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Ichirō Miyata (宮田一郎, Miyata Ichirō) is a featherweight professional boxer, the OPBF featherweight champion, and Ippo Makunouchi's idol and eternal rival.

Miyata is a very skilled out-boxer with a cool demeanour that specialises in counter punches. He is considered by many to be a boxing prodigy, he uses the same boxing style as his father. After his father was forced to retire, Miyata decided to take on his style of boxing to prove its worth on the world stage. He started at Kamogawa gym, where he eventually met Ippo and had a pair of spars with him. After the two spars which ended in Miyata's victory and defeat, he transfers to the Kawahara gym in hopes of one day facing Ippo in an official match to settle the score.


A young Miyata.

When Miyata was a child, he would be at the ringside watching his father's boxing matches. When his father was fighting in his seventh OPBF featherweight title defence match, Miyata watched in shock as he was defeated by what Miyata thought was a "lucky punch" from Randy Boy Senior.[1] As his father was taken to the hospital and forced to retire due to his broken jaw, people he knew visited him there until they eventually stopped, however, Miyata stayed at his father's side the entire time.[2] Miyata's mother left the family, with Miyata's last encounter of her was from the note she left.[3] The once cheerful Miyata stopped smiling and talked less while carrying his father's old boxing gloves, which his father didn't like and struck him for it one day.[4] Determined to prove that his father's boxing is not wrong, Miyata joined the Kamogawa gym, where his first request was for the gym's staff to teach him how to use counters.[5] Miyata was beaten everyday at the gym until he found his secret weapon: timing.[6]

One year later, Miyata was shadowboxing based on his father's movements in a park. His father came across the event and scolded him for it since he did not want to be reminded of boxing. Miyata expressed his determination of never wanting to forget that his father was an amazing champion by practising all the time. After showing his father his movements that mimic him and revealing that it was self-taught from watching his father's matches, Miyata's decision to box was supported by his father, who soon became his trainer.[7]

Miyata and Takamura.

When Mamoru Takamura was brought into the gym by Genji Kamogawa, Miyata and Takamura had a friendly relationship. Around the time when Takamura won his second match,[8] Miyata was instructed to walk with Takamura after he quit school in order for Takamura to not get into any fights. However, Miyata failed to stop Takamura from getting into a fight with delinquents Masaru Aoki and Tatsuya Kimura, who Miyata believed to be losers. After Aoki and Kimura joined the Kamogawa gym with the goal to land a punch on Takamura, they had their debut match. When they won, Miyata congratulated the two.

At the age of sixteen and under his father's coaching, Miyata was already considered a prodigy at the Kamogawa gym. Said to be even better than a four round boxer and having more experience than anyone of the other members, Miyata was only waiting to turn seventeen, in order to apply for his professional licence.


Part I

Early Days Arc

Miyata winning against Ippo.

When new member Ippo Makunouchi arrived at the Kamogawa Boxing Gym, Miyata was chosen to spar against Ippo in order to decide if the newcomer can become a professional boxer or not. With his father in his corner, and pro boxer Mamoru Takamura in his opponent's, Miyata largely underestimated Ippo's skills. However, as the fight went on, not only Miyata, but everyone present was surprised at Ippo's durability, stamina and determination, which took the fight to the third round. After much struggle, Miyata was finally able to defeat Ippo with his signature counter, and realised just how interesting boxing really is.

Shortly after the spar, a rematch was scheduled by Kamogawa, who was clearly trying to create a rivalry between both aspiring boxers. Despite Ippo's growth, Miyata was so sure that in the upcoming months his growth would be such that the outcome would be the same, that he even told Ippo that he will win in the first round.

Miyata losing against Ippo.

When the day of the sparring session arrived, the confident Miyata was more than surprised to see Ippo's evolution. The latter had not only perfected the techniques displayed in the first fight, but also acquired new moves and a strategy to neutralise the counter that defeated him before. The seemingly even match (refereed by Takamura), ended in the fourth round when Miyata was unable to get up from a down, despite having full consciousness. It was later revealed by reporter Minoru Fujii (through a photograph taken by him), that Ippo threw an uppercut that landed by roughly a centimetre, making Miyata lose control of his legs, thus making him unable to stand up.

The promise.

After these events, Miyata had quit the gym, in order to be able to officially settle the score with Ippo in the professional ring. Before leaving, he made a promise with his new-found rival to have a third and final match in the East Japan Rookie King Tournament. Knowing that members of the same gym cannot fight each other, he joined with his father, at the Kawahara Boxing Gym where he prepared himself for the upcoming tournament. After watching Takamura's match, he met Ippo again talking about Miyata's debut win. Fujii then introduced Miyata and Ippo to Ryō Mashiba, who irritated Miyata.

Rookie King Tournament: First Rounder Arc

Miyata vs. Takada.

In the first round of the East Japan Rookie King Tournament, Teruhiko Takada was his opponent. Despite being his opponents speciality, Miyata chose to in-fight, in order to prepare himself for Ippo. In the match that only lasted one round, Miyata dominated from the beginning and finished his opponent with a devastating counter. Miyata visited the Kamogawa gym and told Ippo that he would counter Ryūichi Hayami's Shotgun. He then left, claiming that he would wait for Ippo at the finals. Later, in the second round of the tournament, Miyata won against Akihiko Kaji.

Rookie King Tournament: Finals Arc

Miyata's defeat.

Two days before the semi finals of the tournament against Mashiba, Miyata learned about Ippo's win against Hayami and was glad to learn he won and became fired up to fight Mashiba.

When the match with Mashiba began, Miyata had the advantage from the beginning, using a southpaw Hitman Style against Mashiba's own Hitman Style and blocking his Flicker Jabs with a shoulder block. He then knocked Mashiba down with a counter in the first round. However, in the second round, Miyata was charged at by Mashiba. The two boxers had multiple in-fighting sessions, which Miyata won due to him training to beat Ippo's in-fighting skills. While Miyata seemed to be winning, Mashiba purposely stepped on Miyata's foot, making Miyata have a huge disadvantage. Miyata then fell after taking a brutal beating. However, remembering how Ippo always stood back up and how he made a promise to him, Miyata stood back up and the round ended shortly after. When the third round began, Miyata had to deal with Mashiba's Flicker Jabs. Miyata's eyes showed fighting spirit and he landed a body blow. However, when Miyata saw a counter chance, he couldn't due to his injured foot. Mashiba delivered a left hook and knocked down Miyata, resulting in Miyata losing the match and the tournament. After the match, Miyata told his father to give a message to Ippo, saying to forgive him.

Two Rookie Kings Arc

Ippo meets Miyata after graduation.

Later, after leaving from his high school graduation, Miyata met Ippo, who had just done the same. Miyata revealed to Ippo that he would be leaving Japan to fight overseas in places such as Thailand and South Korea and fight their strong fighters in order to fill the gap between them after Ippo won the All Japan Rookie King Tournament.

Jolt Counter Arc

Miyata's match against Rusak ending in a draw.

Upon arrival to Thailand, Miyata's first match was against Rusak Paddy, which ended in a draw due to hometown decision. After the match, Jimmy Sisphar sent a request to fight Miyata. At a local gym, Miyata noticed that the people there were whispering to themselves. Unable to speak Thai, Miyata spoke to Payao, a Thai that understands Japanese to tell Miyata what they were saying. Miyata discovered that they were saying that the Japanese are not "hungry" and that they run away, with Payao believing that running away is the best choice as he believed Jimmy is too strong.

Miyata having a conversation with his father about Jimmy.

Miyata went to his father, who informed him that his next match will be as junior lightweight in order to use his full power and speed and to forget about Ippo. Miyata argued that he if he ran away from his diet and his opponents, he would not make it to the world title, protesting that he would not run away. Miyata wanted to fight Jimmy, however his father claimed he would not send his son to fight him. Miyata requested his opinion as a trainer, which his father revealed that Miyata's counter would not work on Jimmy, as Miyata's punches are light. Miyata realised this, however believed that if he accepted that his fists betrayed him, he would not fight again, claiming that he will fight Jimmy before leaving.

Miyata meeting Chana.

While Miyata pondered on how he would win in a knockout against Jimmy, Payao informed Miyata that he has fans despite only fighting in Thailand once, introducing his little brother, Chana to Miyata. Chana expressed how he wants to get into boxing, wanting the throw a counter like Miyata. After Miyata learned that Chana wanted to learn counters from him, Miyata apologised before leaving to do roadwork. Miyata shortly then gets an idea to improve his counter, wanting a counter to surpass all counters. Later, while Miyata was doing roadwork, it began to rain. When Chana ran to Miyata with an umbrella, Chana asked why Miyata boxes, as he does not look happy and never smiles. Miyata expressed his beliefs that there is a small moment of laughter that only boxers can experience. Later Miyata sparred with Payao and missed multiple counters until Kida stopped it after an exchange.

Miyata getting nervous.

At the Lumpini Stadium's waiting room, Miyata became nervous, wondering how many boxers had to fight against such odds as 30 to 1. He then remembered Ippo, who fought even when the odds were against him, resulting in Miyata gaining confidence. Miyata and Jimmy arrived to the ring, with the cheers being one-sided against Miyata. When the match began Miyata did not fall until round three, where he went down after Jimmy's right.

Miyata hearing a squall in the ring.

When Miyata got back up, he changed his stance to prepare to use his new counter: the Jolt Counter. Miyata was hit with a left hook, which made Miyata lower his left guard just as Jimmy baited him to. Miyata tried to throw a Jolt Counter to counter Jimmy, but it failed and Miyata was hit by a right hook, causing Miyata to go in a way that one of the ring's ropes hit the back of Miyata's head. When Miyata stood back up, the third round shortly ended. At the corner, Miyata told his father that it is raining, which caused his father to notice his ear bleeding due to a ruptured eardrum. Miyata was advised that he should use the Jolt Counter again and that the key to a successful counter is timing and heart.

Miyata uses the Jolt Counter.

When round four began, Miyata dodged Jimmy's rush of punches until he was hit with a body blow and a hit to the side of the head, causing him to lean on the ropes. Miyata then dodged a left and threw an uppercut that missed, causing Miyata to wobble. Seeing this as a chance to deliver the final blow, Jimmy attempted to hit Miyata with a right. However, Miyata then used the Jolt Counter, hitting his face and sending him to the canvas, causing a down. Jimmy's corner threw their towel in the ring, causing the referee to end the match, resulting in Miyata winning. As Miyata left the ring, the Thailand locals applaud Miyata's victory. Chana then ran to where Miyata could see him in the crowd and noticed that Miyata laughed. Payao (who bet his whole life savings on Miyata) then drove Miyata to an airport. Before Miyata left for the plane, he told Chana to remember that the keys for a successful counter is timing and heart. Miyata then took the plane to South Korea, wondering what will happen when he returns to Japan.

Challenge for the Throne Arc

Miyata returned to Japan and watched Ippo's match against Eiji Date for the JBC featherweight title. After Ippo lost, Miyata realised that the first lost would be big for Ippo and wished for Ippo to come back stronger than he was before.

Road Back Arc

Miyata arriving to Osaka and meeting Ippo.

