Karil is a non-recurring character in Hajime no Ippo.

He is the coach of the Nagoya Oniyaritome Boxing Gym who trained Sawamura Ryūhei.


Years after opening his gym, Karil's acquaintance, Kawabe introduced him to one of his students, Sawamura Ryūhei, while warning him that Sawamura has a bit of a anger problem. While Karil noticed that Sawamura had more than a bit of an anger problem, he felt a spark inside Sawamura and believed that Sawamura would give him his first title for the gym.[1]


Part II

Dragon Slayer Arc

Karil checking Sawamura's fists

Karil checking ton Sawamura's fists.

When Sawamura Ryūhei came back to the gym, Karil panicked after seeing Sawamura's hand cut up, thinking that Sawamura was in another fight, however, Sawamura implied he wasn't. Karil informed Sawamura that he has sent a request to the Kamogawa gym to fight the JBC featherweight champion Makunouchi Ippo, and should receive a reply soon. Looking at Sawamura's hand, he became nervous after seeing teeth marks. In a plan to fight Ippo, Karil had a junior welterweight from another gym spar against Sawamura. While he felt he should kick Sawamura out after he kicked the sparring partner, Karil was amazed of Sawamura's strategy to go against the Dempsey Roll. Karil had trouble finding anymore sparring partners due to Sawamura always leaving them injured. Karil got excited when Sendō Takeshi arrived at the gym to spar, however, Sawamura declined the request due to Sendō's relationship with Ippo, so instead they head out to talk, leaving Karil hoping that they don't fight. Later, Sawamura asked Karil to do mitt-training while he is out of breath, which Karil acknowledged as Sawamura training to go against Ippo's high stamina, being pleased to see Sawamura's determination.

Karil with Sawamura for his featherweight JBC title match

Karil with Sawamura for his featherweight JBC title match.

During a public spar, Karil explained Sawamura's Bullet and Flash to Fujii Minoru, while being afraid that Sawamura's match with Ippo may end in a disqualification due to Sawamura's weight management turning him into that of a starved mad dog. Karil arrived with Sawamura to the Kōrakuen Hall for his weigh-in against Ippo. The next day, Karil was Sawamura's second for his match against Ippo. After the first round, Karil warned Sawamura to not cheat and to wait for a chance. Sawaura purposely undid the taping on his glove in the second round, leading the referee to pause the match for Karil to tape it back up. After the third round, Karil informed Sawamura that while Ippo may look hurt, he has the tenancy to defeat his opponent when they think he is in pain, advising for Sawamura to not rush it. After the fourth round, Karil mentioned to Sawamura that after he defeated the Dempsey Roll, the light left Ippo's eyes, making the fight being theirs close, still warning him about a possible comeback. After the fifth round, Karil believed that the problem child Kawabe gave him will become the Japanese champion. After Sawamura lost in the seventh round, Karil called for a stretcher so that he could go to the hospital. Karil went to the Inoue Emergency Hospital where Sawamura was taken and was informed of the injuries Sawamura received.


He has black hair, he is short and wears always a purple shirt, when his boxer's fight and usually in the gym. He is a friend of Sawamura's teacher.



  • Karil's name is from the Karil Fishing Shop that sells "Sawamura" brand fishing gear by "Yukihiro Sawamura," where Sawamura got his surname from.


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