Hitman Style
Hitman Style
User(s) Makino Fumito
Mashiba Ryō
Miyata Ichirō
Richard Bison
Takamura Mamoru
Hand Positions Left near waist
Right guarding chin
Real-Life User(s) Thomas Hearns
First Appearance
Manga Round 15
Anime Round 9 (S1 - 09)
Similar Stance(s)
Similar Stance(s) Detroit Style

The Hitman Style is a highly offensive boxing stance almost identical to the Detroit Style.


This stance has the user's left arm hanging near the waist while the right arm is closely drawn to the chest area. The low position of the left arm allows it to execute jabs faster. Mashiba Ryō combines this style with the Flicker Jab to form a very efficient advantage against most boxers.

However, the stance leaves the left side open. Mashiba relies primarily on his reach to keep in-fighters outside of this range, and uses an Elbow Block to cover his exposed left. Despite this, Makunouchi Ippo managed to break his guard by injuring Mashiba's elbow, sealing off his Hitman Style and Flicker Jab.

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