Wanting to know who the title holder for the JBC featherweight title will be, Miyata went to Osaka to watch Takeshi Sendō and Alexander Volg Zangief fight for the now vacant JBC featherweight title. He met Ippo outside the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium and defended him when a group of Sendō fans were acting aggressive. Miyata ended up sitting with Ippo, with Miyata asking for his thoughts since he previously fought them. When Sendō was declared the winner by hometown decision, Miyata told Ippo that he had Volg leading with points, but there was no point in railing against the decision since it was a good match.

Miyata's victory pose as he wins his first match after returning to Japan.

Later, Miyata had his first match in Japan after fighting eleven matches overseas. His match was against the first ranker in the South Korea rankings, Li Chon Pir. Miyata silenced the crowd with his improved speed and technique up to the third round. During the third round, Li attempted to stop Miyata's speed by pushing Miyata to the ropes with his body. Miyata then blocked Li's attacks and threw a counter to the body, knocking Li down and ending the match with Miyata's first win after returning from overseas.

Lallapallooza Arc

In the anime, Miyata attended Ippo's JBC title match against Sendō. At the end, he smiled happily that he made it in order to pursue each other's goal.

Execution Arc

Miyata meeting Kimura, who has a request.

During Miyata's roadwork, Kimura stopped him in order to ask a favour. Kimura explained the situation of him fighting against Mashiba to Miyata, but Miyata told him that he was not one to help without reason as he started to walk away. Kimura followed him after saying he does not want to run away. While running, they encountered a group of delinquents who were the type Kimura used to be. Seeing this, Kimura explained how much he loved boxing, and the reasons for which he wanted the belt. Miyata then told him he has an OPBF title match scheduled and was willing to help Kimura if in return he helped him training for the OPBF champion who was an out-boxer as well.

Miyata and Kimura sparring.

As they got ready to spar, Miyata told Kimura that there was no way he can actually seal or nullify Mashiba's ability to throw the Flicker Jab, since it was only a jab. He further stated that even if he could, he still would not be able to beat him because he had one major weakness. With Kimura confused, Miyata decided to demonstrate what he means, and the sparring match began. Being an out-boxer, Kimura was able to predict Miyata's moves, and landed some punches, however, despite not being an in-fighter, Miyata kept pressing forward while being hit, until he was within range and started attacking Kimura. After that, the match ended with Kimura being knocked out. Miyata then explained that what he meant was that despite not having any particular weakness, he had no strengths either.

Aoki doing a Dogeza, wanting Miyata to help Kimura to give him a match he won't regret.

While in the middle of roadwork, Miyata encountered Masaru Aoki. Aoki gave him the tapes of Mashiba's recent spars and he asked if Kimura had a chance of winning. Miyata refused to respond, and Aoki explained that due to his age, it might be Kimura's last chance. He then a did a Dogeza and begged Miyata to help Kimura give the best he had. He begged him to help him go through the match with no regrets. Later, as he and Kimura analysed the videos, Kimura then thought how he can manage to defeat Mashiba, wondering what out-boxers hate the most. He then realised that Miyata told him the answer without saying anything, as Kimura hated Miyata's in-fighting style of always pushing forward, After that, he decided to start pressing forward for the remaining of his training. During the usual sparring session with Miyata, Kimura was finally able to successfully enter Miyata's space, but to his shock, realised that even once inside he had no weapons to attack with. While later, Kimura returned with a new skill and tried it on Miyata. In the sparring match with Miyata, Kimura attempted the move he had been practising, but he missed with it. However, Miyata told him that if he polished the move, Mashiba would be unable to remain standing.

Miyata watching Kimura's match against Mashiba.

Later, Miyata attended Kimura's JBC junior lightweight title match against Mashiba. When he met Ippo and Takamura in the crowd, Takamura joked that he was there to watch his student, but Miyata disagreed with him since he never taught Kimura anything. As the match started, Kimura was hit with the flicker for a while, and he was shaky on his legs, Miyata believed it was Kimura's chance. Ippo disagreed because Kimura could barely use his legs, but Miyata pointed out what Mashiba was doing. Where Kimura had been pushed to the ropes multiple times, but Mashiba hadn't used his rights to finish him off yet. Mashiba entered into the the match only used his flicker to control the opponent. Takamura added that Mashiba was fighting to prove himself to the World, where he was using Kimura as a sacrifice. Miyata believed that was why Kimura had a chance where he let his body remember the various timing of the Flicker Jab.

In the seventh round, Miyata saw Kimura finally hitting Mashiba in the body by swinging his foot after dodging Mashiba's left where he used the foot as a pivot to swing his other foot in. He added that by focusing on Mashiba's body than the jaw, Kimura was trying to make Mashiba anticipate those punches where he dropped his guard setting up the Dragonfish Blow. In the eighth round, he felt the match will end in the round based on the amount of damage of Kimura had on him. In the ninth round, Kimura continued to pressure Mashiba, but when he tried the Dragonfish Blow again, Mashiba's longer reach with a simple straight managed to hit Kimura first causing him to take a down. After seeing that, Miyata realised the match was over. Kimura managed to stand, and the referee allowed the match to continue, but stopped the fight after Kimura was unconscious when he attempted to throw a counter on Mashiba, declaring Mashiba the winner.

First Step Arc

In the anime, while doing roadwork, Miyata met Ippo, who was scheduled to do his first title defence. He told Ippo to not to get ousted from the throne as their match is still unfinished. Later, Miyata watched Ippo's first title defence against Kazuki Sanada where Ippo won.

Bloody Cross Arc

Miyata downed by Kimura in a spar.

To prepare himself for his OPBF title match against Arnie Gregory, Miyata sparred with Kimura, who helped as a way to thank Miyata for helping him train against Mashiba. After Miyata went down three times in a session and claimed that he was serious when Kimura thought otherwise, his father stopped the spar to prevent further injuries. When Miyata overheard a conversation between Kimura and his father about weight management, Miyata claimed there was no reason to worry and requested for Kimura to not mention it to anyone, especially Ippo. When Kimura left, Miyata told his father that he is not at full power during a simple spar. He considered the weight management similar to sharpening a pencil in the way that as his body got weaker, his concentration becomes sharper like the end of a pencil.

Miyata warning Mr. Sakaguchi to look for another job.

When both boxers passed their weight check at the weigh-in, Miyata walked away while telling Mr. Sakaguchi to look for another job rather than looking for Gregory's next opponent, as he will no longer have the belt and Mr. Sakaguchi will no longer have a job. At a pasta cafe, while Miyata ate food to replenish his weight, Miyata and his father discussed the upcoming match, with Miyata concluding that if the Bloody Cross was just a small souvenir, he would have to return it in exchange for the champion belt.

Miyata downing Gregory in the first round.

As Miyata walked to the ring on the day of the match, Miyata's father was reluctant to open the door to the ring, expressing his worry to his son as he himself lost in an OPBF title match. Miyata reassured his father that he will prove that his boxing works in the OPBF and beyond. After both fighters arrived to the ring, the match began. In the first round, Gregory attacked Miyata immediately, getting Miyata to the ropes until Miyata countered him and disappeared from right in front of him and going behind him. Gregory put up a more guarded Orthodox Stance while Miyata prepared to continue using the first round to gather data. After testing Gregory by being on the defensive and taking some hits in the process, Miyata got into a hitting match with Gregory, easily countering Gregory's attacks and pushing him back. Miyata then entered the completely offensive Detroit Style, quickly knocking down Gregory with a Cross Counter when he attempted to hit Miyata with a left. When Gregory got back up, the round immediately ended. Miyata's father warned his son that if he gave Gregory time, he will recover, instructing him to pressure him while he is still damaged.

Miyata hit by the Bloody Cross.

In round two, when Miyata saw an opening for a Cross Counter, he used it. However, Miyata was hit by Gregory's Bloody Cross, causing him to fall. Miyata got back up after thinking that he merely missed his hand placement. Miyata got another chance to use his Cross Counter, however, when he used it, he realised that Gregory was using the Bloody Cross by bending his elbow to change the line of his Cross Counter, making Miyata miss. The stunned Miyata then got hit with combinations that sent him down a second time. Miyata got up and commenced a hitting match against Gregory. The hitting match ended when Miyata fell down a third time. While a third down would have caused an end to the match, a slip was declared instead. The second round then ended as Miyata got up. At the corner, Miyata expressed how he plans to use his remaining strength to hope to land a lucky punch. Miyata's father told his son that there are no such thing as lucky punches in boxing and that a punch that manages to hit from fists that aren't alive can not knock down an opponent, while punches from a living fist can. Miyata then got ready for round three as he asked his father to watch his fists to see if they are alive.

Miyata attacked first in the third round with a one-two that missed. Miyata and Gregory then had a hitting match in the middle of the ring. When Miyata brought Gregory to the ropes, he attempted to do a Cross Counter over Gregory's left, however, Miyata stop[ed midway as he realised that that was what Gregory was aiming for. Miyata was then hit with a right body blow that caused him to freeze and hit with multiple combinations. Wishing to fulfil his promise to his father that his boxing works and to Ippo to one day fight him in the professional ring, Miyata fought back with weak punches on the surprised champion. Gregory threw a left straight. Miyata believed he could counter the wide swing and began to get ready for a counter, however, the gong sounded to end the third round before Miyata could throw it. At the corner, Miyata drank some water, giving him strength enough to throw one punch, planning on throwing a full-body counter.

Miyata defeating Gregory with a Jolt Counter.

In the fourth round, Miyata signalled the champion to come to him, which Gregory did so. They had a hitting match, which Miyata managed to land a counter in the middle of the brawl, however it did barely any damage to the champion as Miyata's fists were weakened. Gregory landed a liver blow and a right followup punch on Miyata after bring him to the ropes. Miyata still stayed standing, wanting to use his energy to throw one last punch. After Miyata's guard broke, Miyata prepared to throw his last counter, which Gregory prepared his Bloody Cross for. However, when Gregory moved Miyata's arm, the angle went back to normal due to the counter being pushed by Miyata's weight of his whole body. Miyata continued the throw and hit Gregory with the Jolt Counter, sending him down. Gregory stood up, however, he fell back down and the referee signalled the end to the match, with Miyata winning and becoming the OPBF featherweight champion. As Miyata wore the OPBF champion belt, he did a victory pose, planning on fighting with pride and ready for Ippo at any time.

Gregory leaving his hat with Miyata.

In Miyata's changing room, Fujii entered and revealed that Mr. Sakaguchi left alone, with ties with Gregory severed. Miyata approached Gregory, who asked how he stayed standing after taking his punches. Miyata simply answered that it was spirit. Surprised with his answer, Gregory warned that Mr. Sakaguchi would be going after Miyata because of what happened. Miyata claimed that he would not lose his belt he got from Gregory, no matter how tough the opponent is. Pleased to hear that, Gregory tossed his hat onto Miyata's head, giving him his hat, and telling him good bye. Miyata then promised to himself to keep the title in order to fight the strongest man in Japan.

Revenge Arc

Miyata being defeated by Date.

