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Junpei Yoshimoto (吉本 純平, Yoshimoto Junpei) is a non-recurring character in Hajime no Ippo.

Junpei is an unranked junior lightweight boxer from Japan.


Part III

Importance of the Support Role Arc

Junpei fighting Kimura.

As an opportunity to become ranked in the JBC, Junpei looked to challenge Kimura Tatsuya. A day before their match, Junpei met his opponent at the Kōrakuen Hall for their weigh-in. While Junpei passed his weight check, Kimura, who he thought was playing an act on him in his "half-dead" state, barely passed after the second weight check, making Junpei realise it was not an act. When the match arrived and was about to begin, his coach instructed him to take points in the early rounds, then defeat Kimura in the later rounds when his stamina is exhausted. In the first round, Junpei attempts the strategy, however, Junpei found himself at the ropes immediately by a rushing Kimura who used a zigzag pattern to trap him. Junpei managed to get away and proceeded an attempt to drain Kimura's stamina, however, he was caught at a corner. Junpei was then hit with a barrage of repeated Dragonfish Blows at the corner, with attempts to get out ending in failure until gong sounded, ending the first round.

Junpei getting hit by a body blow.

When the second round began, Junpei rushed toward Kimura and hit his face. When he predicted that Kimura would use his Dragonfish Blow, he planned on blocking and then countering it. Junpei was then forced to block his face when he saw an overhand incoming. However, it seemed to be a feint, as while Junpei looked up, he was hit below with a left body blow, causing Junpei to go down by the impact to his already hurting body. As Junpei was clinching his body in pain while down, the referee ended the match, resulting in Junpei's loss.

Match History

Match History
# Result Record Date Opponent Location Time Type Notes
? LOSS Unknown 1999-11 Japan.pngKimura Tatsuya Tokyo, Japan 2(8) TKO N/A


Junpei has straight short black hair with two strands hanging over the middle of his forehead. He often wears a stern expression on his face. During his weigh-in session for his match against Kimura, he wears a black shirt. In the ring, Junpei wears dark coloured boxing shorts and shoes.


Junpei is a serious and no-nonsense individual. He thought he was being deceived when Kimura showed up to their weigh-in in a "half-dead" state.

Boxing Abilities

Junpei has the understanding of the basic techniques and footwork. He is able to use an out-boxer's strategy of taking points and draining his opponents stamina as he was instructed by his coach,[1] using footwork, dodging, and guarding to do so. When trapped at the ropes and getting attacked, Junpei can escape by knocking his opponent's fist away and throwing a punch to make his opponent dodge so he can leave the ropes.[2] Junpei is capable of using counters.[3]


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