, however, Kamogawa reassured his worries and told him how Ippo's eyes had changed after fighting Date, with his desire to fight Okita being a step to challenging Date. When the match began, Kamogawa was Ippo's second for the match, which Ippo won.

Speed Star Arc

Kamogawa and Yagi announce the Class A Tournament schedule.

When Fujii visited the Kamogawa Boxing Gym and showed the article that had Miyata's first match in Thailand against Rusak Paddy ending in a draw, Kamogawa noted how it was a hometown decision. When a TV station was coming to the gym for interviews, Kamogawa told the boxers that they would not take up their time and that the idol, Kumiko Morita was coming to do the interviews. When Yamada Naomichi got back from passing the pro test, Kamogawa had Yagi reveal the Class A Tournament's entry list, which Kamogawa already entered Ippo for. Kamogawa then noted how strong the three other featherweights will be. Kamogawa set the date for the training camp and wanted Takamura, Aoki, Kimura, Yamada, and Ippo to go, and this time he would be going too. Kamogawa and Ippo then did mitt training until Yagi informed Ippo that his mother collapsed, making Ippo rush to the hospital.

After Kamogawa and the boxers get back from training camp, they become shocked when they see Ippo, who they thought was going to quit. Ippo told Kamogawa his strategy consisting of body blows against Saeki Takuma, which Kamogawa agreed with. On the day of the Class A Tournament, Kamogawa was the second for Ippo's match against Saeki and one of the cornermen for Kimura and Aoki. The match resulted in in all three winning.

White Fang Arc

Kamogawa meets Ramuda in an interview.

When Yamada had to move away from Tokyo, Kamogawa gave him his farewells. Kamogawa was one of the cornermen for Aoki's semifinal match of the Class A Tournament against Jackal Itō, and Kimura's semifinal match of the Class A Tournament against Ryūzaki Takeshi. Both of their matches resulted in a loss, losing the Class A Tournament. Kamogawa was called to a magazine interview to talk with Alexander Volg Zangief's coach, Ruslan Ramuda. After being at a loss of words when Ramuda commented on the amount of broken Japanese boxers, he returned to the gym. Angered by the conversation, he ordered Ippo to train for a new weapon for the match by doing two-hundred squats to have legs of a gazelle. After a week, Kamogawa taught Ippo how to use the punch. When Ippo successfully performed it, Kamogawa titled the punch as the "Gazelle Punch". Kamogawa informed Ippo that the match would be a close range battle of short punches until one runs out of breath. With this in mind, Kamogawa trained Ippo for endurance.

Kamogawa called Yamaguchi Tomoko in order to massage Ippo's legs due to the training. Kamogawa began to get worried that Ippo may be pushed to hard, and that if he broke him, he would lose all respect. However, the next morning Ippo wanted to continue the training, as Yamaguchi's massage helped his body. During Ippo's match against Volg, Kamogawa was his second. Ippo then won the match, winning the Class A Tournament.

Challenge for the Throne Arc

While Ippo (who got back from being released from the hospital) and Takamura were in the gym, Kamogawa announced that the Champion Carnival date had been set. With Takamura facing the number one ranked ultimate challenger and Ippo being the ultimate challenger against the champion Date. He then showed Takamura an article in Priday that showed his failed date with a woman, titling him as a Pervert King. When the Champion Carnival for Takamura's match against Tamaki Atsushi arrived, Takamura barely passed the weight limit after previously being over the limit. The match began, with Kamogawa as Takamura's second. Takamura then won the match.

Kamogawa throws the towel.

When a public sparring session commenced in the gym for Ippo's match against the champion Date, Kamogawa conducted Ippo's spar against a fourth ranked boxer from the Philippines. After the session and all the reporters left the gym, Kamogawa continued Ippo's training by having him spar against Kimura in order to train Ippo for punching at pinpoint range. Later the night before Ippo's title match, Kamogawa was irritated that Ippo was about to get his fortune told about the match, however pleased that Ippo was relaxed. Kamogawa and Yagi then reminisce when Ippo first joined the gym, surprised how strong Ippo had gotten. When Ippo's match against Date arrived, Kamogawa was Ippo's second. At the fifth round, seeing Ippo in trouble, Kamogawa threw the towel into the ring, ending the match with Ippo losing before Date could finish his attack. At the changing room, Kamogawa regretted not researching Date more. However, Ippo claimed that he himself should apologise and hoped for Kamogawa to continue training him.

Road Back Arc

The next day when Ippo returned to the gym, he informed Kamogawa the evaluation's results that showed no signs of brain damage, relieving Kamogawa. Kamogawa ordered Ippo to not return to the gym for three months in order to recover. When Ippo came back to the gym, Kamogawa gave Ippo the phone to talk to Fujii about the Otowa gym cutting their contract with Volg and leaving for Russia. With Ippo in shock that the Otowa gym would do that, Kamogawa informed Ippo that the gyms have their business, where they pay a boxer from another country for reputation. If those pro boxers do not bring customers to the pro world and lose twice in a row, the gym's marketing is tarnished.

Kamogawa witnesses Ippo using the Dempsey Roll.

When Ippo's match was scheduled to be against Ponchai Chuwatana, Kamogawa realised that the lack of information on Ponchai and told Ippo that the outcome of the match will be based on the height of Ippo's eyes. Kamogawa had Ippo begin defence training due to him taking too many punches in previous matches. During a mitt training session, Kamogawa collapsed and was transported the the hospital. When Ippo was in the hospital room with him, he told Ippo that he understands the anxiety of a comeback match and remembered the regrets he had with the match against Date. Kamogawa informed Ippo that the training for defence is a step towards an aggressive style and to hit before getting hit. When Kamogawa was released from the hospital, he returned to the gym and was greeted by Ippo, Aoki, and Kimura who were overjoyed because Takamura could no longer play tricks on them. During Aoki's match against Snake Thomas, Kimura's match against Pone Morocotte and Ippo's match against Ponchai Chuwatana, Kamogawa was there as their second where they all won and was shocked when he saw Ippo use the Dempsey Roll. After the match, the champion, Sendō was handed the mic and requested a match against Ippo, who accepted the request.

Hot Rod Era Arc

Kamogawa attended Sendō's title defence against Saeki and watched in awe as Sendō defeated Saeki in one round.

Mountain Training Arc

Walking away from the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium after watching Sendō's match against Saeki, Kamogawa was greeted by Sendō who asked to let him fight Ippo as soon as possible. Kamogawa claimed that he would, as Ippo would be the number one contender anyway and that they would take the belt from the champion this time. However, Sendō stated that the Dempsey Roll would not work on him before leaving. Kamogawa then visited the Makunouchi Fishing Boat to talk to Ippo about Sendō's title defence and that Ippo's next opponent would be Sendō. Ippo then claimed that the Dempsey Roll would not work on Sendō, however, Kamogawa told him there was no reason to think such things.

Kamogawa meeting Nekota.

The next day after talking to the Naniwa gym, he announced that the gym had approved of Ippo fighting against Sendō. Kamogawa later decided to head to the Pension Yoshio as a training camp. When they arrive to the pension, they meet Nekota Ginpachi. Nekota and Kamogawa immediately greet each other before getting into a fist fight. Kamogawa has Takamura stay to talk about his title defence while Ippo, Kimura, and Aoki train in the woods with Shinoda. That night, Kamogawa noticed Ippo was unable to sleep, asking if the Dempsey Roll was bothering him. Kamogawa informed Ippo to think of the different factors that make up the Dempsey Roll and to force opponents back before using the Dempsey Roll. Kamogawa explained that the reason he is doing the training camp is to have confidence to hit, and power to win an exchange against any opponent. The following day, Kamogawa was shocked when Kimura and Aoki rushed back from roadwork and informed him that Ippo was attacked by a bear. When Ippo came back with a dog, which Nekota confirmed to be his dog, Hachi, Kamogawa scolded Aoki and Kimura for their mistake.

Kamogawa announced to everyone at the training camp that he would be splitting the group for individual training. He had Shinoda, Kimura, and Aoki in one group. Takamura, Yagi, and Nekota in another group. Then Ippo and himself in a group. Kamogawa had Ippo chop wood as his training. When Nekota explained to Ippo that there was a way to punch without punching, Kamogawa remembered the technique, as Nekota tricked him in the past against him. After Ippo finished the wood chop training, Kamogawa explained to the training camp members that the "punching without punching" is Sakki. Kamogawa then showed the training camp members pictures of his and Nekota's past as boxers after World War II and told them the story when he first fought and lost to Nekota, who used Sakki on him. When Nekota mentioned that thanks to Sakki, the final record of their five matches was 3 to 2 for him. Kamogawa and Nekota began fighting after Kamogawa disagreed with him that it was actually 3 to 2 in his favour, despite their record of their matches between each other being two wins, two losses and one draw.

After Takamura showed Ippo what Sakki looked like, Kamogawa mentioned if trained for Sakki, gaining use of it is not something one could do overnight. At night, Kamogawa and Nekota meet in the ring and reminisced about the old days. When Takamura hits a ring bell, they threw punches at each other, knocking each other out. On the final night of the training camp, Takamura returned wounded with a bear claw mark on his chest, claiming to have knocked out a bear. Kamogawa scolded him for almost ruining his boxing career. Kamogawa then ate a bear nabe that Nekota made for the final night. The next day, Kamogawa left with the rest of the group and returned to the Kamogawa Boxing Gym.

Kamogawa getting a request for Ippo to spar.

The New Japan Boxing Gym's coach entered the gym along with his boxer, Shigeta Akira just as Kamogawa was dismissing everyone for the day. Kamogawa was asked by the coach to let Shigeta spar against Ippo in order for Shigeta to gain confidence before fighting the champion, Sendō. Kamogawa agreed to the request and began the spar. After the spar, which Ippo had trouble in, Kamogawa claimed that he realised that Ippo would have trouble anyone right now in a spar due to him being at peak fatigue, only accepting the spar to see what the possible JBC champion had. After being annoyed when Takamura was having reporters ask about the bear killing story, Kamogawa told the reporters to leave. Fujii stayed and unknowingly revealed to Takamura that he was having a world match. This angered Kamogawa, who wanted it to be kept a secret. Kamogawa then informed Takamura that he may be fighting against a junior middleweight boxer that is second ranked in the world, and if Takamura would win, he would be the number one contender to the world title. When Takamura's title defence against Itō Takaaki arrived and Takamura got into the ring wearing bear skin, Kamogawa was against the idea of the bear skin but approved it when Takamura told him Yagi recommended it. Yagi informed him that Takamura told him that Kamogawa came up with the idea, which angers Kamogawa.

Kamogawa comforting Nekota after learning the truth.

Kamogawa however, was too impressed by Takamura's performance of defeating his opponent with just his left to get angry at him. After celebrating at the Sugar Ray, Nekota stayed at the gym, and after five days, Nekota began to show his training skills, impressing Kamogawa. However, the feelings of being impressed turned into a feeling of distance between him and his boxers as they began to run away from Kamogawa and only get tips from Nekota, even after trying to communicate with his boxers. Wondering what made Nekota so popular, Kamogawa spied on one of his "after training-meetings" and noticed how everyone seemed to be having fun. He then realised that Nekota was doing, telling stories about their youth and how Kamogawa would cry over women who left him. Upset about this, Kamogawa confronted Nekota, who admitted he was simply jealous of the life Kamogawa lived surrounded by young people in the city, as opposed to alone in the mountains. Kamogawa forgave him and apologised himself for being to harsh on his friend. They were interrupted by the express delivery service (who Kamogawa jokingly said would call to send Nekota back), who Nekota called to take him back as it was the time of the year young women go to the pension. Angry again at Nekota's habits, Kamogawa threatened him once more.

Lallapallooza Arc

Kamogawa talking to Ippo about Shigeta and Sendo.

On the train to Osaka, Kamogawa and Ippo discussed the odds of Sendō winning against Shigeta. Upon arrivial to the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium, Kamogawa attended Sendō's title defence match against Shigeta. After Sendō won the match, Kamogawa went to Shigeta's dressing room where he witnessed Shigeta getting frightened of his trainer's hand going towards his face to move the towel. Kamogawa concluded that Shigeta has Punch Eye and warned Ippo of Sendō's ability to implant fear into his opponents. Later, to prepare Ippo for his match against Sendō, Kamogawa had Ippo spar against five different Japanese rankers from higher weight classes than him, fighting against one everyday for the next week.

Kamogawa as Ippo's second during his title match.

The day before the match, Kamogawa and Yagi went to the weigh-in with Ippo where they met the champion Sendō. After the two passed their weight check, Kamogawa, Yagi, and Ippo prepared to leave before being stopped by Sendō on the way out. After being asked by the champion to speak with Ippo alone, Kamogawa hesitated at first, as leaving two fighters alone before a match is a bad practise, but he decided to allow it. In the waiting room on the day of Ippo's title match, Kamogawa told Ippo that his fight against Sendō was different this time as it is a match between a challenger and champion. With Ippo in the ring, Kamogawa instructed Ippo to not let Sendō take the pace and to come out with everything. After the first round, Kamogawa complimented Ippo's use of the Dempsey Roll in the beginning but warned him of taking too many hits. He then instructed him to use small punches and to avoid using the Dempsey Roll for a while. During the second round when Yagi wondered how Ippo was getting beaten in power, Kamogawa explained to Yagi how both boxers can be the same weight at the weigh-in, however a boxer can gain weight before getting into the ring, appearing larger, believing that Sendō may be pass the featherweight limit.

Kamogawa giving Ippo a solution for his answer by defeating Sendō.

After the second round, Kamogawa instructed for Ippo to take the initiative by attacking instead of defending due to blocking having no effect in stopping Sendō's rhythm. As Ippo was getting hit and not being able to hit back, Kamogawa was prepared to slap sense into him, however, after the round, Ippo's face changed and he decided there was no need for that. In the fifth round, after Ippo's second down, Kamogawa got ready to throw in the towel as he hesitated to throw it. After Ippo got back into his corner after the gong rang, he asked Kamogawa what it means to be strong. Kamogawa instructed Ippo to defeat Sendō to get his answer. After the sixth round, Kamogawa was shocked to see Ippo not wanting to sit down, and only stand. After Ippo downed Sendō in the seventh round, Kamogawa was amazed that Ippo used three of his most powerful techniques to knock the champion down and finding a clue for the completed form of the Dempsey Roll. When Sendō was unable to stay standing during the ten count, Ippo won the match, becoming the JBC featherweight champion.

Kamogawa and the new JBC champion Ippo.

With Ippo confused about the situation, Kamogawa directed his attention to Sendō for him to understand. In Ippo's waiting room, Kamogawa instructed Ippo to go home and rest. Before Ippo left, Kamogawa congratulated him. Later, Kamogawa went to the Sugar Ray for Ippo's celebration party. After the party, Kamogawa informed Ippo that he broke two of Sendō's ribs, and that if that did not happen, Sendō could have been the one celebrating, admiring Sendō as a splendid rival. Kamogawa then asked if Ippo found his answer of what it means to be strong, however, Ippo claimed to not have found the answer. As Ippo left with his gym mates, Kamogawa declared that what Ippo is searching for is neither a goal or thing, deducing that he is on a road far difficult than claiming any title.

Execution Arc

Kamogawa going with Kimura to his first title match.

When the annual Champion Carnival arrived, Kamogawa announced to his gym members that while Ippo's opponent for his first title defence had not been announced, Kimura would be fighting in a title match against the JBC junior lightweight champion, Mashiba. On the day of Kimura's title match, when Kimura told Kamogawa and everyone in his waiting room that he would retire if he loses the match, Kamogawa said to him that he had come across many boxers who were broken in mind and body and that it may be a good time to make the decision of retirement. When the match began, Kamogawa was one of Kimura's cornermen. During the seventh round when Kimura began to hit Mashiba, Aoki yelled out that he should've done that in the beginning. Kamogawa noted that he could not, as the reason he was able to was because Mashiba's speed has dropped after seven rounds. After the eighth round, Kimura claimed to have seen the belt, which Kamogawa remarked that it is not uncommon to turn thoughts into images one can see when he has fought with nothing but willpower since the middle of the fight. After Kimura lost in the ninth round, Kamogawa yelled at the reporters that were asking Kimura questions until Kimura told Kamogawa that he wanted them to talk to him. At the Kamogawa gym, when Kamogawa noticed Aoki being depressed about Kimura's retirement, Kamogawa noted that Kimura fought well and had began a second starting line.