When Date was to fight against the WBA featherweight champion Ricardo Martínez, Miyata was a sparring partner for Date in a public spar. During the public spar, Miyata was unable to keep up with the former Japanese champion, unable to land any lefts nor having any time to throw a counter. Miyata decided to get into a close-range combat with Date, however, Date outperformed him and ultimately sent Miyata down with a right before catching Miyata's fall and thanked him for the spar. When Miyata left the Nakadai gym, he became embarrassed when met Ippo who watched the spar. With both of them being beaten by both participants of the upcoming title match, they reflect on how far they went to become OPBF and JBC champions, however, they are still far away from the world, concluding that the world is a big place. In the anime, Miyata watched the WBA title match between Date and Ricardo where Date lost and Ricardo won, defending his title for the 18th time.

Battle of Hawk Arc

Miyata backing Takamura in his match against Hawk.

Along with many other of Takamura's friends and Japanese rankers, Miyata went to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan to watch Takamura's WBC junior middleweight title match against Bryan Hawk. Before the match began, Miyata was annoyed of Sendō, and attended Date's speech to Takamura about how Japanese boxers feel about Hawk. Miyata then watched the match, where Miyata became agitated when Takamura was in trouble and encouraged Takamura's gym mates to cheer for him when they weren't cheering in the sixth round. The match resulted in Takamura's victory and he became the new world champion.

Part II

Submarine Wars Arc

Miyata demanding an answer from ippo as to why he turned down his match requests.

After Miyata heard that Ippo mentioned in an interview that he didn't have a future goal or opponent in mind, Miyata wanted to confront Ippo about it. He approached Ippo at the same place he told him that he would go overseas to fill the gap between them. Miyata grabbed Ippo by his collar and asked if the OPBF title was not good enough for him or if he thought there was still a gap between them. Miyata informed him that he sent a request many times to the Kamogawa gym, but never received a reply, asking why Ippo was turning them down and ignoring him. However, he realised from Ippo's expression that Ippo did not know about the requests. Miyata walked away, expressing that while he was the one who offered the decision whether they settle their draw in the pro ring or not, he thought it was a promise between them.

Miyata talking about the weakness of the Dempsey Roll to his father.

Later, while he was training at the Kawahara gym, he discussed with his father about how the weakness of the Dempsey Roll are counters. However, after hearing his father's thoughts about how Kamogawa must have countermeasures, Miyata believed that the Dempsey Roll would change.

Dragon Slayer Arc

Date telling Sendō and Miyata to get along.

Miyata went to the Kōrakuen Hall to watch Ippo's match against Ryūhei Sawamura. Before the match began, Miyata met Sendō and ignored him, causing Date to tell them to get along. After the three gave their thoughts about the match, they watched the match, which ended in Ippo's victory. After the match, he found the New Dempsey Roll's anti-counter strategy interesting.

A Passing Point Arc

Miyata explaining Ippo was like a bell.

With Miyata's fourth OPBF title defence opponent being a semi-final to Takamura's WBC middleweight title match against David Eagle, he and his father were invited to a training camp by Takamura. Miyata went to the Kamogawa gym to pick up Takamura as he and his father were waiting to go to the training camp. He decided to stay to watch Ippo spar against Kyōsuke Imai, which ended after Ippo struggled for two rounds. Going back to the car with Takamura, Manabu Itagaki followed and asked Miyata for his opinion on the spar, however, Miyata didn't have an opinion other than it was horrible. Hearing Itagaki try to defend Ippo and not wanting admit his rival is strong, Miyata expressed how he should be happy his rival is strong. Miyata got into the car, and as they went to the training camp, Miyata explained to Takamura and his father how the reason Ippo had trouble was because of his "pitch,", where, like ring a bell, depending on how and who were to strike it, the tone would be different. He also noted how the stronger the opponent, the more Ippo develops.

Miyata hitting Takamura.

During the training camp, Miyata had a hard time trying to keep up with Takamura, however, Takamura used Miyata's rivalry with Ippo to make Miyata run faster. The next day, Miyata's body was sore when he noticed Takamura carrying fishing gear and started fishing on a pier. Miyata was surprised by it, but Takamura told him that he was using this camp for secret training in order to beat someone back home. When Miyata saw Takamura having trouble catching fish, he decided to try his luck at it. After numerous failed attempts and being made fun of by Takamura, Miyata was fed up and landed a punch on Takamura while he was laughing. He got yelled at Takamura while Miyata thought he would dodge it. Miyata was surprised that he was able to hit him, and thought Takamura was never been that defenceless before. Miyata was worried that there might be something more to it, but hoped he was just over thinking it.

Miyata sparring against Takamura.

Miyata still had a hard time while running with Takamura, who mentioned that it was the reason Miyata's counter was weak. Miyata was informed by Takamura that the two would spar. When the spar began, Miyata passed on wearing headgear, as he believed that a middleweight would not be able to keep up with a featherweight's speed. Miyata used his speed and threw rapid jabs, but it only hit Takamura's block as he was able to keep up with Miyata. Miyata got trapped in a corner and tried to use a counter to get away. When Miyata tried to counter, Takamura bumped it away with his shoulder, and called it weak as Miyata was hit with a body blow knocking him out. His father dumped water on Miyata to wake him up, and asked how he felt. Miyata didn't think Takamura would be able to beat him in speed, however, he learned from his father that Takamura did not beat him in leg speed, as he used a tactic to appear faster and corner him.

Miyata later met Takamura while he was fishing and apologised for hitting him the other day, which Takamura didn't mind as he called Miyata's punch a mosquito's bite. He asked Takamura if his counter was really weak. Takamura replied that it is and that anyone at the world level could do what he did, and not because of his weight class. Miyata was explained how it was because of his balance being off when he throws a punch, learning that by putting his left hand towards his body would bring out power from his back while punching rather than just his chest and shoulders. He also learned that his stance that is based on lower body strength has widened was due to the lack of stamina. When Miyata left, he began wondering again if there was something wrong with Takamura's eye, since he still has a bad feeling about it. He called Ippo about it, but he wasn't able to confirm anything, however, Miyata still felt something wasn't right. After the training camp and his father dropped off Takamura, he was asked if he was going to be lonely now that he is training by himself. Miyata replied that he won't, but wondered how Takamura feels, since as boxer, Takamura is alone due to no one can emphasise with him because no one is on the same level as him.

When Eagle arrived to Japan, he went to the Kawahara gym, where Eagle held an autograph session for local children. Miyata received an autograph as he was mistaken as a child. After seeing Ippo get an autograph, Miyata explained to Ippo how Eagle was doing autographs in hopes of inspiring children into becoming an Olympian or professional athlete. While watching Eagle's public sparring session, Miyata expressed to Ippo how it would be worth asking for a spar if Eagle was at a closer weight class and noted that Eagle's boxing style is Takamura's most hated as it is the best way to beat Takamura's unorthodox style. Miyata revealed that he has something new for his OPBF title defence match, planning to show that he is also able to step up to the challenge just as Ippo showed in his match against Sawamura.

Miyata fighting Medgoen.

When Miyata's fourth OPBF title defence match against Medgoen Dachboy arrived at the Yokohama Arena, Miyata arrived to the ring. Miyata noticed that one of Medgoen's seconds were Mr. Sakaguchi, making his father warn him to watch out, as Mr. Sakaguchi may be out for revenge. When the match began, Miyata quickly realised that Medgoen knows about his counters, being Mr. Sakaguchi's boxer, and won't come to him and attack. Miyata decided to throw quick jabs at his block and use his fast footwork to go around him. Miyata's attack on Medgoen's guard lasted up to the fourth round. In the fifth round, Miyata broke Medgoen's guard with three fast precise jabs. Miyata tried to hit Medgoen's face, however, Miyata was hit by a short left hook, which was too fast to counter

Miyata defeating Medgoen with a Cross Counter.

Miyata became agitated when Medgoen immediately returned to his defensive tactic. Miyata dashed to the centre of the ring, planted his feet, and began an in-fight against Medgoen. After hitting with a body blow, Medgoen tried to escape, but Miyata caught up and landed another body blow. After the body blow, Medgoen attacked with another short hook that made Miyata bleed even though he blocked it. Miyata began countering, the many left and right short hook combinations. As Medgoen didn't go down after receiving a lot of counters, Miyata prepared to throw a harder counter for the next short hook, however, Medgoen threw a straight instead, which Miyata dodged. Miyata landed a Cross Counter after Medgoen threw a left straight, causing him to go down. When Medgoen got up, Miyata threw another Cross Counter when Medgoen attacked, this time putting his left hand closer to his body just as Takamura taught him in the training camp, landing the counter and downing Medgoen. The referee stopped the match, resulting in Miyata's victory.

Miyata posing after defeating Medgoen.

Miyata was dissatisfied with how he threw the counter, however, his father insisted to not rush things. Before leaving the ring, Medgoen told Miyata not to lose in Thai, which Miyata understood, and planned to not lose to anyone. When the crowd shouted for Ippo and Miyata, Miyata assumed that Ippo was in the audience, watching. While he was glad the crowd was excited for a match with Ippo, Miyata suggested for his father to make it happen.

Before Takamura's world title match against Eagle began, Miyata caught Ippo as he was running to the audience area in order to talk to him about his suspicions about Takamura's right eye. In the audience area, Miyata learned from Ippo that Takamura claimed to be able to see and that he was able to read a small print on a magazine, however, Miyata assumed that Takamura memorised the magazine beforehand, making Ippo's test irrelevant. When the match began and Takamura was able to block Eagle's lefts, which would give him trouble if he couldn't see out of his right eye, Miyata's worries were still there since he believed Takamura could still block them by instinct. Miyata continued watching as Takamura wins and becomes the WBC middleweight champion.

Phantom Card Arc

Miyata meeting Takamura at Itagaki and Imai's match

When the East Japan Rookie King Tournament finals match between Itagaki and Imai arrived, Miyata went to the Kōrakuen Hall to watch it. Before the match began, he was met by Takamura in the audience area. Miyata told Takamura how he came because they are in the same weight class, and he noted that Itagaki and Imai have a resemblance to himself and Ippo. Takamura asked Miyata what he would have done against Ippo in the past. Miyata claimed he didn't know, but he knows how he would fight him if he fought him now. However, since he isn't the one fighting currently, he wanted to see what Itagaki's choices and decision are. As the match began, Itagaki used his footwork, which Miyata thought wasn't the wrong choice, since trusting in one's own weapon was the correct answer. As Itagaki's attacks only hit Imai's guard, and Imai attacked only when there is an opening, Miyata believed that Itagaki must be feeling pressured, since he is seeing the same pattern that leads to an in-fighter defeating the fast out-boxer. Takamura pointed out to Miyata that he said earlier that using footwork was the correct answer, which Miyata agreed, but he added that in boxing, one has to trade punches with the other at some point, as they can't win by just by running away. After the first round, which ended in Itagaki attacking Imai in a close range in-fight, Takamura asked Miyata if that was the correct answer. Miyata mentioned that using footwork was part of it, but the right answer was to mix out-boxing and close range fighting, which was what he would do. He felt that fighting head on against a powerful fighter was wrong and reckless. In the second round, as Itagaki used footwork while fighting at close range, Miyata was surprised, noting that it is something that can't be taught, and that he never thought he would see something like that in the Rookie King tournament.

