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Jimmy Sisphar (ジミー・シスファー, Jimī Shisufā TH: จิมมี่ ศรีฟ้า) is a retired featherweight professional boxer and a former Thai featherweight champion.

He fought Miyata Ichirō in Thailand, and later became the national featherweight champion in Thailand. He faced Makunouchi Ippo as "Scratch J" as the first Asian champion in Ippo's the Survival Match of Asian Champions Saga conquest.


Jimmy grew up in a very tough environment, which made his concentration toward victory intense. He started out in Muay Thai boxing, where he won 32 matches while blocking kicks that are three times as powerful as punches. After proving his strength in Muay Thai, Jimmy decided to switch to boxing so he could be recognised worldwide. He became a local hero, heralded as the second coming of Khaosai Galaxy.


Part I

Jolt Counter Arc

Jimmy downs Miyata for the first time.

While the Japanese boxer, Miyata Ichirō was in Thailand, Jimmy sent a challenge to in order to build up his popularity for an easy win. Miyata's side refused it at first, however, Miyata later accepted the match. When the match began, Jimmy fought with Miyata without causing a down until the third round, where he downed him after landing a right. When Miyata got up, he changed his stance. When Jimmy noticed that Miyata wanted to in-fight with him for one last all-out attack, Jimmy landed a strong left hook, which lowered his left guard in the process. Miyata was aiming a right hook with the Jolt Counter, however Jimmy's punch landed first and Miyata was thrown to the ground with his head hitting the back of the ropes. When Miyata stood up, the third round quickly ends.

Jimmy getting hit by Miyata's Jolt Counter.

In Jimmy's corner, Jimmy admitted that he was surprised by Miyata's determination, and that this was the first time in his career that he met someone with strong fighting spirit. In order to pay his respects to Miyata, he planned to use all his strength to finish Miyata off in the next round. When the fourth round began, Jimmy was unable to hit Miyata until he was able to land a body blow on Miyata, followed by a hit to his temple. While Miyata was leaning against the ropes distracted, Jimmy threw a left straight, which missed. Miyata tried to counter it with an uppercut, but was dodged by Jimmy, causing Miyata to be off balance. Seeing Miyata being off balance a change to land the final blow, Jimmy threw a right hook, but Miyata used the Jolt Counter, hitting Jimmy first, causing him to go down. Jimmy's corner threw the towel into the ring, causing the match to end, with Jimmy losing.

After losing to Miyata's Jolt Counter, he had become obsessed with using variations of the Jolt repeatedly in his matches, as he believed it to be the "Fist of God". Sometime later, Jimmy fought against Ponchai Chuwatana, losing the match after four rounds by knockout. He later became the Thai featherweight champion.

Part II

Scratch Arc

Jimmy meeting Ippo at the weigh-in, wanting to send a message to Miyata about the "Fist of God".

When Jimmy had a match against Makunouchi Ippo coming up, he arrived to Japan, recognising the country as the place where Miyata is from, and wanting to show the Japanese the "Fist of God". When the weigh-in for his match against Ippo arrived, Jimmy went to the Kōrakuen Hall. When the reporter, Īmura Mari mentioned to Jimmy's coach how Ippo is one of the most famous boxers in Japan, he asked if Miyata will be watching his match against Ippo. When she confirmed that he may, Jimmy was grateful, looking forward to sending him a message that he perfected the "Fist of God" by defeating Ippo by knockout. Before leaving the venue, he went to the ring with his coach to look up at the spotlights at the ceiling, mentioning to his coach how God is up there, and that he saw God while being defeated by Miyata's Jolt Counter, a punch that made him want to find a technique that would bring him closer to God. The next day, Jimmy went to the Kōrakuen Hall for his match against Ippo. Upon arrival to the ring, he prayed at his corner before the match began.

Jimmy hitting Ippo with the Tornado Jolt.

In the first round, Jimmy immediately created a distance between himself and Ippo to charge forward at him with a Jolt Blow to Ippo's head, which flung Ippo to a corner despite blocking. Jimmy continued the same tactic of rushing in with Jolt Blows, which were difficult for Ippo to block, as Jimmy overpowered even a Cross-Arm Block. Ippo charged forward to stop Jimmy's charging and enter an in-fight, however, the punches Ippo lands, including a right counter against a huge swing were ignored by Jimmy. After Jimmy blew back Ippo's hand after hitting it with a close range Jolt Blow, Jimmy sent Ippo down when he hit him with a Tornado Jolt as the gong to end the first round sounded. It was declared a slip, however, as Jimmy hit him with his inner elbow. In his corner, his coach told him that Ippo's spirit should be broken, advising for him to crush his body as well, however, Jimmy knew that his spirit isn't broken due to the way he avoided a direct hit from his Tornado Jolt.

In the second round, Jimmy was charged at, and received multiple punches by Ippo, however, they weren't very effective, as Jimmy threw Tornado Jolts repeatedly afterwards. When one of the Tornado Jolts landed directly, it made Ippo lose consciousness for a small period of time. As Jimmy took the chance to throw another powerful attack, he was hit multiple times, however, they were halfhearted punches as Ippo was losing hope. Jimmy hit Ippo with another full powered blow, which almost made him fall near a corner. Jimmy dashed toward Ippo at the corner, and the two entered a dual exchange. As Jimmy was overpowering Ippo in the dual exchange, Ippo began to slide down at the corner from the damage. Jimmy was about to land another punch, however, the gong ending the second round sounded and Ippo's impending fall was saved by his chair from one of his seconds.