First Step Arc

Dankichi visiting Kamogawa and Ippo.

Kamogawa received a call from Nekota, getting informed that Hama Dankichi is in Japan. After learning from Ippo that he saw Dankichi with former JBC junior featherweight champion Sanada Kazuki, he assumed that Dankichi picked him up. His assumption was correct when Dankichi appeared in his office while telling Ippo about Dankichi's past life as a prize-fighter. Dankichi revealed that Sanada was the first ranker in the featherweights, making Ippo having to fight him for the Champion Carnival, wishing to continue his and Kamogawa's rivalry by having their students fight. As Dankichi left, he warned Kamogawa and Ippo about the Hien and Tsubame Gaeshi, leaving Kamogawa to wonder what the Tsubame Gaeshi could be. When the gym members figured out what the Hien was, Kamogawa decided to show Ippo the Hien in the ring by instructing Kimura on how to use speciality punch that seals both in-fighters and out-fighters with the left hand. After Kimura showcased the Hien to Ippo, Kamogawa further revealed details about the Hien to Ippo, including that it could seal the Dempsey Roll. Kamogawa then deduced that the Tsubame Gaeshi was a technique to defeat Ippo, a right-handed close-quarter blow. Kamogawa then began training Ippo to defeat Sanada until spring, soon developing a strategy against the Hien: for Ippo to have a strong right block to push the Hien away and then step in.

A reunion between old rivals.

Kamogawa was invited by Nekota to the Sugar Ray. When he got there, he attempted to leave when he saw Dankichi, who also wanted to leave, as neither wanted to see each other. Nekota then managed to get them to stay by making them feel bad as the three of them haven't talked together in decades. Kamogawa and Dankichi have a conversation about how Ippo will eventually have to run into the WBA featherweight super champion Ricardo Martinez as he gets higher, and if Kamogawa takes to long getting Ippo there, Dankichi will get there with Sanada instead, sparking a challenge between the two.

Kamogawa and Nekota watching Dankichi's plane taking off.

Later, as they walked away from the hall after the weigh-in, Kamogawa assumed that the Tsubame Gaeshi would be a right hook or uppercut due to Sanada's pectorals being more developed which are used for inward punches. Ippo's carefree attitude while talking to him made Kamogawa feel as if Ippo plans on fighting as the challenger. When the match began, Kamogawa was one of Ippo's cornermen for his first title defence. the result of the match ended in Ippo's victory. In Ippo's changing room after the match, Kamogawa became concerned as Ippo immediately went to sleep. He was then relieved when Sanada checked on him and concluded that he was fine. Kamogawa and Nekota saw Dankichi off at the Narita Terminal 1. Kamogawa and Dankichi expressed their thoughts about the match and Dankichi left for the United States of America, saying that they would meet in the ring again one day.

Revenge Arc

Kamogawa watching Ippo spar with Ricardo.

When Date was to fight the WBA featherweight champion Ricardo Martinez, Ricardo requested to spar with Ippo at the Otowa gym. Kamogawa informed Ippo of it, to which he agreed of the request. While they head to the Otowa gym, Kamogawa had an expectation that if Ippo were to land a clean punch, Ricardo would not be able to brush it off, and that Ippo had the potential to beat him. When Kamogawa and Ippo arrived and the latter about to spar with Ricardo, Kamogawa was surprised how serious Ippo was for the spar, even wearing his match boxing trunks to it, along with having an indescribable expression about Ippo fighting Ricardo. When Ricardo began dominating Ippo with fast lefts, Kamogawa explained to the confused Fujii about Ricardo's motionless jabs. Kamogawa was then in disbelief when Ricardo effortlessly stopped Ippo's Dempsey Roll with just his left. When Ricardo and Bill stopped the spar as Ricardo did not want to destroy Ippo's pride, Kamogawa got Ippo out of the ring, realising Ricardo stopped the spar because Ippo was unconscious despite standing and did not want to down him in his home turf. Outside the Otowa gym, Kamogawa admitted that Ippo was not up to the challenge anyway and that the spar was only to grasp the level of the world, asking Ippo if he found the level. However, Ippo claimed he did not.

Proof of Power Arc

Kamogawa showing the tapes of Yamada's matches.

While Ippo's second JBC featherweight title defence match was coming up, Kamogawa had Yagi show Ippo and the others videos of Ippo's opponent, "Hammer Nao", which was a ring name of Yamada Naomichi. Ippo's feelings toward fighting his kōhai affected his training, making Kamogawa angry and quit a mitt practise session early. Later however, Ippo regained his motivation to fight, and Kamogawa continued the training. During the training, Kamogawa informed Ippo that the fight would be a close ranged one and they both knew that the Dempsey Roll could not be used due to the distance being too close to use it. On the day of the weigh-in, Kamogawa went with Ippo where he met Yamada.

Kamogawa telling Ippo what it means to be a pro.

When the day of the match arrived, Kamogawa was one of Aoki's cornermen in the semifinals against Paddy Magramo, which Aoki won. Kamogawa then was one of Ippo's cornermen for his title defence match. After the first round, Kamogawa told the three meanings to be a pro to Ippo: to do any job with ease, to answer the customers demands, and to devote one's self to the fight. During the second round, Yamada broke Ippo's guard by pushing it with his hand to land the solar plexus blow. While Yagi claimed that it was against the rules as Yamada's using his opened hand to open the guard, Kamogawa praised Yamada for it as a foul had not been called, believing that avoiding being called on his fouls is an art form. Ippo then won the match in the second round, defending his title a second time. After the match, Kamogawa advised for Ippo to not see Yamada, as Ippo's comments may make Yamada hold a grudge, believing that the winner had nothing to say towards the loser.

Battle of Hawk Arc

Kamogawa announcing Takamura, Itagaki, and Kimura's matches.

When Takamura, Kimura, and Itagaki Manabu were at the beach for their training camp, Kamogawa and Yagi attended to watch over their training. When Kamogawa arrived back to his gym, he informed Ippo of a spar request, greeting the Otowa coach as he brought Ippo's sparring partner, Imai Kyōsuke. Later, Kamogawa announced to his gym members that Takamura has a world title match in December, and before that, a match in October along with Itagaki's debut match and Kimura's comeback match. When Takamura was furious after hearing from Fujii that the champion, Bryan Hawk was looking down on him after Hawk discovered Takamura was Japanese, Kamogawa reminded him to focus on the match in October first. When the matches in October arrive, Kamogawa was one of Itagaki, Kimura, and Takamura's cornermen for their matches where it resulted in a loss against Makino Fumito, winning decision against Arman Alegria, and winning ring out against Morris West respectively. Kamogawa then witnessed Hawk's arrival to Takamura's room in the hall, becoming shocked of the champion's reason for coming to Japan was to enjoy Asian women.

Kamogawa talking with Takamura about his boxing.

During one of Takamura's harsh weight management training sessions for the world title match, Takamura revealed his feelings toward boxing to Kamogawa. Kamogawa apologised to Takamura, who he deems a treasure, wishing he could have taken him to a world title match sooner and fight in his best weight class. Takamura stopped him, planning on going from junior middleweight to heavyweight in a quest to conquer six weight classes, and giving Kamogawa his first world belt as a Christmas present. Kamogawa then gave Takamura a bag of dried shittake as an early Christmas gift to help his training. Later, Kamogawa attended Hawk's public spar at the Kinoshita gym where Hawk pulled his punches until his women arrived, dominating his sparring partner. As Kamogawa continued to train Takamura, Kamogawa expressed his frustration about Hawk's disrespect towards Takamura. However, he is encouraged by Takamura who assured to leave it to him.

Kamogawa getting smacked by Hawk.

On the day of the weigh-in and press conference, Kamogawa went with Takamura first to the weigh-in where Takamura barely passed at full limit before being mocked by Hawk. Kamogawa then attended the press conference. When Takamura and Hawk posed for the camera and Hawk punched Takamura during it, Kamogawa became enraged and grabbed Hawk by the collar. Kamogawa was then smacked by Hawk, drawing blood.

Kamogawa giving Takamura a spirit boosting slap on the back.

The next day, Ippo and Takamura's match arrived. Kamogawa was Ippo's cornerman for his title defence against Yi Yon Su. After Ippo won by a one round knockout using his Dempsey Roll, Kamogawa scolded him for the reckless tactic. Kamogawa then went to Takamura's room and encouraged him by telling him that while not everyone who works hard is rewarded, everyone who has succeeded have worked hard. Takamura's title match then began, with Kamogawa acting as his cornerman. After the first round, Kamogawa gave him a slap on the back to boost his spirit, leaving a hand print. During the later rounds, Kamogawa was called the greatest second in the world by Takamura, Kamogawa then fixed Takamura's hair after his usual hairstyle became messed up due to sweat and movements.

Kamogawa with Takamura as he wears his new WBC belt.

When Takamura won and became the new WBC junior middleweight champion, Kamogawa put the WBC belt on Takamura, praising him and celebrating his achievement. However, Takamura's mic performance consisted of Takamura arrogantly offering to give the women his sperm so that Japan can be crawling with him, something that Hawk said, making Kamogawa scold him in his room at the hall. Kamogawa then travelled with Nekota to the Pension Yoshio to see Yuki, as he promised to see her when a boxer he taught became a world champion.

Post-War Arc

When Ippo and Aoki arrived to the Pension Yoshio to request for Kamogawa to come back to the gym due to Takamura's actions against Aoki and using his fight money to purchase statues of himself, decided to instead leave Takamura alone. When asked about a picture of a woman, Kamogawa and Nekota decided to tell Ippo and Aoki of their past as prize-fighters and relations with the woman.

Afterwards, Kamogawa left to go back to his gym, wishing to come back to report to Yuki when the rest of his promise is fulfilled.

Part II

Submarine Wars Arc

Kamogawa smacking Ippo.

Kamogawa was one of Itagaki's seconds for his match against Baraki Haseo. When Itagaki won for the first time, Kamogawa was irritated about Itagaki climbing on the ropes in joy afterwards. Later, Kamogawa was approached by Ippo in his office at his gym. Ippo questioned as to why Kamogawa turned down Miyata's match requests against him and not telling him about it. Kamogawa answered that he himself ran away, realising that Miyata had reversed the gap between him and Ippo by a huge amount, comparing their individual abilities and weapons. When Ippo claimed that he wanted to challenge Miyata at his best shape, Kamogawa smacked him, deeming a fight against Miyata as a mere dream within a dream as he is now. As Ippo left the room with the intentions to get stronger, Kamogawa told him that he would be waiting for when Ippo does get stronger, even willing for him to get a world title match. Kamogawa talked to Yagi about how he could not bring himself to say the gap between their weapons being the Dempsey Roll, a technique that is his greatest weakness against Miyata's counter. Kamogawa then commented on how Ippo's opponents will reveal the Dempsey Roll's secrets, and if Ippo can overcome it, he will naturally meet with Miyata. Later, Kamogawa discovered on a magazine article that Ippo's fourth JBC featherweight opponent, Shimabukuro Iwao, claimed he would destroy he Dempsey Roll. Kamogawa believed that there would be no greater blow than if his Dempsey Roll is defeated.

Later, Kamogawa and Yagi showed everyone a video of Shimabukuro fighting Okita Keigo at last year's Class A Tournament where Shimabukuro won. Kamogawa mentioned how Shimabukuro's in-fighter boxing is the same as Ippo's and that it would be the first time Ippo fights an opponent that is best at close-range, along with Ippo's advantages of being shorter than his opponent now being his disadvantages. As Ippo trained, Ippo theorised to Kamogawa that he needs to use hand speed and step-in speed to catch Shimabukuro. Kamogawa then had Ippo use his newly sped up Dempsey Roll in a mitt-training session. However, Kamogawa was displeased as the Dempsey Roll is now light, as the speed had taken place of the power. Kamogawa came up with a plan to train Ippo to strengthen the Dempsey Roll's power and speed, however the training would be more difficult. Kamogawa discussed with Yagi about the new strategy to increase the speed and power of the Dempsey Roll and the fact that it would increase the dangers against counters as well. Kamogawa has decided that they would send a challenge to the modern boxing world by flowing against the currents of the current boxing world.

Kamogawa getting knocked back from Ippo's Ultimate Punch.

Kamogawa then commenced the intense training menu for Ippo and had him spar after completing it. Kamogawa explained to Takamura how he wishes to turn Ippo into a pure-blooded in-fighter, however, the results of the training will show later as his blood should be getting more concentrated. He then viewed the match to be a decision match on who's blood is more pure. When Ippo came back to the gym later, Kamogawa noticed that his muscles are at his limits and instructed him to not come back to the gym for a week nor doing anything that puts strain on his muscles. After a week, Ippo came back to the gym and Kamogawa had him do a mitt-training session. During the session, Ippo landed a punch on the mitt that caused Kamogawa to fall down. Kamogawa was then dragged into his office by Takamura to discuss the punch that caused him to fall, with Kamogawa deeming it Ippo's ultimate punch and the training he recently did provided the ground level required for the punch. On the day of the weigh-in, Kamogawa and Ippo went to the weigh-in at the Kōrakuen Hall, where both fighters passed. Afterwards, Kamogawa praised Ippo for acting like a challenger and that the match would decide who is the greatest in-fighter in the nation.

Kamogawa and Yagi with Ippo after winning against Shimabukuro.

On the day of Ippo's match against Shimabukuro, Kamogawa noticed how Ippo was preparing himself for the match by sitting still instead of moving around like he usually does. When the match began, Kamogawa was Ippo's cornerman for the match. After the sixth round, Ippo suffered from lack of oxygen. Kamogawa instructed for Ippo to take deep breaths gather his oxygen from his cells in order to last another three minutes. Ippo then won in the seventh round, defending his title a fourth time. Kamogawa and Takamura realised that Ippo used a punch similar to the one that knocked Kamogawa down in the mitt training session, deeming the punch near his ultimate punch.

Comic Show Arc

Ippo revealing his acknowledgement of the Dempsey Roll's weakness to counters.

After Ippo recovered from his match against Shimabukuro and returned to the gym, he revealed to Kamogawa and Yagi how he noticed the Dempsey Roll's weakness to counters, which was Kamogawa's reason for turning down a fight with Miyata. Kamogawa concluded that Shimabukuro may have permanently defeated the Dempsey Roll, as others aiming for Ippo may have realised as well. As Ippo left mentioning his outlook for future fights would be hard, Kamogawa thought he would be more depressed, but noted that surviving a difficult fight brings confidence.

When the weigh-in for Itagaki's first round of the East Japan Rookie King Tournament and Aoki's JBC lightweight title match against Katsutaka Imae arrived, Kamogawa attended Aoki's weigh-in. The next day, Kamogawa arrived to the Kōrakuen Hall for Itagaki and Aoki's match. Kamogawa was a cornerman for Itagaki's match, which ended in a knockout win for Itagaki. Kamogawa was then a cornerman for Aoki's title match against Imae. While Aoki was tricking Imae with his Play Dead act, Kamogawa and the other seconds were fooled as well, with Kamogawa suggesting for Yagi to throw in the towel. When Aoki revealed looking hurt was just an act to draw out Imae's stamina, Kamogawa noted how dangerous the strategy was despite the payout being worth it. The match then ended after the ten rounds were over. A decision was made and the match ended in a draw, resulting in Imae keeping the belt and Aoki losing.

Dragon Slayer Arc

Kamogawa having Ippo pick one out of four challengers.