Miyata being told by Takamura that the bloodline of Kamogawa is not to be underestimated.

During the fourth round as Itagaki attacked Imai's guard. Miyata wondered if Itagaki had a lot of stamina, since he is throwing more punches, but his feet stopped moving. Miyata reflected how he knows how frustrating it is from experience that ten of Itagaki's punches are reduced to nothing with one punch from the opponent, but overcoming it is a part of boxing. After the fourth round, Miyata believed that Itagaki must feel humiliated now since his fist can't knock out Imai no matter how many punches he throws and that Imai can reduce Itagaki to nothing with one, assuming that Itagaki's anger fuelled punches are the reason he has made it thus far. Takamura questioned his assumption, which Miyata backed up with the fact that Itagaki's body is likely at it's limits, and that his spirit may break as he slowly realises that he might not win. In the sixth round, Itagaki's spirit still hasn't been broken, which Takamura pointed out to Miyata, who thought otherwise. Takamura lectured Miyata on how he shouldn't underestimate the Kamogawa bloodline. Miyata replied that the next time he fights someone from Kamogawa gym, he will keep that in mind. Itagaki and Imai lasted until the end of the final sixth round, making the match go into a decision, which resulted in Itagaki's victory.

When Itagaki passed out in the ring, Takamura began heading to his venue's room to check on him. As he was about to leave, he asked Miyata if he got his answer on what would happen if he fought Ippo in the tournament. Miyata claimed that since people are different, an accurate comparison is impossible, and that no matter how many times he thinks of what would happen, it changes nothing, with the only way he would have an answer is if he fought him again. The next day, Miyata eavesdropped on his father's conversation with Kamogawa on the phone talking about setting up a match for Miyata with Ippo in Spring after Miyata's OPBF title defence match. After his father finished the phone call, Miyata thanked him.

Father's Back Arc

Miyata being informed that Ippo's match against Take has started.

While Miyata was hitting a sandbag at the Kawahara gym, he heard Kida mention that Ippo has a JBC featherweight title defence match two days before Miyata's for the annual Champion Carnival even though his match against Miyata was decided. Miyata thought that if all goes well, Ippo would be calmly watching his match just like last time when they were supposed to fight in the Rookie King finals. He believed that their match was starting to feel more like destiny and vows to himself that he won't make it end like last time and break the promise again, determined to have fate bring them to the ring this time.

Later while Miyata was going through with his weight management, he was informed by his father that Ippo's JBC title defence match against Keīchi Take was about to begin. When Miyata didn't respond, his father realised that Miyata was not in a position to worry about other people, but Miyata knew that Ippo's not thinking about him either, and that he himself has to worry about the match ahead of him. Later, he learned that Ippo won his match against Take.

Chaos Arc

Miyata fighting Che.

Two days later, Miyata went to the Kōrakuen Hall for his fifth OPBF featherweight title defence match against the sixth OPBF ranker, Che Jounbong. When the first round began, Miyata planned to use the first round to study Che. Miyata was on the defence as Che immediately attacked Miyata and entered close range, leaving Miyata to have to block a barrage of body blows. Miyata had trouble against Che's elbows and headbutts after a headbutt connected, however, Miyata landed a counter after Che tried to follow-up on the headbutt, sending him down. When Che got up, Miyata used his quick footwork to dodge Che's attacks and land lefts and a one-two. After the firth round ended, Miyata continued to dominate in the match in the second and third round. After the third round ended, Miyata went to his corner and informed his father that he saw Mr. Sakaguchi in the crowd. While he wasn't worried about him, Miyata was worried about the man sitting next to him, as he looks familiar. Miyata's father told him to not worry about them, and to just focus on the match.

Miyata defeating Che.

When the fourth round began, Miyata became distracted as he tried to remember who the man is, resulting in Miyata getting hit by a strong right. As Miyata tried to get away, Che stepped on Miyata's foot, preventing him from getting away. Miyata proceeded to get hit as he tried to remember who the man next to Mr. Sakaguchi is. After Miyata took many hits, the referee stopped the match to have the ring doctor check on Miyata due to the bleeding from the cut on his face. As the doctor informed the referee that he needs to stop the match because the cut is too deep, Miyata told the doctor to stay out of his way since he has somewhere he needs to go. Miyata's determination to continue and the crowd supporting his decision left the referee forced to continue the match. As Miyata was unable to do his footwork because of his damage and was determined to win to keep his promise with Ippo, he decided to enter a close range exchange match with Che. After landing a Cross Counter, Miyata began to have the advantage in the exchange until he was the only one landing his punches. Miyata sent Che down with his combination of punches, and the referee had to get between them as Miyata did not stop hitting Che while he was on his knees. The referee ended the match without a count, resulting in Miyata's victory. Miyata reflected that that was his worst match ever as he left the ring, skipping his victory interview.

Miyata encountering Randy Boy Junior.

At his room in the venue, Miyata was told by his father that, due to him breaking both of his fists, his match with Ippo will be rescheduled for another time, which Miyata replied that he is grateful for having it delayed instead of cancelled. As Miyata left to go to the doctor, he was met by the man that was sitting next to Mr. Sakaguchi. After the man claimed that he and Miyata are destined to meet, Miyata requested for him to identify himself. The man did not answer, instead he throws a punch that Miyata dodges and told him that they are meant to fight. When Miyata's father approached them, the man left after he warned that Miyata can not escape from his destiny. Miyata told his father that he had no idea who he is, but believed that he is no cannon fodder.

Seiken Arc

Miyata looking at the OPBF featherweight ranking.

As Miyata was wrapping his fist, his father wanted to know what he was doing. Miyata told him that he was not feeling any more pain with them. His father told him not to, as he could break his fists again and have his match with Ippo be delayed again. Miyata was informed by his father that the OPBF organisation will hold a match between the second and third ranker to choose an interim champion to take his place since his recovery will take a while. Miyata's father explained to him that the interim champion intends on being his returning opponent because the active champion is supposed to fight the interim champion when they are back to health again. Miyata, however, claimed that it won't happen, and that he doesn't care if they stripped him of his belt, he is fine as long as he can fight Ippo. When his father left after he decided that he would prioritise his son's feelings, Miyata looked at the OPBF featherweight rankings to see who would fight to become the interim champion and saw the name of the second ranker, Randy Boy Junior, and thought that he has heard that name before. As Miyata shadowboxed, he was excited to finally fulfil his promise to Ippo for their fated meeting once his fists heal. Miyata remembered hearing someone say "fated meeting" to him before, however, he doesn't remember who.

Scratch Arc

Miyata apologising to Ippo for breaking their promise.

After Miyata learned that Randy became the new OPBF interim champion, he decided to put priority on maintaining the OPBF title after Randy contacted them while Miyata was recovering. Randy mentioned that it was the champion's duty to fight the interim champion when upon his recovery. His father and his gym's staff tried to get him to change his mind, but Miyata refused to listen to anything they said to him and did not explain his reasoning for it.

Deciding to let Ippo know of his decision, Miyata met Ippo where he does his roadwork. Ippo wondered why Miyata was there, but Miyata wouldn't answer, instead, he did a dogeza in front of him to apologise. With Ippo confused as to why he is doing that, Miyata told him to not wait for him anymore, revealing that the match between them won't happen. Ippo questioned Miyata's claim since they promised to meet in the pro ring, however, Miyata walked away while telling him that it just wasn't fated.

Destined Boxer Arc

Miyata using his Pin-point Counter to defeat Sultan.

In order to prepare for his upcoming match against the interim champion, Randy, Miyata had a match against the second ranker in the Philippines, Donnie Sultan, to get rid of any potential rust he might have since he could not spar to due his fists being fractured. When the match arrived, Miyata went to the Kōrakuen Hall. As the match began, Miyata entered his Detroit stance and attacked Sultan with fast footwork and a barrage of punches until he trapped Sultan in a corner. Miyata attacked Sultan's guard like an in-fighter until Sultan tried to attack. Miyata attempted to counter the attack, however, Sultan guarded against it. As Miyata went to the other end of the ring, Sultan chased after him and makes failed attempts on landing a hit on Miyata. Miyata landed a Cross Counter on one of Sultan's attacks, causing Sultan's knees to buckle. Miyata was chased by Sultan, dodging his attacks once more until Miyata dodged and landed a Pin-point Counter on Sultan's jaw. Knowing that he has defeated his opponent, Miyata walked away as Sultan falls to the canvas. The referee ended the match immediately, resulting in Miyata's victory. Walking away from the ring, his father commented how Miyata's counter that he learned in his training camp with Takamura looks almost perfect. Miyata agreed, and reflected that it was the punch he planned to hit Ippo with, but he has shown it on purpose to send a message to Ippo that they will never meet inside the ring again. In his room at the venue, Miyata was asked by the Kawahara coach why he showed the new counter when Randy will surely be studying it. Miyata reassured him that he doesn't need to worry since counters will be useless on Randy. Miyata left as he thought about how he can now focus on Randy since he sent his regards to Ippo, gladly accepting his destiny match against Randy.

Miyata meeting his younger self in a dream.

Later at the Kawahara gym, Miyata was approached by his father, who has found out that Randy is the son of the boxer that made him retire. Miyata revealed to him that he had suspicions that Randy was his son when he first saw him next to Mr. Sakaguchi, and then confirmed it when he researched him when he saw his name. Miyata expressed how thankful he is for a chance to fight the man with same eyes and boxing style as the father who defeated his own father. As Miyata's father saw no way of turning him away from the fight, he warned Miyata that if he is getting into the ring for his personal vendetta, then he won't be there as his second, and that he has less than twenty percent chance of winning. His father stressed again that he has nearly no chance of winning, however, Miyata was delighted to feel like the challenger. Later, Miyata has a dream about meeting his younger self, who asked his older self if his dream came true yet. Miyata told his younger self that he has gotten through a lot of trouble because of his dream, revealing that he is still in the middle of his dream. Miyata was asked about his mother's whereabouts, however, Miyata informed him that he hasn't seen her since the note she left. As his younger self became sad that he will still be alone in the future, Miyata reassured him that he can still become strong despite being alone, and that he will become world champion. He was told by his younger self that it is a promise, wanting his older self to keep the promise of becoming the world champion to prove that his father's boxing is not a fluke. As his younger self ran away, Miyata woke up.

Red Lightning Arc

Miyata fighting two boxers in a spar.

Preparing for his upcoming match against the interim OPBF champion, Randy, Miyata made preparations to go against Randy's Switch Hitting ability by sparring against the orthodox boxer, Imai, and a southpaw boxer at the same time. After the first spar, Miyata came out unscathed and requested for the two boxers to face him three times a week. Miyata later began to struggle and unable to prevent himself from getting hit by Imai and the southpaw, however, he was still able to knock both down. With a little over a month left until his match, Miyata had weight management trouble in the snowy weather, since he usually has difficulty sweating. Later, Miyata did mitt practising with his father and noticed how his father is making him do uppercuts, commenting that he doesn't think he needs to strengthen them. His father noted that while he compensates his weak punches in many ways, he only does it for straight punches, and that Randy is talented at dealing with any kind of punches, suggesting for Miyata to scare him with punches other than straights. Miyata argued that throwing a full swung uppercut would leave him off balance instead of Randy, leaving him critically open for Randy to hit him. His father replied that there are boxers that use full swung uppercuts without worrying about being critically opened. Miyata, remembering Ippo, rebuked his father for comparing him to Ippo, vowing to win using his own style and method, however, he was shocked when his father asked him if his method was truly his own style.

