Hajime no Ippo: Gaiden - The Naniwa Tiger
Side Story
Round 806-5
Side Story Info
Volume: 84
Chapter: 806.5
Japanese Title: はじめの一歩外伝 浪速の虎
Romanized Title: Hajime no Ippo: Gaiden - Naniwa no Tora
Pages: 45

Hajime no Ippo: Gaiden - The Naniwa Tiger Side Story (はじめの一歩外伝 浪速の虎) is a one shot spin-off of Morikawa Jouji's Hajime no Ippo manga series about Sendō Takeshi's entry into boxing.

It is referred to as Round 806.5 since it appears at the end of Volume 84.


The Naniwa Tiger Side Story Summary

The Day "The Tomcat" Became "The Naniwa Tiger"

Sendo - Gaiden - Sendo fighting a lot of people

Sendo fighting a lot of people

Sendō was in a brawl with 12 people where he was able to win it with just 12 punches. He fought with them because they were causing problems for his friends. When Sendō returned home from the fight, he tried to hide the fact that he was in another brawl from his Grandma since she really didn't want him getting into fights all the time, where Sendō doesn't want her to worry. However, she already knew about his fight. Sendō believed that needs to prove that he is strong like his father was, and he told his granny that he hasn't lost to anyone yet.

Sendo's Grandma - Gaiden - Surprising Sendo as he is trying to sneak in

Sendō's Granny catching him sneaking in

His grandma lectured Sendō that hurting others doesn't mean he was strong, and that Sendō's father was saving people (as a Fireman.) She thought Sendō was a long ways from really knowing what True Strength is. Sendō tried to tell his grandma that he was actually protecting his friends too, but his middle school teacher, who was visiting with his Grandma to discuss Sendō 's school work, told Sendō that he shouldn't make his grandma worry like that. His grandma tried to thank her by giving her candy, but Sendō warned her not to eat any of them since they been here before his grandma was married.

His teacher wanted to discuss the fact that Sendō was going to be a third year middle school student (in 8th grade) this spring, and a lot of the other kids have already started getting ready for it. Sendō mentioned to her that he was going to inherit the candy store, where he doesn't need to worry about his future. She believed that his grandmother wasn't going to force the candy store on him, but if he was planning to inherit it, it was still important to get into high school and to look at other career options. Sendō told her that he was not good at studying. As his teacher, she knew how hard it was for him, but added that he only shown up at school every once in a while. She believed he can manage it if he actually tried, where she had put together a list of schools that she thought he could make it into.

Sendo's Teacher - Gaiden - Defending Sendo

Sendō's Teacher Praising him

She warned that she doesn't think fighting was good, but she thought in Sendō case, it might be okay. She added since he never picked any fights, or he only fought when someone was being picked on or needed his help. She thought it might make her sound like a bad teacher, but she believed Sendō was a wonderful young man. His Grandma doesn't want her encouraging him like that, so she hits Sendō with a can. The teacher apologized and started to leave. His grandma wanted Sendō to say good bye to her since she felt that his school would have kicked him out if it wasn't for her, so he should show her some appreciation.

Sendo's Teacher and Sendo on roof- Gaiden - Drawing in notebook

Sendō's Notebook

Sendō started going to school every day for a week, but he still got into fights. One day, his teacher noticed Sendō didn't attend the class, but she found him later on the school's roof drawing in a notebook. She was mad that he was late to class, but happy that his over all attendance had improved. She thought what Sendō was drawing a manga, Sendō told her that he was working on a new killer punch, the (Smash).

The Naniwa Tiger's Righteous Mark of Prey

Lately, Sendō noticed that he lost his edge toward the end of his brawls against a lot people, where he started getting tired. So he wanted to make a punch that can take opponents out with just one punch. He started to demonstration the punch to her when he accidentally thrown his notebook off the roof. His teacher started to worry when she heard Sendō been fighting a lot of people at once since it was dangerous, and believed his grandma will also worry about it too.

Sendō tells her that it is fine if it is dangerous since he got to be strong, and he wants to be stronger. His teacher thinks that he is childish, and believes that even if Sendō is good at fighting, it not going to matter when he is an adult. She tells him that adults fight everyday in their own way too, where they work hard to make their salary. They pile into packed trains to go to work, or open up their business very early in the morning. She add that he can't be a little boy forever, and he needs to be ready to grow up someday.

Since it seems like she knows everything, Sendō decided to ask her , "What it means to be strong?" She pauses and thinks about it. Sendō tells her that knocking guys around and getting knocked around too, he hasn't met anyone that he would call strong, and that no one has show him what true strength is. The teacher comments that was the first time that Sendō's looked into her eyes where she is happy about it, and she think he has honest eyes.

Somewhat embarrassed, Sendō start to leave, when his teacher mentions that she can't answer that for him. Different people out there have different ideas about what it means to be strong because there is a lot of different perspective on it. But she believes if Sendō keeps on looking, he will be able to find his answer somewhere out there, some day.

Sendō told her that he had been thinking about going to high school but he thought that he probably won't get in. His teacher hugged his back telling him, he can do it, since not running from a difficult task was part of being strong too. She will cheer him on. Sendō mentioned it will make his grandma happy. He started thinking maybe it would make her happy too, while she was leaving.

Sendo - Gaiden - Sendo fighting on a bridge

Sendō Fighting on a Bridge

Sometime later, Sendō was seen fighting on a bridge with a lot of people, where he knocked some people into the water. Police came and stopped the fight. He ended up getting arresting. His teacher came with his Grandma to the police station to talk to Sendō. She started yelling at Sendō wondering why he was doing that when he mentioned that he wanted to get into high school and make his grandma happy. If he kept that up, he won't be able to get into high school at all.