While Takamura was training for his first WBC junior middleweight title defence, Kamogawa trained him. Kamogawa went with Takamura to his press conference for the match against Larry Bernard, where he announced his relinquishment of his junior middleweight belt to move on with his six weight class conquest up to the heavyweight class while vowing to not take a single hit against Bernard to prove he's ready. The next day, Kamogawa arrived at the Ryōgoku Kokugikan and was Takamura's second in his match against Bernard, where he won despite getting hit after doing a full body variant of the Look Away, breaking his no-hit promise. Kamogawa scolded him for the performance. Later, Kamogawa called Ippo into his office and revealed to him that despite defending his title four times, he still has many challenge requests due to others taking him lightly and having holes like swiss cheese, making him a cheese champion. Kamogawa had Ippo pick one out of four challengers to face as his fifth title defence. Out of the four, Ippo picked Sawamura Ryūhei, despite him and Kamogawa knowing that Sawamura is the Dempsey Roll's natural weakness. Kamogawa reflected to Yagi how he could feel Ippo's spirit and that he is starting to show a man's pride. Watching Ippo train, Kamogawa decided to accept Sawamura's challenge request.

Noticing Ippo was worried about evolving the Dempsey Roll, he gave Ippo a tire for him to tie onto his body while running to strengthen his lower body, explaining that the Dempsey Roll's motion puts strain on his waist and legs. When Volg came to Japan, Kamogawa let him use the training equipment at the gym and contacted Dankichi to let Volg train under him in America, though he believed Volg would be Dankichi's most boring project since there is nothing to teach him. Kamogawa watched Ippo and Volg spar, where Volg successfully counters the Dempsey Roll, knocking Ippo out. Afterwards, Kamogawa wished Volg the best as he left for America. Later, Kamogawa summarised the spar to Ippo that Volg did the counter with little preparations and still was able to knock out Ippo while holding back, fearing that against Sawamura, Ippo may not wake up at all. Despite that, Ippo believed there is still hope and can come up with a strategy. Kamogawa held back on a solution as Ippo's lower body would be in pain.

Later, Ippo fell in the ring while doing his Dempsey Roll, prompting Kamogawa to call Yamaguchi Tomoko to perform an emergency checkup. When she got there and performed the checkup, she revealed that there was strain on his waist and knees. Kamogawa acknowledged the Dempsey Roll's evolution, however, Yamaguchi advised to only use it twice in the match, or his career would be threatened. Kamogawa arrived with Ippo to the Kōrakuen Hall for his weigh-in against Sawamura. The next day, Kamogawa was Ippo's second for his match against Sawamura. After the first round, Kamogawa praised Ippo for his performance and warned him of Sawamura's counter. After the third round, Kamogawa advised for Ippo to follow the basics and keep his fists hot and his head cool, also instructing to dodge Sawamura's left Bullet. After Ippo won in the seventh round, Kamogawa had Yamaguchi do a checkup in the changing room and was relieved to hear Ippo did not suffer from career ending injuries. Kamogawa believed that it is time to move to the next level as fights within Japan are meaningless.

A Passing Point Arc

Kamogawa announcing future plans after Sawamura's match.

Kamogawa called Ippo to his office to talk about his next match. Kamogawa revealed that the challengers that sent their challenge before his match against Sawamura has sent their requests back after the match. He ordered Ippo to rest his body as plans for his next match is unclear.

Kamogawa and Takamura teamed up in a fishing competition.

When Kamogawa used the prize money from the Sawamura match to take everyone fishing at the Makunouchi Fishing Boat, it turned into a fishing competition, with teams of two consisting of Takamura and Kamogawa, Aoki and Kimura, and Yagi and Shinoda. When it began, Takamura and Kamogawa were having trouble catching fish, while the others, especially Yagi and Shinoda, having it easy. Angry, Takamura stomped his feet as he tried to fish, shaking the boat and making Aoki go off board. When Takamura thought he got one, he reeled up an Aoki instead. When they ran out of fishing spots, they returned and gave the caught fish to Makunouchi Hiroko for her to cook. After everyone gathered, Kamogawa revealed that Takamura would challenge the WBC title for the middleweights, Aoki and Kimura have matches, Miyata has an OPBF title defence match before Takamura's title match, Itagaki continues his East Japan Rookie King Tournament, and Ippo is instructed to continue his recovery.

Later at the Kamogawa gym, when Ippo arrived, Kamogawa ordered him to get ready to have a three minute two round spar against Imai. After the spar which left Ippo depressed and Imai confident, Kamogawa commented to Yagi that no matter who fought Ippo, it would leave him depressed due to him being handicapped from still recovering from his match against Sawamura and having not fought in a while. However, Kamogawa believed the one the spar had a good impact on was Itagaki. Kamogawa, putting the attention off of Ippo temporarily, was interested on focusing on the next generation. When Takamura returned from the training camp and wanted to challenge Yagi to a fishing competition, Kamogawa encouraged Takamura to take Yagi down. After Takamura and Yagi returned, and Ippo, Itagaki, Aoki, and Kimura wanted to know who won, Kamogawa informed them that it was a draw, where Takamura jumped into the water to grab three fish after Yagi got three first. During the quarter-finals of Itagaki's East Japan Rookie King Tournament, Kamogawa was one of Itagaki's seconds. The match ended in Itagaki's victory.

Kamogawa and Takamura's discussion on taking the second world belt.

Kamogawa and Shinoda took Aoki, Kimura, and Takamura to a training camp. During which, Shinoda asked Kamogawa if he thinks Takamura can conquer two weight classes. Kamogawa answered that he doesn't know, as Takamura is stepping in an uncharted territory for the Japanese, where there has never been a time where one has taken both junior middleweight and middleweight world titles. When everyone returned from the training camp, Kamogawa focused on training Takamura. During a training session, Takamura asked if Kamogawa would be happy if he took the belt. Kamogawa insisted on not being concerned about him, but would be a sight to see if he saw Takamura hold two world belts.

Kamogawa at Takamura and Eagle's press conference.

Kamogawa, Yagi, and Ippo went to the Kawahara gym to see the WBC middleweight champion David Eagle spar. When they get there, Kamogawa was shocked to see Eagle giving autographs to local children and scolded Ippo for being happy to receive an autograph from Eagle. Kamogawa watched Eagle spar and was surprised to see Eagle not holding back. Afterwards while walking to the gym, Kamogawa saw Takamura beat children who wanted an autograph, leading Kamogawa to scold him. At the Yokohama Arena, Kamogawa attended Takamura and Eagle's weigh-in and press conference.

The next day, Kamogawa was one of the seconds for Aoki and Kimura in their match against Papaya Dachiu and Eleki Battery respectively. Both matches ended in a draw. When it was time for Takamura's match against Eagle, Kamogawa arrived to the ring with Takamura. When the match began, Kamogawa was Takamura's chief second. After the second round, Kamogawa advised for Takamura to save his energy being used for trash talking and to use it for the fight, as he observed that there is a strong chance he will need both his physical and mental strength.

Kamogawa in the ring as Takamura celebrates his win as the new middleweight WBC champion.

During round five, Takamura received a cut above his left eye, causing blood to go into his eye. Kamogawa was able to stop the bleeding after the fifth and sixth rounds, however, after the seventh round, where a doctor stoppage almost happened due to too much blood, he found the cut to be too deep. Seeing Takamura looking down as Kamogawa couldn't stop the bleeding, Kamogawa swore to stop the bleeding even if it costs him his life. Hearing that, Takamura's adrenaline pumped, causing the bleeding to stop on its own. During the eighth round, with Takamura unable to see clearly due to a swollen right eye and blood in his left eye, he managed to send Eagle down, however, he kept punching, not knowing the fight ended. Kamogawa went into the ring and caught one of his punches, wiping Takamura's face and told him to look behind him as the referee crowned Takamura as the new champion. In the locker room, Takamura handed Kamogawa his WBC junior middleweight and middleweight belts. Kamogawa was happy with not only having two world belts, but seeing Takamura work hard, viewing his relationship with Takamura as more than a trainer and student, but as the world's greatest surrogate son.

Spirit of a Weed Arc

Kamogawa insisting for Ippo to not tell Itagaki that he looks like a pro.

Three days later, Kamogawa arrived to his gym and congratulated the boxers for their matches before angrily hitting Aoki when he noticed his new haircut by Takamura. Kamogawa overlooked Itagaki's training with Shinoda for his East Japan Rookie King Tournament semi-finals. Later, Kamogawa watched as Itagaki sparred with Kimura, where Itagaki surprised Kimura with his speed and barrage of punches. When Itagaki's East Japan Rookie King Tournament semi-finals match against Makino Fumito began, Kamogawa was one of Itagaki's seconds for the match, which ended in Itagaki's victory. After Itagaki's win, Kamogawa forbade Ippo from telling Itagaki that he looks like a pro if Ippo truly wants to see Itagaki grow. Later at the gym, Kamogawa asked Ippo if he wanted to fight in a match where he would have to build himself back up from nothing in one month, Ippo agreed.

Under Siege Arc

Kamogawa seeing the logs Ippo pushed into the hillside.

Kamogawa, after getting a sudden phone call from Takamura that he would not return to the gym until the "boom" passed, and Ippo expressed his willingness to fight the challenger, Kamogawa accepted Karasawa Takuzō's request to fight Ippo. Kamogawa began severe training immediately due to the match being in one month. After a mitt training session, Kamogawa went to wash his hurt hands. He was caught by Itagaki, and Kamogawa asked him to not tell anyone about it, while explaining how the mitts get bent even after catching a sloppy punch. After Kamogawa mentioned how Ippo's wrists have gotten stronger, Itagaki assumed it is due to him pounding logs into the hillside, which shocked Kamogawa, who, remembering his past, frantically asked if he was using his fists to do so. Itagaki revealed he was using a hammer, much to Kamogawa's relief. Kamogawa went to the hillside to check Ippo's work. When he got there, he felt nostalgic, and mistakenly assumed that Ippo only did one log that was only halfway in before being shocked at the sight on many logs being all the way in the hillside.

After talking to Yamaguchi and was warned about the possibility of there being hidden damage from the Sawamura fight, Kamogawa asked Ippo if his body can handle the training, which Ippo explained how he is fine but nervous about a long fight. Later, Kamogawa showed Ippo videos of Karasawa's matches and commented how Karasawa uses his footwork like Ippo's previous opponents, but figured that Karasawa won't fall for the same traps. That night, Kamogawa wondered why Ippo took the match, which Yagi reminded him that Ippo wanted to start over and try something. Kamogawa was intrigued, wanting to see something that would blow away his concerns. Kamogawa continued training until the day before the weigh-in. After kicking out reporters from his gym who were sure it would be an easy match for Ippo, Kamogawa warned Ippo to not let up against Karasawa. Kamogawa expressed to Yagi how Ippo's face made it seem like he was unfocused and missing something, which Kamogawa hoped that Ippo can hide it when he sees Karasawa at the weigh-in.

Kamogawa telling Ippo he did a good job.

The next day, Kamogawa went to the Kōrakuen Hall for Ippo's weigh-in with Karasawa and was shocked to see Sanada Kazuki accompanying Karasawa. Kamogawa stopped Ippo from revealing any information about his training as he assumed Sanada was trying to talk him into doing so. The next day, Kamogawa went to the Kōrakuen Hall for Ippo's seventh JBC featherweight title defence match against Karasawa, where Kamogawa was Ippo's chief second. The match ended in Ippo's victory in the second round by knockout. Afterwards, Kamogawa told Ippo that he did a good job before telling an overjoyed Ippo that he meant only for the day. Leaving the venue, Kamogawa noted to Ippo that while he correctly focused on his left, there were few restraining jabs which was why Karasawa was able to slip away, and the Dempsey Roll was on his mind, which if it wasn't, the match would have lasted longer. Kamogawa reflected that he would realise later that if he levelled up all the basics and continuously use them, the Dempsey Roll would naturally evolve without him knowing.

Phantom Card Arc

Kamogawa watched Itagaki spar against Ippo in his last spar before his match against Imai in the East Japan Rookie King Tournament finals. After the spar, Kamogawa asked Ippo how Itagaki was, to which Ippo answered that he is very well prepared. Kamogawa agreed, noting how he is a talent that shouldn't be content with just the Rookie King title, and lamented that it is unfortunate that there are many strong fighters in his era. After eavesdropping on Ippo and Takamura as they talked about how Itagaki will lose unless Ippo tells Itagaki to change his strategy, Kamogawa suggested for Itagaki to join their conversation. At his office, Kamogawa and Takamura compared Itagaki and Imai's upcoming match against each other for the Rookie King title to Ippo and Miyata's match that never happened in the same tournament, which Kamogawa deemed it the "Phantom Card."

Kamogawa at Itagaki's match against Imai.

When Itagaki's match against Imai in the East Japan Rookie King Tournament arrived, Kamogawa went to the Kōrakuen Hall to be one of Itagaki's seconds for the match. During the second round as Shinoda was frightened when Itagaki got hit for the first time, Kamogawa mentioned that it changes noting, as when Itagaki decided to go forward against the in-fighter, he took away the momentum and went forward to the path of victory with courage. During the fourth round when Itagaki blocked a hook but still had damage to his legs, Kamogawa explained to Shinoda how Imai is using his true strength now that he is not getting irritated by Itagaki's close range attacks, and is putting his whole weight into his punches. The match lasted to the end of the final sixth round, where Itagaki won by decision, becoming the Rookie King of the east. Afterwards, Kamogawa went to the locker room as Itagaki was taken away to the hospital.

When Kamogawa, Yagi, and Ippo left the venue, they were approached by Sendō and the West Rookie King, Hoshi Hiroyuki, who revealed that he would be going after Ippo for the JBC title after he defeats Itagaki in the All Japan Rookie King Tournament.

Kamogawa calling Miyata to schedule a match between Ippo and Miyata.

After Hoshi and Sendō left, Kamogawa warned Ippo, who was worried about Itagaki, that the head that he is aiming for is his and that others like him will rise high, instructing him that he needs to concentrate in order to keep defending the JBC title. Ippo asked how long he needs to keep defending the title, as he remembered how he couldn't fight Miyata in the finals of the East Japan Rookie King tournament, and now Miyata is waiting for him at the OPBF, wanting to relinquish his JBC belt. Kamogawa told him he will inform the boxing commission of his intention to relinquish the title in a few days and at the same time, request a challenge to the OPBF champion, Miyata. Kamogawa called the Kawahara gym to talk with Miyata's father. As he already knew what the call would be about, Kamogawa and him agreed to have a match between Ippo and Miyata in Spring, as Miyata has an upcoming OPBF title defence in January. After the call, Kamogawa expressed his excitement to Yagi about the inevitable match.

Father's Back Arc

Kamogawa revealing Ippo's seventh JBC title defence.

At the Kamogawa gym, Yagi was being made fun of for his chair pun that he used in Itagaki's match against Imai until Kamogawa entered and had Yagi give Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura training under his order to take back his dignity while Kamogawa had Ippo go to his office. While Ippo was excited as he assumed he was called to the office about his match against Miyata, Kamogawa revealed to him that he has a seventh JBC featherweight title match in the Champion Carnival. As Ippo was about to leave as he was disappointed that it is another title defence, Kamogawa noted that his match is set for January 25th, two days before Miyata's OPBF title defence, explaining that if he doesn't have a match until Spring, he would have gone half a year without a match, causing a six month blank which would hurt him against Miyata. Kamogawa revealed to Ippo that his dream match is unofficially set for Spring and that they matched the schedules so the time they will have to prepare for the match is the same, making the match whave no handicaps for it. He asked Ippo if he will do it, and Ippo agrees. Kamogawa told him to remember that it is not official yet, so if either of them loses their defence, that would be the end of the matter. After Ippo left, Kamogawa mentioned to Yagi that most people will only be interested in the fact that both of them are world rankers, which would be the words written on the match poster, and that it will be a fight for the world stage.