Miyata sparring against Sendō.

Later, Miyata and his gym's staff had an unannounced visit from Sendō, who wanted to spar against Miyata. While the Kawahara coach and Kida were on the edge whether or not they should let him spar with Miyata, Miyata was okay with the spar after being smacked on the head by Sendō when he first declined by wanting the coach's permission first. Miyata got his payback from Sendō hitting him by throwing the sparring gloves that Sendō gave him on his head and getting his own, making the two equally serious. When the spar began, Miyata hit Sendō with quick lefts. Miyata's guard against Sendō's Smash broke, and as another Smash was being thrown, Miyata hit Sendō with a counter. As Miyata did not follow-up on the counter since he saw no point of being serious in a spar, Sendō began attacking again. Miyata continued to hit Sendō with lefts until the first round ended. At his corner, Miyata's father asked him why he didn't use footwork. Miyata answered that he was thinking about how he would fight Randy in the eleventh round, where he might be too tired to use his footwork. In the second round, Miyata was approached by Sendō, who had his hands up, exposing his body. Miyata aimed for Sendō's head with lefts, however, they were dodged by Sendō using head slips. Miyata had trouble guarding against Sendō's motionless punches. When Miyata saw a counter chance when he noticed Sendō was about to attack, it turned out to be a feint, resulting in Miyata missing his punch and getting hit in the body by Sendō. Miyata was forced into a corner by Sendō, who threw a right at his guard, breaking it with a Smash after. Sendō ended the spar by hitting the ring post with his right near Miyata's head, as he believed that Miyata has understood his strength.

Miyata's face showing his struggle during his weight management.

Seeing that it would be helpful to spar again, Miyata asked Sendō to have a spar for a few days, however, Sendō declined, claiming that he is busy and won't do him any good. Sendō revealed to Miyata that he is full of holes and suggested for him to not think that he can only win with only straights in the real world, as he showed that the straight head hunter punches predictably repetitive. Miyata learned from Sendō about a weakness in his counters. where his lefts and rights have good form, as if it has been taken out of a reference book, which is a negative because if his form is off, he wouldn't be able to punch at all. Miyata asked Sendō once more to spar with him When Sendō declined, his trainer, Kazuhiro Yanaoka entered the gym and struck at Sendō for his attitude, promising the Kawahara gym staff that he will make Sendō do whatever they want, including sparring. Miyata continued to spar with Sendō for a week without using his footwork. Later, after having a bad dream about his father's defeat against Randy's father, Miyata did roadwork. He came across a Prunus that hasn't blossomed, and remembered the memory of him, his father and mother standing under the cherry blossoms before his father's match against Randy's father. At the Kawahara gym, Miyata struggled with mitt training with his father, who lifted his mitts high to try and get Miyata to move around more to help him in his weight management. When the weigh-in arrived, Miyata went to the Kōrakuen Hall, where he passed at full limit. Afterwards, Miyata went to his press conference. however, Mr. Sakaguchi was the only one that talked.

The next day, Miyata went to the Yokohama Arena for his sixth OPBF title defence match against the OPBF interim champion, Randy. In his venue's room, he was met by Aoki and Kimura, who have matches before him and was reassured that they would carry the momentum to him with quick wins. while his father thought that their ten round decision matches would take an hour, Miyata noted the unusual atmosphere in the venue makes it possible for even them to win in one round and that he is ready to fight Randy at any time. After Aoki and Kimura's matches, Miyata arrived to the ring. Miyata was ordered by his father to push Randy as hard as he can at the start of the match and they will come up with a strategy later.

Miyata fighting Randy.

In the first round, Miyata used his speed to appear in front of Randy as Randy was about to charge toward him, and landed a counter. Miyata dodged Randy's assault and went around him with lefts, landing a hit on Randy's head. Randy began to speed up, keeping up with Miyata's footwork and knocking away his punches. As Miyata tried to use footwork to get away from Randy, he was chased until he was trapped in a corner. Miyata dodged Randy's barrage of punches at the corner and hit Randy with a counter in the middle of the barrage, escaping from the corner. Miyata signalled for Randy to fight him in the centre of the ring, which Randy accepted. After dodging Randy's long range punches, Miyata and Randy entered an in-fight at the centre of the ring, which Miyata dominated, hitting Randy multiple times until the first round ended. At his corner, after hearing his father tell him to stay focused, Miyata believed that he has been getting more focused and wondered if he can pull off his ideal punch that he has been chasing after since he was a child.

Miyata landing a Jolt Counter on Randy.

When the second round began, Miyata countered against Randy's first punch of the round, and noticed that Randy saw the counter coming, planning to throw a punch that Randy can't see. Miyata attacked Randy's guarded head with a flurry of punches while mixing in blows to his exposed body. When Randy dropped his guard to attack, Miyata hit his head and retreated. Miyata entered a middle ranged exchange with Randy, where Miyata was the only one landing punches at first until Miyata decided to put his guard up and slow down to bait Randy into going on the offensive by thinking that he can be caught. As Miyata was about to get hit during the exchange, he swiftly dodged to the side and landed a counter over his punch that downs Randy. After Randy got up, Miyata rushed from the neutral corner as Randy hunches over from the damage. When he got to Randy's range, he blocked a punch with his shoulder and continued to dodge more punches while noticing that Randy is unable to step-in and he hasn't moved his foot. Miyata stopped his footwork to ready himself to throw a Jolt Counter as Randy began throwing a right. Miyata hit Randy with a right-on-right Jolt Counter and was shocked that he was still standing. Knowing that Randy will go down if he gets hit again, Miyata launched another attack, however, his leg gets crossed up, making him trip and fall on Randy, causing a slip to be declared for both boxers. When they both get up, Miyata tried to rush to Randy and attack before being stopped by the referee as the second round ended. At the corner, Miyata was surprised to learn from his father that the reason his legs crossed with Randy's was because Randy was taking the southpaw stance, and it is also the reason he did not go down against the Jolt Counter as Miyata countered a mere southpaw right jab.

Miyata using his Speed Hell against Randy.

In the third round, Miyata successfully used the anti-southpaw strategy of attacking while circling clockwise against Randy, who entered the southpaw stance at the start of the round. During his assault, Miyata managed to get hit by Randy's right after feeling like there is some kind of static interrupting his steps and breaking his rhythm. Miyata realised that Randy is switching between the orthodox and southpaw stance without him knowing, causing the static that makes it hard for Miyata to keep his rhythm. With Miyata comparing Randy's ability to switch between the stances as fighting against multiple boxers, he planned to throw more punches and move at full speed. Miyata used Speed Hell, attacking Randy with a barrage of punches on his guard at full speed, trapping Randy in a corner while still hitting his guard until he was stopped by the referee as the third round ended. At his corner, Miyata noted how Randy's guard is solid, but when he makes a move, he will counter Randy. He was instructed by his father to do what ever it takes to take down Randy before he recovers from the damage he still has from getting hit by the Jolt Counter.

In the fourth round, Miyata continued his full speed assault on Randy's guard. After Miyata paused, Randy opened his guard. As Randy advanced toward Miyata, Miyata resumed his fast barrage of punches, however, Randy began to dodge the punches using head slips. Randy was able to force himself to Miyata's chest, hitting Miyata with a body blow. Miyata continued to attack at full speed while getting hit by multiple body blows, occasionally countering them while noting that Randy can hit his body all he wants and take his stamina as he never planned to take the match to the second half. As Randy slipped down to avoid Miyata's punch and attack his body, Miyata connected a counter with his right, which Randy did not see as Miyata had him focus on his left counter the whole time when he was countering the previous body blows. Seeing that Randy recovered, Miyata realised that he lost the bet as the fourth round ends. At the corner, Miyata's father asked him where he is having trouble at, however, Miyata simply claimed that there is nothing to worry about.

In the fifth round, Miyata attempted the same tactic of using his right counter against Randy's body blow, however, he missed since the attacks to his body broke his ribs, causing pain and slower movement when he tries to throw a right. Because of that, Miyata gets hit by multiple body blows, further increasing the pain to his broken ribs. Miyata dodged an attack to his face with a sway, retreating by using footwork to try and stabilise his breathing, however, he realised that no matter where he goes, Randy is always staring directly at him and creating the static that messes with his rhythm. Miyata used footwork, sways, and neck twists to avoid Randy's punches to his head while throwing lefts at his block. After getting hit by two body blows that he was unable to avoid, Miyata was pressured, as he did not know where to go, making him back into a corner. Miyata fought his way out of the corner by landing multiple lefts on Randy's head, however, he quickly fell down due to his jaw getting hit while trying to escape. When he got up, the gong to end the fifth round rang. At his corner, Miyata realised that he can't hide his pain from his father and told him that he can only use his right to attack with all his strength two or three more times.

Miyata being struck by Randy's right.

In the sixth round, Miyata planted his feet and put up his guard , blocking Randy's attacks. When his guard broke, Miyata was unable to avoid Randy's combinations to his face and was pushed to the ropes. Miyata was able to put his guard up again, blocking the attacks while at the ropes. When a right went through Miyata's guard and hit his face, Miyata went down. Remembering that he wanted to prove that his father's boxing isn't wrong, Miyata stands up. Miyata went on the offence, throwing big low-to-high punches that Randy easily dodges. When Miyata tried to throw a left hook, he fell from the momentum of the swing, rolling down on the canvas. After getting up, Miyata missed his punches while getting hit by Randy's attacks. Miyata fell from his own momentum again as the gong to end the sixth round rang. After crawling to his corner, Miyata had to be lifted up off the chair by his father so that he could leave for round seven.

Miyata defeating Randy.

In the seventh round, Miyata continued to throw upward jabs that misses while getting hit by Randy's lefts. After noticing how every time Randy is attacking him, he always uses his left, Miyata gets hit with another left that sends him on his back. The referee was about to end the match, however, Miyata rolled back and stood up, intending to continue. As Randy advanced toward Miyata, Miyata moved his left fist slightly to feint Randy into throwing a left, remembering his strategy when he was a child of feinting with small movements to make his opponent throw a left to hit him right straight. When Randy threw a left, Miyata used the Cross Counter, knocking him down, however, he was able to stand back up. As Miyata and Randy dashed toward each other, they both threw a right. Miyata was the one to land his punch, hitting Randy with a Corkscrew Counter, sending him down. The referee ended the match immediately, resulting in Miyata's victory and keeping his OPBF featherweight title. Before leaving the ring, Miyata raised his right fist to the crowd as he was told by his father to give his regards to the crowd that cheered him on. In his venue's room, Miyata requested to his father to let him go to the doctor, however, his father had the training mitts on, wanting Miyata to not forget the last punch he threw. Miyata tried to remember how he threw it, but he couldn't since he threw it out of stubbornness.

