Kōrakuen Hall (後楽園ホール Kōrakuen Hōru) is an arena in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan, which has hosted many boxing, lethwei, professional wrestling, kickboxing and mixed martial arts matches. Part of Tokyo Dome City, it is one of Tokyo's biggest attractions. It opened on April 16, 1962, and has a capacity of approximately 1,800 people.

Kōrakuen Hall is the primary location of most of the boxing matches held in the story. From the East Japan Rookie King Tournament to the Class A Tournament matches, and various JBC and OBPF title matches. A lot of events in the story happen in Kōrakuen Hall or around it.


  • Shimakawa - A referee that partakes in most of the matches in the story. He also keeps track of points, which his points are used to decide which boxer wins in a decision.
  • TV Announcer - The announcer that provides commentary in matches for the crowd in the hall and on live TV viewers and video tapes.
  • Ring Announcers - Inside the ring during title matches, they introduce boxers to the crowd.
  • Ana - A ringside interviewer who interviews the winning boxer after a match.
  • Judges Uchida and Morita[1] - Scoring judges that watch the match and keeps track of points. Their points are used to decide which boxer wins in a decision.

Title Matches Held


Other Boxing Venues



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