Later, Kamogawa revealed details to Ippo about his upcoming opponent, Take Keīchi on how he never lost by knockout in his ten losses out of 33 matches. Kamogawa proceeded to train and prepare Ippo for the match. After mitt training, Kamogawa mentioned to Takamura how Date makes a great leader, reflecting how Date warned Ippo about Take, since he planned to knock Ippo out of his fixation on his match with Miyata. Kamogawa noted that Ippo hasn't fought against many veterans aside from Date, which Takamura responded that Date only had 20 matches, while Take has over 30. As Takamura thought that if Ippo's rhythm broke, even his mind could break and he could end up losing. Kamogawa claimed that nothing adds more fatigue than a broken rhythm, so they are working on Ippo's stamina, as it will help him control the fight early on.

When Ippo's weigh-in with Take arrived, Kamogawa went to the Kōrakuen Hall. After Kamogawa complained about Take being late, Take arrived, appearing sick. After the weigh-in, Ippo was worried about Take, until Kamogawa informed him he was faking it. Kamogawa expressed his disgust about the veteran using mind games like that and instructed Ippo to go all out from the start.

Kamogawa with Ippo in his match against Take.

The next day Kamogawa went to the Kōrakuen Hall to be Ippo's second in his seventh JBC title defence match against Take. After the first round, Kamogawa scolded Ippo for his last punch not connecting. As Ippo mentioned that Take told him that he figured out his weakness, Kamogawa noted that he sees Ippo having a lot of weaknesses, but he overcomes the odds by going forward and throwing out punches, telling him to give it his all and to not forget what makes him, him. Kamogawa began to wonder why Ippo is nervous despite being in control of the fight, thinking that there must be more to what Take told him. During the second round, Kamogawa was shocked to see Take switch to the Southpaw stance, as Ippo has little to no experience in fighting a Southpaw. Knowing that Ippo has trouble dealing with the unexpected, Kamogawa yelled out to him that he needs to stiffen his guard and to close the distance, as Take being a Southpaw won't matter if Ippo is up close. After the second round, Kamogawa was agitated that Ippo was falling for Take's mind games and instructed him to not get distracted and to pay attention to Take and stick to his own style of boxing, not getting afraid of getting hit if they get into close range. After the third round, Kamogawa was dumbfounded when he heard from Ippo that he is punching as hard as he can and Take still won't go down, instructing Ippo to keep throwing punches until Take breaks.

Kamogawa has Ippo hit him.

During round four, Kamogawa realised that the reason Ippo's punches aren't getting to Take is because Take is ducking so low that Ippo has to punch downward, which Ippo has no experience in, making his punching power be lowered by half. Frustrated with himself to miss such a thing for so long, Kamogawa wanted Yagi or Shinoda to hit him, however, they did not want to. After the fourth round and after Kamogawa stopped a cut that opened during the round from bleeding, Kamogawa asked Ippo to hit his hand to see if he can see clearly. Kamogawa moved his hand away as Ippo threw his punch and had him hit his face, mentioning to Ippo that now that he sees clearly as well, he will give him his orders. Kamogawa ordered Ippo to punch more if he gets punched, go forward further if Take goes forward, and go lower if Take ducks low. During round five, Kamogawa believed Ippo is excited to fight against Take as he sees Take as a coach that is teaching him more about in-fighting. After the fifth round, Kamogawa stopped the cut that got reopened and instructed Ippo to stay strong and keep on fighting no matter what. During the sixth round, Kamogawa noticed that Take is moving unconsciously, shouting to Ippo to go for combinations at the rope so that the referee stops the match. Ippo defeated Take during the sixth round by knockout. In the venue's locker room, Kamogawa informed the reporters that they would be challenging the OPBF champion Miyata next if Miyata wins his title defence.

Chaos Arc

Kamogawa informing Ippo about his match against Miyata has been postponed.

As Yagi revealed Takamura's next match being his first WBC middleweight title defence, Takamura expressed how he wanted to move to the super middleweight, but Kamogawa, who is doing mitt training with him, noted that there is a proper way to do things in the world stage, telling him to quit complaining. After Miyata won his fifth OPBF featherweight title defence match, Kamogawa informed Ippo that his match with Miyata has been postponed due to injuries he received during it, explaining that Miyata broke both of his fists, and it will take time to heal. He revealed that upon recovery, Miyata's return match would be a OPBF title defence, and that Ippo would be given priority to be Miyata's first challenger back. He instructed Ippo to go home and rest as he does not want the cut he got from Take to open up, telling him that he can train in the Summmer.

Later, Kamogawa went to Takamura's press conference for his first WBC middleweight title defence match against Richard Fox. The next day, Kamogawa went to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan to be a second for Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura's match. After being a second for Aoki's rematch against the Indonesian champion, Papaya, and Kimura's rematch against the Philippines champion, Eleki, which both ended in a draw, Kamogawa agreed when Kimura noted that it is obvious to see how hard Aoki tried to win, as Kamogawa noticed Aoki went from three hair stands on his head to only one. Kamogawa was Takamura's second in his first WBC middleweight title defence match against Fox, where it ended in Takamura's round one knockout victory.

Seiken Arc

Kamogawa revealing to Itagaki about a match against Hoshi.

After being irritated by a boxing-themed board game that Nekota gave him, Kamogawa had Itagaki and Shinoda come to his office. Kamogawa revealed to them that the West Rookie King Hoshi sent a request to go against Itagaki, under two rules: Kamogawa mentioned that the first rule was that they would have to fight in Osaka, while Yagi revealed that they promised to give Hoshi a right to challenge Ippo for his JBC title if Itagaki is defeated by him. While Itagaki agreed to the terms, Kamogawa noted that Itagaki is still a six-round boxer. Needing to be above a six-rounder to fight in a JBC ranked match, Kamogawa revealed that Itagaki has to fight in three weeks to advance from being a six-rounder. Kamogawa kicked Itagaki out after he asked when Ippo would relinquish his belt, wanting him to focus what is in front of him first. Kamogawa told Yagi and Shinoda how it is true that they haven't been able to relinquish the JBC belt due to Ippo and Miyata's fight being delayed, however, he doesn't believe that they aren't fated to meet. Kamogawa asked Shinoda if Itagaki's injuries are healed, which Shinoda informed him that they are. When Itagaki's match to advance from being a six-rounder arrived, Kamogawa went to the Kōrakuen Hall to be one of his seconds, where he wins by decision.

After seeing Ippo shadowbox with Miyata as his opponent, Kamogawa mentioned to Yagi how nostalgic it feels. While Yagi suggest for Ippo to fight someone as the wait time for the match against Miyata has extended, but Kamogawa declined, as Ippo may lose since he is too focused on Miyata. Yagi noted that it was a good thing that they turned down the request for Ippo to be an OPBF interim champion, as Kamogawa was shown a file on the OPBF's second ranker, Randy Boy Junior, which Kamogawa recalls "Randy Boy"'s name. Later, Kamogawa watched Itagaki and Aoki as they sparred. Later, Kamogawa and Yagi received resignation paperwork from Shinoda, as he felt that he wasn't able to tap into Aoki and Kimura's potential, and if Itagaki loses against Hoshi, he would resign.

Kamogawa as a second in Itagaki's match against Hoshi.

When Itagaki's match against Hoshi arrived, Kamogawa went to the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium to be one of Itagaki's seconds for the match. Before the match began, Kamogawa noticed Itagaki being nervous, mentioning to get his act together and think about what will happen to Shinoda if he loses, however, Shinoda requested for Kamogawa to not tell him about the resignation. When the match began, Kamogawa was one of Itagaki's seconds. In the first round, as Itagaki was effortlessly dodging Hoshi's attacks with the Bullet Time, Kamogawa asked Shinoda when he realised what was going on with Itagaki. Learning that it was when he fought Imai in the East Japan Rookie King tournament, Kamogawa assumed Itagaki gained confidence after defeating Imai and his cork came loose. The match ended in Itagaki's victory by knockout in the first round.

Scratch Arc

Kamogawa learning that Miyata has cancelled his match with Ippo.

When Miyata's father came to the Kamogawa gym, Kamogawa was furious to hear him apologise as he explained that his son has decided to put his priority into maintaining his OPBF title, wanting to fight the interim champion rather than the promised match against Ippo. Kamogawa had him leave and decided to cut all ties between Miyata's father and his son. When Ippo arrived to the gym, Kamogawa proceeded to do mitt practise with him until Ippo stopped, asking Kamogawa who he is supposed to beat. Kamogawa lectured him to remember that the reason he punches and what he chases is to become strong and that there are many strong fighters in the world to fight and become strong, telling him to forget about what happened with Miyata and look upward. As Ippo responded that he can't forget about Miyata, Kamogawa became angry and kicked Ippo out of his gym.

Later, when Yagi informed Kamogawa that Ippo is outside the gym, Kamogawa tried to ignore him, but got irritated as Ippo paced back and forth outside and had him come in. After Ippo apologised and requested for Kamogawa to let him keep boxing, Kamogawa decided to have Yagi call any champions in the OPBF. Kamogawa explained to Ippo of the situation of the world stage, where Ricardo rules the WBA without any real contenders and everyone else aiming for the WBC title to avoid fighting Ricardo. Kamogawa revealed a plan to Ippo to challenge the national champions in the OPBF in order to become the unofficial OPBF champion to make his way to become the first ranker of the world, get the WBC title, and wait his turn to fight Ricardo. Kamogawa immediately began to train Ippo for his match in one month against a national OPBF champion. Ippo's next match was decided to be against the Thailand's national champion, Jimmy Sisphar.

As Takamura, Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki came back from a training camp, Itagaki wanted to spar with Ippo, however, Kamogawa forbade him from sparring with Ippo anymore as a spar where he can't land a hit would make him lose confidence. When the weigh-in arrived, Kamogawa went with Ippo to the Kōrakuen Hall where they meet Sisphar. As Ippo was scared of how Sisphar looked with the many scars on his face, he hid behind Kamogawa, which embarrassed Kamogawa. Walking from the venue, while Fujii and Mari assumed that the Kamogawa side do not know how Sisphar fights, Kamogawa commented that he figured Sisphar is a rushing in-fighter due to the scars.

Kamogawa at Ippo's match against Sisphar.

When Ippo's match against Sisphar arrived, Kamogawa went to the Kōrakuen Hall to be his chief second. At the ring before the match, Kamogawa instructed Ippo to prevent Sisphar from getting fired up and move forward. After the first round, while Shinoda was claiming that it was luck that made Sisphar miss the last punch before the round ended, Kamogawa disagreed that it was luck, as it was a strategy against Miyata to go head first into counters. Kamogawa noted to Ippo how he doesn't have his usual advantage of close range fights, but there's is only one thing he can to do. After the second round, Kamogawa agreed with Ippo's strategy of using dual exchanges to stop Sisphar's charge, believing that if he loses out in what he specialises in, he won't make it out pass the entrance to the world. After the third round, Kamogawa informed Ippo a way to end the stalemate and to put the match into his favour: by changing his rhythm with a uppercut. The match ended in Ippo's victory by knockout in the fourth round. Afterwards, Kamogawa scolded Ippo for being pulled in by Sisphar and throwing only hooks. Outside the venue, Kamogawa reflected on how the sacrifices of sealing the Dempsey Roll and the daily buildup Ippo undergoes is starting to bear fruit and the glory he saw far away may become visible.

Destined Boxer Arc

Kamogawa embarrassed as he walks to the ring with Takamura in a beetle outfit.

At the gym, Kamogawa wondered where Takamura was, and, after hearing from Kimura that he went out to find a finishing move, Kamogawa didn't believe Takamura could find one as it takes time and effort into creating one. When Takamura returned, he revealed that he has found a finishing move. When Takamura opened a container filled with stag beetles to show the animal he based his finishing move off of, Kamogawa got angry at him for making his gym riddled with stag beetles. As Takamura showed off his new finishing blow, the Beetle's Uppercut on Aoki, Kamogawa told him to not use it in a match since it would be counted as a foul due to hitting below the belt. When Itagaki, Kimura, Aoki, and Takamura had a match, Kamogawa went to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan to be their second. Kamogawa was one of Itagaki, Kimura, and Aoki's seconds for their match against Alex Harker, Michael Gehon, and Padawan Yoda respectively, where all three Kamogawa gym members won by knockout. Kamogawa was Takamura's chief second in his second WBC middleweight title defence match against Rickey Mouse. As Kamogawa walked with Takamura to the ring, he was embarrassed by Takamura's beetle outfit. The match ended in Takamura's victory by knockout in the first round. Walking out of the venue, Yagi asked Kamogawa if he was mad. Kamogawa responded that he is getting old and has found a group of surrogate sons at the end of his life, wanting to take it at heart and not needing anything in his coffin, as he already has far more than he can take when he passes on.

Winner Takes All Arc

Kamogawa hearing Tsukahara's story.

Kamogawa went to the Miyagi prefecture to speak with coach Tsukahara of the Tsukahara gym and get videos from him as his boxer fought against Ippo's next opponent. When he learned that Tsukahara had his boxer win against Ippo's next opponent in a fixed fight, Kamogawa caused a scene by hitting the coach with his cane. A police officer saw the event and took Kamogawa away to a nearby police department. After getting his cane confiscated. Kamogawa was released per Tsukahara's request and was met by Yagi and Ippo to pick him up. As Tsukahara left the police department, he pleaded for forgiveness to Kamogawa. Kamogawa, Yagi, Ippo, and Tsukahara went to a restaurant as they listened to Tsukahara's story of how his boxer, Fukui Kyōsuke fought Ippo's next opponent and won in a fixed match, with his boxer retiring shortly after due to the shame of his opponent losing on purpose. Tsukahara pleaded to Ippo for him to beat his next opponent, Filipino champion Malcolm Gedo before leaving. Kamogawa noted to Ippo that for one to lose a fight on purpose, Gedo must have first rate skills along with being rotten to the core.

When Kamogawa, Yagi, and Ippo returned to the Kamogawa gym, Kamogawa got angry at Takamura for turning his office into an interrogation room as a prank. When Fukui entered and requested to spar with Ippo, Kamogawa saw it as a way to make memories before retiring. Kamogawa accepted Fukui's request, making the spar a three round spar with no headgear and 8 ounce gloves like in a real match. Before the spar began, Kamogawa commented that he does not want to see Ippo struggling and for Ippo to show him the difference between them. Kamogawa fired Fukui up as he made insulting remarks about Tsukahara to him and ordered Ippo to finish it in round one or he will get kicked out. After Ippo defeated Fukui in one round, Kamogawa told Fukui to get out after commenting how he ended up like that because Tsukahara is a failure. Afterwards, Kamogawa went to the rooftop and discussed with Yagi about the spar. Yagi assumed that Kamogawa played the bad guy in hopes to get Fukui not to retire. Kamogawa noted how fearsome Gedo must be to be able to fool everyone by faking his defeat against a Japanese ranker.

Kamogawa discussing about the decision to accept the match against Gedo.

Kamogawa, Yagi, and Ippo reviewed Gedo's video on his match against Fukui. They watch Gedo's high levelled defensive and manoeuvring abilities, along with Fukui being surprised when he hits Gedo, which Ippo revealed that it is his "magic" to disrupt one's depth perception. As Kamogawa agreed with Ippo's decision to accept the match with Gedo, Yagi tried to get them to think first since they don't have a plan and are emotional. After Kamogawa and Ippo disagreed, Yagi decided to accept the match against Gedo. Later, when Kamogawa entered the gym, he was accidentally hit with a cane by Takamura. Kamogawa angrily told him to throw the chunk of wood away, making him leave. Yagi figured that Takamura brought the cane to give Kamogawa as a gift since his cane was taken by the police. Later in the gym's office, Kamogawa learned from Yagi that Gedo's side gave the okay and said that they would be good for tomorrow. Surprised, Kamogawa assumed that they must be after Ippo's world ranking, however, Yagi revealed that they didn't know who Ippo was and are only focused on the prize money, which made Kamogawa furious.

