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The hook (フック lit. fukku, pronounced hukku) is a specific punch used in boxing performed using the core muscles and back. Typically, the hook is a punch that aims to strike at an opponent's head (most notably the temple or jaw), however, it has been made a point in the series that the hook can be thrown at the body as well, causing internal bleeding and, most likely, damaged or broken ribs.


Thrown at close range, the hook is an orthodox punch that serves as base knowledge for boxers worldwide. It is a parent technique to powerful punches like the Tornado Jolt, and most prominently, Sendō Takeshi's signature Smash. It is thrown in a sweeping, horizontal motion with the user's arm bent at a near 90° angle, and can be dodged fairly easily with weaving and ducking. There are several characters in the series known for their powerful mastery over the hook.

The Swing is a variation very similar to the normal hook, but with a more extended punch, making it similar to a jab.[1].

Strengths & Weaknesses

While it may be a devastating and powerful punch to add to a boxer's arsenal, the hook relies heavily on strength as opposed to speed or precision. As such the hook is usually a punch with an unsurprisingly wide swing. Therefore, a fighter's whose hooks are dodged can easily be a victim of vicious counterattacks. Likewise, the hook's typical lack of speed and predictable follow-through movements can be predicted and countered accordingly by skilled out-boxers such as Miyata Ichirō and Itagaki Manabu.

Notable Users



  • The first hook thrown in the series was a counter from Miyata during his and Ippo's first spar.


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