Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting! DS (はじめの一歩 The Fighting DS) is Nintendo DS software released on December 4, 2008 from ESP (currently: D3 Publisher ). The first Nintendo DS game to be the first game in the "Hajime no Ippo" game. Although it is operation with a touch pen, conventional button operation is also possible by changing the system.


The Hajime no Ippo series appeared in Nintendo DS! This work realizes "new sense" boxing action. All operations such as punching, sway and movement can be done with the touch pen only (optional button operation is also possible). In addition, "Dempsey Roll", which is a special move of the protagonist Makunouchi, can be drawn out by drawing "∞" figures on the touch panel.

The game mode includes many games such as "challenge mode" in which rivals are defeated one after another and "mini game" with the original special training as a motif. There is also a game mode that can be enjoyed casually. Of course, there is also a "match mode" that uses the communication function, and you can also compete with friends in battle!

Tbere appeared character is more than 25 people! Regardless of class or affiliation gym, you can do free match make such as one step vs. Let's reproduce the special move of each with a touch pen!

Playable Characters

Story Mode Matches

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