Kamogawa angry during his meeting with Gedo.

Kamogawa and Yagi took Ippo to the Tōhō gym to spar against Mashiba, much to Ippo's dismay. After Ippo took a beating even after using his Dempsey Roll, Kamogawa noted that he knew the Dempsey Roll wouldn't work on Mashiba due to his height. As Ippo expressed his amazement about Mashiba's right uppercut he used, Kamogawa mentioned that he prepared the right uppercut just for him since Mashiba still remembers the black mark that Ippo left on him in the Rookie King tournament. Kamogawa was pleased with what he saw in the spar, as Ippo's body reacted before his mind as he went forward despite the danger. Later at the gym, Gedo and his manager arrived to discuss their match with Ippo. Kamogawa was angered as Gedo was only interested in talking about money and mispronounced Ippo's name on purpose. As Gedo asked about the money once more, Kamogawa ultimately decided that it would be a winner takes all for two million yen in one month at the Kōrakuen Hall. After Gedo and his manager left, Kamogawa told Ippo they will make Gedo remember his name and face, ordering Ippo to hit him so hard that he will be forced to remember. Kamogawa began training Ippo for the match.

Kamogawa arriving to the ring with Ippo in his match against Gedo.

When the day of the weigh-in arrived, Kamogawa went with Ippo to the Kōrakuen Hall. Gedo tried to fool everyone by being a bit over the weight limit to get extra money from Kamogawa as a promise to bring his weight down, however, Kamogawa got him to take his clothes off, which made Gedo pass. Kamogawa revealed his offer to Gedo an extra 500,000 yen if he defeats Ippo by knockout. The next day, Kamogawa went to the Kōrakuen Hall to be Ippo's chief second in his match against Gedo. During the first round, Kamogawa and Yagi were confused as to why Ippo threw a big swing when Gedo moved out of the way with both arms stretched out. When Kamogawa figured out the trick, he yelled out for Ippo to watch Gedo's feet instead of focusing on his outstretched arm. After the first round, Kamogawa explained to Ippo about how Gedo was feinting at close range to escape into his blind spot, but he now understands it and with Ippo having fought boxers with faster hand speed than his, Ippo should be able to close in. In the second round, Kamogawa was confused when Gedo was able to hit outside of the range that Ippo got used to.

Kamogawa advising for Ippo to stop Gedo's time.

After the second round, Kamogawa figured that Ippo can not gauge his distance between him and Gedo, suggesting for Ippo to take as many hits as he can for his body to learn the range. Kamogawa added that if he is still unsure of the range, to go into dual exchanges since Ippo's power will make up for it. After the third round, Kamogawa advised to Ippo to not give up as he will find a chance as the fight has just begun. After rounds four and five, Kamogawa was unable to give advice, only trying to raise Ippo's spirits as he sees no way to achieve victory. During round six, Kamogawa regretted underestimating Gedo, as he thought Gedo was just a greedy fool and would cower before Ippo's fist, but seeing Ippo struggle against him causes Kamogawa to think of himself as naive. As Kamogawa was distressed as he can not see why Ippo has trouble with Gedo's left jab, Itagaki appeared at the ringside and revealed that the keywords are "range," "swell," and "shake." While Kamogawa claimed he doesn't know anything about magic, he does know a magic punch. After the sixth round, Kamogawa advised for Ippo to keep doing the same thing, but he told him to remember two things: keep his neck tight to his shoulders, and to press into his chest and stop his movement with a punch so hard that it stops his time.

Kamogawa freezing his hands to cure Ippo's swollen eyes.

During round seven after Ippo hit Gedo with the Heart Break Shot and barely missed a follow up attack, Kamogawa saw that Gedo became fearful after seeing Ippo's punch. With 45 seconds left to the end of the seventh round, Kamogawa decided to dip his hands in a bucket of ice and orders Yagi and Shinoda to tell him when there is five seconds left, preparing to do the last thing he can do for Ippo. When five seconds are left, they tell Kamogawa, to which Kamogawa takes his hands out of the ice bucket. After the seventh round, Kamogawa put his ice cold hands onto Ippo's swollen shut eyes, causing Ippo to be able to open his eyes and see. Since Kamogawa's hands are numb, he gave the towel to Yagi for him to stop the match when he gives him the signal. During round eight when Kamogawa gave Yagi the signal as Ippo was about to get hit with a big punch, Yagi threw the towel as Ippo dodged the attack, however, Kamogawa caught the towel. After Ippo defeated Gedo in the eighth round by knockout, Kamogawa commented on how devastating an opponent Gedo was before walking Ippo out of the ring.

Red Lightning Arc

As Ippo's face began to swell up, Kamogawa and Takamura took Ippo to the venue's doctor. There, they met Gedo. Kamogawa gave Gedo the fight money that he would normally receive so that he doesn't go home empty handed. Since Ippo asked Gedo if he ever wanted to become the world champion, Kamogawa learned that Gedo did, but ran into someone who was talent personified and knew that he could never win against him after he was greatly defeated by him. Gedo warned to be careful if Ippo runs into him on his way to the world title: Randy Boy Junior.

Later at the gym, as a promise between Kamogawa and Takamura, if Takamura defeated three opponents in a spar at the same time without getting hit, Takamura can go for his third weight class world title match, but if he gets hit, he has to do his third WBC middleweight title defence. After Takamura sparred against the three Japanese middleweight rankers and he got hit, it was decided his next match is the title defence. As Yagi revealed to the gym members that Takamura's third WBC middleweight title defence opponent in April would be Ronald Duck, Aoki and Kimura would be openers, and Miyata would face Randy in the semi-final, Kamogawa added that he wanted to cut all ties to the Miyata family, however, the gym needed the money for the Takamura's third world title match.

When Sendō came to the gym, he revealed his "beat-down list", which Miyata was one of the names on it for him to spar against to help him train to fight Mexicans. Ippo decided to take him to the Kawahara gym for Miyata and Sendō to help each other before being stopped by Kamogawa and have Itagaki take Sendō instead. Due to Kamogawa not wanting to let Ippo go see the spar, Ippo became depressed until his depression annoyed the others at the gym, making them order him to go around and buy them outlandish items, with Kamogawa ordering for him to get him a Pokarimin C drink as a hint for him to watch the spar. On the day of the Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura's weigh-in and Takamura's press conference, Kamogawa went to the Kōrakuen Hall for the weigh-in and then ate at the De La Hoya before going to the joint press conference for Takamura and Miyata.

The next day, Kamogawa went to the Yokohama Arena, where he was one of Kimura's seconds in his match against Sim Rex, which was stopped by a doctor in the fifth round and Kimura lost the decision, and Aoki's match against Ponsa Kureck, where he lost by decision after ten rounds. Kamogawa went to Takamura's room in the venue to warm him up while Miyata fought against Randy. After Miyata defeated Randy, Kamogawa arrived to the ring to be Takamura's chief second for his third WBC middleweight title defence against Duck. After the ninth round, Kamogawa asked a heated Takamura what was supposed to blow him away between the huge misses and his swollen face, sarcastically telling him that he is impressed and everyone should clap. After Takamura defeated Duck in the tenth round by knockout, Kamogawa scolded Takamura for his performance that had the crowd booing.

Second Coming of Death Arc

When Itagaki's match against Kaonar Pachiyoso arrived where he was the semi-final for Mashiba's OPBF lightweight title match, Kamogawa went to the Kōrakuen Hall to be one of Itagaki's seconds, where the match ended in the second round by Itagaki's knockout victory.

In the Jungle Arc

Kamogawa's encouragement for the gym members to remember that they are boxers 24 hours a day.

At the Kamogawa gym, Kamogawa asked Ippo about his condition, which Ippo answered that he is fine. Kamogawa mentioned that he will be away from the gym for a while, giving them encouraging words to always remember that they are boxers 24-hours a day. Before leaving, Kamogawa revealed that along with Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki having a match in the Class A Tournament soon, Ippo also has a match in two months, which Yagi revealed as the Indonesian featherweight champion with a record of only three fights. Kamogawa added that the Indonesian champion is an unrivalled genius and that the only thing he got from watching the video that the Indonesian champion's side sent was that it is a nice place. Kamogawa went to the Pension Yoshio to see Nekota and inform him that the Indonesian champion's trainer is the same trainer that trained Hawk and someone that they knew in the past: Miguel Zale.

When Kamogawa came back from the Pension Yoshio, he watched as Ippo, Takamura, Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki ran together for their roadwork, relieved that they shaped up while he was away. One month before Ippo's match against the Indonesian champion, Kamogawa began training Ippo to stop the Indonesian champion's movement by trapping him into a corner and hitting his body as he assumed that his speed is remarkable due to the tapes. Days later, Kamogawa received a phone call from Dankichi after his boxer, Volg, sparred against the Indonesian champion, getting warned that Ippo won't be able to trap him, since the corner is where he is most effective. Despite the warning, Kamogawa theorised that the final showdown will still be at the corner, where Ippo will hit him with a body blow to stop him from running circles around Ippo.

Kamogawa meeting Miguel at the weigh-in.

When the day of the weigh-in arrived, Kamogawa went to the Kōrakuen Hall with Ippo and met Miguel and the Indonesian champion, Wally, getting hugged by Miguel against his will. After the weigh-in, Kamogawa met with Miguel to confirm if he is the man from back then. Miguel confirmed that he was, which was why he greeted Kamogawa warmly and realised that it was no wonder why Takamura defeated Hawk. As Miguel claimed that Wally is his last son, Kamogawa asked if he met Wally the same way he heard that he found Hawk. Miguel explained how he found Wally after seeing him on a television program, and that he will be seeking Kamogawa's appraisal of his last son after the match. Kamogawa walked away and gave a comment to Mari that the match has his blood pumping.

Kamogawa with Ippo in his match against Wally.

The next day, Kamogawa arrived to the Kōrakuen Hall for Ippo's match against Wally. Kamogawa acted as Ippo's chief second when the match began. After the first round, Kamogawa reflected how Ippo's training that he did when he was supposed to go against Miyata is finally showing, since he braces him self after throwing a punch in anticipation of a counter, making him able to deal with punches from unexpected angles. As Ippo got up as the second round was about to begin, Kamogawa advised Ippo to get used to Wally's odd style, even if he has to take punches to burn it to his body. During the second round, Kamogawa was shocked as Wally hit Ippo with a Smash and Flicker Jabs, noting that it is not an arsenal that someone with only three fights should have. After the second round, Kamogawa praised Ippo's performance and listened to Ippo's strategy to bring Wally to the red corner. During the third round, as Ippo brought Wally to the red corner, Kamogawa was shocked as he watched Wally grab the ropes to push himself back to escape. When Ippo got Wally trapped at the corner, Kamogawa and Ippo had forgotten about being warned by Dankichi and Volg as Ippo got countered at the corner, where Wally is the most effective at.

Kamogawa telling Ippo that his goal is to take Wally down.

After the third round, as Ippo apologised, Kamogawa claimed that he condemns him for his courage and that since Ippo couldn't touch Wally when he did his best, that means that they have to accept that he is in a different league. Kamogawa advised for Ippo to hit Wally whenever he dives in rather than blocking. After the fourth round, Kamogawa noticed that Ippo was smiling as he came to the corner as Ippo told him that he managed to touch Wally. Seeing that Ippo is focused, Kamogawa ordered him to touch Wally five times as his next goal and then hit him hard. After the fifth round where Ippo successfully touched Wally five times, Kamogawa informed hi that his next goal would be to touch him six times. During the sixth round, Yagi asked Kamogawa what Ippo should do, however, Kamogawa had no answer but is bracing himself to stop the match if Ippo goes down. After the sixth round, Kamogawa told him that the goal to touch him a number of times is over, instructing Ippo to only throw punches that will take him down. During the seventh round. Kamogawa noticed Wally having trouble jumping around. Yagi wondered why, but Kamogawa did not know. After the seventh round, Kamogawa figured out that the body blows Ippo tapped him with were the reason Wally is having trouble all of a sudden. When Ippo asked Kamogawa for the next goal, Kamogawa told him that the next goal is to take him down. Ippo defeated Wally by knockout in the eighth round.

Kamogawa and Miguel meet after Ippo's fight against Wally.

Afterwards, Kamogawa was approached by Miguel, who jokingly asked what would happen if he issued a rematch request. Kamogawa claimed he would turn him down as there would be no way Ippo would win, as the only reason Ippo won was because Ippo used the Dempsey Roll which Wally had no experience against. Miguel noted how Ippo is a splitting image of Kamogawa and that he has his resilience because he learned his stubbornness from Kamogawa, however, he warned Kamogawa that that strength will lead to his downfall and the two of them are headed for a great disaster. Kamogawa asked what he means by that, and Miguel explained that when his boxers face Takamura and Ippo, he thought that Kamogawa should have thrown the towel as he would not be able to take that much since he has seen many times when a second chooses to let their fight hang on which resulted in a terrible accident. As Miguel commented that he wouldn't want to see his own fighter become broken, Kamogawa claimed that he trained his fighter to be better than that. Kamogawa wished for Miguel to pass a message to Wally to not let a single loss bring down his spirits. Before Miguel took off, he told Kamogawa that when they meet again, he will show what Wally is truly capable of when he is fully developed and hoped for Kamogawa to stick around to see the day that both of their sons shine their light down on the world stage. As Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki got encouraged to win the Class A Tournament, Kamogawa expressed his excitement for it as well.

Chronos Arc

Kamogawa with Itagaki in his match against Karasawa.

On the day of the first round of Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki's Class A Tournament, Kamogawa arrived to the Kōrakuen Hall to be one of their seconds. Kamogawa was one of Itagaki's seconds as his match against Karasawa began. During the second round as Itagaki was in a pinch, Kamogawa asked Shinoda if he is going to say anything to Itagaki, however, Shinoda mentioned that he is prioritising the experience he will gain from the fight. As Itagaki began to take the lead in the second round, Kamogawa asked Shinoda if he knew it would happen. Shinoda noted that he did not know it would happen, but hoped his advice would, as his full potential is unleashed when he is relaxed and stays focused. After Itagaki defeated Karasawa in the second round by knockout, Kamogawa was one of Aoki and Kimura's seconds in their match against Jackal Itō and Ryūzaki Takeshi respectively, where Aoki and Kimura win by decision. Kamogawa congratulated Shinoda for his win as their chief second. Kamogawa watched the match between former JBC lightweight champion Katsutaka Imae and Iga Shinobu which decides who Aoki would be fighting in the Class A Tournament finals. After Iga's effortless victory against Imae, Kamogawa explained to the gym members how Iga has recently switched trainers which may have resulted in a change from only decision wins to a string of knockout wins.

Blind Step Arc

Kamogawa revealing Ippo's eighth JBC featherweight title defence.

At the Kamogawa gym, Kamogawa was looking for Takamura, however, he was informed that Takamura is away on a training trip. Kamogawa revealed to the gym members that Takamura has a fourth WBC middleweight title defence and Ippo has an eighth JBC featherweight title defence. He explained that Ippo's opponent is not ranked at all and that he is from a weight class two classes higher than Ippo, being a former lightweight ranker. Later, Kamogawa, Yagi, and Shinoda gave the gym members an overview of the upcoming matches, with Takamura's fourth WBC middleweight title defence match and Ippo's eighth JBC featherweight title defence match in October and in November it will be the Class A Tournament finals. Kamogawa soon began to train Ippo for his upcoming match by strengthening his neck to absorb impact from punches from a lightweight boxer.

During a training session, Ippo informed Kamogawa that Takamura told him to fight against Kojima like a champion and remember the faces of his opponents when he gets hit. Kamogawa admitted Takamura's advice wasn't wrong, however, he knew that Ippo wouldn't be able to consider himself as the champion, so Kamogawa instructed Ippo to remember Takamura's words, but consider himself as the challenger and fight accordingly in his boxing style. While doing mitt practise with Takamura, Kamogawa scolded him to pay attention to his own training when Takamura was discussing Ippo's training with his gym mates.