Jimmy getting defeated by Ippo.

In the third round, Jimmy and ippo have dual exchanges and exchanges at the centre of the ring, with Ippo throwing his punches differently to that of the Jolt Blow, which damaged Jimmy more than Ippo's usual punches. Jimmy acknowledged that Ippo is punching with something comparably to the Jolt Blow, causing the round to end with both boxers evenly matched. After the third round, Jimmy decided that he would have to not hold back and to take Ippo's future away because he hasn't given up on the world stage, as his scars prove. In the fourth round, after a lengthy exchange session between the two, Ippo attempted to throw an uppercut after a hook, however, Ippo brought his body up too soon and the two boxers' foreheads collided, causing severe bleeding above their eyes. Jimmy's experience of fighting in situations like so made him have the advantage over Ippo, who got hit while being unable to hit back due to his vision being affected by the blood. After Jimmy knocked Ippo back with a powerful attack, Ippo motioned the Dempsey Roll. Jimmy was unable to land a hit during Ippo's Dempsey Roll motion, and was hit by an uppercut from the Dempsey Roll, causing him to go down. The referee immediately stopped the match, resulting in Jimmy's loss. After getting back up, he was able to walk out of the ring on his own.

Outside the venue, Jimmy's coach was worried about his head being fractured since he fell badly, however, Jimmy claimed that he has never felt better. He also realised that he has been stuck in a nightmare ever since his lost against Miyata, as what he thought was God, was the devil he has been seeing in the spotlights, believing that he was being sent to a path of self-destruction. Because of the realisation, Jimmy revealed to his coach hat he will be retiring from boxing.

Match History

Match History
# Result Record Date Opponent Location Time Type Notes
46 LOSS 38-8-0 1996-08-01 Japan.png Makunouchi Ippo Tokyo, Japan 4(10), 2:30 TKO THE SCRATCH!!
"Survival Match of Asian Champions"
Main Event
? WIN 3?-8-0 199X Thailand.png Unknown Thailand ?(10) KO 5th Thai Featherweight Title Defence Match
? WIN 3?-8-0 199X Thailand.png Unknown Thailand ?(10) KO 4th Thai Featherweight Title Defence Match
? WIN 3?-8-0 199X Thailand.png Unknown Thailand ?(10) KO 3rd Thai Featherweight Title Defence Match
? WIN 3?-8-0 199X Thailand.png Unknown Thailand ?(10) KO 2nd Thai Featherweight Title Defence Match
? WIN 3?-8-0 199X Thailand.png Unknown Thailand ?(10) KO 1st Thai Featherweight Title Defence Match
? WIN 3?-8-0 199X Thailand.png Unknown Thailand ?(10) KO Thai Featherweight Title Match
? LOSS ?-2-0 1993 Thailand.png Ponchai Chuwatana Thailand 4(10), 1:35 KO N/A
11 LOSS 10-1-0 1992-07-15 Japan.png Miyata Ichirō Bangkok, Thailand 4(10), 2:13 KO N/A
Muay Thai Boxing Record - 32 Matches 32 Wins - All KO's


As "Jimmy Sisphar"

Jimmy before his match with Miyata, he didn't have grown hair or scratches. He was one of the most famous boxers of Thailand.

As "Scratch J"

After Miyata's match, and many other fights, Jimmy's face has scars, the result of headbutting his opponents and fighting using a very dangerous style. He has grown hair until his fight with Ippo.


As "Jimmy Sisphar"

Jimmy acts like a somewhat arrogant champion, who easily thinks he won when he fought Miyata.

As "Scratch J"

After fighting Miyata, he became an unhinged boxer, stating that he thought he saw God when he fought and lost to Miyata. Ippo notes Jimmy as having an even scarier demeanor than Mashiba Ryō, showcasing an intimidating stare. He soon sacrificed his old boxing style in turn for a much more hostile, violent style. As such, Jimmy suffered from a slight stutter due to brain damage after boxing with such a risky and close style. When he lost to Ippo though, he changed his idea of seeing god, to seeing death, and became more kind and less intimidating.

Boxing Abilities

Originally, Sisphar may have possessed genius-level talent (since he came from the world of kickboxing), and fought as an out boxer or hybrid, but after losing to Miyata he became an unorthodox in fighter (like a brawler) with a repertoire of only two powerful offensive moves and one defensive move. Due to common injuries, Jimmy was also used to having blood flow into his field of vision, and he soon became immune to its effects,instead using it as an advantage. Despite the damage he incurred over the next several of his fights, this new style did grant him the championship.



As evident from the scars on his face, Jimmy's fighting style is self-destructive. No sane boxer would use the Jolt Blow on every occasion throughout a match because it puts their career at risk. His decision to retire might have saved him from a permanent injury.

He lost to Ippo when Ippo spontaneously added an uppercut to his Dempsey Roll, countering Jimmy's Tornado Jolt which followed the motion of hooks.


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  • Jimmy has been the first to grant victory to both Ippo and Miyata in their fights abroad.
    • He is also the first to fall victim to each of their most powerful Sunday punches.