Later, Miyata went to the Kawahara gym after going to the doctor for a check up to give his thanks to the staff. After receiving a newspaper about his match with Randy, Miyata talked to his father about how he still feels like he won by being lucky. His father told him that there is no such thing as a lucky punch and deemed the last punch he threw was Miyata's best punch. Walking away from the gym, Miyata laughed after reading from a newspaper that Mr. Sakaguchi was hit by an unknown assailant and claimed that he will never return to Japan again.

Blind Step Arc

Miyata talking to Kojima about him fighting Ippo.

At the Kawahara gym, Miyata sparred against Ippo's upcoming eighth JBC featherweight title defence opponent, Hisato Kojima. The spar was stopped by Kojima's coach as he did not want Kojima to get hurt anymore in the one-sided spar. After Kojima thanked Miyata, Miyata criticised how slow he was to keep up with him, commenting that he is underestimating Ippo. Kojima figured that Ippo would just stand right in front of him, however, Miyata noted how he is wrong to think he could win in a slugfest because of his bigger body, as Ippo would land two or three punches before he lands one, and his only chance of winning is in the early rounds when he has his strength and stamina, where landing a strong body blow on Ippo would give him the stamina advantage. Before Kojima left, he asked Miyata what would happen if he lands the body blow, however, Miyata could not answer, leading Kojima to claim that Miyata would make the same mistake as Sendō and the other fighters. His father wondered what Kojima meant, but Miyata did not know, and mentioned that it has nothing to do with him anymore anyway.

Later, after Miyata overheard his gym mates talking about Ippo's upcoming title defence against Kojima, who claimed to know about Ippo's weakness, he told them that he would reveal the one weakness he noticed in Ippo. After noting Ippo's power and speed, he explained how he has a strategy to go against him rather than him having a weakness. Miyata revealed how Ippo is dedicated to always step forward and fight it out. He explained how the chance to go against Ippo is when he charges forward, however, one will need incredible concentration and courage to pull off a counter that will overcome Ippo's durability. After his explanation, his father asked if the strategy can be pulled off, which Miyata confirmed that he can do it. His father mentioned that Kojima may pull it off if he has a similar plan, however, Miyata believed that Kojima can not pull it off and that he is inexperienced with counters, which would make him risk his boxing career if he throws one.

Miyata watching Ippo's match against Kojima.

On the day of Ippo's match against Kojima, Miyata told his father that he had no interest in watching the match when offered a ticket, however, he was pushed into going to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan to watch it after his father scolded him about how there is more to boxing than just technical skill and that there will be something in the match that will get him out of his rut. Before the match began, Miyata was approached by Itagaki in the audience area. Miyata was shocked when he heard from Itagaki how Takamura claimed that Ippo is looking to brawl Kojima, as Miyata thought that that is the worst case scenario. When the first round began and Ippo and Kojima were standing in place for over a minute, Miyata mentioned to Itagaki how Ippo is building power as his fists are positioned to throw heavy punches. Miyata predicted that Ippo would get hit with a counter, noting to Itagaki how he doesn't see the intimidating Ippo that was a high performance machine built from the ground up by Kamogawa, and that if he ignores Kamogawa's training, he would be a bull that always rushes in while punching at 100% of his power and gets hit. Miyata noticed that Kojima readying for a counter that no one has tried before against Ippo's usual strategy of approaching, and believed that Kojima talked trash to Ippo to psych himself up to prepare himself for the life-or-death gamble since he needs the determination to pull it off. After Ippo won against Kojima with a one punch knockout in the first round, Itagaki claimed that Ippo has overcome his weakness as he doubts that no one will try for the counter again, however, Miyata claimed that he still sees the weakness. Miyata left the venue, wondering if it was Kojima's determination, Ippo's ability to overcome it with spirit, or seeing his former self in Itagaki was the reason his father sent him to watch the match, however, he reflected that it was worth watching.

Speed Zone Arc

At the Kawahara gym, Miyata learned from Suzuki that Itagaki won against Takuma Saeki in the Class A Tournament, with Miyata's father noting that that makes Itagaki an OPBF ranker. When Suzuki claimed that Itagaki beating Saeki makes him the fastest in Japan, Miyata mentioned that he doesn't care about who's the fastest in Japan, however, who's the fastest in the world is a different matter. Suzuki asked Miyata if he should call his friend for an update on Kimura and Aoki's Class A Tournament result, but Miyata had no interest since he is not at the Kamogawa gym anymore and believed that the duo will have no problems anyway.

Go to the World Arc

As Ippo relinquished his JBC featherweight title to move onto the world stage, Miyata studied Ippo's upcoming opponent, the second ranked in the world, Alfredo González. His father caught him studying Alfredo, and Miyata was asked of his impression, to which Miyata deemed Alfredo as an extremely tough opponent for Ippo. When Itagaki and Imai's title match for the vacant JBC featherweight title and Ippo's match against Alfredo arrived, Miyata went to the Kōrakuen Hall to watch the matches. While Itagaki and Imai's match was starting, Miyata was approached by Fujii, who asked for his thoughts on Imai since he sparred with him before. Miyata answered that while Imai has his strengths, Itagaki has grown amazingly, predicting that the match will be determined by how much the difference between them has changed. After Imai defeated Itagaki in the first round and became the new JBC featherweight champion, Miyata agreed with Fujii that it was incredibly intense.

Miyata watching Ippo and Alfredo fight.

As Ippo and Alfredo's match was about to begin, Miyata immediately noticed that Alfredo is strong just by watching him enter the ring. During the second round, Miyata felt like something is up with Alfredo since he isn't very impressive for a second ranker of the world, assuming that he is hiding something. As Fujii pointed out that Ippo will eventually memorise Alfredo's left that he is favouring, Miyata hinted that Alfredo is letting Ippo memorise it, since he is most likely hiding his unused right. After Ippo made Alfredo's right hit his forehead, Miyata laughed, recalling Ippo using the same tactic against him when he sparred with Ippo before their pro debut. While Ippo and Alfredo commenced an in-fight exchange, Miyata told Fujii how Ippo has always been the type to take hits, however, he wondered how Alfredo feels, since fighting Ippo causes mental pressure during the match due to Ippo not going down, making one question their own strength. As Fujii pointed out that Ippo can still fall, Miyata noted that Ippo hasn't fell in his last ten matches and he has no idea how he would go about winning against Ippo, but reflected that this match may give him some clues. In the third round after Alfredo downed Ippo with a long left hook, Miyata declared to Fujii that Ippo's best trait was neutralised. Miyata explained that Ippo's fearsome dodging ability was noticed by Alfredo, specifically ducking, so Alfredo used uppercuts to encourage Ippo to dodge horizontally, making Ippo unable to dodge a left hook after dodging a right. During the fifth round, Miyata realised that Alfredo is taking advantage of Ippo's constant dashing by hitting him with precision and perfectly angled and tied punches that have the same effect as counters, predicting that if Alfredo followed through with his punches, Ippo would go down.

During the sixth round when Ippo motioned the Dempsey Roll, Fujii noted that he hasn't used it since his fight with Wally, however, Miyata pointed out that he only used the motion for defence, but he will use it to attack this time, intrigued by what Alfredo will do. Miyata watched as Ippo was defeated by Alfredo in the seventh round by knockout.

Seeking Heights Arc

Miyata meeting Sendō at the Kōrakuen Hall.

Miyata has his seventh OPBF featherweight title defence against Luisito Ico at the Kōrakuen Hall. After attacking Ico with left and right combinations, Miyata countered an incoming left hook, sending Ico down. The referee stopped the match without a count, resulting in Miyata's victory. A victory interview was held by Ana. Miyata gave her short negative answers when asked about what he thought about his opponent and if he has any plans for the future. His father criticised his attitude, however, Miyata reflected that he really doesn't care. Outside the venue's doctor room Miyata came across Sendō, who watched the match. Sendō questioned Miyata on him not having any plans for the future, suggesting for Miyata to move on up instead of waiting for Ippo while defending the title. Miyata was silent after hearing that as Sendō walked away.

Miyata fighting Nagumo.

At the Kawahara gym, Miyata was requested to spar against Ryūji Nagumo, who knocked Ippo down in a spar and is using his spar against Miyata as a final tune up before his junior lightweight world title match. After both boxers decided to not wear the sparring headgear, Miyata was worried about hurting Nagumo before his world title match, but his father warned him to worry about himself, as Nagumo's speed is a real threat. When the spar began, Miyata countered Nagumo's left with a right, however, Nagumo killed the impact as he slipped away. After being unable to land a clean hit on Nagumo due to his speed and getting countered twice, his father stopped the spar. The reporters asked Miyata for his impression of Nagumo, to which Miyata commented that he is strong, his speed is a threat, and his rhythm was hard to read.

Miyata and Ippo arrive to watch Nagumo's world title match.

Miyata received a ticket to Nagumo's world title match as a thank you for the spar. When he went to the Kōrakuen Hall to watch it, he was seated next to Ippo, who also received a ticket. When the match was about to spar, Miyata and Ippo were singled out and put on the television screen to help hype Nagumo's accomplishments of beating both of them in a spar. When Ippo mentioned that he read in a magazine that Nagumo beat him in a spar too, Miyata asked Ippo what happened in his spar and if he really did go down to Nagumo. Ippo replied that Nagumo beat both of them. As the match began, Miyata tapped with his finger to the rhythm of Nagumo's punches against the champion, and when Nagumo went down, Ippo realised that Miyata was holding back and Miyata asked Ippo again if he really went down to Nagumo. Ippo answered that he did, and thought that he was strong enough to take the world title. Miyata mentioned how he held back because he believed that Nagumo was not world class and he had to stop himself from getting too into it since if he had fought seriously, he would have probably injured him and ruined his world title shot. As Nagumo continued fighting, Ippo thought that Nagumo has a chance, but Miyata told him that didn't he learn from his last match that the world stage isn't easy. Miyata watched as Nagumo was defeated by knockout in the first round. Outside the venue, Miyata asked Ippo if he was broken. Ippo reassured him that he was fine and that he would train more before his come-back match for the next stage.

Later, when Miyata read the latest issue of the Monthly Boxing Fan magazine, he noticed that Ippo is having his return match as a semi-final to Takamura's WBA and WBC middleweight title defence.

10 Months in the Making Arc

Miyata watching Ippo's match against Antonio.

When Ippo's return match against the southpaw Antonio Guevara and Takamura's WBA and WBC middleweight title defence against Keith Lycaon arrived, Miyata went to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan to watch the matches Miyata sat with Mashiba, Sendō, and Fujii. Sendō asked Fujii if the rumours about Ippo having a new Dempsey Roll are true. Miyata claimed that it is true, however, Sendō and Mashiba argued that he was asking Fujii. While watching the first round, Mashiba asked Miyata if Antonio wants Ippo to rush in. Miyata confirmed that Antonio is aiming for the same counter that Alfredo defeated Ippo with once Ippo goes past his jabs. Once Ippo began using his new Dempsey Roll, Miyata realised Ippo was using the new technique as he noticed that Ippo was attacking from vertical to horizontal, to horizontal to vertical. Miyata explained to Mashiba, Sendō, and Fujii how Ippo's stronger big toe allows him to shift his weight faster and his increased muscle allows his body to take the impact of the sudden stop and starts better. He further explained that he can throw his punches while shifting his pivot foot, making it possible for him to chase a running opponent down. In the fourth round, Sendō asked if Miyata was going to praise Antonio for lasting this long. Miyata admitted that he is impressed with Antonio, as his preview counter he threw had timing and heart. As Ippo hit Antonio's guard at a corner, Miyata realised how different Ippo has been fighting, which has been all wrong and off the moment it began. After Ippo went down to a punch that grazed him, Miyata got irritated, wondering what has happened to him. Miyata witnessed Ippo's defeat against Antonio in the fourth round by knockout. Miyata watched Takamura's title defence match against Lycaon, where Takamura won by knockout in the first round. Afterwards, Miyata left the venue in silence, ignoring Sendō as he tried to talk to him.