On the day of Ippo and Takamura's weigh-in and Takamura's press conference, Kamogawa arrived at the Roigal Hotel. When Kamogawa went to Ippo's weigh-in, he was shocked that his opponent, Kojima Hisato looked skinny from the weight control, however, he advised Ippo to give no pity towards him. After Ippo and Takamura passed their weight check, Kamogawa realised that Kojima's appearance suggests that he was declaring that he would win in the early rounds as he rushed to attend Takamura's press conference with his opponent, Peter Rabbitson.

Kamogawa entering the ring with Ippo in his fight against Kojima.

The next day when Ippo's eighth JBC featherweight title defence match against Kojima and Takamura's fourth WBC middleweight title defence match against Rabbitson arrived, Kamogawa went to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan. Kamogawa arrived to the ring to be Ippo's chief second and, when the match was about to begin, Kamogawa tried to give him advice, but Ippo would not listen as he was focused. During the first round, Kamogawa was puzzled after seeing Ippo start the match in a wide stance that he never taught him. After a minute and a half passed with neither fighter moving, Kamogawa figured that Ippo must be building up strength for a punch with his full weight behind it. The match ended in one round after Ippo defeated Kojima with a one hit knockout. In the venue's waiting room, Kamogawa was grinning since he heard from Itagaki about how Ippo was angry after Kojima insulted him. He criticised Ippo for his victory since all he did was punch a man he was angry at, which was not something that he taught him. As Takamura's fourth WBC middleweight title defence was about to begin, Kamogawa arrived to the ring to be his chief second. He scolded Takamura for wearing a poorly painted panda outfit to the ring. After Takamura won by a one punch knockout in the final twelfth round, Kamogawa wanted to scold him and Ippo, however, he delayed the scolding as Takamura left and he was tired.

Speed Zone Arc

The next day, Kamogawa requested for Ippo to come into his office. When Ippo arrived, Kamogawa lectured that the fists and legs he gave him were for boxing, and in the six years he has trained him, he never taught him pure violence. He added that there is more to boxing than winning a match, and that if the principles are corrupted, he may as well have lost. Kamogawa noticed Ippo showing signs of a fever and requested for Itagaki to take him home. Later, Kamogawa and Yagi watched Mari interview Ippo about his match with Kojima. Afterwards, Kamogawa was glad to hear Ippo claim that his training never betrays him. Kamogawa noted that his match with Kojima confirmed that some of the something he planted in Ippo took root. When Yagi thought he is talking about the destructive power shown in the knockout, Kamogawa mentioned that he meant before the knockout where Ippo used one leg to support his weight and his big toe to regain footing and from that position his strong lower body allowed him to throw a full swing due to the seeds he planted in him. Kamogawa believed that while the world may view Ippo as a no name fighter, the weapon he is building will make the world have to notice if it shapes up well, contemplating that the time for the seal to come off may be soon.

Kamogawa discussing the Class A Tournament finals.

Later, Kamogawa and Yagi discussed with Shinoda about Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki's training for the Class A Tournament finals. Yagi mentioned how it must be hard training the three all day, which Shinoda responded that Kamogawa has it harder due to training Ippo and Takamura. Kamogawa disagreed, as no matter the boxer, they place their lives in the trainer's hands, making the both of them in the same position. As Kamogawa deemed Saeki a tough opponent for Itagaki as Ippo was able to just barely beat him, Shinoda believed that Itagaki has great potential. When Takamura came back to the gym to tell Aoki about his weakness, Kamogawa lectured him about his performance.

Kamogawa at the ring with Itagaki in his match against Saeki.

When Itagaki, Kimura, and Aoki's Class A Tournament finals arrived, Kamogawa went to the Kōrakuen Hall. As Itagaki's match against Saeki began, Kamogawa was one of Itagaki's seconds. During the second round as Itagaki stayed in medium range against Saeki despite getting hit many times, Kamogawa claimed that he would normally praise his courage for not backing off and noticed that Itagaki is looking for a dual exchange. When Saeki caused Itagaki's right eye to swell up, Kamogawa was shocked as he used the same tactic on Ippo. After the second round, Kamogawa saw that Itagaki's spirit is close to breaking, advising Shinoda to give him a slap to boost his energy, however, Shinoda instead played Shiritori with him to get him to relax. During the third round, Kamogawa asked Shinoda if giving him no advice was a good idea, however, Shinoda claimed that he gave him the best advice he could think of. During the fourth round as Yagi explained how he remembered reading about how other sports have athletes who have unusually high senses when focused enough, Kamogawa noted how in boxing there are not very many, but he has heard Miyata's father claim something like that after an exceptionally good match. After Itagaki defeated Saeki by knockout in the fourth round, Kamogawa gave Shinoda praise for being the reason Itagaki had a comeback in the match, believing that Kimura and Aoki will have no problem with Shinoda leading them.

Kamogawa revealing Ippo's match against Alfredo.

When Kimura's match began, Kamogawa was one of his seconds where it ended in Kimura's loss by decision. Kamogawa told a downed Shinoda that he did all that he could. When Aoki's match against Iga began, Kamogawa was one of his seconds. During the six round where Aoki was getting beaten in the one-sided match, he informed Shinoda to get ready and throw the towel. After the sixth round, Kamogawa deemed Iga a master of positioning. As Yagi noted that Iga isn't moving around much, Kamogawa added that Iga is making his opponent move by manipulating Aoki into danger zones without him realising it. During the seventh round, Kamogawa ordered Shinoda to throw the towel as he noticed that Iga is holding back and the referee won't stop the fight. As Shinoda argued, Kamogawa exclaimed to not make the fighter's loss as the corner can bear that burden. After Shinoda threw the towel as Aoki collapsed, the match ended in Aoki's loss. Due to the injuries, Kamogawa went with Aoki as he was taken to the Kawai Hospital, where he heard from Mashiba Kumi that Aoki is in stable condition. Later at the gym, Kamogawa and Yagi revealed to Ippo that they are moving him onto the world stage by having Ippo would fight the second in the world, Alfredo Gonzales, to gain the attention of Ricardo's management.

Proud Wolf Arc

Kamogawa explaining to Ippo about Volg's history in America.

When it was revealed that Volg has an upcoming IBF junior lightweight title match against Mike Elliot, Kamogawa informed Ippo about Volg's boxing history in America, where he became ranked first in three separate occasions and became known as the "unofficial champion" in America. After Ippo asked why Volg couldn't request a title match when he was ranked first, Kamogawa explained that the champions ignore some matches where there are dangerous opponents and opponents who don't bring money for the promoters. As Ippo wondered why they sent a challenge to Volg with only a week left before the fight, Kamogawa replied that they most likely doubt Volg can win without a chance of doing training and weight management so that the champion can be seen as the one who defeated the ultimate challenger and that Dankichi told him that it is their best chance for a title match. The day before Volg's match, Sendō came to the Kamogawa gym a day early as he thought that the match was happening. Kamogawa informed him that it is the next day as there is a time difference, giving him the keys to the gym to let him spend the night and ordered him to not train, as Yanaoka told him over the phone that Sendō may try to spar with Ippo if he trains.

After having watched Volg defeat Elliot and become the IBF junior lightweight champion, Kamogawa went to the gym and scolded Ippo for sparring with Sendō without permission and getting beat up. With the gym members gathered, Kamogawa informed Ippo that his JBC title is being relinquished and Yagi revealed that Itagaki would be having a JBC featherweight title match to being the belt back.

Go to the World Arc

Kamogawa training Ippo for long ranged punches.

When Kamogawa was mitt practising with Ippo, he stopped to tell him to take a break. Ippo, however, claimed he did not need a break which made Kamogawa want to continue until Yagi advised Kamogawa to take a break. After the break, Kamogawa mitt practised with Takamura. Later, Kamogawa went to the gym and explained to Ippo about how a Mexican's left hits hard and can reach far while being hard to predict and see. To overcome Alfredo's Mexican lefts, Kamogawa had Yagi gather the materials to make a glove on a stick that can extend, shrink, and bend. Kamogawa began training Ippo with the tool, helping him learn to dodge or block the unpredictable punches. Kamogawa later wore body armour to cushion the impact of Ippo's liver blow as he trained him to dodge and step in to land a liver blow on Alfredo. Later, Kamogawa had Ippo spar with Kimura to train his liver blows before the final touches, ordering him to rest afterwards.

Kamogawa walking with Ippo to his match against Alfredo.

When the weigh-in for Ippo's weigh-in with Alfredo and Itagaki's weigh-in for Imai arrived, Kamogawa went to the Kōrakuen Hall to attend Ippo's weigh-in, where they meet Alfredo. When the reporters were asking about how Ippo was training and what his plan is, Ippo was about to reveal it before getting hit by Kamogawa, criticising the reporters for asking and Ippo for almost answering. The next day, Kamogawa went to the Kōrakuen Hall for Ippo and Itagaki's matches. Kamogawa arrived to the ring to be one of Itagaki's seconds in his JBC featherweight title match against Imai, which ended in Itagaki's loss in the first round by knockout, causing Imai to be the JBC featherweight champion. Afterwards, Kamogawa went to Ippo to prepare him for his match against Alfredo, informing him that Itagaki was sent straight to the doctor. As Kamogawa taped Ippo's gloves, he mentioned to not panic if he gets hit by Alfredo, and advised him to stay steady and do as practised by dodging his left and close in to increase the pressure. Kamogawa collided heads with Ippo, exclaiming to if he wins, the world would be next. Walking to the ring, Kamogawa noted how Ippo wearing blue boxing trunks makes him a pure challenger. Kamogawa arrived to the ring to be Ippo's chief second as his match against Alfredo began.

During the first round, Kamogawa observed that Alfredo is already using a complicated strategy by messing with Ippo's sense of range, however, he believes that Ippo is prepared to cope with complex strategies. After the first round, Kamogawa asked Ippo if there is any damage and if he is out of breath, which Ippo confirmed with a negative for both questions. Kamogawa asked Ippo if Alfredo is giving him trouble, and Ippo answered that he is, since he throws different punches from the same starting position, but he knew that is what Kamogawa trained him for so he will do what his body knows. Kamogawa warned Ippo to expect Alfredo to have many tricks left to show.

During the third round when Alfredo chose to do out-boxing, Kamogawa told Yagi how Alfredo is now accommodating Ippo more than when he was in-fighting as Ippo is used to chasing his opponents down. As Kamogawa observed Ippo successfully dodging Alfredo's uppercut and right straight, he realised that Ippo is using his past experiences to find his answer, believing that their boxing is going to be effective. After watching in shock as Alfredo downed Ippo with a long left hook, Kamogawa knew that Alfredo was planning the down with his first hook in the match all along and that he led Ippo right into his hand expertly. When Ippo got up, Kamogawa yelled out for him to stay in place and throw punches until the third round ends. After the third round, Kamogawa informed Ippo that the punch that downed him was from an area outside the realm where he thought was impossible. Ippo asked Kamogawa what he can do against Alfredo. Kamogawa suggested that while the match seems not in his favour and Alfredo seems to be able to do everything good, there has to be something he can do better than Alfredo. Kamogawa figured that Ippo is superior when it comes to stamina and the ability to recuperate, ordering Ippo to lower Alfredo's stamina to make him lose willpower, creating a chance.

During the fifth round, Kamogawa watched as his plan to lower Alfredo's stamina seeming to not work out for Ippo as his face becomes swollen. Kamogawa remembered that the last time Ippo was beaten this badly was in his fight with Wally, where he only won because of Wally's lack of experience, however, he knows that Alfredo is someone with more experience. As he continued to watch, Kamogawa became puzzled when he keeps visualising Wally and Miguel. After the fifth round, Ippo asked Kamogawa for permission to use the Dempsey Roll. Kamogawa put ice on Ippo's swollen right eye and gave him permission to use it.

During the sixth round as Alfredo tried to land a counter on the Dempsey Roll, Yagi wondered how Alfredo can rush into the Dempsey Roll and if he has studied it thoroughly, however, Kamogawa believed he hasn't since it would have stopped the technique cleanly. When Alfredo stopped the Dempsey Roll with his body, Kamogawa shouted out for Ippo to realise that he can fight Alfredo in a close range battle as he is in range for it. Seeing that Alfredo also got ready to fight in close range, Kamogawa noted that Ippo can now tap into everything he has and rely on his courage. After Ippo knocked Alfredo down, Kamogawa knew that Alfredo would get up, advising Ippo to take deep breaths. As the fight continued, Kamogawa reflected how Ippo has the power and courage to overcome even the most hopeless situations and remembered Wally and Miguel again, wondering why he keeps remembering them. After the sixth round, Kamogawa mentioned to Ippo that now is the time to get Alfredo as he is clearly hurting and agreed with Ippo after he asked if he should end it in the seventh round.

Kamogawa with Ippo after he lost to Alfredo.

During the seventh round as Ippo was rushing to Alfredo while Alfredo was at the ropes, Kamogawa realised his mind is trying to remind him of Miguel and not Wally, recalling Miguel warning him that Ippo's strength will also be his downfall and that Kamogawa and him are headed towards a great disaster. Soon thereafter, Alfredo countered Ippo's attack, sending him down. Before the referee could start the count, Kamogawa hurriedly ran up to the ring, resulting in the match ending in Ippo's loss as Kamogawa went to check on him and screamed for him to wake up after not responding for some time. When Ippo came to, he got up by himself as Kamogawa walked with him out of the ring. Outside the Kōrakuen Hall, Kamogawa told Ippo to take time off and come by the gym after being checked by the doctors.

Battle of the Beasts Arc

Kamogawa discussing Takamura's six weight class conquest with Yagi.

When Ippo came back to the Kamogawa gym after his loss against Alfredo, Ippo voiced for his seconds to continue helping him with his boxing. After Ippo confirmed that the doctors claimed that he was good after the exam, Kamogawa asked why he lost. After Ippo answered that he would not make any excuses as Alfredo was just stronger, Kamogawa informed Ippo that he would be starting over and that he won't have a match for the foreseeable future, but would assist Takamura, who is having a WBA and WBC middleweight unification match. That night, Yagi and Kamogawa discussed Takamura's next match and how Kamogawa gave Takamura a condition for moving to the super middleweight class when he wins against the WBA middleweight champion. Kamogawa noted how Takamura is in uncharted territory by doing something that no other Japanese has done before and believes that if he keeps winning, there's no telling what he will run up against with possible new problems for him. Kamogawa reflected how nothing lasts forever in the world, wanting to see where his last two students will go next.

When Takamura's weigh-in and press conference arrived, Kamogawa went to the Roigal Hotel to attend the event, meeting the WBA middleweight champion, Richard Bison. The next day, he went to the Yokohama Arena for Takamura's unification title match against Bison, waiting for the match to begin as Takamura slept in the venue's room.

Takamura explaining the Flicker Counter to Takamura.

When it became time for Takamura's match against Bison, Kamogawa did mitt practise with him before arriving to the ring to be his chief second. At the ring before the match began, Kamogawa was asked by Takamura if he wanted the WBA belt, to which Kamogawa replied that Takamura wants it too since that is why he is at the ring. After the first round, Kamogawa asked Takamura if he has a plan to go against Bison's Flicker Jabs. When Takamura claimed he will just get used to them, Kamogawa argued that the fight would be over by then and noted that there are two problems: the Flicker Jabs have long range and Bison is good at swaying. Kamogawa and Takamura argued as neither have no idea what to do, with Kamogawa ending their argument by telling Takamura to ask Bison. During the second round, Kamogawa observed that by the way Bison is leaning forward in his stance, he is aiming for a knockout win since he is concerned with the way he wins as a proud world champion. As Takamura used the Detroit style against Bison's Detroit style, Yagi assumed Bison will get angry and create a chance for Takamura to gain momentum, however, Kamogawa was not so sure, as Bison is also a world champion. After the second round, Kamogawa informed Takamura how he got hit with a Flicker Counter by Bison knocking down Takamura's hand as he threw a Flicker Jab to leave Takamura open. When the announcer called for seconds out, Kamogawa tried to stall for time by giving Takamura his mouthpiece after it was called, but Takamura insisted that he didn't need to stall for time.

