Ippo and Sendo exchange

An in-fight.

In-Fighting, (インファイト, In Faito) is a boxing style that involves a boxer fighting almost entirely in close range combat, relying on their hitting power. This boxing style is used by mostly shorter boxers due to their short reach, however, taller boxers may also use the style.

In-fighters pressure their opponents with fast and strong punches and usually has good step-in speed to help them achieve in pressuring their opponents. Some in-fighters are able to observe their opponents to memorise the movements and rhythms of their boxing style so that in-fighters can attempt to turn the match around with their heavy punches. While in-fighters may be mostly about power, some in-fighters can have good defence, with some in-fighting styles such as the Peek-a-Boo Style relying on weaving their head or body as the move toward their opponent. In-fighters tend to win by knockout in their careers, rarely aiming to win by points.

Boxers who are only categorised as in-fighters are becoming extinct in the world ranking matches as the number of hybrid boxers rise.[1]

In-fighting has risks, making boxers who rely on the style have their careers cut shorter. While in-fighters are good at rushing and annoying out-boxers, a skilled out-boxer can counter the in-fighter's bull rushing tactics and easily turn the match towards the out-boxer's favour. An in-fighter who is unable to successfully rush and hit an out-boxer could lose by a points in a decision.


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