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Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting (はじめの一歩 THE FIGHTING!) is a video game that was released for the PS3 video game console in Japan on December 11, 2014, as part of the manga's 25th anniversary celebration. The news was first announced at the end of Round 1071.[citation needed]


The game is a third-person fighting game following the Hajime no Ippo story. In the Japanese gameplay trailer the newest character shown is Sawamura Ryūhei, which indicates the story may cover up to Volume 55, though it also hints at a Mashiba vs. Sawamura match from Volume 72-74. It features a "Best Match Mode" which enables alternate timelines; if Ippo defeats Date Eiji in this mode, he can become the champion sooner and challenge other boxers than he would have in the manga. Other non-canon matches include Miyata vs. Itagaki and Sawamura vs. Sendō. The trailer shows Ippo skipping his match with Ponchai Chuwatana in Best Match Mode, suggesting that certain characters will not appear despite the storyline requiring them.

Between matches are fully colored cutscenes drawn in the Hajime no Ippo style and told through voice acting, but the images are mostly still (though they feature minimal animation), making the cutscenes look like pages from a manga. The Japanese voice actors from Rising have all reprised their roles in the trailer.



  • Square - Jab
  • Triangle - Straight
  • Circle - Hook
  • X - Body Blow

  • R1 - Special move finisher ( sunday punch)
  • R2 - Dodge (with analog input)
  • L1 - Block

Playable Characters

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Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting PS3
Playable Characters
  • Makunouchi Ippo
  • Takamura Mamoru
  • Aoki Masaru
  • Kimura Tatsuya
  • Itagaki Manabu
  • Miyata Ichirō
  • Mashiba Ryō
  • Sendō Takeshi
  • Date Eiji
  • Saeki Takuma
  • Alexander Volg Zangief
  • Ricardo Martinez
  • Imai Kyōsuke
  • Bryan Hawk
  • Imae Katsutaka
  • Sawamura Ryūhei
  • David Eagle
  • Malcolm Gedo
  • Randy Boy Junior
  • Wally
  • Alfredo Gonzales


Other Characters
Character Voice Actor
Kamogawa Genji Iizuka Shouzou
Miyata Senior Ishizuka Unshou
Miguel Zale Arimoto Kinryuu
Mashiba Kumi Kobayashi Sanae
Tomiko Tsuda Shouko
Date Aiko Tamagawa Sachiko
Itagaki Nanako Kobayashi Yuu
Shinoda Sasaki Seiji
Shimakawa Izumi Hisashi

Japanese Trailers


Hajime no Ippo for PS3 Japanese Trailer


Hajime no Ippo for PS3 Japanese gameplay trailer


Hajime no Ippo for PS3 Japanese Trailer 2


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