The Jolt Counter (JOLTカウンター, JOLT Kauntā) is specific counter that is accomplished by putting the entire body weight behind a single punch.


The user predicts an opponent's incoming punch, then positions themselves where they can evade the blow, crouching slightly in preparation for the follow-through. The instant the opponent's punch has been evaded with a head slip, the user sprints forward, weaves their arm over the opponent's, and hits their opponent's face with a right overhand. It is extremely powerful, but dangerous. Miyata Senior found this out the hard way when his career ended with a shattered jaw.

The power generated from the momentum of the sprint is enough to cause serious injury to any opponent, but two factors make the Jolt Counter even more dangerous as an offensive weapon. First, it is a counter punch, which means the opponent usually will not see it coming. Second, it capitalises on the opponent's own momentum to cause even more damage. The window in which this opposing momentum is available is extremely short, so the jolt must be performed with both foresight and courage if the boxer hopes to catch it. As such, it is a rare and high-level technique that few boxers dare to use regularly. Itagaki Manabu successfully used the Jolt Counter once, but decided against using it again because of the risks.


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