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The Ippo in Mexico Arc (一歩メキシコ編, Ippo Mekishiko-hen) is the forty-fifth story arc in the series and the sixth in the Bold Retirement Saga.

With Makunouchi Ippo wanting to continue his research as a coach, Kamogawa Genji suggested for him to go to Mexico for the best materials to help his studying. Ippo goes to Mexico, where Sendō Takeshi and Alfredo Gonzales have an upcoming pre-world title match against each other before super champion Ricardo Martinez's WBA featherweight title defence.


Ippo's Arrival to Mexico

Pre-World Title Match - Sendō Takeshi VS. Alfredo Gonzales

World Title Match - WBA Featherweight Champion - Ricardo Martinez VS. Former WBC Featherweight Champion - Billy McCallum

Ippo's Return to Japan


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Ippo in Mexico Arc
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