When the third round began, Yagi wondered if Takamura was hurt even though he was acting like he wasn't. Kamogawa informed him that Takamura was unconscious at the corner until Ippo told him to do his best, which made Takamura force himself to put up false bravado after seeing everyone worried about him, continuing to fight with only willpower. Yagi mentioned that Takamura should find a way to recover, however, Kamogawa noted that there is no way to keep away from Bison and that the only way for a chance to win is to find a way to get past the Flicker Jabs. When Takamura landed the Flicker Counter and sent Bison down, Yagi was amazed about the bond between Kamogawa and Takamura as Kamogawa previously told Takamura to ask Bison what to do against the Flicker Jabs. Kamogawa mentioned to save his excitement as Bison is getting up because he spun his neck to negate the impact of the counter. After the third round, Kamogawa gave Takamura water to drink and asked him if his calves are giving out, to which Takamura answered that they are fine. After the fourth round, Takamura requested for his right leg to be massaged as he was about to have a charlie horse at the end of the round. Kamogawa positioned himself to block Bison's corner from seeing Shinoda massage his leg while having Yagi get him water. Kamogawa figured that the fact that Takamura complained about something during a match shows how bad the situation is.

Kamogawa placing ice bags on Takamura's right leg to prevent it from cramping.

During the fifth round, Kamogawa observed that Takamura is trying to take down Bison with one punch. Yagi was worried since finding a counter chance against another world champion is risky, which Kamogawa also does not approve, however, he noted that Takamura's right leg must be really hurt for him to resort to such a strategy. As Takamura kept getting hit by a huge left hook while being able to dodge and attack against every other attack, Kamogawa wondered if he can not see the big left swing. After the fifth round, Kamogawa held out three fingers in Takamura's right eye vision area to see if he can see out of it. After Takamura confirmed the right amount of fingers, Kamogawa mentioned to Takamura that he figured that his right leg won't move and that Bison and his corner already know. Kamogawa decided to place two ice bags on Takamura's right leg while shouting, resulting in criticism from Takamura claiming that he isn't like Ippo who needs rituals. As Takamura is sent out for round six, Yagi asked Kamogawa if he can see fine, which Kamogawa answered that he can, leading Yagi to conclude that the real problem is his leg.

Kamogawa with Takamura after his victory against Bison.

During the sixth round, Kamogawa discovered that after Bison feints a right, he throws the big left that always hits Takamura. He tried to get Takamura's attention, however, Takamura couldn't hear him due to a ruptured eardrum. As Takamura continuously got beaten at a corner, Kamogawa threw the towel into the ring, knowing that everyone loses eventually. However, the towel was caught by Aoki, who he and Kimura insisted that Takamura wants to fight until the end like a real man. With no towel to throw, Kamogawa resorted to shouting at Takamura asking if that is all he's got and and he is looking so sorry that he can't stand to watch. The match ended during the sixth round by Takamura winning by knockout, becoming the new WBA middleweight champion, unifying the WBA and WBC titles. Kamogawa placed a WBC belt on his shoulder as he wore the three world title belts to celebrate. After Takamura was interviewed in the ring and made the crowd angry at him due to his haughty attitude toward the crowd, Kamogawa and the rest of the gym members had to rush out of the ring as Kamogawa called Takamura the shame of Japan. Kamogawa began to lecture him, however, Takamura rushed out of the venue with Aoki and Kimura.

Goals to Reach Arc

Kamogawa announcing Aoki and Kimura's matches before Iga's title match.

The next day, the gym and Takamura were contacted by cabinet office for Takamura to accept the people's honour award. When the gym members found out, Kamogawa and Yagi confirmed it was true. Kamogawa was gifted a glass shelf by Takamura to hold his world title belts for Kamogawa to gaze at, setting it up at his office. The gym later got a call back from the cabinet office retracting the offer when Takamura caused a scene where he was seen naked. Later, Kamogawa, with Shinoda and Yagi informed Aoki and Kimura about their upcoming ranked matches that take place as an opener before the main event of Iga challenging the JBC lightweight champion. When Ippo wanted to see the new upgrade that Aoki mentioned, Kamogawa watched a one round spar between the two, where Ippo gets knocked out by Aoki's new Bell Horn. Afterwards, Kamogawa, Yagi, and Shinoda discussed Aoki and Kimura's next match, with Kamogawa hoping that their matches will spur Ippo and Itagaki on.

When Aoki and Kimura's come-back matches arrived, Kamogawa went to the Kōrakuen Hall to be one of their seconds for their matches. Kimura's match ended in a draw after eight rounds and Aoki wins his match by knockout in the eighth round. Kamogawa watched Iga's JBC lightweight title match against the champion Ōshima Sōshi in the venue's waiting room. The match ended with Iga's victory by knockout in the sixth round, making Iga the new JBC lightweight champion. Observing how Iga's plan that had him win must have required a lot of planning and practise, Kamogawa warned Shinoda that he will have to fight Iga and Baron just as much as Aoki.

Seeking Heights Arc

Kamogawa reflecting on how the door to the new Dempsey Roll is almost open.

At the Kamogawa gym, when Matsuura and his coach showed up to spar with Ippo, Kamogawa watched Ippo spar with him, where he was shocked as Ippo showed his Dempsey Roll with a new up and down movement. After the spar, Kamogawa scolded Ippo for missing an uppercut during the Dempsey Roll, telling him it must be more compact before storming off. At the office, he was told by Yagi how he was a bit harsh, as Ippo found the new Dempsey Roll himself without knowing what Kamogawa was training him for, however, Kamogawa was silent as he believed that the door is almost open.

Later, Kamogawa approached Ippo at his training area where does his Dempsey Roll training. Kamogawa revealed to him that his new Dempsey Roll would be neither entirely horizontal or vertical, but diagonally, and if his opponent backs away, he would let his momentum carry him forward to hit them with a Gazelle Punch. Ippo tested the new idea out and was amazed how smooth it was when he shifts his weight. Kamogawa tried to hide his excitement as he had Ippo continue his training by pushing his scooter. Kamogawa continued Ippo's training for his new Dempsey Roll for many days. After a mitt practise session, Kamogawa went to his office and when Yagi checked on him, Kamogawa gloated on how his hand is screaming in joy. Later, Kamogawa watched Ippo spar against a world ranker and junior featherweight boxer Nagumo Ryūji in hopes to see how effective he can be against a world ranking with his new Dempsey Roll. Kamogawa stopped the spar after Ippo was quickly downed by Nagumo's lefts and told him to get out of the ring. As Kamogawa walked away, Takamura voiced his opinions on Ippo that due to recent events, he concluded that Ippo is broken, which Kamogawa did not want to hear.

Kamogawa discussing with Yagi that Ippo may be punch drunk

At the gym's office, Kamogawa and Yagi discussed about the possibility of Ippo being punch drunk. While Yagi did not believe Ippo could be punch drunk as the specialists that Ippo is sent to after every match has found nothing. Kamogawa claimed that they might not have found it yet and that early stage punch drunk may not even show up on the exams, making the answer as to why a boxer can't dodge a mystery. Yagi noted that the one with the most experience with the boxer makes the call, and Kamogawa believed that Takamura may have paid closer attention than him, but Yagi insisted that Takamura's words are only proof and only theory and suspicion. They decided that the way they will confirm it is by asking Ippo if he experiences any symptoms of being punch drunk.

The next day at the gym's office, after Ippo was asked if he has experienced any symptoms of being punch drunk and he answered that he hasn't, Kamogawa tasked Ippo to draw a straight line on a sheet of paper to prove it. After Ippo draw a straight line, Kamogawa's suspicions were not cleared, with Kamogawa suspecting Ippo still had cumulative damage, so he decided to ban Ippo from the gym for one month.

Kamogawa talking to Nekota about the punch drunk syndrome.

After banning Ippo from the gym and boxing for one month and telling Itagaki to make sure Ippo does not do training while he is gone, Kamogawa went to the beach to talk with Nekota. Upon arriving at Nekota's beach house, he asked Nekota advice about the punch drunk syndrome and how being punch drunk felt. After hearing Nekota's answer, Kamogawa believed he should make Ippo retire. However, Nekota's words made Kamogawa reconsider it. After getting into a fist fight with Nekota, Nekota claimed that they would settle the score once they reborn. Kamogawa expressed his beliefs that reincarnation does not exist, as living once is enough, wanting to live life to the fullest. When Kamogawa got back to the gym, he asked Yamaguchi to report on how Ippo is doing.

Kamogawa mitt practising with Ippo after his one month ban from boxing.

One month later, Yagi informed Kamogawa that Ippo should be returning, however, Kamogawa kept trying to change the subject by mentioning how Nagumo was able to fight off Miyata and wondered what to doe about Takamura's next match. The gym members got loud as Ippo was seen walking slowly to the gym, leading Kamogawa to yell at Ippo for him to come inside. When he got there, Kamogawa had Ippo take off his weights and get warmed up. After being tested by drawing a straight line, walking in a straight line and partook in a mitt practise session with Kamogawa, Ippo passed and was allowed back in the gym and do training. Kamogawa informed Ippo that he will still keep his eye on him and to start getting ready. At the office, Kamogawa mentioned to Yagi how during the mitt practise, he noticed a change in Ippo's punches due to the weights as they are more sharp, his lower body is stable enough to punch from any position, and that he is able to pivot from either foot and step forward while spinning, believing that Ippo may have figured out the answer to the new Dempsey Roll.

Kamogawa's blood boiling as he thinks about the future of boxing.

After receiving Ippo's latest CT scan, Kamogawa went to the Yamaguchi Chiropractic to give his thanks to Yamaguchi with some food. When he got there, a naked Takamura flew out of her window. When the police began chasing Takamura, Kamogawa ran as Takamurw followed until he stopped to attack the police officers. Kamogawa arrived at the Pension Yoshio to train himself to catch unpredictable punches by using logs attached to string on branches. Kamogawa ate dinner with Nekota as they discussed how the young boxers have evolved boxing and how Kamogawa can't contain his boiling blood thinking about the future of boxing, which Nekota commented that Kamogawa is like a monster, causing them to argue. Kamogawa continued the training in the woods the next day. Later, Kamogawa went to the Kōrakuen Hall to be one of Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki's seconds in their matches. Itagaki's match ended in a decision win, Kimura's ended in a draw, and Aoki ended his match with a knockout.

Later, after Kamogawa had a mitt practise session with Takamura and Ippo back to back, Yagi voiced his concerns about Kamogawa's health when he started coughing. Kamogawa claimed that they are filling him with life as they are sharing their souls with him. When Kamogawa mentioned that Ippo and Takamura are in good shape, Yagi insisted that they should go ahead with the plan of having Ippo's return match as a semi-final to Takamura's main event match in two months.

10 Months in the Making Arc

When Ippo's opponent for his come-back match was revealed to be the Filipino featherweight champion Antonio Guevara, Kamogawa and Yagi showed Ippo a recording of Antonio fighting Malcolm Gedo which ended in Antonio's victory. After watching the video, Kamogawa informed Ippo of Antonio having refined skills on top of a southpaw being a bad match up for Gedo. To help Ippo experience going against a southpaw, he gathered three southpaws from the nearest weight class closest to Ippo for him to spar against. Kamogawa had Ippo train on his weaving while mitt practising, and, after Ippo accidentally used his timing for the new Dempsey Roll, Kamogawa scolded him by calling the new Dempsey Roll's timing slow and weak, and told him the way to press into a southpaw. Later, Kamogawa was in Takamura's corner as he easily defeated his sparring partners for the public sparring session, lecturing him as he made his sparring partners lose the will to fight him anymore.

Kamogawa walking with Ippo to his return match against Antonio.

Later, Kamogawa went to the Roigal Hotel for Takamura's press conference for his WBC and WBA middleweight title defence match against Keith Lycaon and Ippo's come-back match against Antonio. The next day, Kamogawa went to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan for Ippo and Takamura's matches. After a mitt practise session, Kamogawa walked to the ring to be Ippo's chief second as his match against Antonio began. In the first round when Ippo downed Antonio, Kamogawa remembered that southpaws sway back farther than orthodox fighters. Assuming that Antonio swayed back far enough for ippo's punch to not land deep, Kamogawa shouted for Ippo to stay focused as he will get back up. After the first round, Kamogawa scolded Ippo for not dodging Antonio's jabs. Ippo explained that he doesn't have a sense of how far a southpaw's jab can reach, which Kamogawa responded that he can block them too to get used to the range, but if he finds an opening, hit Antonio first before he gets hit. As Ippo left for round two, Kamogawa was impressed about how brave Ippo is since he has to take the opponent to the ropes where he was defeated by Alfredo before, showing no mental shock.

During the second round, Kamogawa noticed that Antonio's front right foot is keeping Ippo from getting into his range since the feet are positioned in reverse when the boxer is a southpaw. After the second round, seeing that Ippo spat out blood, Kamogawa deems Antonio's punches as being sharper than they look. As Ippo hasn't gauge the distance of Antonio's punches still but plans to force an in-fight, Kamogawa advised for him to not be reckless, warning him that Antonio is looking for a counter chance, and to guard at a distance while also guarding his jaw when he throws a punch. When Ippo left for round three, Kamogawa was shocked as Ippo claimed that he would defeat him in that round, remembering when he declared a knockout victory in his last come-back match. During the third round when Ippo went down, the crowd criticised the referee's call, however, Kamogawa observed that before Ippo and Antonio's legs were tangled, Ippo was hit slightly by a right hook. After the third round, Kamogawa scolded Ippo over his huge swings and mentioned that he missed an opportunity to use the new Dempsey Roll since Antonio was at the area where the Dempsey Roll is the most effective: the corner. He however ordered him to stop fixating on the new Dempsey Roll. As Ippo left for the fourth round, Yagi noted that Ippo is doing a good job, but Kamogawa claimed that the match isn't going like how the previous come-back match went, afraid to see what else will be different.

Kamogawa with Ippo after his loss against Antonio.

During the fourth round after Ippo got up when he went down, Kamogawa wondered why Ippo is rushing things when he knows what to do after going down. As Ippo continued to throw wide swings that Kamogawa did not teach him, Kamogawa became worried and remembered Nekota's description of the punch drunk syndrome, Takamura calling Ippo broken, and Miguel's prediction of a great disaster. After Ippo's knee touched the canvas which resulted in another down, Kamogawa he hesitated to throw in the towel as he believed even suspicions of a boxer being punch drunk is enough to stop the match, however, Ippo downed Antonio, preventing him from doing it. When Ippo knocked Antonio down a second time, Kamogawa noticed Ippo giving him a look before he headed out as Antonio got back up, leaving Kamogawa to wonder what he meant by that expression, deciding to keep his eyes on Ippo. As Ippo went down for the third time while trying to show Kamogawa the new Dempsey Roll, the match ended, resulting in Ippo's loss. Kamogawa ran up to the ring and told him when he woke up that it is over before walking with him out of the ring.

After taking Ippo to the venue's doctor, Kamogawa went to the ring to be Takamura's chief second in his WBA and WBC middleweight title defence match against Lycaon, which ended in Takamura's victory by knockout in the first round. Afterwards, Kamogawa walked Ippo home while asking questions about favourite moments of his boxing history. When they arrived at Ippo's home, Kamogawa asked Ippo if he enjoyed boxing, which Ippo confirmed he did. Kamogawa walked away as he reflected that the answer was just like him.