Sendō explained to her that he went to get someone's wallet back, but she told him that was not his job and that he should think a little before he acted. He could have told the school or even called up the police to do it. Instead he got arrested and made more trouble for his grandma. Sendō told her that it wasn't his fault that he's not going to turn a blind eye to someone who needed his help, and he not going to ignore them if they asked for it either.

Sendo - Gaiden - Sendo help anyone

His teacher somewhat agreed but added that Sendō doesn't need to be so violent about it. Sendō told her stop applying her adult logic to it, and if she can't stand looking after kids then she should leave. His teacher then explained to Sendō that in 3 days she was leaving because she was getting married. Her fiance's father was very ill, so the wedding had to be before his failing health got any worse. It's not something that came out of the blue since she already told the rest of the class about it. Sendō only showed up to school every now and then, where he probably didn't know about it. Sendō 's grandma realized this was why his teacher was so worried about Sendō.

His teacher mentioned that Sendō was the only one in class with grades that were questionable, and she wanted to make sure that she wasn't going to leave behind any regrets when she left. Sendō yelled to mind her own business and just taken off to wherever already while walking away. His teacher apologized to his grandma that she wasn't able to help him at all.

A bunch of thugs were discussing that Sendō beat up 8 guys from Nanba by himself, before that he clobbered a bunch of guys from Minami. They thought Sendō was starting to get out of hand. Some felt they should leave Sendō alone since the punks started a beef with him. However, their Banchō (boss) doesn't since he found out that Sendō is going to be enrolling in high school soon. The only school in Osaka was stupid enough that going to let Sendō in was their school. If they don't want Sendō to look down on them for rest of their high school life, they needed to take care of him while they still can. So they started rounding up everyone that they can in order to beat up Sendō.

It was the teacher last day at school, and Sendō's grandma wanted to be sure that Sendō will say goodbye to her. So he started heading to school, but he got distracted by playing with cats along the way. Later on, he found out that his friends have been beat up in order to get to him. Sendō was angry when he heard this and asked where they are. His friends told him not to go since they felt it will be too much for him. There were at least 30 high school kids there, and Sendō had no reason to go there. However, Sendō was still going since he can't turn a blind eye or deaf ear to it. At school, the teacher was saying good bye and noticed Sendō's seat was empty.

Sendo - Gaiden - Sendo warning his knuckles hurt

Sendō getting ready

Sendō was standing in front of a group of thugs alone and started counting them, which made them angry. He mentioned that there was 35 guys, at one punch each, he will need 35 shots in all. As Sendō about ready to fight, he warned them that his knuckles of his really hurt. The thugs begun fighting him. Sendō knocked a few out before they tackled him and pinned him down, but he managed to escape and continued to knock people out. Sendō started take more and more punches, while fight he was thinking about what true strength is.

Sendo Tiger

Sendō after fighting over 30 guys

His friends that were beat up, were trying to find Sendō in order to save him. They couldn't find him, but they heard something in the distance. The leader wondered, who would call Sendō a tom cat, when there were not cats out there that was this wild. He seen Sendō was standing over the 35 guys like a Tiger. Sendō's friends arrived were shocked that he was able to defeat all those guys by himself.

The leader congratulated Sendō for what he did as a real man, but he warned him he was not backing down. He mentioned to Sendō that there is a clear difference in size between them, and he added that Sendō was now tired from fighting and he didn't have much left. So he doesn't think it will be much of a fight between them, but since he wanted to enjoy his high school days in peace he will destroy Sendō now.

Sendo Smash Gaiden

The Killer Punch (Smash)

While he was tired and shaky, Sendō asked the leader what it meant to be strong. The leader doesn't know while charging at Sendō to finish him off. He thrown a punch but Sendō ducked it and thrown the killer punch at him instead. The Leader was flipped and knocked out. Sendō then yelled out a loud roar (like a tiger.) His friends were now happy that Sendō is okay and he won. Even though he won, Sendō still doesn't know what it means to be strong.

Sendo Tiger Roar

Sendō's Roar

Instead of going home, he headed to school even though it was late at night by now. It happened that his teacher hadn't left yet. She doesn't ask what he was doing since she was no longer his teacher, and won't scold him. Sendō doesn't know how to say good bye, but she just told it was okay and to just be himself. His teacher started thinking about Sendō 's eyes being nice, and realized that she been avoiding Sendō, not wanting to look into his eyes. She told Sendō that she was sure Sendō will find what he was looking for some day. She ended up kissing Sendō on the cheek.

Sendō wen home, and his grandma noticed he got in another brawl. Sendō looked pretty rough, so she asked if he finally got taken down. Sendō said yes, he got hit with a doozy in the end (referring to the kiss.) His grandma thought that he doesn't look like he lost. It ended clenching his fist thinking about "some day" in the future.



Volume 84 - Gaiden - Author's Note

Author's Note

  • Sendō's nickname as a middle school student was "The Naniwa Tomcat" and he is known for having a lot of cats and quick reflexes.
  • Sendō is listed in the 8th grade during this time, which makes his age about 14 or 15. So this Gaiden story takes place in 1986 or 1987.
  • Sendō's notebook has a bunch of cat doodles in it along with drawings of the Smash. The same cat doodles can be seen in Sendō's beat down list in Round 807.
  • Sendo's Grandma is actually flipping Sendo the bird when his teacher first appeared.
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