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Itagaki Shuffle (板垣シャフル lit. itagaki shafuru) is a technique Itagaki Manabu developed in the midst of his Class A Tournament match against Saeki Takuma. It is an unpredictable full-body feint that catches even the most analytical of boxers off-guard. It is named by Itagaki's trainer Shinoda.


The Itagaki Shuffle is executed at long-range from the opponent to avoid blows. The user performs a full-body feint by moving their head, hands, elbows, and legs at random angles. This confuses the opponent's reflexes all the way down to their eye movements. Making use of the stunned opponent's shock as an opening, the user is then free to attack when the other least expects it.

Notable Users

The Itagaki Shuffle has only been used by Itagaki, who has phenomenally sharp reflexes and fast feet, and only when he was fully relaxed.

Strengths & Weaknesses

The Itagaki Shuffle baffled Saeki Takuma with its random movements and dance-like fluidity. It has been effective enough to the extent that Saeki completely lost sight of Manabu, meaning for an instant he couldn't even follow him with their eyes, giving them no idea what to guard from or from where. This is a complete killer of any boxer's rhythm. The unpredictability allowed Itagaki to throw punches at Saeki unhindered for much of the fourth round of their match with Saeki having almost no choice but to turtle up.

In his rematch with Itagaki, Imai Kyōsuke devised a strategy to neutralize the Itagaki Shuffle. By keeping his eyes focused downward and at the same time pressing into Itagaki at close-range, Imai was able to ignore all of the Shuffle's feints and attack unhindered.