This article only covers aspects of Japan that are referenced in Hajime no Ippo.
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Japan (日本, lit. nihon or nippon), is the country of origin and major setting for George Morikawa's anime and manga series Hajime no Ippo.

Important Characters from Japan

For Full list of Characters: List of Hajime no Ippo characters
Important Characters from Japan
Kamogawa Boxing Gym Friends or Family Rival's or Past Opponents

Major Locations

Below is a list of major locations in Japan accounted for in Hajime no Ippo. Note that this is not a full list of locations, but a list of the core settings in which character development takes place.


Tokyo is the main setting area for the story, where main characters in story live, work, and train in. Majority of the Boxing matches take place in Tokyo area.

Boxing Gyms Based in Tokyo

Tokyo Based Boxing Gyms
Kamogawa Boxing Gym Kawahara Boxing Gym Kawai Boxing Gym
Kikumoto Boxing Gym Kinoshita Boxing Gym Maeda Boxing Gym
Misawa Boxing Gym Moriyama Boxing Gym Nakadai Boxing Gym
New Japan Boxing Gym Nerima Boxing Group Nishikawa Boxing Gym
Ohtaki Boxing Gym Otowa Boxing Gym Sayama Boxing Gym
Toho Boxing Gym

Other Boxing Related Locations

Boxing Related Locations in Tokyo
Kourakuen Hall Ryogoku Kokugikan Tokyo Dome
Monthly Boxing Fan

School Related

Schools in Tokyo
Shiritsu Zōshirushi High School
Ippo's School
Minami South High School
Aoki and Kimura's School
Imanishi North High School
Takamura's School
Imperial College of Medicine
Sanada's College
Touyou College of Athletics
Saeki's College

Various Places that Characters have Worked in Tokyo

Majority of the Characters work in the various boxing Gyms, but quite a few characters have a side job on top being a Pro Boxer.

Places that various Characters work in Tokyo
Makunouchi Fishing Boat
Makunouchi Ippo
Itagaki Manabu - Formerly
Umezawa Masahiko - Formerly
Sushi Belt Restaurant
Saeki Takuma
Kimura Florist
Kimura Tatsuya
Miyata Ichirō
Chuuka Soba
Aoki Masaru
Yamanaka Bakery
Mashiba Kumi
Kawai Hospital
Mashiba Kumi

Residential Places that Characters have lived in Tokyo

Residential Places
Makunouchi Fishing Boat
Ippo's House
Ōta Inn
Takamura's House
Aoki and Tomiko's Apartment
Itagaki family's House Miyata's Apartment Umesawa's Apartment
Date's House Mashiba's Apartment

Other Places not mentioned

Other Places not mentioned in Tokyo
Sugar Ray Mayweather Bar De La Hoya
Game Land Funa Bowl

Bowling Alley

Shimono Zoo

Chain Restaurant

Nermina Park

Amusement Park

Game Play Game


Coffee Shop Hearns Yamaguchi Chiropractic Haneda Airport
Tokyo International Airport
Ōta Sports
Sports Shop


A location in the Kanagawa prefecture and second largest city in Japan by population.


Osaka is a secondary setting in the series and home to the boxing gym one of the series' more prominent characters Sendō Takeshi and his protégé Hoshi Hiroyuki.

Boxing Related Locations in Osaka
Naniwa Kentou-kai
Sendou's Boxing Gym
Ishino Boxing Gym Osaka Furitsu Gymnasium
Sweet Shop run by
Sendou's Grandmother
Sendou's Middle School


Home of the boxing gym Yamada Naomichi and Jason Ozuma (formerly) trained in.

Places in Aomori Area
Hachinohe Boxing Group Misawa Air Base
Jason Ozuma


A location in the Tohoku prefecture.

Places in Miyagi Area
Tsukahara Boxing Gym Police Station


A location in the Chubu prefecture.

Places in Nagoya Area
Karil Boxing Gym

Sawamura Ryuhei


Steak House


Chain Restaurant


A location in the Ryukyu prefecture.

Places in Nagoya Area
Mensore Okinawa Seaside Gym


Japan Countryside

Japan's Countryside Region Mountains

Places in Niigata Area
Pension Yoshio

Nekota Ginpachi

Known Regions

As this article only covers aspects of Japan that appear in Hajime no Ippo, likewise only the regions that appear in Hajime no Ippo will be listed.

Other Countries