Jimmy Sisphar (ジミー・シスファー, lit. jimii shisufaa) is a semi-recurring character in Hajime no Ippo.

He is a now retired past Featherweight professional boxer and the previous reigning National Champion of Thailand.

He was introduced as the first Asian Champion Makunouchi Ippo faced in the Survival Match of Asian Champions Saga.


He most likely derived from a poor family in Thailand, and was the reason that he was drawn into combat sports, although reasons are unknown. At some point when he was young, he started Muay Thai and eventually became a champion of an unknown competition in the sport at his home country.


Jimmy with his Coach
Jimmy Liver Blow

He switched to boxing for unknown reasons (perhaps to gain worldwide recognition) and became a local hero heralded as the second coming of Khaosai Galaxy. Unfortunately for him, Miyata Ichirō destroyed that chance. Miyata defeated Jimmy using a Jolt Counter, which subsequently gave him mental damage.

Ippo vs Scratch J fight poster

Ippo vs Scratch J Fight Poster

When he reappeared in the story later on, he had fought dozens of matches, gotten battle scars all over his face, and his speech was slurred. He had become obsessed with using variations of the Jolt repeatedly, believing it to be the "fist of God". He earned the nickname "Scratch J" because he charged head-first toward his opponents so often that he ended up with scars from headbutting them. Sometime before his match with Ippo, he lost to Ponchai Chuwatana.

As Thailand's Featherweight champion, he was the first to receive Ippo's challenge on his quest to conquer Asia. He put up a huge fight and even overwhelmed Ippo many times with his brute strength and aggression, but he lost by KO when Ippo unsealed a newer variation of the Dempsey Roll.

He ended up retiring shortly after this match, although, ever since then, he has calmed down and begun to recover to how he was before his loss to Miyata. Jimmy currently holds a record of 38-8 with all 38 wins by knockout.

Match History

Match History
# Result Record Date Opponent Location Time Type Notes
46 LOSS 38-8-0 1996-08-01 Japan Makunouchi Ippo Tokyo, Japan 4(10) 2:30 KO

"Survival Match of Asian Champions"


? WIN 3?-8-0 1997 Thailand Unknown  ?, Thailand ?(10) KO 5th defense Retained Thailand Featherweight Title
? WIN 3?-8-0 1997 Thailand Unknown  ?, Thailand ?(10) KO 4th defense Retained Thailand Featherweight Title
? WIN 3?-8-0 1997 Thailand Unknown  ?, Thailand ?(10) KO 3rd defense Retained Thailand Featherweight Title
? WIN 3?-8-0 1997 Thailand Unknown  ?, Thailand ?(10) KO 2nd defense Retained Thailand Featherweight Title
? WIN 3?-8-0 1997 Thailand Unknown  ?, Thailand ?(10) KO First Defense
Retained Thailand Featherweight Title
? WIN 3?-8-0 1997 Thailand Unknown  ?, Thailand ?(10) KO Won Thailand Featherweight Title
? LOSS  ?-2-0 1993 Thailand Ponchai Chuwatana  ?, Thailand ?(10), 1:35 KO N/A
11 LOSS 10-1-0 1997-07-15 Japan Miyata Ichirō Bangkok, Thailand 4(10) KO Lost to "Jolt Counter"


As "Jimmy Sisphar"

Jimmy before his match with Miyata, he didn't have grown hair or scratches. He was one of the most famous boxers of Thailand.

As "Scratch J"

After Miyata's match, and many other fights, Jimmy's face has scars, the result of headbutting his opponents and fighting using a very dangerous style. He has grown hair until his fight with Ippo.


As "Jimmy Sisphar"

Jimmy acts like a somewhat arrogant champion, who easily thinks he won when he fought Miyata.

As "Scratch J"

After fighting Miyata, he became an unhinged boxer, stating that he thought he saw God when he fought and lost to Miyata. Ippo notes Jimmy as having an even scarier demeanor than Mashiba Ryō, showcasing an intimidating stare. He soon sacrificed his old boxing style in turn for a much more hostile, violent style. As such, Jimmy suffered from a slight stutter due to brain damage after boxing with such a risky and close style. When he lost to Ippo though, he changed his idea of seeing god, to seeing death, and became more kind and less intimidating.

Boxing Style

Originally, Sisphar may have possessed genius-level talent (since he came from the world of kickboxing), and fought as an out boxer or hybrid, but after losing to Miyata he became an unorthodox in fighter (like a brawler) with a repertoire of only two powerful offensive moves and one defensive move. Due to common injuries, Jimmy was also used to having blood flow into his field of vision, and he soon became immune to its effects,instead using it as an advantage. Despite the damage he incurred over the next several of his fights, this new style did grant him the championship.



As evident from the scars on his face, Jimmy's fighting style is self-destructive. No sane boxer would use the Jolt Blow on every occasion throughout a match because it puts their career at risk. His decision to retire might have saved him from a permanent injury.

He lost to Ippo when Ippo spontaneously added an uppercut to his Dempsey Roll, countering Jimmy's Tornado Jolt which followed the motion of hooks.



  • His name is usually spelled as Sisfa in most fan translations, but is spelled as Sisphar in the English language version of Hajime no Ippo: Revolution.
  • He is based on former Junior Bantamweight champion Khaosai Galaxy, who defended his world title 19 times.
  • Jimmy has been the first to grant victory to both Ippo and Miyata in their fights abroad.
    • He is also the first to fall victim to each of their most powerful Sunday punches.

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