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The Kamogawa Boxing Gym (鴨川ボクシングジム, Kamogawa Bokushingu Jimu) is a boxing gym located in Tokyo, Japan. founded, owned, and operated by Genji Kamogawa.

It is a highly respected gym and has become well-known for its strict training. There are roughly 20-30 members of the gym. Ginpachi Nekota once served as a volunteer trainer during a three week period. The gym opens at 8:00 A.M..[1]


In 1969, Kamogawa opened the gym.[2] By twenty years, the gym had produced two Japanese champions and one OPBF champion, Miyata Senior. The gym also had boxing manager, Haruhiko Yagi, trainer Shinoda, boxers Mamoru Takamura, Ichirō Miyata, Baron Kurita, Masaru Aoki, and Tatsuya Kimura, however, Baron soon quit due to Takamura. Takamura invited Ippo Makunouchi to the gym, and, after sparring with Miyata, he became a member of the gym. After a second spar between Ippo and Miyata, Miyata and his father left the gym so that Miyata could face Ippo in the professional ring. Years later, the gym got a JBC middleweight belt won by Takamura, and Naomichi Yamada became a member of the gym for a short time before leaving due to having to move out of town. A JBC featherweight belt was later won by Ippo. Manabu Itagaki joined the gym, and Takamura later won the WBC junior middleweight belt until he relinquished it to move a weight class up.

The gym then received the WBC middleweight belt by Takamura after he defeated David Eagle. Ippo had his JBC featherweight belt relinquished to move to the world stage. Takamura defeated world champion Richard Bison, making the gym acquire the WBA middleweight title.

After Ippo retired when he lost to Antonio Guevara, he became a trainer for the boxers, and Taihei Aoki and Kintarō Kaneda soon joined because of him. When Takamura defeated world champion Keith Dragon, the gym acquired the WBC super middleweight belt.


The Kamogawa gym's ring.

Founded by Kamogawa Genji years after his retirement, the gym has two stories with a basement. The gym's structure is cubical, while in the anime it is more rectangular. On the first floor, there are a set of six windows connecting to each other, two sets of four windows in the anime. There are two horizontal sliding windows at the second floor, while there is four in the anime.

The first floor and basement serve as training areas while the second floor contains Kamogawa's office. Both the first floor and basement also contain boxing rings in them. After Takamura defeated Bryan Hawk, he put a bronze statue of himself on the roof of the gym.


Kamogawa Boxing Gym
Kamogawa Portrait.png
Genji Kamogawa
Yagi Portrait.png
Haruhiko Yagi
Shinoda Portrait.png
Ippo Portrait.png
Ippo Makunouchi
Takamura Portrait.png
Mamoru Takamura
Aoki Portrait.png
Masaru Aoki
Kimura Portrait.png
Tatsuya Kimura
Itagaki Portrait.png
Manabu Itagaki
Taihei Portrait.png
Taihei Aoki
Kintarō Portrait.png
Kintarō Kaneda
Akamatsu Portrait.png
Isamu Akamatsu
Kizakura Portrait.png
Hiroshi Kizakura
Gotō Portrait.png
Past Staff
Miyata Senior Portrait.png
Miyata Senior
Umezawa Portrait.png
Masahiko Umezawa
(Merchandise Designer)
Nekota Portrait.png
Ginpachi Nekota
(Part-time Trainer)
Past Boxers
Miyata Senior Young Portrait.png
Miyata Senior
Kurita Portrait.png
Baron Kurita
Otowa Coach Portrait.png
Otowa Coach
Miyata Portrait.png
Ichirō Miyata
Naomichi Portrait.png
Naomichi Yamada
Tanaka Keiichi
(田中 圭一)
(Anime Only)[15]
Takagi Mikio
(高木 幹夫)
(Anime Only)[16]
Kawada Norihiko
(河田 則彦)
(Anime Only)[17]
Nishio Hideaki
(西尾 秀朗)
(Anime Only)[18]
Team Itagaki Member A Portrait.png
Team Itagaki Member
Team Itagaki Member B Portrait.png
Team Itagaki Member
Ippo Portrait.png
Ippo Makunouchi
Sister Gym
Ishino Boxing Gym Portrait.png
Ishino Boxing Gym



  • The brand of boxing gear officially used by the Kamogawa crew is called "Winning" gear, which is a real-life brand of boxing gear. The difference is that the two blue lines and red triangle logo on a Winning glove are reversed, to avoid copyright infringement.[19]
  • Itagaki mentions that the reason why Kamogawa Boxing Gym doesn't get a lot of new members is because of the "hellish training" that Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura put them through. Even Ippo unintentionally scares away new members when they see him working out.[20]
  • Sometimes Kamogawa Boxing Gym has a training camp in order prepare for an upcoming fight. In the past, they had a training camp at the beach, and in the mountains at the Pension Yoshio.
  • The building has a different appearance between the manga and anime.

Weekly Shōnen Magazine Contest - Kamogawa Boxing Gym Jacket

  • There is some conflicting information on when Kamogawa Boxing Gym was founded. In Round 2, Haruhiko Yagi mentioned that is has been 20 years since the gym first opened, which means in 1970, since Ippo joined the gym in 1990. However, on the cover page of Round 197, on the back of Ippo's Kamogawa Boxing Gym Jacket, it lists "Since 1969" on it, which implies the "20 years" Yagi referred to might be the year Jōji Morikawa started the story in 1989, when the Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Thomas Hearns match took place on June 12, 1989 that Yagi and Kamogawa are watching on the TV.
    • For contest for Weekly Shōnen Magazine during the 30th Anniversary in 2019, they gave away official "Kamogawa Boxing Gym" Jacket for some lucky fans. On the back of the Jacket, it lists gym being established in 1969.