the game's box art in the Japanese version.

Hajime no Ippo Revolution (はじめの一歩 レボリューション, lit. hajimenoippo reboryūshon), known as Victorious Boxers: Revolution in the US, is seventh video game based on Hajime no Ippo and the first made for the Nintendo Wii system. It was released in Japan on June 21, 2007 and in the US on October 16.

Game Summary

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The player experiences the Hajime no Ippo storyline from the very beginning, when Ippo experienced his first sparring match against Miyata, playing as various characters the player must fight and win against their opponents each round in order to advance the storyline. The player is also given a choice of selecting Free Battle mode, where they can pit a chosen character against the computer or a second player. They are also given a choice of modifying the character and their opponent's strength, stamina, and guard as well as the difficulty level, BGM and boxing stage in the following match. The game also introduces stages in Canada and Australia unique to itself.


With the standard holding of the Wii console's controller and nunchuk, the player can assume a boxing stance and perform standard techniques or finishing moves unique to their chosen character. Before any match the player is given a choice of control options out of eight total selections depending on the player's style.

Playable Characters

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