Part III

Second Step Arc

Miyata winning his match by decision.

Miyata had his eighth title defence as the OPBF featherweight champion. When the match started, Miyata quickly got his opponent to go down two times. However, his punches were not sharp enough, and by round eight he begun to get visibly exhausted. Miyata struggled to gather energy for a full-powered punch and received multiple body blows. Miyata then wondered what he's suppose to do if he can never cross Ippo's path again, and was angry he never got to experience Ippo's punches as a pro. Despite the attempts to knock his opponent down, the match ended on the twelfth round with Miyata winning by decision. On the way home, Miyata found a small black cat and took him home.

Taihei Arc

Miyata working at the Márquez.

A few days later while he was working at the Márquez, the manager argued with Miyata about the stray cat flyer on the window and how no one will claimed it. When his manager asked him to keep the cat, he stated that his apartment building didn't allow pets. When his manager started hitting on Miyata, he mentioned that he might end up quitting instead. The manager refused to hear Miyata's statement of leaving. Eventually, Miyata decided to stay as Aoki and Tomiko came up to the counter. Aoki asked if the reason why Miyata's last match was bad, was because of weight management or because of a certain someone's retirement, Miyata avoided the question. As Aoki left, he claimed Miyata shouldn't wait any longer and move up to the next stage. Kimura then entered the store. Kimura stated that Miyata shouldn't be working at a convenience store, since he's one step away from becoming a world champion. However, after Miyata explained how much he made while working, Kimura was shocked, as it was unusually high. Miyata was surprised that he got paid a lot, when his manager mentioned she needed to pay him a lot in order to attract him. As Kimura left, he claimed that everyone has high hopes for him and to not squander his talent. Takamura entered the store, he asked about the missing cat flier, where he said it was his. Takamura made fun of Miyata after finding out that he owns the cat and named it "Sarate". Takamura told Miyata that he shouldn't be stuck in the same place and to live up to his potential. Miyata then asked for the manager to kick Takamura out. After that failed, Miyata called the police on him forcing Takamura to run away. When Miyata returned home, he remembered what the three boxers said to him, and started thinking about his future.

Towards a Resolution Arc

Miyata meets Ippo.

Miyata wanted to ask Ippo if he was punch drunk or not after he researched the subject. He waited by the tree that Ippo goes to a lot, hoping to meet Ippo there. hanged around since he knew that he would run into Ippo there. When Ippo arrived at the area with his two new followers, Taihei Aoki and Kintarō Kaneda, Miyata approached him. Miyata noticed Ippo wearing his wrist weights, asking why he is wearing them and wondered if Ippo is saying that he needs them after Ippo answered that it is a habit. Ippo pleaded for Miyata that if he is the reason why he wasn't in his best condition in his recent match, to stop fixating on him because he is never returning to the ring, wanting Miyata to go to a different weight class since he is struggling as a featherweight. Miyata replied that he will switch depending on Ippo's answer, asking him who said that he was punch drunk. Seeing Ippo unable to answer, Miyata walked away, telling him that what lies ahead will be his own decision.

Importance of the Support Role Arc

Miyata encountering Mashiba at his job.

While Miyata was training at the Kawahara gym, Suzuki and the other gym members mentioned how Sendō and Alfredo were going to fight and that it is a bad match up for Sendō since he is fighting Alfredo, who knocked out Ippo, who knocked out Sendō twice. Miyata pointed out that they can't base all of their predictions around Ippo, as Sendō is a threat to counter punchers like Alfredo due to his unpredictable punches and the pressure he emits that makes counter punchers required to use caution with throwing a counter. Suzuki asked if Miyata believed Sendō would win. Miyata told him that isn't what he is saying, however, he believed it can be expected for Alfredo's exponentially powerful weapon to be ineffective on him. After he said that, Suzuki felt Miyata might be able to help Nakatsuka with his problem, suggesting for him to have Miyata solve it. After criticising his gym mates for not being able to solve a middle school math problem, Miyata looked at the paper and left for work, planning to give back the paper with the answers during practise the next day. While working at the Márquez, he asked his manager to help him solve the math problems, however, she did not know and began flirting with him. He called her useless, which only excited her. When a customer arrived to the counter, he started to complain about the slow service. Miyata saw that the customer was Mashiba, who became hostile toward him by throwing a 100 yen coin at him. The manager told him that his coin wasn't enough to cover his purchase since there was a sales tax. Miyata showed Mashiba his math paperwork, telling him if he can solve the math problems, they will call it even. After Miyata wrote down Mashiba's answers as he called them out to him, Mashiba left while Miyata looked at the paper, not knowing if the answers are correct or not.

Keith Dragon Arc

Miyata and Ippo meet before Takamura's match against Dragon.

When the WBC super middleweight champion, Keith Dragon came to Japan for his title defence match against Takamura, he went to the Kawahara gym to train. As Mari Īmura claimed that Dragon's right is something to look out for, Miyata became interested. Later, when Takamura's WBC super middleweight title match against Dragon arrived, Miyata went to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan. While waiting for the match to begin, Miyata came across Ippo outside the audience area. Miyata explained the reason he came was to watch his former gym mate, Takamura, fight. He began to tell Ippo about how he noticed that Dragon's dominant arm seemingly is his left, however, Ippo interrupted him, revealing that he also noticed it while watching Dragon play mahjong. Miyata became surprised that Ippo was able to notice something like that outside of boxing training, noting how Ippo has an unbelievable level of insight and observation, and wondered what would Ippo be able to do if they fight with his experience in the ring and knowledge and perspective he gained outside of it. After Ippo ran off to Takamura's dressing room, Miyata went to his seat, sharing a seat with Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki. Itagaki wanted to know Miyata's opinion on the match, however, Miyata mentioned that he has no opinion since Takamura hasn't fought in the super middleweight class before, and won't be able to determine if he can deal with the weight class barrier that stands in his way until the early rounds.

Miyata watching Takamura's match against Dragon.

Miyata watched as Takamura and Dragon's match began. After the first round, Miyata was asked of his opinion so far by Kimura. Miyata felt as if the super middleweight class is the ideal fusion point of speed and power after watching Takamura and Dragon fight, as he noted that seeing someone move as fast as they do at their size with powerful punches can take one's breath away. Kimura asked Miyata what he thinks will happen in the later rounds, however, Miyata didn't know, but sensed something odd about Takamura. Knowing that he won't be able to figure it out from where he is sitting, he decided to trust in Takamura's seconds to do so. During the second round after Takamura caused Dragon to have a slip declared on him, Miyata figured that he was just over worrying about Takamura, as he is showing his great potential rather than a reason to worry about him going up another weight class. During the third round as Takamura began getting hit with left hooks and stumbled, Miyata learned from the Kamogawa gym boxers that Takamura's right leg is injured. As Itagaki wondered why Takamura is getting hit by left hooks while dodging the other punches, Miyata was reminded of seeing the same scenario before, thinking that the left hook is something Takamura is bad with. When Takamura began guarding against Dragon's attacks near the end of the third round, Miyata quickly recognised it as the Turtle Strategy, something he deemed unpleasant for him to remember. Miyata watched as Takamura wins in the fourth round, becoming the WBC super middleweight champion. As Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki discuss how Takamura was getting hit by wide left swings until he suddenly countered one, Miyata revealed a suspicion that he had about Takamura not being able to see out of his right eye, however, upon observation of how Takamura pulled off the counter near the end, he felt as if he has an answer to his suspicion that he can see out of it, relieving the Kamogawa gym boxers. Miyata was invited by the three to come with them and cheer for Takamura's victory, however, Miyata declined, mentioning that he is not part of their gym.

Grim Reaper to the World Arc

Miyata and Iga discussing the match between Mashiba and Juan.

On the day of Mashiba's world title preliminary match against Juan Garcia, which Itagaki's match against a Filipino ranker is the semi-final of, Miyata went to the Kōrakuen Hall. Miyata watched Itagaki's match, which ended in Itagaki's victory by decision. He stayed and watched Mashiba's match against Juan, which ended in Mashiba's victory by knockout in the seventh round. As Miyata was leaving, he came across Shinobu Iga, who thought that the counter Juan threw missing and the deciding Chopping Right landing was mere luck on Mashiba's part, scoffing at the idea of Mashiba taking on the world title at his current level. Miyata countered, pointing out that Juan's legs were affected, knowing from experience that the counter would have never landed, and that after seeing Mashiba's body blow and him knowing the effects of accumulated damage, it is difficult to think Mashiba is only at "his current level". Iga asked Miyata if he is okay with Mashiba going higher without a chance of redeeming the humiliation Mashiba did to him. Miyata replied that he hopes Mashiba keeps going higher, to something one can also seize for themselves.