Later at the Kamogawa gym, Ippo visited to give his report from the doctor. While Kamogawa and Yagi were relieved that the tests came out clean, Kamogawa asked for Ippo's conclusion, and the latter announced that he will retire because of the risk of being punch drunk if he continues and will instead help with his family business. After Ippo left, Kamogawa noted that Ippo's issues with his body showed signs that he may have already been punch drunk and was on the verse of permanent damage which would lead him truly broken. Seeing the situation as the ultimate doctor stop, Kamogawa swore that Ippo would be his last boxer he will ever train, thankful for letting him dream.

Part III

Second Step Arc

Two months after Ippo retired, Kamogawa was hospitalised as he was taken ill from a cold. Once he got out of the hospital, he stayed with Nekota at the Pension Yoshio before heading back to his gym.

Taihei Arc

Kamogawa doing mitt practise with Ippo.

When Ippo visited the Kamogawa gym, Kamogawa greeted him and was immediately hugged by the ecstatic Ippo. When asked about why he is wearing mitts, Kamogawa told Ippo he is starting serious training for Takamura. While Yagi was the original mitt practising partner, Kamogawa tells Ippo to get ready for practise. When ready, Ippo began mitt practise with Kamogawa, who believed Ippo hasn't lost his edge. Kamogawa ordered Ippo to go faster, however, Kamogawa was not able to keep up with him, noticing that Ippo has gotten stronger. After the mitt practise, Kamogawa asked why Ippo came over. Ippo replied that he wanted to borrow mitts to train someone. Kamogawa gave Ippo his old pair that he used to catch Ippo's fists when he first started. Ippo left the gym, promising that he will come back.

A bald Ippo, who smacked the boy he was training, came back into the gym and asked for Kamogawa in order to say his apologises. In Kamogawa's office, he returned the mitts, saying that he's not apt to be a leader nor qualified to wear the mitts. Ippo requested to be exiled, however, Kamogawa stated that exiling isn't enough. Kamogawa gave him two atonements: the first atonement being to clean the gym for three months, while the second is to train Taihei and Kintarō Kaneda. That night, Yagi mentioned to Kamogawa how lively the gym has gotten. Kamogawa noted that watching boxing is another way to learn and that having students will impact his growth.

Towards a Resolution Arc

Kamogawa explaining to Ippo about the jab.

When Kamogawa entered the gym, Ippo informed him that he noticed "something" Mashiba and Miyata had in common in their recent matches and that "something" was what he had forgotten: his left. After hearing his previous student claim that him losing was inevitable, Kamogawa disagreed, and explained what a left "jab" is based on an old saying: "The person who controls the left controls the world." Kamogawa explained to not think that putting aside the jab for the Dempsey Roll as the reason he lost, just as putting away his short sword to achieve victory, as Kamogawa visions Ippo as the blade, piercing forward. After Ippo understood what he meant and wondered what he could do now, Kamogawa stopped him and told him to tell his two new students everything he learned, as he claimed to his previous student that he could become a great leader.

Kamogawa with Takamura after his match against Goat as Takamura claims that he will conquer his next weight class.

Later, Kamogawa attended a press conference for Takamura's WBA and WBC middleweight title defence against first ranker Michael Goat. The next day, Kamogawa went to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan for Takamura's WBA and WBC middleweight title defence match against Goat to be Takamura's chief second. During the first round, Kamogawa observed how Goat is using a bold and effective strategy of taking control of the match before Takamura's rhythm can begin. As Takamura held a tight guard, Kamogawa believed that something surprised Takamura and he is now watching Goat and analysing his speed, angle, and rhythm of his punches. After the first round, Kamogawa became hopeful that Ippo, who was at the corner with him, has figured something out. Takamura stopped Kamogawa, wanting him to forget about Ippo and to keep his eyes on himself as round two began. The match ended with Takamura's victory by knockout in the second round and a proclamation that he will conquer the super middleweight class next. After returning to the gym, Taihei and Kintarō were relieved after being able to blink again due to Ippo's order. Kamogawa asked Ippo if the no blinking order was set to him too and if he learned anything. Ippo answered that he has been learning things since he started boxing, and that his learning will never stop as long as he is involved with boxing.

Sendō in Mexico Arc

At the Kamogawa gym, Ippo was mitt practising with Taihei until Ippo messes up and the mitt falls off his hand. Kamogawa assumed that it is about Sendō, who was in Mexico. Kamogawa joked that Sendō is mastering the Topé Suicida wrestling move. Aoki asked what the difference between the Topé Suicida and Topé con Giro is, and Kamogawa explains the difference, and noted how the Scamaras Brothers were a laugh when they came to Japan. Ippo expressed his worry about Sendō boxing in Mexico, however Kamogawa reassured him that Mexico is home to many fine lower-weight class boxers, even facing nameless sparring partners has great merit.

Importance of the Support Role Arc

At the Kamogawa gym, Kamogawa was approached by Ippo, who explained what he has been recently studying on about many ways of increasing power, which Kamogawa comments on Ippo's enthusiasm as he has been practising it on his own body. Kamogawa asked if he wants to continue studying. Ippo confirmed it, and Kamogawa suggested for him to get a passport and go to the place where the best materials are: Mexico. Ippo accepted the suggestion and sets off from the gym.

Ippo in Mexico Arc

When Ippo returned to Japan and went to the Kamogawa gym after being in Mexico and watched Sendō defeat Alfredo and Ricardo defeat Billy McCallum, Kamogawa was gifted an Oni wrestling mask. Kamogawa asked Ippo if going to Mexico was of any use. Ippo answered that on the way home to Japan, he fought Ricardo a hundred times in his head, and, after the 95th time, he decided that if he took him to a close range punching match, there was some hope as Ricardo would have an opening for him to push through. Kamogawa asked Ippo about a 101st time, but Ippo notes that if one thinks hard about it, even in a match where everyone thinks it is impossible to win, if they have one hint, they can open a path, adding that the opponent is human, so as long as one keeps moving, nothing is impossible. As Ippo concluded that that is what he learned and thanked Kamogawa before leaving, Kamogawa reflected how Ippo has learned something after all.

Keith Dragon Arc

Kamogawa discussing Takamura's stubborn decision of not wanting to fight overseas with the rest of the Kamogawa gym staff.

With Takamura's WBC super middleweight title match against Keith Dragon confirmed, Kamogawa did mitt practise with him. Takamura paused the mitt practise to explain to the gym members how the certain people that will never be able to become a world champion are ones who never try to challenge for a world title. Kamogawa added that there is a bit of luck involved as well, as other circumstances can prevent one with the power to take on the world to not do so. Kamogawa told everyone how they can look at those who have world champion belts are those who are blessed with everything, but if one keeps polishing, they can advance with time. Kamogawa concluded that good fortune one is blessed with can also be a condition to become world champion. That night, as Ippo, Yagi, and Shinoda were discussing Takamura's stubbornness of wanting to only fight in Japan, Kamogawa agreed with Yagi's wish to have the gym have a match at the Tokyo Dome, as it would be a dream come true for him for one of his boxers to fight there. Ippo asked them how long Ricardo will stay as a featherweight and why he chooses to stay, since he has defended it many times and it has been said that Ricardo has no competition left at featherweight. Kamogawa answered that the only one who probably knows is Ricardo himself. Later, while watching Takamura fight his sparring partner, Kamogawa scolded him after he got hit, telling him to move more. After Takamura defeated his sparring partner, Kamogawa yelled at him for making it hard to find sparring partners because he keeps crushing them.

Later at the Kamogawa gym, when he heard the gym members talking about God and superstitions, and their effects on boxing, Kamogawa told the group that it is irrelevant whether there is a God or not, as one only has their own two fists in the ring to believe in and that good luck and miracles will only appear when they believe in their fists and never betray them. Later at the Kamogawa gym's office, Kamogawa had Ippo to accompany Yagi to Shibuya in Tokyo so that Dragon can play mahjong since it was a condition that Dragon set that he has to play mahjong if he comes to Japan. Kamogawa revealed to Ippo that Yagi was known as the "King of the Underworld" in the mahjong world, being undefeated for twenty years, which is why he is sending Yagi to face off against Dragon. Later, Kamogawa went with Takamura to his press conference for his match against Dragon and ate at the Hirosue afterwards.

Kamogawa protesting the referees's decision to declare a down on Takamura.

The next day, Kamogawa went to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan to be Takamura's chief second for his WBC super middleweight title match against Dragon as the match began. After the first round, Kamogawa asked Takamura of Dragon's condition. Takamura answered that Dragon is strong, but felt as if he can get stronger if he gets serious. As Kamogawa assumed that Takamura meant that Dragon has higher gears to shift to, Takamura reassured him that all that matters is that he is stronger than Dragon. During the second round, Kamogawa, having an uncomfortable feeling, asked Ippo if he has noticed anything. Ippo confirmed that he sees that something is off, but can't explain what it is. As Yagi and Shinoda tried to find the source of their discomfort, Kamogawa revealed the source as Takamura being stronger than usual since he has been freed from the shackles of weight control. After the second round, Kamogawa was astounded when Takamura made an announcement to him that he would take him to the Tokyo Dome, as he could not believe that he would be aiming even higher after dominating three weight classes. During the third round, when a counter of Dragon's got dodged and goes through Takamura's hair, Takamura falls down while throwing a punch. The referee declared a down, causing Kamogawa to yell at him in protest, since when Takamura did the same thing to Dragon, he declared a slip, but the referee ignored him and Takamura got up.

When the third round ended, Takamura asked Kamogawa what he should use. Kamogawa advised him to use spirit, resulting in an argument between the two. When Takamura mentioned to Kamogawa that Dragon has someone else in the ring with him and wanted Kamogawa to go in with him, Kamogawa responded by smacking Takamura on the back, leaving a hand print. After Takamura won in the fourth round, becoming the WBC super middleweight champion, Kamogawa congratulated him and let him lean on him in the ring as they celebrated. In Takamura's room in the venue, Takamura wanted to party immediately, however, Kamogawa wanted him to rest due to his injured right leg. Kamogawa ordered Ippo to take Takamura to a taxi and send him home, which Ippo proceeds to do by carrying him out of the venue. After Ippo and Takamura leave, Kamogawa told Yagi that it was a great night and expressed how great boxing is, explaining that a boxer takes everything and prove that their alive.

Match History

Match History
Post WWII - "Prize Fighter"
# Result Record Date Opponent Location Time Type Notes
9 WIN 7-2-1 1947 USA.png Ralph Anderson[2] Tokyo, Japan 8(15) KO Broke both Fists
Retired afterwards
8 WIN 6-2-1 1947 Unknown[3] Tokyo, Japan ?[15) KO N/A
7 DRAW 5-2-1 1947 Japan.png Nekota Ginpachi Tokyo, Japan 15(15) Decision 5th Match
Punch Drunk
6 WIN 4-2-0 194? Japan.png Hama Dankichi Tokyo, Japan ?(15) KO 2nd Match
Caused Glass Jaw
5 WIN 3-2-0 194? Japan.png Nekota Ginpachi Tokyo, Japan ?(15) KO 4th Match
4 LOSS 2-2-0 194? Japan.png Nekota Ginpachi Tokyo, Japan ?(15) KO 3rd Match
3 WIN 2-1-0 194? Japan.png Hama Dankichi Tokyo, Japan ?(15) KO 1st Match
2 WIN 1-1-0 194? Japan.png Nekota Ginpachi Tokyo, Japan ?(15) KO 2nd Match
1 LOSS 0-1-0 194? Japan.png Nekota Ginpachi Tokyo, Japan ?(15) KO 1st Match
First Real Loss
Due to Sakki


During his youth, Kamogawa sported messy, dark-brown, hair and a muscular physique. He also had a very rigid face structure, with a bulky isometric nose and large eye-brows. This refined jawline is less prevalent in his older years.

In his twilight years, Kamogawa is partially bald with grey hair residing on the sides of his head, as well as an unusual small clockwise spiral of hair above his forehead. He also has large grey eyebrows and a large nose. His age leaves him with liver spots and wrinkles. It also leaves him often walking with a brown wooden cane.

His attire at his gym and during matches usually consists of a white long or short-sleeved shirt with a small "KBG" in black letters on the front in the top-right corner, and "Kamogawa Boxing Gym" in big black letters on the back along with black pants and shoes. Sometimes outside the gym, he wears a brown suit with a red tie, brown fedora, pants and shoes. Sometimes during matches he wears a navy blue long-sleeved shirt with "Dynamic Glove" in big white letters on the front, black pants and red shoes.


Kamogawa is fairly stubborn, stoic, and introspective, rarely displaying his emotions outwardly. He is deeply passionate about boxing as a sport and takes great pride in his boxers success. Despite this, he is prudish and does not tolerate indecency and debauchery, disciplining his disciples with his cane when they step out of line. He only yells at people who he has hopes for and deems dependable[4]..

He is repeatedly proud of Takamura and Ippo, though he rarely expresses it. It is Ippo who he regards as his "last son". He seeks to raise a world champion whose boxing is principled on fighting spirit, not just talent or skill.

Boxing Abilities

Back in his prime days as a Bantamweight, Kamogawa was a right-handed hard fighter. Nekota once stated that Kamogawa's right and left hasn't faded in his old age, implying that Kamogawa used both Southpaw and Orthodox Boxing Styles.

He invented Tekken, a destructive body blow which leaves an imprint of a fist behind. He possesses a stubborn and unyielding fighting spirit, which he seeks to pass down to a successor in the hopes of challenging the world. His strong willpower allows him to continue fighting even the toughest of opponents.


Kamogawa has vast intelligence in boxing, knowing many techniques, styles, and boxers from the real world. He is able to quickly recognise many techniques as a boxer is using them, such as when he saw Ippo's Dempsey Roll for the first time. His boxing knowledge allows him to quickly come up with strategies to counter an opponent before and during matches for his boxers.


  • (To Takamura seeing Ippo for the first time) "I expected someone who could become a pro because you recruited him, but what is that? I don't feel any fighting spirit!"
  • (About Ippo's training) "Creating a boxer deserving the title "complete", that's a trainer's dream.. And every trainer works towards that ideal. There's something similar in all sports...People who take the most talented players under their wing and raise them. You verify your own theories with your player's success...And then you push them too hard. The instant you break an athlete, all your respect is gone. This time that fate may be waiting for me."[5]
  • (To Takamura before his fight with Bryan Hawk) "Not everyone who works hard is rewarded. But! All those who succeed have worked hard!"
  • (To Yagi) "I'm getting old. I probably won't be around much longer but...I've found a group of surrogate sons at the end of my life. Rather than get worked up, I'll just take it all to heart. You don't need to put anything in my coffin, I've already got far too much. Far more than I can take with me when I pass on."[6]
  • (To everyone in the gym) "It's true that your every day efforts are what allow you to make progress, but the opposite is true as well! Your every day efforts are what also define your weakness! So don't waste your time! Always remember, you're a boxer 24 hours a day! And make sure you work keeping mind the things you lack and need!!! If you don't do that, you'll lose your upcoming fights."[7]
  • (To Ippo) "A "jab" is a simple punch, but there are countless variations. Jabs to measure distance; jabs to stop movement; jabs to keep an opponent away; jabs to establish rhythm; jabs to pile up damage; jabs to distract them; jabs to set up the next punch; it can be used from far away or up close. It can be a spear, or a sword, or an axe. If you can master using this blade, and place it at your opponent's neck, then you can decide the entirety of the match. Do this enough, and you control the world."[8]
  • (To Yagi about boxing) "The air of tension, heart beating like a drum, blood boiling, muscles on edge; in that moment… you take everything, and… you prove that you're alive."[9]


Kamogawa smoking in Round 4.

  • Kamogawa has been seen only once smoking a cigar in the series. [10].
  • As of Chapter 1263, Kamogawa is still able to do mitt hitting with Ippo and Takamura consecutively at his old age.
  • In the manga, there is a cover page that shows Kamogawa and Nekota Ginpachi as fighter pilots during WWII.
  • Kamogawa is 73 years old at the start of the story.


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