Match History

Match History
# Result Record Date Opponent Location Time Type Notes
28 WIN 26-1-1 1999 UnknownPhilippines.png[9] Tokyo, Japan 12(12), 3:00 Decision OPBF Title 8th Defence Match
27 WIN 25-1-1 1998 Philippines.pngLuisito Ico[10] Tokyo, Japan 1(12) TKO OPBF Title 7th Defence Match
26 WIN 24-1-1 1997-04-15 Philippines.pngRandy Boy Junior[11] Yokohama, Japan 7(12) TKO OPBF Unification Match (6th Defence)
25 WIN 23-1-1 1996-10 Philippines.pngDonnie Sultan[12] Tokyo, Japan 1(10) TKO Non-Title Match
24 WIN 22-1-1 1996-01-27 South Korea.pngChe Jounbong[13] Tokyo, Japan 4(12) TKO OPBF Title 5th Defence Match
23 WIN 21-1-1 1995-08-15 Thailand.pngMedgoen Dachboy[14] Yokohama, Japan 5(12) TKO OPBF Title 4th Defence Match
22 WIN 20-1-1 Unknown Unknown KO OPBF Title 3rd Defence Match
21 WIN 19-1-1 Unknown Unknown KO OPBF Title 2nd Defence Match
20 WIN 18-1-1 Unknown Unknown KO OPBF Title 1st Defence Match
19 WIN 17-1-1 1994-04-25 Australia.pngArnie Gregory[15] Tokyo, Japan 4(12) 1:34 KO OPBF Featherweight Title Match
18 WIN 16-1-1 1993-05 South Korea.pngLi Chon Pir[16] Tokyo, Japan 3(10) 1:23 KO Non-Title Match
First match back in Japan
17 WIN 15-1-1 1993-04[17] Unknown Unknown 12(12), 3:00 Decision Overseas Match 11
16 WIN 14-1-1 1993-03[18] Philippines.pngUnknown Philippines N/A Overseas Match 10
15 WIN 13-1-1 1993-02[19] Philippines.pngUnknown Philippines N/A Overseas Match 9
14 WIN 12-1-1 1993-01[20] Philippines.pngUnknown Philippines N/A Overseas Match 8
13 WIN 11-1-1 1992-12[21] Philippines.pngUnknown Philippines N/A Overseas Match 7
12 WIN 10-1-1 1992-11[22] South Korea.pngUnknown Korea N/A Overseas Match 6
11 WIN 9-1-1 1992-10[23] South Korea.pngUnknown Korea N/A Overseas Match 5
10 WIN 8-1-1 1992-09[24] South Korea.pngUnknown Korea N/A Overseas Match 4
9 WIN 7-1-1 1992-08[25] South Korea.pngUnknown Korea N/A Overseas Match 3
8 WIN 6-1-1 1992-07 Thailand.pngJimmy Sisphar[26] Bangkok, Thailand 4(10), 2:13 TKO Overseas Match 2
7 DRAW 5-1-1 1992-06 Thailand.pngRusak Paddy[27] Samut Prakan, Thailand 6(6), 3:00 Decision Comeback Match
Overseas Match 1
6 LOSS 5-1-0 1991-11 Japan.pngMashiba Ryō[28] Tokyo, Japan 3(4) 2:22 KO East Japan Rookie King Tournament (Semi-Finals Round)
5 WIN 5-0-0 1991-9 Japan.pngKaji Akihiko Tokyo, Japan 1(4) KO East Japan Rookie King Tournament (Second Round)
4 WIN 4-0-0 1991-7 Japan.pngTakada Teruhiko[29] Tokyo, Japan 1(4) TKO East Japan Rookie King Tournament (First Round)
3 WIN 3-0-0 1991 Japan.png Unknown Tokyo, Japan ?(4) KO
2 WIN 2-0-0 1991 Japan.png Unknown Tokyo, Japan ?(4) KO
1 WIN 1-0-0 1990-10 Japan.png Unknown[30] Tokyo, Japan 1(4) 1:33 KO Pro Debut



Preceded by Title Succeeded by
Arnie Gregory OPBF Featherweight Champion
April, 1994-present


Miyata is a tall and muscular boxer with fair skin. He has short jet-black hair with bangs covering his forehead and ears, and his sharp eyes are dark red in colour. He is said to physically resemble Tatsuya Kimura, have a "pointy nose," as well as "handsome," with most of his matches garnering female spectators who encourage him to "not get hit in the face".

His attire usually consists of plain t-shirts, shirts, and tank tops of various colours. His usual choice of legwear are blue jeans or beige or black pants


As a child, Miyata was extremely cheerful. He set his father as a role model and went to many of his matches, but after his father's defeat at the hands of Randy Boy Senior and subsequent retirement from boxing, Miyata became calm and serious. There are few instances in which he is seen smiling, such as after defeating Jimmy Sisphar and Randy Boy Junior, when Mr. Sakaguchi's assault was posted in the newspaper and while sparring with Takeshi Sendō.

He is very stubborn, as evident in his refusal to move up to another weight class to ease the severity of his weight control, and when he didn't want to learn uppercuts to defeat Randy Boy Junior. However, he has his reasons for being stubborn, namely his promise to Ippo and his pride in his father's boxing. Miyata is also prideful and dislikes being disrespected, such as when Sendō playfully smacked him in the back of the head, Miyata threw a glove at him and told him to get in the ring. Miyata is shown to be snarky at times, as he sarcastically stated that he wouldn't be enough to take on Ippo, who never fought before, before their first spar began.

He is particularly close to Mamoru Takamura, Tatsuya Kimura and Ippo Makunouchi, but doesn't have many friends outside of his former gym mates. While Miyata does not have a love interest, he has many female fans, and Ippo's admiration of Miyata gets pointed out by the Kamogawa gym members at times, jesting that he is in love with him.[31] Miyata has shown fluency in speaking Thai and English.



Ippo Makunouchi

Ippo is his eternal rival and friend. They first met at the Kamogawa gym, where Miyata was to spar against the newcomer, Ippo. Miyata underestimated him at first, but was soon taken by surprise by Ippo's strong will. Ever since their first spar, Miyata deems boxing more interesting because of him, and follows his career to see how he has evolved. Miyata gets visibly irritated at Ippo's meek, oblivious, and awkward personality at times, leading him to facepalm or yell at him.

Miyata saw Ippo as a friendly rival after getting beaten in their second spar and made a promise to each other to meet in the professional ring at the East Japan Rookie King Tournament finals. While Miyata lost to Mashiba in the semi-finals and their promised fight went unfulfilled, Miyata and Ippo promised again to meet in the ring, but many say the match is not meant to happen. However, with this goal in mind, both of them have been using each other as motivation to become stronger over the course of their boxing careers.

Ippo is the reason Miyata stays in the featherweight class despite him suffering from weight management, refusing to go up a weight class since he is in it. While Ippo tried to convince him to move up to a different weight class after he retired since he isn't going back to boxing, Miyata didn't give an answer.

After Ippo retired from boxing, Miyata disagreed with and questioned the decision, noticing that Ippo still wears his arm and ankle weight straps and is doing harsher training than an active boxer. He doesn't believe Ippo is punch drunk, and he confirmed his belief when Ippo could not answer who told him he was punch drunk.



Miyata has been involved with boxing ever since he was a child since his father was a boxer. He thinks that boxing is not about brute force, but timing and using technique to exploit weak points.[32]

Boxing Abilities

Miyata's Stance.

Miyata is an out-boxer technician cut of the same cloth as his father. He started training with his father ever since he was a child. Before even getting his professional license, he was considered better than most 4-round boxers,[33] and he was able to beat a 6-round pro Masaru Aoki in spars.

Physical Ability


Before even getting his professional license, he was considered strong by Mamoru Takamura[34]


He possesses extraordinary speed, which has evolved to the point where he can disappear from his opponent's sight. His footwork is considered perfect even before becoming a pro boxer.[35]



Miyata's fighting spirit.

As an out-boxer, he usually fights using footwork to get close to his opponent and begins throwing fast left jabs around the opponent. If they guard, he strikes at the guard until he can find an opening, or he goes for body blows. He starts out almost all matches the same way, by throwing a large number of only small jabs and circling the opponent as much as possible. He can trick his opponents by pretending he's going at his full speed to make his opponent over-confident about catching him. When a big punch is thrown he will speed up and counter. Miyata will repeat this pattern, speeding up gradually throughout the fight, though he rarely has to as he continues to master it. He is also able to memorise his opponent's attacks with his body, so no single punch can work on him twice.

Since he doesn't have much innate power, his primary weapons are counter punches, because they rely on the opponent's momentum to deal damage. Ryūhei Sawamura's and Miyata's counters have been compared numerous times. The difference is that Sawamura strikes his opponent whenever he sees an opening; Miyata only steps into his opponent's punches when they are fully in motion. The result can be seen in Miyata's KO ratio, which even rivals Ippo's.

While the vast majority of his matches has been him using the out-boxing style, he sometimes shows the ability to use in-fighting skill as well. He can combine both offence and defence during close range exchanges.[36]

Miyata is regarded as the third most talented boxer in the series, behind Ricardo Martínez and Takamura.


Since Miyata is a counter specialist, all of his punches are potential Sunday punches.

  • Detroit Style
  • Counter
  • Jolt Counter
  • Cross Counter
  • Flicker Jab
  • Sway
  • Motionless Jab
  • Pin-Point Counter
  • Corkscrew Counter
  • Speed Hell - The moment in which Miyata decides to go full speed. He can launch a flurry of different punches from many different angles, and advances so quickly that to his opponent it looks as if they're staring down several Miyata's at once. It was first shown during his fight with Randy Boy Jr. when Miyata felt like he had to compensate for Randy Boy's constant switch hitting with more speed. Takamura (as well as his then opponent Bryan Hawk) also used this move. Speed Hell drains Miyata of his already low energy reserves.
  • Southpaw Hitman Style - used during his match with Mashiba as a feint. Miyata performed a shoulder block to deflect one of Mashiba's flicker jabs, then closed in and performed a cross counter to Mashiba's jaw.
  • Flicker Jab - to be demonstrate and used for his sparring against Kimura. However Miyata used it for once so that Kimura could learned on how to evade Flicker Jabs against Mashiba for the Champion Carnival Junior Lightweight.


Miyata's father has pointed out that his regular punches lack power, and Sawamura has said that although his counters are powerful, they are also predictable. Takeshi Sendō also made this apparent by dodging every punch Miyata threw at him during a spar, having realised that he was always aiming for the head. He went as far to say that his fighting style is far too simple for the world stage. Miyata's maybe biggest problem is his stubbornness to use counter-boxing, having no other big punches in his repertoire. Takamura helps to improve Miyata's counters by informing him of his tendency to just use his arms with no rotation, rather than putting his entire back into it.

Like Takamura, Miyata often has problems with cutting weight. In addition to this, and possibly as a result of it, he is very susceptible to body blows. It has been stated that Miyata's build should be limited at the Jr. Lightweight and Lightweight divisions. As such he kept up a brutal pace of one match a month to keep himself at the maximum allowed weight for the Featherweight Division.


  • Miyata's fighting style is modelled after Sugar Ray Leonard, and his appearance is modelled after Naoto Takahashi. [37]
    • Miyata's early appearance was modelled after freelance actor Eisaku Yoshida (吉田栄作), who played the role of an unpleasant man in a drama at the time. [38]
  • His match against Ryō Mashiba was modelled after Sugar Ray Leonard's match against Thomas Hearns[39]
  • Miyata's role was intended to end with the first spar against Ippo Makunouchi, but he ended up becoming a main rival with Ippo as a result because he was popular with the readers.[37]
  • Miyata was originally going to fight Ippo in the East Japan Rookie King Tournament, but Morikawa had him lose to Mashiba. He also claims that Miyata would have lost to Ippo at that point since he lost to Mashiba.<[37]
    • Morikawa also wanted Ippo and Miyata to fight after Miyata came back to Japan from his training overseas and Ippo learned his Dempsey Roll, however, he knew that Ippo would lose since the Dempsey Roll is weak to counters. Then after Ippo upgraded his Dempsey Roll, Morikawa thought that Miyata would then lose. So he had Mamoru Takamura give Miyata advice on his counters.<[37]
  • Sugar Ray Leonard is Miyata's favourite boxer.[40]
  • The fight poster for Miyata vs. Luisito Ico in Chapter 1126 had listed the incorrect fight record for Miyata (21 matches, 19 wins, 17 KO's, 1 draw) when it came out in Weekly Shōnen Magazine. When the chapter was later released in volume 114, Miyata's fight record was changed to 25 matches, 23 wins, 21 KO's 1 loss, 1 draw.
  • In Round 199, Ippo mentioned that Miyata fought four Korean boxers, four Filipino boxers, and three Thai boxers while overseas. His record was 10 wins, 1 draw, and 8 KO's. Even though it only mentions Miyata fighting two times in Thailand, and heading for Korea afterwords.


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